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Let's show some LOVE for the people of Iwaku! Give an honest compliment to the member that posts before you! <3

Dearest Iwaku, you fill my days with endless entertainment!
Dearest Diana, one day you shall be princess of the universe.
Oh dear GMK, your battle armor is ever so shiny <3
Oh, Dawny. You provide me with such lovely J-Rocker goodies. I love you.
Oh Fluffy, You romance RPs make me squeal like a 12 year old school a good way. I adore you and will gladly have your babies! 8D
Milady harpy, you most certainly do not smell like cabbage.
You wear gas masks for me and I can call you Vayder. You're just so awesome!
Even though I'm new, the awesomeness of you is already clear to me :D
I do not know you well but I am certain you are a wonderful person for having joined this community!
You're one of the funniest people I know, and you're one tough cookie! :D
You're funny and enjoyable to RP with! (And your poke'knowledge is nothing to scoff at!)
You get shit done, and are helping keep Iwaku up and posting! Plus, you're amazing!
I don't know you too well, but you're silly. That much is awesome.
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