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Which movie do you want to see the most?

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  1. 9

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  2. Ponyo

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  3. District 9

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  4. Inglorious Bastards

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  1. Here is a place to talk about the upcoming movies that you plan on seeing, or are at the very least interested in.

    To start us off, I plan on seeing 9, the latest movie directed by Tim Burton. With it's post-apocalyptic setting, stunning CGI, and amazing story, this is the must-see film of the year.

  2. PONYO!

    I watched it yesterday.... I WISH I WERE A FISH!!
  3. How was it? I'm thinking of going once I get some cash.
  4. The Re-Do of Alice in Wonderland! Coming in the summer of 2010. Directed by Tim Burton, and starring the Mad Hatter, Johnny Depp.
  5. Ponyo was good! Well, it was very random and disjointed and WTF in true blue Miyazaki style... but very wonderful! I think this review is spot-on:

  6. Last two movies I've seen were Inglorious Basterds and District 9.

    Inglorious Basterds is a delectably twisted comedy, despite the serious nature of WW II. Brad Pitt needs to do more comedy in my opinion. In true Tarantino style, Basterds is done in chapters, the whole story told from several viewpoints and culminating in a firery end punctuated by gunfire and screams, with a sadistic moment shared between Pitt and Christoph Waltz. It's not completely gory but just enough.

    As for District 9, I rather liked how they swapped between documentary style and sci-fi action. It plays upon the prejudices against that which we do not understand, mixing in references to Apartheid South Africa with the prospect of First Contact with an alien race. The prejudice towards the 'Prawns' as they are called is very apparent when you hear how the MNU agents refer to the residents of District 9, especially MNU's First Battalion, their special operations force. Some may be grossed out by the Prawn in general.

    I should probably mention I had calamari before I saw this movie, so all I could think of was shrimp poppers and po' boy sandwiches.

    Any who, D-9 related images...


    Next up: 9
  7. Damn thats scary. I wont be able to see him the same way again. He was all cute and pink.. Must be all those Popplers he ate..
  8. Watched G.I. Joe. Looked fake, failed to pump my adrenaline.

    Plan on watching: District 9, 9, Astro Boy, and PAWNYO
  9. Being a bit a of a Cineophile there is a a lot new movies I am looking forward to coming out; Kick Ass(TRAILERS LOOKS FUCKING AWESOME), Survival of the Dead(Romeo is starting to slip past his prime, but his zombie flicks are much more interesting than lot of the other zombie stuff out there), Expendables(IT'S LIKE THEY TOOK EVERY FUCKING 80'S ACTION STAR AND THREW THEM INTO A MOVIE. LOOK FUCKING BOSS.), Ninja(That dude from Full House((No, the korean one, not the ones with the twins)) as a Ninja? INTERESTING), and Sword with No Name(I love me some historical melodrama!)
  10. 9, Inglorious Basterds, Alice in Wonderland. Been told not to see GI Joe, probably will still rent, though.

  11. [​IMG]
    by Bob Harley
    At a place known as Marvels Crossroads in Kent County, Delaware several meteorites slammed to earth last night. There are no injuries reported but several out-buildings were reportedly damaged by the fragments from space. The Planet spoke to Brock Hampton, a local dairy farmer regarding the incident.

    "I heard a big boom and then a crash. I figured well, maybe it's one of them superhero fights that they always try to take out of the big city so's people don't get hurt. Don't that beat all that it's just a buncha rocks. But they got fellas in spacesuits with metal detectors or sommat out in my field, so I reckon I'm gonna wait before I turn my cows out til they find out if it's safe."
    When we approached the site we were turned away by people in clean suits who were apparently with the Center for Disease Control, but this reporter saw at least one van there with the logo of the DEO - the Department of Extra-Normal Relations. It appears anything that falls from the sky falls under the purview of this once-secret organization. As always, you can depend on the Planet to keep you informed.

    by April O'Neil
    The superheroine who goes by Wonder Woman was seen Wednesday afternoon entering and several hours later, leaving Avengers Tower, at which time she was seen shaking the hand of one Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America.

    Just yesterday afternoon Wonder Woman was spotted in the skies of New York City, in an entirely new outfit, that looks more like she took fashion tips from Captain America and Iron Man.

    Does this mean that one of the core members of the Justice League of America has defected to become one of the Avengers?

    It's unclear at this point, because both the JLA and the Avengers have not returned our calls.

    The Themiscyrian, who recently accepted a dual-citizenship in the United States, also could not be reached for direct comment. In the past, she has ostensibly aligned herself with the Pro-Registration movement but has since backed down from that position stating that, "Those gifted with such abilities should be under a moral obligation to be open and honest as a citizen of this nation, but I understand there may be fear of revealing oneself in the face of persecution. I still feel that those who have such abilities also have the courage to face the world with the truth."

    I understand where you are coming from, Wonder Woman, but it's easy to talk about truth when you wear a magic lasso that can compel it from anyone you rope up with it.

    What this reporter wouldn't do for one of those lassos.
  12. I saw District 9 - awesome. First half had me on the edge of my seat and the second half had me cheering all the way through. Can't wait until it comes out on DVD. I am so buying it.

    I am anticipating Tim Burton's '9'. I really do love his works. And Alice in Wonderland too.

    I heard Inglorious Basterds was a really good movie. Good dialogue and entertaining too. I'm also looking forward to Avatar: The Last Airbender and also Avatar. And 2012. I saw the trailer to Surrogate while watching District 9... seems okay... though it reminds me of another movie that I can't remember the title of...
  13. The Last Airbender!!! <33 I want to see it so bad.... Ack... *sits and waits a whole year...*
  14. Inglorious Bastards!!!!!!
  15. I wonder how Last Airbender will do. After all, it's based off a cartoon, and being directed by M. Knight Shamalan, who generally does suspense/horror movies.
  16. It will have a TWEEST as usual.

  17. That's what I'm afraid of...

  19. It's gonna be terrible, of this I have little doubt.

    Mind you, I didn't like the cartoons, anyways....
  20. AVATAR... the one with the blue people and mechs...