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    "Welcome aboard the Traversity," Trent said, spreading his arms as his four new recruits followed him onto the ship. The Revven, the human, the other human, and the human Codeling. What an interesting crew. Little did he know, his crew would grow bigger as they headed off.
    "It's your basic ship. The rooms are to your left. All the rooms are available except for the first and second on the left." He ushered for the new crew to choose their rooms and settle in. It was nice to have company on the ship, despite worrying about how his new crew and he would get along. They were an odd bunch, but they would have to do. He had planned to head to the space stop, Jugo, but he figured he would give these guys a shot first. Plus, if they were anything like his last crew, one or more would be dead before they finished selecting a space to sleep.
    Shrugging off his overcoat, he laid it across the Captain's chair on the bridge. Pushing the button on a walkie, he spoke into it. "Welcome aboard the Traversity, ladies and gentleman, and others. We are taking off from port right now and heading toward the Foster's Nebulous. Please keep all hands, feet, and other body parts inside the moving spaceship at all times. Thank you, enjoy!" As he finished the chipper message, he let go of the button, hanging the walkie back into it's dock. Letting out a heavy sigh, he let his shoulders slouch a moment before shrugging away the feeling. The ship started, and they headed off.
    The Foster's Nebulous was a teal and purple mist a couple hundred lightyears away from Colony 361. Behind the mist was a planet for the Black Market. There, he would be picking up a few weapons, as well as items for his ship. Of course, the most important item he would be picking up was information about the Sorian. It sure was going to be a tough journey. Sorian were everywhere now days. Granted, the black market wasn't too fond of their kind. It was less likely to find a Sorian there than a human. Granted, it wasn't the safest of places.
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  2. Zaigou climbed aboard without too much hesitation, quickly picking a room before anyone else could take it. It wasn't much, but the Black Market was supposed to be their next destination, so he expected that he could get some room modifications in. Beyond that, it'd be fun to see the guy's face when he started having things hauled inside. Especially when they say that they're under the orders of The Captain of the Ship. He expected it would be quite a bit of fun actually. He threw his bags down on the floor and walked over to the bed, dropping down on it. He had to be careful what he did here. He didn't want to expose the fact that he was a Ghost. People tended to behave differently around the Aseiirin, whether it was because of their stereotype as being sneaky bastards, or just the idea that because they were called Ghosts there was something supernatural about them. So, better to pretend to be Human. Nobody knew who or what he was as of yet, but that would change soon enough. The Dread Captain Requiem would have this ship soon enough.

    After a moment of planning the redesign of his room, Zaigou walked out and headed off to the Common Room, he expected he'd have to mingle with the rest of the crew at some point or another, so he might as well have it over with. Beyond that, a bit of information from them would be quite valuable once he took over. He'd have to know who was worth keeping around.
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  3. Alexia only listened to the important information past the blaring of her earphones. The captain of the ship seemed just a tad optimistic for this sort of trip. While Alex was in it for the good of all the human race (and a little revenge), the captain sounded like this was some kind of adventure. "'Thank you! enjoy!'"
    Alexia, being the silent observer around strangers, took note that this type of team seemed like they'd need training. Of course none of them were acquainted with each other, besides the Revven and the Codeling apparently. The only other human seemed a bit...strange to Alexia even if she couldn't quite put her finger on what gave her a bad vibe from him. The captain didn't even state his name. So how they'd end up fighting together would hopefully get sorted out after their trip to Foster's Nebulous.
    Alexia claimed the room beside the supply closet for her own. She set down her bag full of clothes and other necessities and pulled out a picture frame with a dated picture of her family. The photograph depicted a small red haired child snuggled between two doting parents. Alexia placed it on her nightstand with a determined air about her, then turned toward the single entrance of her room with the intention of exploring the ship to get used to her surroundings. The room across from hers was locked for some reason. The mystery piqued her interest, but she wouldn't try to the pick the lock...yet.
    She sauntered back into the main room where all but the strange man were located and popped out an earphone, stuffing it in her jeans pocket. Her sapphire eyes wandered, taking in every detail as she paced along the edges of the room, paying barely any attention to the other people in the ship. Alex's eyes caught sight of a window near the captain. She placed her calloused hands on the transparent surface, staring into the deep space in silence and slight awe.
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  4. As the captain spoke, X has found a window to glue her face to, watching the planet disappear as they took off. Blue eyes were wide in fascination as she watched them leave the port. Sure, she'd been in space before. She and Zale moved around a lot. But this, this part always fascinated her. The ability to just fly up and leave. X was torn out of her staring when Zale's tail wrapped around her middle and pulled her along behind him.

    "X, come." The Revvan beckoned, his voice always sounding somewhat like a deep bestial growl when he spoke. The Codeling turned around and flashed a smile at the being. He really hadn't wanted to come. If she remembered right, he'd called it too much trouble. He'd been stiff and over alert since they'd met the human man, Trent. The Codeling wriggled out of Zales tail before skipping up next to him. Zale was a large beast, his shoulder coming even with X's elbow.

    "where are we going?" She asked, turning so she could walk backwards and watch her first friend from outside the lab. The Codeling tilted her head, her long braids swayed with the movement of her walking. Zale glanced at her, red eyes trained on her blue ones before they rolled themselves.

    "Did you hear anything the captain asked?" He questioned her, but X was already looking around, resisting the urge to start exploring. "X." The Codeling redirected her attention back to the Revvan. "Did you hear anything the captain asked?" He repeated, amusement flowing through his growl o a voice. The Codeling flashes a big sunny smile and shook her head.

    "Nope, what'd he say?" She chirped the question. Zale closed his eyes briefly, what was he going to do with the girl? He reopend his red orbs and paraphrased the captains little welcoming speech for her, right before he stopped next to a room. He looked over at the Codeling before he moved to sort of sit on his hind legs before he managed to get the door open. The stalked inside the room and looked around, X following behind him.

    "This should be enough for the two of us. We'll sleep here." He informed the blue eyed girl.

    "Okay." X didn't argue as she went about poking around the room curiously. Zale prowled around himself. There was only one bed in the room, but it was big enough for he and X to squeeze onto, it'd be a tight fit, but neither of them would mind how close it was. A moment later their backpack, which Zale had made X carry on principle, landed on the bed. Both o their things fit in the one bag. Zale always traveled light, and ever since they'd been on the run, he'd made sure X did to. "I like it!" the Codeling declared from where she'd stopped her exploration, in the middle of the room. The room was pretty bare and basic, just the way Zale himself liked things. He glanced over at the Codeling, but X had never really had anything other than bare and basic. They'd broken into an empty home once, and X had been fascinated by the sheer amount of things the home held. Maybe one day. Until then, however, Zale was determined to keep her safe over spoiled. Then why are we on this blasted ship? his conscious growled at him. The Revvan paused. Okay, so maybe he spoiled her a bit now, but she was with him, he'd keep her safe.

    "Let's head back to the Commons." He ordered before leaving the room. He wanted to study the others of the crew. X followed behind him excitedly. He glanced back at her and almost snorted. He was sure, if she had a tail, that it'd be wagging faster than a pup's from his planet.
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  5. Spriisyn really didn't know where his family was, but it didn't matter, he was sure they would show up soon enough. However, his thoughts were distracted as he stumbled into the kitchen. Instantly enraptured, he ignored the fact the kitchen looked nothing like his own and leaped onto a morsel of food, he stood still, transfiguring his body to make the inside portion of his body slightly acidic, too digest the food. While he really didn't need food to survive, it still tasted delicious, and going too long without it would mean less energy and strength to accomplish day to day tasks, he couldn't even crawl without enough food in him! He completely forgot about his family, and concentrated solely on the piece of food inside of him. He heard footsteps from all around the ship, he didn't mind, he was used to the sound of feet, his family entertained human guests as they were aboard the vessels. The slime's mind wandered, to the future. What did he want to do? Nothing, really. He'd be content, eating food and entertaining for his lifetime with his family. Still, he showed no signs of discomfort, or urgency, as he still believed his family was alive and well, delaying for a bit before they would take off again. Having finished the piece of food, the Tarrin crawled over to a table, crept on top of it, and fell asleep, letting darkness overwhelm his sight. He didn't remember tables, but perhaps his family had bought them as they were out venturing. Parents. His parents. They were probably commandeering the ship, while he was sleeping, being lazy. The slime lazily rose up, and was about to go wandering to help his parents, but he then decided against it, he just ate, after all! His family would understand. He started growing more aware, however. The ship looked less and less like his own. It felt cold, unfamiliar, and Spriisyn's unease grew by the second. He looked around one more time, now the unease was slowly turning to panic. He had forgotten to reconfigure his body to a normal state, and he partially ate into the table. Frantically, he reconfigured his body, but the damage was done. He has eaten up part of the table. He ate so much, and was so bloated, he couldn't properly move. Unable to really speak, he resorted to the next best thing. The slime shrieked, a high pitched keening that ripped through the air. Hopefully, his family would come and help him. Then, he looked out a nearby window. He recognized that wreckage.... it was part of his ship! More frantic than ever, the slime struggled, trying to escape from his gluttonous prison. It was no use, however, and he was confined to the small crater he made in the table. He helplessly watched as the pieces of his ship were laying about, floating in space. He finally understood, his family was gone, and they wouldn't be helping him. He now regrets the shriek he just emitted. Whoever... or whatever was coming, he hoped they were friendly. The empty void outside of the window seemed to mock him
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  6. Setting the ship to autopilot, Trent decided to go and properly introduce himself to his new crew members. As he headed from the bridge through the kitchen area, he heard a strange squeal just as he arrived to the open doorway. The sound didn't sound like of the species he allowed to board. Drawing a glowing dagger from its sheath around his waist, he held it in a defensive position as he rounded the corner. Surprised by the site of a slime alien, a Tarrin, sitting in a half-eaten table, he nearly dropped his dagger. The creature looked to be just as surprised as Trent. They weren't always smart creatures. Did this one end up here by accident? Was that even possible?

    "State your reason for being here," Trent said as he neared the creature. Granted, it was a slime. He doubted a dagger would hurt the creature much, if at all. Personally, this was his first Tarrin to encounter. Silently, he wondered and hoped none of his new crew in the next room had been harmed by the Tarrin. Remembering something he had been told as a younger version of himself, Trent said a little softer, "Are you here to harm us?" Some of the Tarrin were said to be mutes. At least this was a yes or no question.
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  7. A sound in the airduct right above trent, seemed to get louder. and it sounded just like three kids arguing " Shut up " " Make me! " " Stop arguing guys! dont forget we are on a mission " " Yeah yeah Mission Smishon, im in it for the adventure thats my mission " " Thats stupid, we are all here for adventure THAT WAS THE MISSION FROM THE STA-" They fell through the vent, all three of them landing right down in front of Trent on the floor. " Look What YOU! DID! " The kids said in unison. All three of them looked up and then behind them to the slime, " AAAAH SLIME! MARKOV SAVE ME! " Markov stood up stepping infront of his siblings as they cowered at his legs. he held his hands up and spoke as the voice for them " Im Markov, Thats Jessibel or jess, And thats heinz " He said looking at trent and smiled. " We would like to join your little...uhm...crew! " He said smiling.
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  8. Trent jumped back as part of the ceiling gave way and three young kids fell out. "What the--" he exclaimed. Quickly, he recovered and grinned at the small group. "Welcome aboard! You better be good at something or I'll throw you off." It wasn't exactly a lie. He couldn't afford having three youngsters in danger constantly during their mission. However, it was less of a threat than he made it sound.

    After some more talking and some gestures, it was concluded the slime was no threat, so he was given a room. The kids found a room as well, after Trent learned they were decent engineers and apparently could make weapons, too. He headed into the Commons and greeted his new crew members, explaining the general layout, and properly introducing himself. It seemed only to take minutes when the ship alerted them that they were arriving at the Black Market.

    "Anyone who leaves the ship should be careful. These creatures love to trick you." With that, he was off.
  9. The market place swirled like a calidascope, great swathes of color decorating every stall, every known creature represented in some form, and enough noise to wake those who should have stayed dead. The heavy tranquilizers were not helping matters, setting the world on its edge and blurring lines. With long legged strides Darr raced through the bustling market. It was a bit of a strange sight, her second pair of arms tied securely behind her back, her front pair working with her legs to propel away from the men that were chasing her. For those familiar with the market it was obvious that she was a slave that had escaped her chains-they could tell just from the way she ran, silently with her concentration split between finding a path ahead and tracking her pursuers' progress behind her. Even to those how were new to the market the numbered tag pierced into her right ear.

    It was only be chance that she had been able to get away. One of the slavers had given her the wrong sedative, and while she had been immobile long enough for them to tie up her back set of arms she had managed to get herself up and moving, landing herself in the current situation. The only thing she could really be thankful for in her current situation was that no one seemed inclined to catch her, besides the slavers, as always with the black market, if it did not concern someone they couldn't really be bothered to interfere.

    As she ran she could hear the sharp thunk of a concentrated tranquilizer dart hitting the road at her heels. Once she even felt the sharp tip of one graze her tail. Even with the thickly spread crowd her captors progress did not seem to be abating. And with the sedatives still coursing through her system it was all she could do to keep the lead she had on them. She was so confused, she didn't know where she was, how she had gotten here, or even what half of everything she was seeing was. But, her instincts drove her to forward seeking someplace high where she could climb to safety, although between having two of her arms rendered unusable and the sedatives her climbing ability would most likely be marginal at best, or someplace dark and quiet where she could tuck herself away. Finally after desperately searching she spotted an escape.

    Up ahead to her right there was a small opening, a vent by the looks of it, providing a narrow pass to...somewhere. With an extra burst of speed Darr dived into the dark passage much to the dismay of her pursuers. The metal tunnel had several sharp turns and she could hear the sharp metallic tings as more traquilizers shot in after her. It took her nearly half a minute to reach the end of the tunnel. And once on the other side she paused nervously, peaking out catiously. Although the next moment she lanched herself forward as she heard the sound of shouts echoing behind her. Looking around she saw that she was near the docking area for those massive flying creatures, like the one she had been forced aboard. Making her way towards them she dodged around people as though she didn't see them her focus to deviated. Finally she spotted something close to what she had been looking for. A large white and blue ship nearby had a vent towards the front just big enough for someone like her. Taking a running leap she managed to get a grip on the side of the ship she quickly scaled up the side towards the vent. Only slipping once even with her impediments. Once up there she squeezed herself into the vent, pulling herself into a ball with her tail wrapped around her body, just about touching her nose.
  10. X was excited when they docked at the black market, it was a new experience, already. Zale, however, was winding up even tighter. Black markets where good places for bounty hunters to lurk. If anyone had seen X's wanted poster and then happened across the girl.... The black beast shook out his head before he snaked his tail around the codelings waist. He was so not letting the purple haired girl out of his sight. X, feeling her companions tail, simply turned to look at him, tilting her head in question before shrugging it off with no concern. Not even a moment later, she was tugging Zale along side her as she left the ship in a skip. Zale found himself sighing but trudging along beside the girl.

    "X, stay with me." He ordered quietly, ears twitching around as he switched into high alert mode as his paw touched the ground of the market. Different races of shady beings were milling about. Zale's tail tightened around the codeling, being sure that there was absolutely no way she could be snatched away from him unknowingly. He ignored the majority of the rest of the crew, he didn't know them and his primary concern was X's safety over a bunch of strangers. X, on the other hand pulled Zale along to catch up to the captain, she didn't talk to him, instead, she just trailed after the man curiously.
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  11. A young male about the age of 14, with brown hair and violet eyes, walked through the market looking at all the different items being sold. He wasn't sure what he was suppose to be doing there, but knew that was where he was suppose to be. It was a feeling in his gut that just wouldn't go away until he got there. Zane looked in amazement at all of the different things being sold, from jewelry all the way to ships. He ran his hand through his hair was he walked until he accidently bumped into someone. The man was big and looked angrly at him. Zane started to back up, and then turned and ran. The big guy followed behind, but quickly lost sight of the young lad.
    Zane looked around and was glad to have lost the man, that was the last thing he wanted, was a fight. "Help me! Can anyone hear me? Why won't you listen to me?" A voice called out, immediately getting Zane's attention. Zane kept hearing the voice over and over again, and tried his best to follow it. Though he wasn't sure why no one else was following it, he assumed everyone could hear the voice, but in reality, he was the only one. Zane zigged and zagged through the thick crowd of the market trying his hardest to find this voice that was in distress.
  12. Ghriin Vuirtka strode into the docking bay of the Traversity, eager to meet her new comrades. She had received word over comms that it was docking here, and that it came from Colony 361. She had left her personal ship with a Tarea'Sisha Trader. The XS could always trust their own, as they were culturally bound to be kind to their kinsmen - before the unification, this obviously excluded those from other countries. As it were, she intended to set the small smuggler's ship in the hangar of the Traversity if she was accepted on. A few persons - from various races - also strode past her. Possibly crewmen. She was waiting for the Captain, Trent Wilder. The only hint she had was that he "dressed like a human" - which actually narrowed it down, considering a human had gone past, who didn't dress like a human. She was followed by an intelligent quadruped.

    Most Xeno Sapiens could tell their kin apart from humans, but it was common for a human to mistake one for a human, until they saw the yellow mouths, the biggest tell they had. She'd probably be mistaken for an Arab until she opened her mouth for an extended period of time. Most likely, to talk. Of course, from what she knew of human cultures, a proper Arab woman wouldn't dress as scantily as she did, despite the practicality. Still, with humanity's interests in other cultures, she might still pass for a human. She waited with her mouth slightly ajar so she could go ahead and get her race out of the way when he came.
  13. Walking along the bustling place was some tall figure wearing a long trench coat and a hat that casted a shadow over a small face, but inspected further underneath. there was three children doing the old hidden technique they were walking among the city as if they weren't going to be noticed. They accidently bumped into a man the same size as them, and the man became angry with them shouting at them " WATCH WERE YOUR GOING PUNK! " Markov shouting from the bottom of the three " WHAT DID YOU SAY! I WILL MESS YOU UP MAN! " " YEAH WE WILL MESS YOU UP! " " TEAR YOU LIMB FROM LIMB! " the man stood there stunned and shocked not knowing what was going on but instead just threw a punch and the cloak rattled around his arm and the kids sprung into action. Markov came from under the man pushing Heinz up allowing him land on the guys chest, while Jess landed on the man face punching at it repeatedly. the man screamed as the kids came at him, he went to smack Jess but Heinz pulled her down in time and the man smacked himself in the face. as Heinz held onto Jess arm she grabbed onto Markov hand and he ran under the man pulling on Jess arm who in turn pulled Heinz who pulled the man down by the chest slamming his face into the ground. The man groaned in pain as the kids jumped on him and start kicking and punching him, people looking at the man being destroyed by kids and could not help but laugh. " ANYBODY ELSE WANT SOME? HUH!? ANYONE!?! " These kids seem to have the fighting passion that keep seering. The kids than took off running back towards the ship at there fastest speed " we are being chased! " " i knew this was a bad idea " " shut up we will be safe when we get back to the ship "
  14. Zane was nearly tripped as three kids about his age rushed past him. Once he caught his balance, he heard the voice again. This time he was sure that the voice was coming from the same direction as the kids headed off in. He picked up his pace and followed behind, wanting to figure out why he was the only one reacting to it.Then he thought that he was at the Black Market after all and that they ran into this kind of stuff all the time. Zane came to an airlock door and entered, feeling the gust of wind push past him out the air lock door. He looked around and saw a few ships, some big some small. The ship that stood out the most was a white and blue one sitting at one of the docks.
    As Zane moved towards it, the voice caught louder and louder. He was almost in a trance while walking towards a ship such as that the Traversity was. He didn't enter the ship, just merely stood next to it and placed a hand on the haul."Hello?" Zane asked quietly, and soon got a response. "You can hear me?" The voice asked. "Yea, I ain't deaf." Zane said in reply. If anyone saw and heard him, it'd sound like he spoke to himself, as he was the only one that could hear the voice of the ship.
  15. Alexia decided she'd stay in the ship. t was to be her new..home sort of. So she stayed in the common room, holding down the fort. She had to admit, from the window near the pilot's chair, the Black Market was very different from Colony 361. She wasn't well traveled, so this kind of environment both interested her, and put her on edge. But she had everything she needed, so she'd keep any intruders off of the ship, since she'd already heard about the stowaways that weren't permitted on board. She'd ward off any new ones. It was her way of feeling useful since she'd done nothing of the sort since she arrived. Hopefully the captain would elaborate on their mission here and she would be given a task. Or at least some sort of conversation from a fellow human.

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  16. "Excuse me, would you be ever so kind as to point me to the docks." The alien that this sentence was directed at turned with a huff a snapping remark ready. The response died on the guy's lips as he found himself having to turn all six of his eyes upwards. To say Ben was a big fellow was a bit of an under statement, eight feet tall with a body stretching over fourteen feet he looked as though he could have squished the man without any trouble. After a few moments of nervous swallowing the turquiouse skinned alien simply pointed and murmered something illegible. With a bright smile and a nod of thanks Ben moved off, his six legs making an sharp clicking noise against the stone street as he moved. For one so large he moved rather gently, watchful so that he didn't bump into anyone or knock anything over. He could feel the stares as he navigated through the streets, true when you were this far out in the backwaters of space you tended to see a bit of everything but even so Kaldal's tended to attract a lot of attention when outside the part of the galaxy imidiately surrounding their planet.

    It didn't take long for Ben to find the docking area, the only reason he hadn't been able to spot it before was the buildings blocking his view but now he could see almost an entire fleet of ships of almost every make and model. Not to mention the endless supply of life of every type milling around their vessels. While the great selection did provide with something Ben had been worried about, variety, he was now wondered how he would ever find the kind of ship he was looking for. Yes, he had spent time as a pirate and smuggler but the act was starting to grow old and Ben craved something that had a little more purpose behind it. Pausing for a moment to survay the dock before him, he took a second to re-adjust the pack resting against his back, as well as the large crate balanced across his broad flat back. He was about to take a step forward when three children zipped by, running at break neck speed. He watched the children's flight with a slightly amused looked on his face, taking a moment to straighten the long front panel on his high collared shirt before following the three kids. Moving at a much more leisurely pace, as he didn't even need to stretch to peer over the top of the crowd giving a rather clear view as to where the three kids were headed. He had no real reason to follow the kids, asisde from general curiosity, but from his experience people only ran when they had reason to and at the moment he had not much else to do. Besides smugglers and pirtates tended not to keep kids, so maybe they were part of a crew that would be more appealing.
  17. Everyone wandered. Moved. Out of the ship. This faintly registered to Spriisyn's primitive mind as having two meanings: 1: Bomb in ship 2: Sun time. Deciding he wouldn't miss out on Sun time, he stretched himself under the doorway as everyone had moved along, completely forgetting about food and his bomb theory. To an untrained eye, he was just a green, squishy rug. The more trained eye can see the small particles of food floating around in the slime creature. In his tiny mind, Spriisyn started forming opinions on the ship's crew. Four legs not talk much. Very quiet. Purple ponytails talked a lot, and made four legs mad sometimes. Hat and dagger odd. Orange hair not very talktative. Creepy guy is creepy. Red eye, purple eye, and green eye hyper. Satisfied with his analysis and feeling much smarter than he really was, Spriisyn took a celebratory nap, still in rug form and still oblivious to his surroundings.

    Spriisyn adapted quickly to life on the ship, slip out while everyone was sleeping, eat, and slip back in his room. It was a fair arrangement to him, and he was never hungry on the trip. After almost everyone left the ship, Spriisyn decided that finally....! He would do nothing, and relax more, letting the soft lullaby of sleep overtaking him.... again.
  18. As if starting a journey off with a lot of strangers wasn't enough, there was suddenly a jolt to the planet just as Trent was making his way toward a young human girl who wasn't human. She looked human enough. That is, until you saw her mouth. It was yellow instead of pink. The jolt was hard enough it almost knocked him off his feet. What now?, Trent wondered. Of course, he should know better than to ask when he really didn't want the answer. Just above one of the taller buildings from the market, a small blue ship began to rise above. There was an ominous blue light coming from the ship, with it's silvery metallic ship underneath. Trent nearly chuckled when he remembered an old video game back on Earth where you played a little beam shooting down alien space ships. This ship looked similar to those in that Space Invader game. Unfortunately, that also resembled Sorian spaceships.

    "Uh-oh," was all he mustered out before the planet shook again. Nearby patrons began running to take cover in the market stalls and the few buildings in the area. Others in nearby ports began to undock as quickly as possible. The Sorian were here. Why? They normally didn't come here. The planet shook once more. Two more ships began their ascent into the sky from nearby buildings. This was not a good way to begin a journey. This was definitely not a good way to start the day. Trent immediately let out a whoop and called for all his new crew to abort their leisurely shopping trip and to head back to the ship. They might not be leaving yet, but they sure as hell were not going to be sitting ducks if the Sorian attacked.

    Were they here for them? What was going on? Another shake from the planet and another ship appeared. It was only after the fifth one when Trent realized what was happening. The Sorian owned the market now. They had infiltrated it. This was now their domain, and to show themselves now meant they had an excellent reason to do so. This was not good. Two of the ships headed toward the docks, Trent cursing under his breath. It was starting to seem as if they were indeed aware of Trent and his mission. Within the first hours, the journey was about to turn deadly.

    "Now," he called. Behind him, his ship rippled from the outside and in a blink of the eye, it looked like a cargo ship. Though you couldn't see it from outside, the inside had transformed as well. It was only an illusion, but if anyone happened to inspect the ship, they would see boxes full of Flygian Eggs to deliver and sell at the market. The guests' rooms were now part of that illusion, or the illusion of storage rooms. The single locked room next to Trent's was just solid walls on all sides.

    Once done, he turned his attention to the yellow-mouthed girl. "Well, fancy to meet you and all. Perhaps we should move into a denser area?"
  19. Meanwhile, a couple parsecs away, Gentar, Neera, and Klikchek were packing their belongings for their journey. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Gentar asked out of concern "Yes, If you're going anywhere, I'm coming with you" She responded, packing canned Fish for Klikchek. "But how are we sure that no one will break in?" She said worrily. "It says here that our house will be secured and monitored by federal agents" Gentar replied. "I'm still worried" she said.

    When they finally finished packing they took the maglev to the spaceport, neither of them have been off world before. The closest thing Gentar had ridden was a space plane to the other side of the planet. "Well this is the first step, we take the 'P.S.C. Pokwet' to 'Toma' station where we will be picked up by the 'Traversity' to Colony 361" Gentar said reading the itinerary. Neera gave him a long hug before they boarded the Psioni cruiser. Klikchek climbed onto Neera's back and wrapped itself around her, looking almost like a backpack.
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  20. Ghriin's eyes darted around as the station shook. She saw the Sorian ship docking. She remembers having had highjacked a few back when the XS and the Sorians were in a Cold War. Because she wasn't really affiliated with her government, she only had to worry about getting away from the Sorians. After it ended, of course, she received amnesty. She looked towards the ship, where a different brand of commotion was occurring. The Traversity apparently had tech installed to work as a docking cloak.

    "Illusory Docking Cloak, absolutely perfect for anyone with a price on their head. Smugglers, Mercenaries, Endangered Species..."

    She smiled and nodded for the captain to come, gesturing with an upwards swipe. He definitely dressed like a human, just as she was told. "I seek to help your race. Walk with me, and keep your head down, you can pass for kin. I must introduce myself."
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