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What is or do you think is going to be the best part of college

  1. Parties

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  2. Friends/People

  3. Sororities/Fraternities

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  4. School Work

  5. Freedom

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  1. This role play is about a group of college students who are roommates and they go through the usual, school work, home, dating, romantic, situations of college life! I've never really done group role play before so please bare with me with this! I expect everyone to respect each other and just remember to have fun I guess! We can start when all the spots are filled? Idk how this works really, sorry hah!!!!!

    Open characters:

    TheNonchalant one:

    The Nice one With a Secret one: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE
    The Jock: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE
    The Popular: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE
    The Social Networker: TAKEN
    The Nerd: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE
    The Dramatic one: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE
    The Artist: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE
    The Musician: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE
    The Emo/Goth:TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE
    The Rich Bitchy One: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE
    The Nonchalant one: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE
    The OCD one/clean freak: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE
    The Shy Quiet one: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE
    The Partier: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE Character Sheet = DONE
    The Best friend: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE

    1: No one liners if you can. Hard to reply to and I love reading long responses
    2: RESPECT EACH OTHER IN OOC. No one likes a bitch
    3: no limits to how long your responses are. I really don't mind.
    4: Make your characters however you want!! Be creative
    5: Everyone LOVES ROMANCE!! It's completely okay here! If things get too steamy though, take it elsewhere. Thanks
    6: Have fun!!!


    Name: (First and last. Middle if you wish)
    Character: Choose out of those ^^^
    Age: (between 18 and 25)
    Birthday: (when they were born)
    Place of birth: (where they come from)
    Occupation: (their job)
    Grade: (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)
    Distinguishing marks: (scars, tattoos, birthmarks etc.)
    Strengths and weaknesses: physically good/bad
    Likes/dislikes: things they like and enjoy/ things they hate
    Hobbies: Things they enjoy doing
    General personality: The person that the world sees. What people believe of your character. How they interact with people
    Inner personality: The part of your character's personality that they don't like to reveal to others. What people rarely get to see!
    Small backstory: doesn't have to be very long

    I shall start when we have all spots filled and there's an even number of guys and girls. So please be patient.
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  2. My character
    Name: Alexandria "Alex" Marie Blake
    Character: Nice one with a secret
    Age: 19
    Birthday: December 24th
    Place of birth: San Diego, California
    Occupation: Waitress at a small cafe. Band leader
    Grade: Sophomore
    Height: 5'2"
    Distinguished marks: tongue piercing, nose piercing, industrial piercing, dream catcher tattoo on shoulder blade, tattoo star with wings on collar bone
    Strengths/Weaknesses: Gets along with most people well, quick learner, lazy sometimes, good cook, (can't think of anything else)
    Likes: Music, sushi, horror films, Frozen, tattoos, movies, romance, Teen Wolf, Piercings, Halloween, singing, Asking Alexandria
    Dislikes: Disrespectful people, being disrespected, people who think they're better than others, rap music, people thinking she's weak. Mondays.
    Hobbies: Singing, dancing, GYMNASTICS!!! Writing, playing violin, playing piano, playing bass guitar.
    General personality: people believe that Im the rebel and I'm against everyone. They think I'm the tough laid back girl.
    Inner personality: I'm really the sweet, sensitive girl that anyone really sees. actually just like the typical girl. I love going on fun dates and getting roses and chocolates. I really like people thinking I'm weak and I don't let people walk all over me.
    Backstory: Quiet at first, but when you get her talking she's super crazy and wild. She tends to keep to herself sometimes and has trust issues considering that as a child, her father sexually and physically abused her. Alex came from a rather dysfunctional family. At the age of 15 her parents kicked her out after finding out that she was pansexual and forced her to stay with her overly religious aunt. She then had to hide her sexuality and personality, forcibly being someone she was not for 3 years.
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  3. May I be the artist? :D
  4. Of course!! And if you have any friends you think would want to try it please invite them!! xD
  5. Alright. I'll put up my cs ASAP. And I'll try and ask around. Do you need a banner? I can make it.
  6. Great. If you could a banner would be great! Thank you so much
  7. Can I take the best friend? Or perhaps the musician?
  8. Which one would you like the most? xD
  9. Alright~ Pm me a pic you want to see in the banner.
  10. Hmm.. which one do you need the most? I'm pretty flexible.
  11. Use whatever pic you want, i don't care really
  12. Either. It's whatever you wanna do haha
  13. Appearance:[​IMG]

    Name: Dominic "Dom" Sage Brown

    Age: 19

    Birthday: July 16th

    Place of Birth: Oakland, California

    Occupation: Bartender at a local bar.

    Grade: Freshmen

    Height: 6'2

    Distinguished Marks: gauges in earlobes, septum piercing, goatee.

    Strengths/Weaknesses: Gets along well with others. Not very shy. Can come off as mean and rude.

    Likes: video games, good food, football, and music.

    Dislikes: Rude people, fake people, and liars.

    Hobbies: , reading, making hip hop beats, and writing.

    General Personality: Everyone thinks I'm a rude jock who doesn't care about anybody but himself.

    Inner Personality: I'm really chill, and I keep to myself. I don't like all the attention I get from being a said "jock". It's just what happens. I'm nice, I swear.

    Backstory: Cold and mean at first, but a total crack up once you get to know him. Again, he keeps to himself mostly. As a kid, he was praised for his academic and athletic inclination. It got him scholarships and awards. He never really liked all of that, even though he sometimes used it to his advantage. As soon as he was able to attend college, he was happy that he could do what he really enjoyed.

    Can I be the jock?
  14. Can I make a girl and a guy character? The girl the best friend and the guy the musician? If not I'll take the best friend.
  15. In
    yes you can!
  16. Hmm....may I take the
    The Emo/Goth? Will post my bio later as my phone is going to die soon..
  17. Name : Jhenna ( Jen-a ) "JJ" Rines
    Appearance: [​IMG]Age: 22
    Birthday: May 16th
    Place of birth: Chicago, Illinois
    Occupation: Pastry Chef At A Restaurant
    Grade : Junior
    Height: 5,3
    Distinguishing marks: Naked Queen Tattoo On The Left Hip, Vine on Dead Flowers Going Down The Right Leg, Bleeding Heart On The Left Breast, Ear Piercing
    Strengths and weaknesses: Being Shy When Being The Main Attention, Good With Kids, Not The Kindest Around Random Men
    Likes/dislikes: Laziness, Dirtiness, Loudness But Loves Food & Helpful People
    Hobbies: Cooking, Reading, Writing, Listening To Music, Singing, Doing Hair And Exercising.
    General personality: Most Think I'm Shy & Timid, That I Hate Everything In The World And That I Like Keeping To myself.
    Inner personality: I'm Outgoing And Sweet, I Keep Quiet Because I Have Nothing To Say But Really I'm Lonely And Want A Friend.
    Small backstory: Following All Rules Of Her Father And Not Getting Close To Anyone For The Fear Of That Person Leaving Like Her Own Mother, Jhenna Turned The Outside World Out And Kept All Secrets And Trust In. She And her Father Were Best Friends And he Taught Her Everything She Knows So She Likes More Video Games Than Shopping. Because Of Also Having An Overprotective Dad, Jhenna Because Fragile And Gentle Like A Flower Because Of Being Shielded From The Outside World.

    Can I Be The Shy Quiet One Please ?
  18. Indeed you can. Just be sure to have bios for both chica!
  19. Yup!! Reserved
  20. Alrighty!!
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