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  1. Name: Blaize-Alexandria Howard
    Height: 5"6
    Hair: Platinum Blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Age: 17

    Personality(Top 3 traits): Sarcastic, Confident, Careless.
  2. It was a rarity for the young blonde to have even turned up for college on the cool summer's morning. And as she was called into the reception office, she had regretted setting another alarm. Her attendance was bad enough; she should of just stayed in bed. But, it was too late for that now as she carelessly thudded through the long corridors which never seemed to end. It was unfortunate that Blaize's dorm was the furthest too. But eventually, a slender hand placed itself on the door, and pushed it open.


    Blaize requested almost instantly at the receptionist. It had barely gone 9am, and it was far too early to deal with a leacture about her attendance. But, to her surprise, it was far from. With an eyebrow slowly beginning to arch, Blaize held a frown to her pale-glossed lips before sighing in frustration.

    "Fine. Whatever. Get's me out of my shitty lessons anyway."

    She muttered with irritance in her tone as she had just been informed of her new 'baby sitting' duties for the day. With little left but to do so; Blaize sat herself down on one of the uncomfortable chairs, and waiting for the new kid to arrive, expectations to be a complete nerd, who was going to bore her to death about books, and general things which she preferred to distance herself from as much as possible. She was the get-drunk-forget-college kind of girl. She was only there to mingle with the socialites in the first place. She had little plans for the future. She didn't need them, in her opinion.
  3. "A whole new adventure, it will be a good experience for you !"
    I find myself believing only half of what my mother said as I left home this morning. A new adventure it may be but I fear the word good has been used far too loosely, Despite popular belief within my household, the things my mum thinks I enjoy, I don't. More often than not these "good" experiences tend to use up excessive amounts of my energy which goes against my way of living. If you don't have to do something, don't. If you absolutely must then do it quickly.
    *Gray walks up to the reception door, pulling first, then pushing, the latter being successful. He enters and walks up to the receptionist, clocking a girl sitting down in his peripheral vision on his way past*
    " Gray, I was told to come here first thing? "
  4. Now Blaize wasn't one for paying much attention, which was rapidly proven by the way she had just sat down and her phone had already appeared out of nowhere, and she was clicking away, keeping herself up to date with all of the latest on every social network going. However, her eyegaze briefly glanced up as the door opened and a young male walked through it. Her eyes lowered again. But only briefly. She found herself having to take a second glance, puzzled expressions swamping her flawless facials. He was far from what she imagined. If anything, this caused a slight arrogance to come upon her as she careless threw her phone into her bag, pulled the straps over her shoulders and stood up. Straightening the sleevely white blouse out with a confident grin, Blaize made herself noted.
    "Hey, new kid! Wrong direction. It's me you're looking for." Her voice was bright, and warming. Although, without seeing her in a college environment, anyone could mistaken her for a few years younger, with her harmonic vocals, not yet ruined by the general daily occurances.
    "I'm Blaize. And you're... Gray? Did I catch that right, yeah?"
  5. Quicker than I could react to the receptionist pointing, "Hey, new kid! Wrong direction. It's me you're looking for. I'm Blaize. And you're... Gray? Did I catch that right, yeah?"
    *Gray turned to the left and looked towards the girl*
    Slightly taken back by such an upfront greeting I hesitated, don't panic, I have been practicing for situations such as these.
    *He attempts to smile at Blaize, one side of his mouth raises and twitches slightly, the other side refusing to budge. The outcome being a disfigured smile to match his now awkward posture and nervous face.*
    A straight-forward advance breaking through all of his defenses, a crushing defeat.
  6. Watching the tall male ponder over his awkward positioning and posture towards her, Blaize tried to hold back laughter by lightly chewing on the corner of her bottom lip, waiting for her laughter to pass her. After all, she had been nervous on her first day too. She understood it was nerve-racking. It could never be anything from it.
    "Er~ so yeah. I'm your tourguide of this hell hole~" her voice was cut off by her awkward laughter, trying to lighten the mood somewhat. Not that her ridiculous puns would ever help anyone out.
    "It's not that bad. Loosen up. I don't bite, y'anno'." Blaize reassured with a small nod up at him, followed by a bright, warming grin. But she didn't spend long waiting around for small talk to be the highlight of the day. Taking an instant dominant stance, Blaize headed towards the front entrance to the college in which Gray had just entered, and dissapeared through it, her quieting words from the door closing calling back: "c'mon. This way."
  7. Not dealing the finishing blow, a great insult to someone who goes by the way of the sword. My display was not worthy of being honored, and I cant say I disagree. A tour guide, an unexpected turn of events but appreciated none the less. A good chance to learn the ropes from an insider, I'll soak up as much information as I can, being resourceful is essential to my way of life, The shortest route between classes, nearest toilets on my day to day routes, places to eat and relax in my free-time.
    *The door closing breaks his concentration, he hurries after Blaize*
    I cant let this chance pass me by.
    "Wait up!"
  8. Finially hearing a proper sentence from the boy, the young female sighed in relief, glancing over her shoulder. Not that it was a sentence. It was a mere two words. But it was a start - everyone had to start somewhere.
    "Calm it."
    Blaize said as she rumaged around inside of her bag, until another cheesy and soon-to-be irritating grin came to the girl's face as she pulled out her packet of cigarettes.
    "I'll smoke, and then show. Ok?"
    She asked, not that she was going to any different, even if he did decide to defy her request.
    "Want one?"
    Blaise questioned, handing the packet to him as she pulled one out, placed it between her lips, and lit her lighter until the end of the white toxic stick was burning. Inhailing deeply, she leant herself back against the brick wall by the entrance, watching the distant cars pass from that frustrating driveway away.
  9. Like a moth to a light I had no control over the pace or direction of this conversation, not necessarily a bad thing. A smoker, cant say its surprising in this day and age, and I am certainly not one to tell others how to live their life. I'm a firm believer in the phrase 'Each to their own', cigarettes are not my crave.
    *He stops a few steps back and leans against the wall*
    "I'm alright thanks, not a smoker."
    *he gives a short smile*
    The phrase alone sounded a little blunt, the smile should turn it into a friendly decline. This girl is helping me and it would be no skin of her back to let me find my way alone, better not to come of as rude.
    *Gray leans, hands in the pockets of his hoody looking around the surrounding area*
  10. Blaize was slightly confused in how to work this male out. She expected a nerd, and got something much more attractive. Yet, he didn't smoke, so he had a brain. Was that possible these days? Shrugging it off, she withrew the cigarette packet and threw it back into her endless bag of nonsense, before inhailing on the toxins.
    "So, new to the area?" He didn't seem much of a talker, which annoyed Blaize. She could talk for hours on end without getting bored of conversation. So being quiet for this long just felt uncanny for her. Stroking a stray few strands of white behind her ear, she released the smoke, glassy iced eyes watching it rise to it's dissapearance.
  11. The idea of small talk has always seemed baffling to me, people talking to one another about things that some would say are pointless.
    An open question, there must be many people in the 'area' that she doesn't know, a lucky guess? Either way the question had one obvious motive, breaking the silence, and along with it my comfort zone.
    "Yeah, Just moved from the next town along this morning. How could you tell ?"
    *He turns In time to see the last of the smoke merge with the air.*
    I guess you can find beauty even in poison.
  12. Blaize held a small frown to her lips as she took another draw from the cigarette bud, eyes closing over for a brief moment before letting the carbon-dioxide run through her lips like a deadly waterfall of clouds. Letting her eyes re-open, she glanced across at him, holding a small smile to her lips, slightly unsure in how to react to his question, in whether it was sarcasm or genuine.
    "I just figured, you're starting a bit late." Blaize shrugged. Feeling slightly cut down, she took one final drag on the cigarette, before throwing it down onto her pavement, and kicking the burning embers out with the front of her grubby white vans.
    "I guess I should probably do my job and show you around now." She stated as she headed back for the door, opening it, and dissapearing back inside.
  13. A sense of tension had built upon my reply, I had gone wrong somewhere. Her change in enthusiasm towards guiding me changed, that confirmed it. Should I apologise ? No, this is just gut feeling, and what do I know. I'll say something to create a bit more of a friendly atmosphere and if by chance something was up, I would redeem myself.
    *He follows her through the door, trying to catch up and then match her pace.*
    "W-wait up!"
    So much for a friendly reply, but a reply never the less. The words thank you probably would have been nice, but they remained on the tip of my tongue unable to find a way to say them.
    *As he follows her he shows a brief angry facial expression and moves his head forwards quickly.*
  14. Hearing the echoed words from him asking the simple request to wait, Blaize opened the door from the reception to the corridor, and did as he asked. She waited.
    "So, what are you studying? It would probably help if I showed you to the departments you will need to go to. The rest isn't really too nessissary." Blaize remarked, giving a brief glance up and down the corridors, which were eerily quiet, compared to when lectures came to an end, and the warm bustling from over-interactive students came running down the halls like a herd of wild animals. She began heading up one way, either way. Even if the subjects he took interest in were in the opposite directions, at least she knew she could show him to the nearest cafe. And by far the best. There were a few small kiosks in which didn't compare at all to the one she was heading for as she slowed her slender strides down to match his.
  15. Another question, looks like I am off the hook for now, Don't mess this up.
    *He replies in a brighter tone.*
    "Communication and culture and Business studies. Yourself?"
    He followed obediently, keep your eyes peeled from here out. Every bit of information will be noted in order to recap at a later point.
    *Looking at and in doors, checking out of windows.*
    Like an animal sussing out its surroundings.
    "I skipped breakfast this morning, will anywhere be open at this time?"
  16. Now that a less suppressed conversation had arisen, Blaize gave a half smile to herself, keeping that wonky emotions to them facials as she pondered over the subjects he'd chosen.
    "Hmm. Not too shabby. I'm just doing photigraphy. I was in English too, but I got booted." Blaize said without any shame or hessitation. In her eyes, she didnt get anything from it anyway. She knew how to read and write, so why would anything else be important?
    "Yeah. Its actually where I was headed. Just up here is the best cafe in this damned college.
  17. Now I have no way of knowing for sure, but I could have sworn I saw her smirk after I replied. Maybe my subjects weren't her cup of tea, but I suspect it was getting me to make conversation that perked her up, couldn't help but feel secretly used, but she Is certainly interesting. Creative subjects or now subject, a very laid back attitude for being booted out of a subject. A café first, my kind of tour.
    *A look of relief comes across his face.*
    A good idea indeed to follow this girl, boasting the title of "best" I'm intrigued to try this café myself, could this be my place for downtime? What a result that would be.
    "Sounds fantastic."
    *He pulls a full blown smile, before sinking back into his shoulders with a slight blush.*
    Way to make yourself look weird.
  18. Continuing to cheerfully waddle down the corridor, her eyes lit up as she peered through the door in which she took much dedication in swiftly opening. As she did so, the sudden rush of coffee aromas and freshly baked dough was enough to leave anyone hungry.
    "And its empty. Thank god." Blaize said putloud from her thoughts as she stepped inside, and sat her bag down on one of the chairs by the small table in the window. It was a snug spot. She mainly chose it because of the window. From there, she could easily point out any parts of extra buildings he'd need to be informed about.
    "Want something? My treat, newbie." She questioned, followed by a childish giggle.
  19. Somewhere, an angel of fate has put us as tour guide and new guy, and is laughing to his/her hearts content. Polar opposites, you couldn't find two people so different in all the colleges around here let alone this one.
    *He peers his head through the door after her, a smile grows on his face.*
    Such a wonderful smell, it dominates all your other senses as you taste it on the back of your tongue. Empty? Maybe I died and went to heaven, Please let this be a quiet café. I know I haven't believed in you since, well forever, but oh lord let this be a quiet café.
    *He reaches to his pocket to fetch his wallet, scrambling.*
    "No don't worry about me, I'll grab something for myself."
    Not sure that buying me some food comes as part of the tour guide job description, I cant let her spend her money when she is helping me out.
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