Collect and Capture

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With his face still in her hair, the smallest smile touched his lips as she got more comfortable beside him. It was painful for his face... Leon so often didn't smile that his facial muscles were in shock. Therefore, the smile disappeared as quickly as it came. This rose questions in his mind; what prompted him to do such a thing? There was raw emotion flowing through him that he lost touch with long ago.

The feel of her lips against his neck made his skin crawl with a delightful sensation. He had to stop himself from shuddering, so he wouldn't seem so sensitive. It betrayed the truth, though. Like many mean, a woman's touch made him weak.

One of his rough hands stroked up and down her back, gently petting her spine to soothe her. He knew she was in pain, so he didn't want to put too much pressure on her body. It felt nice to finally be able to give affections to somebody...
There was no space left for her to get any closer to him. Despite her day, she felt... she felt.... she didn't even know how to put words or thoughts as to how she felt lying here with him. Her lips curled in a smile against his neck. This moment was one that she would cherish for they had seldom happened in many years. When his hand stroked her back she could not contain the small noise of pleasure that is caused.

She lifted herself up not minding the train that it caused. Her lips brushed against his, with the lightest of touches. She was only there for a moment, before she moved back down. She laid her head in the middle of his chest, her hair splayed across it lightly tickling his skin. After a moment or two she was fast asleep, her body simply could not handle and more strain for the night.
Some red filled his cheeks when she ever so slightly put a kiss on his lips. That was a bold move, he thought. Most women wouldn't go farther than a kiss on the cheek as a thank you or something. Any who tried to seduce him were politely dismissed, since lately, he wasn't in a romantic mood. When with this woman known as Lexi, he felt differently. It wasn't just because she was beautiful... There was something else about her, even some mystery he was curious to solve.

When he was certain she drifted off to sleep, he took let his mind go blank and closed his eyes. His embrace around her stayed protective, his prickly chin resting on top of her head. Leon quietly fell into a deep slumber once he felt over whelmed by his stresses of the day.

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It had been a month since Lexi had first met Leon. Sometimes when he was around her Lexi couldn't help but feeling like a little girl with her first crush. Even though she had healed weeks ago she still found herself cuddled as close to Leon as she could get, every night. They had not let her go back to the saloon after everything. If there were whispers about her she had never heard them and she had the sneaking suspicion the Leon may have had something to do with that.

Lexi had never talked so much in her life then she had in this past month. Leon was so sweet and caring he had come to see her after each of the to two "murders" as he put them. She had never known what it was like to have someone worry over you but she decided that it felt nice. Nothing had happened between them though. Every time Lexi thought that she might be able to do something, she had froze with uncertainty. They had almost kissed a few times, she thought. Her heart had almost exploded each time, but then she thought that she was hallucinating when it was directed somewhere else. Her heart pounded, her whole body tingled and a heated blush rose to her cheeks when she thought about those almost kisses.

She was a lady so she would never be bold enough to do something like that. But, oh how she wanted to. She had even dreamed about it. Smiling as she was frying up some chicken and baking some bread. He should be home soon from running his errands. A huge smile lit up her face as she anticipated Leons arrival.
The month long stay with Lexi had been an enjoyable one. When she was feeling better, he spent more time away so he could investigate the town some more. Leon was tasked with something, after all; that was his purpose for being there. The clues he gathered so far didn't lead him to anybody, but there was some information he gathered from past observers. Apparently, more than one type of this person existed. This wasn't surprising...

Walking through the town without his horse took a while to get used to. Every time he remembered why he couldn't take Dixie out of the stable, he'd scratch at his head and make some kind of nervous expression. That horse and him were as close as a human and animal could get! Good friends who understood each other and looked out for each other. Now that she was impregnated, what was going to happen?

That thought fled from his mind as Lexi's home came into view. Knowing her, she was preparing a good meal. Leon knew he was heroic to her, yet he still felt in debt. She was always so insistent on providing the hospitality for free, though. How else was he supposed to thank her? Taking it all for free just didn't sit right with him!

Sighing quietly at the question, he opened the front door to walk in, closing it quietly behind him. "I'm back," he announced.
Her heart jumped when he came in the door, which caused her to jump and drop the chicken into the hot oil splashing some onto her hand. She had been doing small stupid things like this for the past few weeks, every time he walked through the door. Lexi swore and dunked her hand into a small bucket of cool water. She was angry at her stupidity over him. It was his fault! If he wasn't so damned amazing in every way she wouldn't be this besotted and stupid!

"Welcome home." She called out to him as he was not in the kitchen yet. she took her hand out of the water and dried it off on a towel that she was using. She had gotten back to the stove and tended to the chicken so it didn't burn. Her hand was a little red and only a small area was puffed up from the oil burn. "Did you find what you were looking for? Were there any clues?"

In their time she knew that he was looking for something. Something that had been around for a while but very well hidden. Something that causes great damage to people without them even knowing it. She may have been working for the devil but at least she was protecting people, so that nobody would have to go through what she had.

Smiling at Leon, she waited for his answer. Her body turned slightly, her hand out of his view. "Would ya mind settin' table, hun?" She turned away when she realized that she had said hun. A blush burning on her cheeks, maybe he hadn't noticed. Or maybe he wouldn't think anything of it... Lexi hoped.
"Nothin' terribly helpful," answered his deep voice. Although it didn't show on his face, he was feeling frustrated. His endeavours in this town seemed for naught. He'd just have to look farther and dig deeper, he supposed. Conversing with simply townspeople wasn't going to get all of his questions answered. "Might needa search outside've town sometime."

When he reached the kitchen, he tilted his head whilst adjusting his hat. Something didn't seem right; she was hiding something. During the month staying with Lexi, he was learning about her, too. Leon didn't interrogate her, though. Seconds later, he grunted and nodded at her as his quick way of saying 'Sure, I'll set the table.'

After grabbing some silverware and plates, he set it all down in the fashion he was used to her using. The fork was at one side of the plate, while the knife was at the opposite. "All set," he announced to her, before walking to where she stood. He peeked over her shoulder to see what was cooking, the sides of their faces touching unintentionally. "Looks good."
Lexi felt something in her shift when he mentioned having to go outside of town. Many questions ran through her mind, such as, how long and how far would he have to go. A full string of them crossed her mind in a matter of moments but she suppressed the need to ask him that, by biting her lip. While he set the table she turned the chicken.

Reasonably she knew that she couldn't hide her hand forever he would see it. She needed both of her hands to eat. She could feel the burning sensation and knew there was going to be a blister. Thankfully it was not a big area, maybe he would not notice. His cheek brushed against hers and her heart jumped. She knew she was kidding herself. She turned her head and her eyelashes brushed his cheek. "It'll be ready in a bit, maybe you can give the horses a treat?" She smiled at him knowing that he would go. He really did enjoy doting on the horses.

When he left the kitchen Lexi reached for the aloe plant she kept in the window. Her hand was red and shaking. She was such a clumsy idiot that even she had to laugh at herself a little bit. She glanced out the window as her mood grew somber, something was coming. Something truly nasty and she was not looking forward to dealing with it. Maybe it was a good idea if Leon left town for a short while.
Leon tipped his hat in response to her before heading over to a bowl of apples kept specially for their horses. A pair of them were taken into one of his large hands, while the other reached out to push a door open, which would lead him to the stable. From that short distance, he could see the two of them content as ever, just standing there nibbling at a haystack. The slightest smile showed from a twitch of his mouth's left corner. Dixie seemed fairly happy to be in the company of another horse; a male especially.

A good, long moment was spent with the horses. Each was given an apple, as well as a pat on the neck. Leon even grew fond of Azule. "Watchin' over my sweetheart?" he asked the horse. It intrigued him just how intelligent these creatures were. They could respond to his words with noises and head nods, just like a person. "Yer a good boy."

After stroking the snout of his beloved Dixie, he left them alone to head back into the house. The aroma of dinner was making him hungrier. More than that, he wanted to see Lexi some more. He loved that woman's company more than anyone else's; he wished he knew how to tell her that. Confessing feelings or talking about things other than work wasn't easy. The longer he spent with her, the simpler it became, though.

When he walked in and headed towards her, he spotted the patch of irritated skin on her hand. Sympathy was visible in his cold stare while he reached out, holding her palm in his own so he could inspect it. Lexi was doing a fine job of repairing it already! There was a fresh layer of aloe to help the healing process, so he decided against offering any assistance.

"Hope it don't hurt too bad," he commented quietly.
Lexi's eyes grew a little wider, something about his touch made her heart feel like it was on the verge of exploding. She licked her lips trying to grasp something to say. Leon was not a very open man, the strong silent type in fact. Sometimes it drove her crazy, but she knew that he held all of his emotions in his eyes. They were truly a gateway to a persons soul. Lexi didn't look too many people in the eyes.

"Ain't nothin..." She had told him, as she let out a breath she did not know she was holding. The look in his eyes is what really stopped her, though. She enjoyed looking into his eyes. Lexi only wished that her eyes weren't so haunted.

Would he finally kiss her? He always seemed like he might but never did, they even shared the same bed. At first they had gone to bed in their respective places but every morning they would be holding each other. What was supposed to last one night wound up being every night. Maybe he felt for her or maybe having someone to hold was just nice for him. Lexi was sure she would never find that out. Maybe it was for the better..

She lightly slipped her hand out of his as she turned to the chicken and finished cooking it. Leon was always the quiet type and always willing to help her. Things had become a lot more relaxed since he arrived. She wished that she had a better way to repay him but he never asked for anything. She was at a loss. When dinner was finished she plated it for them.

"How was your day, other then not finding anything out?" She liked hearing him talk, so she always tired to engage him into conversations over their meals.
Leon looked down at the plate of food hungrily, some excitement lighting his eyes. During the time he stayed with her, more and more emotion was noticeable on his face. He had feelings he didn't feel for so very long. Lexi was bringing that out of him and he wasn't certain how he felt about it. On one hand, it was a good thing. It made him feel normal again. Being told to not show emotion made him feel inhuman. At the same time, this felt scary. What was going to happen? Would any wrong come out of this change?

A piece of chicken was sliced off and put into his mouth with a fork. He chewed thoughtfully before swallowing, ignoring the slight burn the hot food set on his tongue. The food smelled too good to let sit there for too long to cool. He was also starving!

"I earned a little bit of money. The old man with the barbershop asked if I could help him with his new sign as I walked by. I tried to refuse his reward, but he kept insistin'... So, not a bad day. The folks in this town are growin' on me. I just hope I can solve this devilish mystery for 'em soon."

Leon took a couple more bites of his meal, though they were pretty large pieces. Lexi's cooking was the best he ever had. There had to be a way he could thank her for this kindness she'd shown him for all this time.

"I hear there's going to be a little festival," he brought up, thinking about the horseback riding, art displays and other activities the wild west liked to feature in such events. With the earnings he made, maybe he could by her something special. If anything, he could just spend it on having fun there. She deserved it and he'd never been to a festival before.

"Maybe ya'd like to go tomorrow? Could use a break from this work of mine."
Lexi had tried not to laugh while she watched his facial expression. He was always so anxious to eat, he never gave it enough time to let it cool down. He was like a child... a very tall and ruggedly handsome one. Sometimes she had wondered what growing up for him had been like. Lexi had never asked him about his past because she really did not want to go into hers. Yet, there was a part of her that wanted to know everything about him that she could, something about him was growing on her. It made her hesitate sometimes but she never really gave it much more thought then that.

Torn from her thoughts she blinked up at Leon. "What kind of devilish mystery? You don't talk about it much.. but what is it you are looking for exactly?" She was not sure if he heard her ask as he kept plowing through his thought and asked her to go to the festival, with him. Her heart did this little thumping thing that it liked to do when he was around. Inside she was excited, but her demeanor was calm and collected.

Lexi watched him, something about it seemed to make him excited. He did not show very much, but she knew with the look in his eyes and his body language what he was feeling. If she could only read his mind to know what he was thinking... well that could be dangerous.. "I would love to go. Is it in town?" Lexi had been really hesitant to go into town since the incident, that brought Leon and her together in the first place, because there were still whispers about it. People still treated her differently and there was some crone who was bat shit insane that called her Satan's Angel. Well that was not off in the slightest but that was not the point.
"It's in town, yup," he answered, a little surprised she didn't know about it. Then again, she didn't seem like she went out into town that often. Not since the incident on the day they first met. Thinking back to that day gave him mixed emotions. That was a happy day for him since he got to know a wonderful, beautiful woman. But he also lamented it; she was hurt terribly that late afternoon.

"Folks speak of evil spirits, devils 'n such. It's my job ta banish 'em. Some don't believe in such stories, but they're real. They're very real, else why'd I be here?" Leon explained with a small shrug. "Ain't no clues, though. Maybe I'm lookin' in the wrong places."

Leon didn't much like to speak of his work. The jobs were dirty, and complicating. The outlandish group he 'worked with' seemed to enjoy what they did; they called themselves heroes. He thought differently, though. This work was highly dangerous, hardly a sport, and sometimes got the innocent harmed in ways he regretted. Just thinking about the consequences of his life purpose was turning his face to stone again.

"Anyway... Thanks for supper, Lexi," he said appreciatively, and gathered his empty dishes to take them to the kitchen. As he walked past her, he couldn't help but notice a desire he had. This crazy, burning desire... To kiss her. To thank her for the meal? Or, perhaps, for other reasons... The idea of it made his heart race, and a light red coloured his cheeks.

With a small sigh, he rubbed at the line of facial hair along his jaw. 'I don't understand...this feeling.'
Banish devils and evil spirits? That was essentially that same business that she was in but something told it was something else entirely. She had heard the rumors passed through the generations about it. The devils that lived for eternity seeking the souls of the innocent and the hunters that stopped them. The story of it put a bad taste in her mouth so she did not dwell on those tales too much. Leon seemed so down to earth, to really be associated with a group like that. She had met a few before, they were all the same, real pieces of work complete with the "Gods gift to earth" complex. Leon didn't really fit the bill so she let the issue go.

"Thank you for eating it." She smiled at him as she too gathered her dishes and followed him to the kitchen. He seemed flustered about something when she walked into the kitchen and Lexi grew concerned. Maybe she hadn't cooked the chicken all the way, or he was just exhausted? Perhaps he had spent too much time in the sun?

Setting her dished on the counter she looked up at him and placed her hand lightly on his forehead. "Are you feeling well? Ya seem a little flushed.." She moved her hand, lightly placing the back of it on his cheek. "Do you need anything? I could warm up some water for a bath, ya might feel better." Lexi don't know why she suddenly felt the need to take care of him, but for some reason she felt the desire to take care of him.
Leon tensed briefly when her hand went to his forehead. Her knuckles were pleasantly cool against his warm skin. He must have been more flushed than he thought! Something about this woman brought out the softer, timid side of him. It was admittedly frightening; he was not used to such feelings. For years, he was taught to be cold and fearless.

So what was going on?

"Nothin' is wrong," he quietly assured her. Lexi's offers to care for him brought out half of a smile. Not the most charming of looks, but any sort of smile was rare to begin with. He found himself leaning his face into her hand when it moved to his cheek. There was nothing more pleasant than her tough, he realized. It kept him calm and made him feel... Good.

"You take good care've me, Lexi," Leon then said, taking her hand into his own before giving it a delicate squeeze. With his other hand, he removed his hat, revealing the mess of short, black hair he seldom tended to. Lexi was pulled closer to him until the tips of their noses touched, and he spoke in a whisper: "If I may be so bold..."

With that said, he placed a soft kiss upon her lips. There was no force in it, in case she wanted to resist. In his mind, though, he hoped she wouldn't. He hoped dearly that she'd return it to him.
Was he smiling? It always made her heart melt, it was such a rare affection for him and it warmed her to the core. She couldn't figure out why he brought out reactions in her like that. She must have been capable of such feeling a very long time ago, it was such a distant memory. Lexi knew what this feeling was and thought that it would eventually die out, like every other time, however it just kept slowly growing.

It was a small gesture here, a smile there, and those small moments when he was so kind. There was so much more and she could hardly think of any of them. Her thoughts were mostly consumed of him. He made her feel like she wasn't such a bad person and gave her hope. The hope that maybe one day God would hear her and not the Devil.

lexi was taken off guard when he spoke, "What?" she had asked him then almost froze to the spot when he pulled her closer. She never took her eyes off of his as a blush crept through her skin and her heart threatened to leap out of her chest. He whispered something that she did not catch but it still made her shiver because of the look in his eyes.

When his lips touched hers, Lexi stopped breathing. Every coherent thought was consumed by him. His smell, taste, touch, warmth, strength and vulnerability. she had it all with that one small kiss. Lexi's eyes slowly closed as she gently kissed him back. She placed her free hand over his heart as there was nothing else, but them and this moment.
Against Lexi's hand, his heart beat with intense passion. In the gentlest of ways, she was kissing him back! There was no finer sensation, he decided. The lips of this woman were wonderfully soft against his own. She was so warm, too. Being so close to her, so nervous and in love, was raising his temperature. Scarlet painted his cheeks and he suddenly felt the need to strip off his clothes and walk into a freezer. He couldn't think of a time he blushed so fiercely!

As they held onto one another, he turned his head to deepen the kiss. In all honesty, Leon was inexperienced and out of practice. What he was doing, was what he learned from novels and romantic films. There was a soft side to this man of steel. He was never so grateful to those books and movies until now. While they were cheesy, he learned a lot from them.

Leon later broke their kiss, but kept their faces close. Despite the jumping of his heart, he maintained a level of calmness. His dark eyes stared at her with no intention of looking away. Words could not express how jubilant he felt right now. This woman, this beautiful woman, gave him lovely affections. He wanted more; he wanted to give more. Leon just hoped she would let him.

Silently, he smiled against her lips. A smile that was genuine. Not a smirk, not quick twitch of his lips. This one was real, and though it made his face hurt, he was thrilled to be able to make such an expression.