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  1. Ever since the Old World died, the river Styx had acted as a barrier between Gaia and Hades, keeping the living and the dead from seeing each other. Made out of a substance which could only be described as pure entropy, only Charon and his immense cruise ship seemed to be immune to the effects of this strange flow. However, even if one were to fly over Styx, Cerberus, the legendary guardian beast of Hades would not let anyone across from either side of the river unless they were with Charon. A strange creation who seemed to be at all points of the river at the same time, Cerberus would always make sure that the ones who did not have Charon with them returned to their homes before crossing the borders of Hades. The only exceptions to this rule were the so-called ambassadors.

    Ambassadors were people chosen by both Hera and Persephone, the goddesses of Gaia and Hades respectively, and their duty was to convey information between the two worlds. Such a burden was heavy, because they were responsible for making sure that both sides knew what was happening to their loved ones and ensuring that the two sides cooperated with each other. As such, ambassadors were highly respected by both the dead and the living because of their jobs, not to mention the fact that they made excellent negotiators. They often defused conflicts which threatened to end either one of the worlds and saw to it that Hades and Gaia always had the same goal in mind.

    The brightest one of these ambassadors was Hermes, a man who had served so well that the goddesses saw it fit to bless him with immortality. Not only he was the best negotiator and speaker who ever lived, he was also a technological savant, an engineer who was responsible for designing many machines which are still in use today by both words. However, his greatest achievement by far was that he managed to fuse magic and technology together. While these two elements have co-existed since the death of the Old World, Hermes was the first one who managed to combine them in a way that they did not disrupt each other.

    In the wake of this discovery, a new golden age dawned on Hades and Gaia. The Forge of Hephaestus was built across Styx to symbolise the unity of the two worlds, the Ikarian Wings were invented to carry ambassadors through the flow of entropy, Minotaurum was invented, revolutionising every single area of life… And many more wonders resulted from Hermes’ discovery. Under his guidance, the two worlds started to bond on a level which surprised even the goddesses themselves, not to mention that people started to look up to him as if he was a prophet who heralded the coming of a new age. For centuries, it seemed like the golden age would never stop.

    But twenty-five years ago, the cruise ship of Charon disappeared along with Hermes and a large number of other famous ambassadors on it. What is more, the very next day after this disappearance, one of Cerberus’ heads were found on the Gaia shore of Styx, while the other was found on the Hades shore of the river, with the rest of the legendary beast missing. While this would have been enough to cause panic on its own, it was also found that Styx literally disappeared, leaving nothing but a huge gap behind. Shocked and confused, the two worlds started blaming each other, but fortunately, the ambassadors managed to keep the peace.

    However, that did not change the fact that people wanted answers, so the ambassadors turned to Chronos for advice. Chronos, the ruler of the sky told them that they should investigate the bottom of the gap which used to be Styx, so the ambassadors assembled a team of scientists and descended into the gap. There, the team found the remains of Cerberus and several parts of Charon’s cruise ship, along with the bodies of the well-known ambassadors who have disappeared. Hermes and Charon’s body was nowhere to be seen, though, so a search party was assembled, but the only thing that the searching party discovered were the remnants of the Old World.

    Amongst these remnants, the search party discovered the psuche, life-like stone statues which seemed to be growing out of the ground. When this was reported, a research team was assembled out of the finest minds of the two worlds, but not even they could figure out what the psuche really were. That is, until five weeks ago, a strange device was found near a lake at the bottom of the Styx Gap, along with a surprisingly intact instruction manual engraved onto the strange device’s surface. With the help of the device and the manual, scientists have finally managed to activate the first psuche, not even realising what kind of treasure they came across. In hopes of finding out more about the psuche, scientists have activated a limited number of them, entrusting them to certain individuals.

    Players: Players will be playing scientists who are studying psuches and the technologies of the Old World on the bottom of the Styx Gap The roleplay will have a big emphasis on the psuches, the history of the Old World and introspective journeys for the characters through their psuche. Players need not to know anything about technology in order to play in this roleplay as most of it will concern observing how the psuche behave, not to mention that psuche simply cannot be explained by the current knowledge of the setting. Players and their characters are welcome to make guesses based on their opinion and hold small experiments with the psuche, though.

    Necessary information (open)

    The races of Coin || Flip (open)
    Gaian: Often called the living, gaians are humans who were born from the union of two gaians they retain their physical appearance. As a result, they are very much in touch with the physical world and are capable of using External magic to end their opponents. Always searching for their purpose in life, gaians are out of touch with their souls, often not realising what they are and what their purpose is in life. As such, they live a life of eternal curiosity and questioning as they feel the need to discover what makes the world go around.

    Hadesian: Often called the dead, hadesians are humans who have already died and no longer have physical bodies. Because of that, they know every single aspect of their souls, allowing them to use Internal magic to shift their shapes to better themselves. They have already found their purpose in life, but hadesians are out of touch with their physical bodies and do not understand how they should affect the physical world. For that reason, they live a life of eternal searching and wandering as they want to discover what shape represents them the best.

    Nevras: Born from the union between a hadesian and a gaian, most nevras are not blessed with the gift of life. They are not sure of their bodies, nor are they sure of their souls, meaning that even though only a few of them survive birth, even less nevras make it to adulthood. Considered to be fragile mayflies, nevras are not able to wield either type of magic, but they are very creative and are capable of absorbing information at a simply ridiculous rate. It is not rare to see young nevras talk about extremely complicated concepts amongst themselves or for them to be a valuable member of a research team. Nevras are also famous for their open attitude, their positive, yet at the same time melancholic outlook on their lives and the fact that they age four times faster than gaians or hadesians.

    The psuche (open)
    The psuche were found at the bottom of the Styx Gap, and at first, they were thought to be lifeless statues depicting humans. However, further investigation revealed that they are advanced magitechnological creations which fuse technology and magic to an extent which was never seen before they were discovered. The activation of a psuche is linked to a special procedure which takes a volunteer’s subconscious and copies it into the body of the psuche, thus animating it. From there on, the volunteer and the psuche are linked through telepathy and while they cannot influence each other’s thoughts or read them, strong emotions and sensations felt by one will also be felt by the other.

    It is important to note that psuches are not obligated to obey the volunteers whose subconscious they have. They act and talk as if they were another sapient being who just happens to be modelled after a part of another sapient being. As such, psuche are independent from their pairs, just as their pairs are independent from them, however, most of them seem to have a natural desire for cooperation and helping their partners. Unfortunately, they know only a bit more about themselves than their partners do so they cannot answer most questions which would shed more light on their nature.

    Another good thing to keep in mind is that a psuche’s life is linked to the life of their partner. While psuches seem to be immune to most weapons and both kinds of magic, if their partner dies, the psuche deactivates and will not start again until another subconscious is implanted into it.

    World information (open)

    Types of magic (open)
    These are the two kinds of magic used by the people of this world: External and Internal magic. External magic can be used to manipulate the world while Internal magic can be used to manipulate the self. Although science has proven that these two kinds of magic use the same type of energy and operate according to the same basic principles, there are still vast differences between them. It should be noted that every gaian or hadesian can use magic without exception and mastering it is only a question of practice.

    At the fundamental level, External magic is purely destructive and cannot be used to mend wounds or to repair machines. It has a natural desire to shred any material it comes in contact with, turning it into energy at a surprisingly efficient rate. However, with practice, External magic can be used to shape objects with impossible precision or to manipulate the environment indirectly. An important aspect of External magic is that it can be “anchored” and left to feed on the energies of the world. As such, it is often used to power machines which can manipulate the world around them or to make devastating weapons.

    Internal magic, on the other hand, is purely defensive on the basic level and it cannot be used to affect anything else other than one’s own body. It is naturally inert, but it is highly reactive to the will of its user, allowing the user to change their shape at will. With practice, a user of Internal magic becomes capable of taking pieces of their environment into their body and incorporating them into it. As with External magic, Internal magic can also be “anchored”, and it is often used to preserve the integrity of machines, or to transform their shapes into something else while leaving their functionality intact.

    It should be noted that neither types of magic have spells. Instead, they produce effects and they can be used continuously without regard for rituals or chanting. The only limiting factor of External and Internal magic is creativity, not to mention the user’s reserves as using magic is very taxing on both the body and the mind. The only other limitation imposed on magic is that “anchored” magic is capable of producing only one effect until it is removed from its place by another magic user. On another note, effects of “anchored” magic must be triggered by some signal, or said magic remains inert. Neither type of magic cancels the other, in fact, most magitechnology is built on the fact that External and Internal magic are not mutually exclusive.

    Setting and society information (open)
    Gaia and Hades, two worlds which were once separated by a flow of pure entropy, are still recovering from the loss of their most important figure from twenty-five years ago. While neither Hades nor Gaia blames the other for the incident anymore, life has only started to calm down recently, because of the strong influence Hermes had on both worlds. The only thing which kept the two worlds together was the research done on the psuche, but now, it seems that better times are coming. Technological advancements are on the rise again, and the cooperation between Hades and Gaia is starting to become stronger than ever.

    In both worlds, the existence of magitechnology, the combination of magic and technology is common. Most machines have magical components and some magic is performed by machines. The general technology level is far higher than that of the modern world, with many new technologies which changed everything drastically. Self-augmentation is common, especially amongst gaians. Devices are also smaller than ever because of the magical forces in play, and a personal computer and communications suite can fit in a simple wristband. Sometimes, machines and magic are so thoroughly integrated that one has difficulties telling where the machine begins and the magic starts.

    Society is very open-minded and attempts to treat people equally. While some people are still prejudiced against others, it is very rare to see hate-crimes and a great deal of emphasis is placed on cooperation between people. Refusing to help someone is often considered downright rude unless one has a really good reason not to do it, and people are expected to lend a hand to each other. Ambassadors, while they are still important people, do not retain their past role and other people have taken over as leaders, generating some friction between the two groups. Of course, there are always issues between different groups, but as a whole, the world is largely peaceful and accepting.

    Glossary of commonly used terms in the Coin || Flip world (open)
    Nevratix – A name given to the condition which affects all nevras, making them sterile and threatening their existence at all times. This strange condition seems to have magical causes which are beyond the current understanding of the world, and as such, it cannot be treated or cured. As a result of nevratix, nevras have to fear disappearing into thin air all their lives, which has shaped their beliefs and attitude greatly.

    Dragonteeth – The first machine to use magic. Constructed by Hermes many years ago, the name of this machine became synonymous with fortune, good luck, riches and progress. Nowadays, calling someone dragonteeth is a way of saying that they are an incredibly prodigy. Saying dragonteeth before attempting something dangerous is considered to be a lucky charm of the highest order, and if one tells another to “Have dragonteeth”, it is a blessing which has no equal.

    Hera – The goddess who rules over Gaia. She does not usually interfere in mortal happenings anymore. Her name is sometimes invoked during childbirth as she is seen as the patron of life.

    Persephone – The goddess who rules over Hades. Like Hera, she rarely interferes with the world. Her name is sometimes invoked during funerals as she is seen as the escort of the dead.

    Chronos – The ruler of the sky and the genderless deity of wisdom, equality, creativity and progress, Chronos’ name is often invoked by scientists. Asking for Chronos’ aid is a common way of wishing for an experiment to proceed well as Chronos is said to watch over everything which may further technology or magic.

    Styx Gap – The large gap in the place of Styx. This huge gap is several kilometres deep and it is protected by a magically reinforced safety wall. There are several bridges crossing this gap, most notable of which is the Odysseus Bridge.

    Acheron – A large lake on the bottom of the Styx Gap. It is a remnant of Styx, and like it, it is made out of pure entropy, so crossing it is impossible. It is theorised that this lake is several thousand meters deep, but there is no scientific evidence for this fact.

    Ikarian Wings – A common form of transport over the Styx Gap, Ikarian Wings are single-person flying machines which look like bird wings. Larger versions of this device also exist, and they are usually used on flying machines as backup engines.

    Forge Of Hephaestus – A legendary metalworking factory built over Styx, this building was once a simple bridge with two small factories on both sides. Now it is a huge industrial complex which stretches for kilometres in every direction, save for down.

    Minotaurum – An extremely durable and strong alloy often used in everyday life.

    1.) Players are not required to create a psuche for their character if they do not wish to do so.
    2.) Player characters are scientists, not warriors and soldiers.
    3.) Magic has its limitations. External magic is a destructive force while Internal magic can only be used to change one's shape. Both types of magic can be applied to objects permanently. If you would like more details, see the Magic types section under World information, but it is not necessary to enjoy the roleplay.
    4.) This roleplay will not be very combat oriented. Instead, it will focus on the characters and their self-discovery.
    5.) I would like if a player posted at least one post per week.
    6.) Communication is important. If you do not understand something or you would like to introduce some sort of a plot thread, please share it with the other players and me. Likewise, if you would like to drop out, please leave a message at least.

    Now with that out of the way, let me present the character sheets.

    Character sheet (open)

    Race: (Gaian / Hadesian / Nevra)



    Apparent Age (Nevra only):

    Appearance: Either a picture or a description will do. Hadesians can be take on any shape or form as long as it is capable of moving in some way.


    Most repressed emotion: What your character keeps bottled in no matter the circumstance. This usually corresponds to the Association of the psuche.

    Greatest desire: What your character wants the most out of life.

    Greatest fear: What your character fears the most and would rather avoid.

    Goal: The overall goal of your character, their aim in life.

    Magic proficiency (Gaian and Hadesian only): How good your character is at magic.

    Skills: The areas which your character excels in and any other practical skills they might have developed.

    Talent (Nevra only): The understanding of concepts and ideas related to this area comes naturally to your character, often within seconds of getting acquainted with them.

    Greatest achievement: Your character’s best known contribution to the world.

    History: Your character's past.

    Psuche sheet (open)

    Name: The name the psuche chose for themselves.

    Gender: The gender the psuche identifies as.

    Physical age: The real age of the psuche, measured in tens of thousands of years.

    Appearance: Either a description or a picture will do.

    Association: The part of the subconscious which defines the psuche’s behaviour the most.

    Personality: Finer aspects of the psuche’s behaviour, based on subconscious desires and repressed emotions.

    Remnants: Useful skills and abilities left over from the psuche’s life in the Old World. These are not to be combat-oriented.

    Keystone: A small fragment of the Old World which was left in the possession of the psuche. Usually, a keystone holds only sentimental value, but it can also be functional to some extent.


    - Psuche skin is heavily enchanted by a strange type of Hadesian magic.
    - Psuche literally block the casting of magic if they touch any person’s skin directly.
    - A psuche may develop a telepathic bond with any living being. The more time the psuche and said living being spend together and the more they understand each other, the stronger this link becomes. This can eventually result in the minds of the two beings merging.
    - Psuches possess an emergency system dubbed Hercules in their internal files. This system allows them to perform miracles, but they cannot access it consciously. Hercules overrides the personality of the psuche to an extremely survival-oriented one and shuts down everything but their critical parts. That means psuches never remember what they did while Hercules is active.
    - The psuche are unsure of how to operate their bodies themselves, as their on-board manuals have been deleted or corrupted. This can manifest as occasional clumsiness, especially when they are performing complicated movements. CLAIMED BY ERMINE
    - The psuche have strange, well-hidden ports on their bodies that are incompatible with any currently known or constructed machine.
    - Occasionally, the world seems to warp around the psuche. This usually manifests in distances becoming shorter than they should be, but there are a wide variety of strange events that can happen around them. These events are always non-threatening, though they may be unsettling or frightening. CLAIMED BY ERMINE
    - Although they do not know it, psuches are extremely strong physically and can crack even Minotaurum with their bare hands.
    - Psuches are powered through unknown means and whatever their power source is, it cannot be disrupted with magic or by any machine.
    - Though they are sapient, psuche possess no souls.
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  2. Name: Isaac Zervos

    Race: Nevras

    Gender: Male

    Age: 7

    Apparent Age: 28


    Personality: Although he displays a somewhat happier face at work once left to his own devices Isaac’s mood quickly changes to a more quiet and reserved persona as he continues to contemplate his own existence and those of his fellow Nevra. Even though his mood may seem depressing he is genuinely happy most of the time.

    Most Repressed Emotion: His most repressed emotion is anger, although he may have conflicting views with other people from time to time he does his best to keep his more aggressive emotions out of the work place. He believes negatives feeling only hinder a person’s advancements and should left out of the work place.

    Greatest Desire: Isaac’s greatest desire in life is figuring out a way to overcome the Nervas’s sterility in hopes of continuing his species existence before they completely die out.

    Greatest Fear: His greatest fear is a farfetched one but is still in some ways valid, he fears being the last Nevras and watching helplessly as his kind disappear in front of his eyes.

    Goal: By using the Psuche he hopes to find a way to extend the Nervas’s life span or potentially cure their sterility race once and for all.

    Skills: Isaac is an exceedingly skilled when it comes to isolating issues in magitech and can accurately diagnose ways on how to repair or improve them.

    Talent: Isaac is a natural physicist with and has devoted most of his life to numerous researching the psuche.

    Greatest Achievement: His greatest achievement thus far is his newest contribution in physics; using new forms of mgitech he has designed a reciever that when implanted into a machine makes it easier for Hadesians and Gaians to influence said machines. This allows younger magic user to get a better grip on using their powers until they are able to use it in more complex ways.

    History: Born of a Gaian father and Hadesian mother Isaac grew up feeling very conflicted Although both parents loved him greatly he felt still felt an internal rift while growing up with them, realizing early on that he was a part of a dying race and that he most likely die before either of his parents only made his rapid growth all the harder. Recently however his mood has greatly improved after working with the Psuche. He believes that they hold some key to prolonging the Nervas’s life and hopefully finding a cure their sterility and grantee to his races existence.

    P.S. he does not want to use a Psuche because he believes forming a connection with one would invalidate his objective attitude towards them.
  3. I actually have one question....since Nevras age 4x faster then the other races what happens to their bodies after one day which for Nevras's body would be the equivalnet to 3 months?
  4. Your character looks good, Chronos, but there are two small issues with it which I would like you to fix:
    - The Talent of Isaac is in two areas instead of one. I apologise if this was unclear in the character sheet, but a nevra can only have a talent in one area.
    - Could you explain how he improved on magitechnology? I would like to know if he invented a new machine, a new material or something else which helps the two other races use their magic on machines.

    Other than that, your character is good to go. To answer your question, one day for a gaian or hadesian is equal to four days for a nevra. Nevras do not percieve time differently, they just age faster. So, while a gaian ages three months physically, a nevra would age a year. I hope that answers your question.
  5. In the third paragraph where it talks about Hermes, the last word of the second sentence says "words" instead of "worlds." In the Players paragraph, the first sentence does not have a period. Sorry, I couldn't help it...

    Oh, and, I have a question. Can the Hadesian (whatever they were called) not interact with physical objects? If so, what else goes on with those people?
  6. Small errors tend to slip by unnoticed occasionally. Thank you for the corrections and giving me the heads up, though!

    To answer your question, the bodies of Hadesians are tangible, they just can change shape like no one else.

    Chronos, your character is good to go.
  7. Thank you, Stormy! I'm probably going to get a character sheet up sometime soon...
  8. Name: Anima Diaz

    Race: Hadesian

    Gender: Female

    Age: 30 (I'm not sure if you want to incorporate the whole death age thing, so I just put her technical age.)

    Appearance: (Her preferred "form." I don't usually use actual people in pictures, but WHATEVS!)

    Personality: Anima is a person that shows a desire to make friends, but shies away when others reach out to her. She hates highly emotional situations, and will attempt to avoid them. It is a difficult task to make Anima angry unless you know exactly what can set her off at the moment. On the rare occasion that anger does take effect on Anima, she seems to lose all sense of what she is doing and is determined to hit something, even people. She can be a loving person in the right circumstance, but it is yet another rare occasion for Anima. She tends to be a bit of a know-it-all on some topics, but it's all in good fun.

    Most repressed emotion: Immense sadness

    Greatest desire: Anima wishes to finally truly love someone.

    Greatest fear: Anima has melophobia, otherwise known as the fear of music. If she hears (only certain kinds of) music, Anima will become edgy and, if possible, ask whoever started the sound to stop. If it proceeds/increases in volume, Anima will begin to have panic attacks and other symptoms of extreme phobias.

    Goal: Anima wants to make true friends and rid herself of enemies in life.

    Magic proficiency (Gaian and Hadesian only): On a scale of one to ten, Anima would receive a 6.5 in magic proficiency.

    Skills: Throughout all of her experiences, Anima has developed the skills of manipulation/trickery, the ability to (sometimes) be able to detect lies, and craftiness in the sense of making things from limited materials.

    Greatest achievement: After her interest in science developed, Anima discovered ways to create magitechnology that could improve people's physical state; as in physical body part improvement or aesthetic shape and skin improvement. (I really couldn't think of anything on that one. I can change it if you wish.)

    History: Anima was born and raised by extremely protective parents that refused to let her leave the home. She was schooled there, grew up there, and even almost married there; to a man in which her parents chose to do so. On the prearranged wedding date, Anima took the chance for escape when she was left alone in a room with an open window (which almost never occured.) She then jumped out of it and ran as far away from her home as she could, late becoming a wanderer for months. She developed an interest in science after reading a small children's book on it and began work in a lab. This continued for years before Anima hit any breakthroughs in her research. Eventually, her work paid off and the glorious machine worked! (Read her greatest achievement.) Sadly enough, Anima used this machine on herself too many times resulting in her death due to bodily stress.

    I do not think I will make a psuche. If there aren't enough by the time of starting, then I will comply with any requests to create one.
  9. ilovevampzero, your character is accepted. One question though: When you are talking about physical improvement, are you thinking of magitechnological limbs like an artificial arm or leg?
  10. No. I meant more towards the means of muscular and bone strengthening. My apologies for the lack of clarity.
  11. Is that allowed? And could it be my character's greatest achievement? Could that be used as a way to "direct and amplify" External magic? (Because that would convince me to play a Gaian, as much as I want to play a Hadesian). If so, I have a basic character concept I haven't finished yet that does something along these lines (and amusingly, her power type thing is along the same lines as having a psuche, only with machines. Any machines. It's a religious thing for her, though. And now I'm tempted to finish that character as I have her in my head, too).
  12. Yes, Ermine, it is possible for your character to create a focus for their magic as a part of their body.
  13. Still unsure if I'll join this, though. May be a while. Big day tomorrow, so no time then. Next couple days, really. Maybe later tonight (my time). We'll see. Like I said, I already have a basic concept.
  14. And here is my character along with the psuche. Please excuse the small grammatical and spelling errors, I have not looked over it yet.

    Calvin Ayers

    Race: Gaian

    Gender: Male

    Age: 56

    Appearance: Calvin looks like he is in his mid-sixties, an old man who would be of average height if he was not hunched over slightly. He is also more frail than he should be as it often looks like he might break a bone at any second. However, anyone who sees into his eyes will see that he is more than capable of going on and he has not given up on life yet, as his steel grey eyes still radiate strength. His eyes make a very sharp contrast to his face which is wrinkled and bony. He has very little hair, all of which is white.

    Most of the time, Calvin is seen wearing the lab clothes of whatever area he is working in at the moment. He almost never wears casual clothes, but when he does, he prefers practical, lightly coloured clothing that covers as much of his body as possible. The only trademark item he wears is the pendant in his neck, which has a holographic picture of his wife in it.

    Personality: An utter and absolute perfectionist, Calvin is just as ruthless with himself as he is with others. He prefers everything to be done with extreme precision, and even if someone performs above his expectations, he is rarely one to say a compliment. He is a borderline workaholic who immerses himself in whatever he is doing at the moment and spends every single moment with it until he is done with it. His ability to focus in even the most distracting circumstances is nothing short of legendary and it is not rare that his students ask him how he manages to achieve such a level of concentration.

    Outside of work, Calvin is a bit more lenient but he still tries to keep his distance, especially with the ones he is working with. He will not hesitate to offer advice to people if they ask of it, however, he usually tries his outmost to remain professional and not get involved in any relations outside of work. He is often seen excusing himself from conversations that get too personal for him. Despite his nature, he never hesitates when asked to talk about his experiments or to share valuable experiment data and he knows just how important cooperation is.

    Most repressed emotion: Attachment

    Greatest desire: To discover the science behind the psuche and remake these machines as they absolutely fascinate him.

    Greatest fear: Dying as the world falls apart around him and witnessing the destruction of all achievements the three races made so far.

    Goal: Calvin aims to find out how and why the Old World died and what kind of technologies they had available to them. He also wishes to find a way to destroy locations of pure entropy like Styx was and Acheron is.

    Magic proficiency: He is extremely skilled in the use of magic and there is little that he cannot do with it. However, he is easily exhausted because of his old age.

    Skills: Calvin’s areas of expertise are reactors, powers sources and the psuche themselves. He was one of the first scientists to join the team which investigated these strange creations and he has immersed himself in studying them.

    Greatest achievement: Calvin is responsible for creating the Hephaestus Forge’s most efficient reactor scheme, the Aegis scheme. His contribution lead to the rapid expansion of the facility during the last few decades and indirectly inspired many new power-plant designs.

    History: A gaian with humble beginnings, Calvin was born into a family with a rather bad financial situation. His parents have just started to climb out of debt when he was came into the world, so as such, he could not afford many luxuries in his life. His parents still managed to provide him with a normal childhood, though and they gathered enough money to enrol him into a prestigious private school, teaching him the importance of studying so that his children may live better than him.

    Unfortunately, the private school did not work out as expected. While the results of Calvin were unquestionable, he had few friends because of his social standing, and was isolated. This was only the first sore spot in his life, as he was accepted into a similarly prestigious middle school, where although he was respected because of his prowess, he still had very few friends who accepted him as an equal. As a result, he devoted his life to studying and professionalism, something which served him well in the coming years at university.

    It was at university that he met his wife, Bertha. They met because of a research project Calvin lead on the Hephaestus Forge’s energy distribution systems and because of their similar, professional attitude, they ended up working together a lot. Through their work, they began to discover their similarities and within a short while, feelings developed between them which lasted until the end of university and even longer. When Calvin graduated, he married Bertha, promising to stick with her through any tragedy. However, nothing could prepare him for what was about to happen.

    A few years after the tragedy of Hermes and the evaporating of Styx, Bertha just flat out disappeared, leaving Calvin alone with his two sons and desperate desire to find his beloved wife. He left no stone unturned, but when not even the people of Hades could tell him where she was, he started fearing the worst. Eventually, his fears were verified as what remained of her wife’s Ikarian wings was found near the lake Acheron, suggesting that they malfunctioned and she fell directly into the collection of entropy.

    Naturally, these news absolutely devastated Calvin, who found his newfound salvation in his work. While he had opened up to people after marrying Bertha, he closed himself to the world once more, withdrawing into his laboratory. Eventually, the psuche came to his attention, and seeing that the research team needed more hands, he joined it and found his new obsession in the form of the strange devices.

    Name: Karothan

    Gender: Male

    Physical age: Approximately twenty-two thousand years.

    Appearance: Appearing as a young man who is no older than thirty, Karothan is a strange sight to look at. He is of average height and most of his form is covered in red protective clothes which cannot be removed. Only his head, forearms, shins and head are visible, revealing him as a rather frail-looking fellow who seems weaker than he really is. His protective clothes have a barely visible pattern carved into them, the etching barely going any deeper than the surface of the material.

    Karothan has nut brown eyes complimented by his long, red hair, which he usually keeps in a simple ponytail. One of his especially characteristic features is that despite being a male, his Adam’s apple is barely visible, yet his voice is a deep baritone. His face is a bit longer than usual with a thin jaw, sharp contours and eyes that seem to sit just a bit too deep.

    Association: Fear

    Personality: On the surface, Karothan represents Calvin’s fear of attachment to others and his general fears, everything that he is afraid of but does not show it. As such, he usually gets concerned about a lot of things, however, he actively avoids social contact and will go out of his way so he does not have to talk to people. He is not one who is easily frightened, though, he merely thinks that everyone might be in danger at all times, including himself. Because of that, he is usually the first one to point out if an experiment is dangerous.

    He also has a strange duality to his personality as even though he fears social contact, he often tries to force himself to talk to people. From the way he talks it is clear that he wants to feel a bond someone, but he is too scared to act on this emotion, so most of his attempts at reaching out to people end up being him just saying “never mind” or something along those lines.

    Magnetic Weaving: Karothan has a strange ability to freely manipulate iron, nickel and cobalt, or in other words, magnetic materials. He cannot control magnetic fields, but he can use his powers to create incredibly detailed and precise shapes or to manipulate his environment indirectly.

    Interference: Strangely, the mere presence of Karothan seems to disrupt all waveforms around him just a bit. While it is usually not visible to the naked eye, the light around him disperses a bit more chaotically than normal. He can also concentrate this ability, though it is very limited in its nature and gives him no actual control over the waveform.

    Keystone: A medium-sized magitechnological teddy bear, the internal mechanism of which has crumbled into dust long ago. Still, despite being made out of metal, the toy is surprisingly soft and fluffy, even though the material it is made out of shows no signs of magical interference.
  15. Okay, since I still remember the character, I think I may join. This...may or may not be unfinished, but I want to close my browser so bad, so I'm just going to post it. Her. Whatever. Them. Sleepy and have to be up early, so yeah, nodding off as I type. Somehow typing with my eyes closed at times. I've noticed I make fewer typos when I can't see what I'm typing. Noticed that just now.

    Name: Aina Vanhanen

    Race: Gaian

    Gender: Female

    Age: 44

    Her right arm is entirely made from Minotarum, segmented into several sections for mobility, and absolutely covered in unnatural detail, such as arcane carvings, spikes, and most notably clawed hands with fingers that can all rotate and pivot beyond normal gaian ranges. In reality, this is for precision engineering, allowing her to hold smaller objects and move them much more carefully. It should be noted that at the three "joints" (Above and below the elbow, and the wrist), her arm can pivot 360 degrees.
    She is of average build, but looks entirely too young for her age (not something she complains about).

    Personality: She looks, dresses, and acts significantly younger than she is, by around 20 years. She is in no way professional if she can help it, and is quite prideful of whatever she does manage to convince herself is worth her time to work on. She's almost always happy, or at least pretends to be if she's not; she doesn't want to bring anyone down with a sour mood. Just because she smiles, doesn't mean she isn't thinking of you covered in a swarm of bees. Her age concerns her when she thinks of her real age, and how much closer she is to death. And more importantly (to her), her apparent age only bothers her when she's trying to make a valid point and not being taken seriously. It happens far more than she'd like.

    Most repressed emotion: Sadness. It's not that she doesn't feel it -she feels it all the time-, she just doesn't show it if she can help it.

    Greatest desire: To live forever, hence her interest in psuches. She'd be content with just a heavily increased lifespan.

    Greatest fear: Failure, no matter what the situation.

    Goal: To find a "cure" for death (preferably one that involves both types of magic, or a way to "become" a psuche).

    Magic proficiency: She wasn't that great before she lost her arm (ironically because she wasn't that great and magic'd it away), but now that she's made an entire arm her focus, she's one of the best she knows (but that may just be her pride talking).

    Skills: Due to her area of research, she's become quite skilled at making magitech. She funds further research by selling what she's personally made, as well as profits from anyone using her prostheses.

    Greatest achievement: The entire field of magiprosthesis, magical limbs to replace those people may have lost. They work like regular ones (identically, in fact, to the point those with them often forget they lost their limbs to begin with), but can also amplify magic if shaped correctly. The more magical amplification power, the less realistic they look; carvings and shaped extrusions tend not to look natural. She developed this shortly after she lost her own arm twelve years ago.

    History: For the most part, she self-educated herself beyond the levels of the university she attended, and passed with overwhelming ease. She hasn't had much formal training in any field, and hasn't done anything noteworthy that hasn't already been mentioned. Really, the only thing worth mentioning in her past is that she was married for six years, ending twelve years ago with the tragic death of her husband, and the loss of her arm. How it happened she keeps a secret from everyone, but it did involve the use of her magic. She still blames herself for the death, and accepts that it probably was her fault, but doesn't feel nearly as guilty as the first three years.

    Name: Iskra

    Gender: Female

    Physical age: Around 34000

    Appearance: Small stature and frame, with very weak-looking arms and legs. All features are very smooth. Has "tattoos" covering most of her "flesh."

    Association: Nostalgia

    Personality: She seems the most "happy" while thinking back on painful moments in anyone's past, but has no interest in actually causing pain, suffering, or other such losses. She would rather think of all the bad stuff having already happened, with only good in the future. She doesn't, however, really care much for the future, with all its uncertainty (or anyone who can't make up their own mind). She much prefers the past and present, what with everything happening the way it was meant to happen. She tries never to think of the would/should/could haves, but sometimes it just...happens. And when it does, she's fine with that, too.

    Conductivity - If she touches any surface conducting electricity (including a frayed wire), she can absorb the energy.
    Battery - The reverse of conductivity. Stored energy is placed into a conductive surface.

    Keystone: A strange, ticking box. There's no way to open it, and it seems to be indestructible. She has no idea what it is, or what it can do, but she always keeps the hand-sized object on her person.
  16. I see nothing wrong with your character or your psuche, Ermine, so they are accepted. I also have fixed my own mistakes with my profile.
  17. I don't know if the character's even finished yet. I'll have to look them over when I get home.

    Edit: Making a note for myself now that I have to expand the psuche's appearance.
  18. I wasn't sure about the specifics on writing my psuche, but now that I have seen the examples by Stormy and Delicious Alice, I may make one if that is okay(?)
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