Coffee Mix Ins

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What do you like in your coffee?


  2. Sugar

  3. Cream/Creamers

  4. Badass Flavoring

  5. Screw Coffee, I drink Tea, BITCHES!

  6. I don't care about coffee, but I could get my hands on CoffeeCakeSadist right now. Hmm yeah.

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  1. Totally random fun poll tiiiiime!

    So, I can't drink a lot of coffee. Not because of caffiene or it keeping me awake. But because it makes me sicky drunk feeling and then I have to go sleep. I can get away with one cup, but if I drink more than that I feel queeeeasy.

    Doesn't stop me from enjoying coffee products now and then. >:D

    My coffee HAS to have sugar and cream, and bonus points if it has cool added flavors. I think my favorite will always be vanilla, but Dark Mayan Chocolate Coffee... is to die for. t___t
  2. Coffee is for the riff-raff.

    I drink tea, whilst sitting in a big armchair complaining about the poor.
  3. I clicked on this thread expecting sanctioned peer pressure of a longstanding member.

    I'm sad now.
  4. I drink it black. Though, I think Asmo likes his CCS a little feistier
  5. Yeah, he needs some cream added to him.[/pantheon of ambiguity]
  6. ... I was going to answer the topic at hand, but the person we're all talking about also owes me a character sheet.

    AND I WILL HAVE IT OR... well, I'll probably just mock your would-have-been character.
  7. I usually use creamers
  8. I drink coffee sometimes in the morning, however I recently quit caffeine all together.

    When I do drink it I like it black, sometimes with a little milk. Chai is good too.
  9. I'd enjoy Coffee if it weren't so hard to come by x(
    More seriously, I like sugar and cream in my coffee. I don't like flavored creamers but I enjoy experimenting with coffee flavors.
  10. I drink coffee flavored creamer.
    When I get coffee at work they have all these fancy flavors. I put ALLOT of it in my coffee, I can't stand black coffee.
  11. as a commonwealth citizen....


    coffee in the mornings perhaps, but mostly tea.
  12. black and strong is the way to go! ^^

    could drink coffee all day, although i dont drink it right before i go to bed...for obvious reasons :D
  13. Just some sugar.

    I like being able to taste my coffee.
  14. Black.

    I was born and bred in the Midwest. Coffee is two syllables. Maybe three, if you ask for "coffee, black." Anyone who drinks it different or requires more than three syllables is a woman.

    Besides, black coffee helped Captain Janeway beat the Borg.

    ...Wait, Janeway's a woman...MY MIND! It is blown!
  15. Mmmmmm I always have to have cream and sugar in my coffee, sometimes flavoring. ^.^ I usually drink it at work, at my friends house, or if my boyfriend and myself are out and about for more then a couple of hours....
  16. Creamers and flavoring can crawl into a cave and got discovered as fossils by scientists and 3 million years. I like coffee that when you drink it it feels like you've been punched in the kidneys. There has not been a coffee inverted that is too strong for me.

    [/me wil die of liver failure or from jumping to the moon]
  17. No creams or sweetener, dark roast is fine, a good light roast even better. So long as it cures my hangover, warms me up, and wakes me-anything that can be done while still in pajamas is worth enjoying any style you want.

    Don't typically like any kind milk or cream in my coffee. Espresso is the exception, because I have unfettered access to an espresso machine, now. It is damn fun to make these, and to not drink it would just be wasteful.

  18. Either with some sugar, or without anything and taking it straight from the pot.

    Depends if I want (or have time to) to start my day slow and warm up or if I need to get myself a jump start.
  19. Has to have alchohol in it.

  20. I love coffee. I prefer mine black and bold.
    However, I'm not opposed to having a couple shakes of sugar and a few drops of milk every once and awhile.

    I don't drink racist coffee...
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