(Closed) Always, A Hero Comes Home (High Fantasy)

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"Come, let us walk among the dreamers."
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Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Quest, Dystopian, Apocalypse, Modern, Sci-Fi, Steampunk


"Do you seek to find the road to adventure and adversity, to treasures and trials?
Perhaps fate might have you fighting spice pirates along a merchant's floating city,
Or keeping life and limb in an abandoned city as a mysterious dragon circles above?

Would you like to taste the exotic dishes in the floating markets across a distant sea,
Or walk among ethereal spirits in a darkened dungeon with winding halls?
Why travel alone when you could walk with me, side by side, as fated friends?"


I'll be sure to keep this to the point as possible! I'm craving a long term story that involves multiple characters coming to travel a journey together. Think Lord of the Rings or Redwall or Shadow of the Gods, but with our own characters with our own twists, our own story and our own bonding moments.

I'm a sucker for all things fantasy from high fantasy to dark fantasy to fantasy dabbled within real life elements such as historical fiction and modern times. I've written quite a few stories over the years and I'm looking to revive a few that have a special place in my heart. As sometimes roleplays do, partners find themselves busy or life happens and you need to focus on your own will being for a while.

Regardless, I'd love to rekindle some stories with some new partners who have an equal love for crafting characters, worldbuilding and making new friends outside of the stories we write!

This search is geared more for 1x1s, but I might consider a VERY small group of three or four people. I'm not opposed to large group RPs, I'm just taking a break from it right now! We can make up our own story or you're free to hit me up with any prompts I wrote up below! Be sure to read my rules as well. I just have a few housekeeping notes before I post my ideas, if you don't mind reading over them to see if we're compatible partners, that would be so rad.


Multiple Characters + Worldbuilding . . .
I've done my share of 1x1 and sometimes I appreciate those interactions between two characters. But most if not all of these prompts are tailored for a setting where multiple characters play their parts in a complex worldspace, much like how you would see in a book or web series. So it'd make sense that I disclaim that I'm looking for someone who loves writing through the perspective of multiple characters! You don't have to play an entire cast if you don't want to (although, I certainly won't stop you from contributing as much as you want!) but my ideal partner would be able to play at least 2 to 3 characters on their own

As for worldbuilding, I completely understand that some people would much rather hop into the story than spend time crafting it (or vice versa) and either option is a-ok with me! Just let me know your preferences so I can adjust accordingly.

Character Diversity + Representation . . .
Tagging onto the last one, I find character representation important! I will always support characters on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, characters with disability and characters of all ethnic backgrounds. I'm also cool with elder characters and child or teen characters, so long as any minor under 18 is kept within age appropriate settings.

You know the rules of the site regarding players or characters in this age range.

That being said, I know some people don't normally roleplay with child characters so I just leave this disclaimer here just in case it's a deal breaker!

Quality over Quantity . . .
I can write anywhere from a single paragraph to multiple paragraphs. I'd say on average I write around five to eight paragraphs. Never the less, I'll do my best to match the length of my partner so that they don't feel over/underwhelmed by my length! All I ask is that you give me at least a paragraph to work with.

As I say, I'd much rather see a smaller post that was plenty of juicy content and amazing writing/grammar than pages of paragraphs that have more to be desired simply to meet a length requirement.

Ghost Friendly. . .
I always prioritize things that happen in real life over what happens on this site. If you need to go leave, then by all means leave! My door is always open if you ever want to pick up where we left off or you want to start another story. I really have no preference on if you tell me or not, I might send a message after a while just to check up on you! Otherwise, no hard feelings.

Be Nice, Be Kind, Be Friendly . . .
Seems like this should be a given, but if I feel like I need to step on eggshells around you then maybe we aren't partners who should be writing together! I love to chat with my partners OOC and build a rapport with them instead of simply being focused on writing. If something is bothering you or you need to get something off your chest (either in your personal life or in our story together), feel free to tell me!

Please don't be passive aggressive, accusatory or straight up rude about it. I appreciate honesty and tough love, but there are ways to go about it without being nasty about it!


Setting . . .
Two fantasy worlds, one where mortal reside (humans, elves, orcs, beastfolk, etc.) and another that is home to otherworld entities (demigods, monsters, spirits, etc). Sometimes these two planes of existence overlap using a path that acts as a sort of World Between Worlds, where entities from either side can cross into either realm so long as the bridge is open.


Deep in the unknown places where men fear to tread, there is a chaotic realm known as The Above. An untamed dimension filled with nebulous wonder, The Above is home to many deadly entities. From ravenous titans to vindictive witches to forgotten monsters on the prowl in the shadows. The only thing keeping these legendary fiends from ravaging the land of The Below where mortals reside was the Six Faced God. The Weaver, as the deity is also known, protected the only path between the two realms. This path, The God's Road, is a perilous connection between the two dimensions that borders space and time. It was designed separate both spheres; to keep humanity from the secrets of divine power while warding off the eternal entities who wished to dismantle the mortal realm completely.

The Weaver was the embodiment of both the Above and the Below. Three faces (The Healer, The Judge, and the Pathfinder) were safe for mortals to look upon and three faces (The Judge, the Hunter and the Executioner) were feared by mortal and demon alike. This is what held balance and cosmic peace for millions of years years until, as violently as they were born, The Weaver's whole being raptured. Their six faces vanished deep into The Below.

With the gates to the God's Road unprotected, it wasn't long before the monsters of the Above tore them down and began to wander along the dimensional path towards the unprotected Below. It began with the lesser fiends at first; small shadow monsters who feasted on mortal fear or lowly demons that bargained otherworldly knowledge for souls to steal. But it wasn't long before the Below transformed from its peaceful terrene to a terrible grimdark atmosphere. Crueler beasts found their way to the Below. Umbra witches poisoned the minds of kings with madness while leeches the size of dogs laid in wait in the river basins for the blood of unsuspecting villagers. But deadlier monsters have yet to arrive down the long road. And when they do, it will mean the eventual end of the mortal realm.

Yet, the fallen faces of The Weaver did not fade away completely for they buried themselves deep within the bones of six unlikely mortals. And as the seeds of godhood was planted inside them, these chosen six found greatness thrust upon them; their fates were forever deeply intertwined. How they choose to achieve carry such burdens and restore the faces of the Above's Reborn Weaver is for them to decide. But such power does not come unchallenged. The gates must be closed. And the new guardians of the gods must not perish.

Characters . . .
It was written for six main characters, so this should already even things out for each side! I do have a little ideas on each of the faces to help figure out character if it will help:

Concept OneConcept TwoConcept Three

Healer :
Ariella Sagewood
Abdessi of Karth
The Healer is the 1st face of the Weaver, its essence runs parallel from the Executioner and crosses perpendicular to the Guardian. It is often prayed to for mercy and is hailed as a guide for young parents, a symbol for aspiring doctors, and a protector of children.

Judge :
Inspector Dal'Varde
Sirvanaco Galandel
The Judge is the 2nd face of the Weaver, its essence runs parallel from the Pathfinder and crosses perpendicular to the Executioner. Its often prayed to for guidance and is associated with education. Students, philosophers, and masters of law may pray to the Judge for counsel.

Olthuros Viamaro
The Pathfinder is the 3rd face of the Weaver, its essence runs parallel from the Judge and crosses perpendicular to the Hunter. Its often prayed to before festivals and is connected to the arts. Its said to be a muse for artists, a light for advocates and the voice that calls pioneers over the horizon.

Iona Aeryn (Profile WIP)
Roland the Red
The Hunter is the 4th face of the Weaver, its essence runs parallel from the Guardian and crosses perpendicular to the Pathfinder. Its often prayed to for patience and is believed to favor those of quick wit. Many thieves and treasure hunters may seek Its favor and vigilantes seek to mimic its form.

Guardian :
Arioch of Cassia
The Guardian is the 5th face of the Weaver, its essence runs parallel from the Hunter and crosses perpendicular to the Healer. It is often prayed to for protection and is associated with noble warriors, parental figures and even certain political figure heads.

Corlis Scythe
The Executioner is the 6th face of the Weaver, its essence runs parallel from the Healer and crosses perpendicular to the Judge. Its is rarely prayed to, though sometimes priests may make an offering before an execution for a quick death of the condemned. In recent times, assassins might seek its favor.


Setting . . .
A standard fantasy world with at least two known continents (time period resembles the medieval feudal era). It has your standard fantasy races you may see (humans, elves, orcs, etc.) although this could definitely be expanded upon! There may be alternate planes of existence where otherworldly races and spirits reside as well.


In the first dawn of a new world, before mankind was vast across the earth, the mortal races co-existed upon a small landmass known as Ardunia. A beautiful oasis, its first ancestors were blessed by the Emerald Mother, an earth goddess mankind called Enya. And for generations, the flourishing valley proved protection and nourishment for the people who resided there, watched over by the goddess and her faithful earth spirits.

But as time passed, the whims of man overwhelmed their desire to do good. Selfish princes became ruthless kings who oppressed their people. Monks lined their pockets with bribes to lay false blessings upon sinners. Soon, slave markets lined the streets in place of fruit stalls and narcotics flooded underground dens to claim the lives of many. The promised land that was Ardunia had become little more than a den of thieves and murderers. Prayers to the goddess grew less and less.

Enya looked upon the valley and seeing what had become of her children, she wept, regretting what she had made for those who no longer followed her. In anger, she planned for a way to wipe them from her sight completely.

But a spirit named Cyphos, a vineyard spirit of mirth, wagers and mischief, stumbled upon five persons whom not even he could justify tampering with - while their mortal natures left them flawed and imperfect, Cyphos found much light within their hearts.

The spirit relayed what he had found to his mistress, naming the persons the five lights and explaining the purity of their hearts. But Enya would not listen. For she believed that humanity by nature is tainted and that any soul regardless of their initial purity would eventually be corrupted. When Cyphos saw she would not spare humanity in its entirty, he offered his goddess a wager - a prospect of a new Dawn. if these five souls could show her the beauty of humanity, then she would spare them and any they saw worthy to live. If they could not, then they would perish with the rest of humanity. Enya, taking favor within her servant, agreed and gave him one year.

As is his nature, Cyphos began his quest with a trick - luring his mistress into a peaceful slumber, he searched through her ancient mind to find memories she still held dear. Stealing five of these memories, Cyphos lay magic upon them and carried them to the mortal world below. Through further mischief, he lured the five lights together and placed each memory upon each soul in the form of a gift:

To one, a silver star that shines even in the darkest nights.

To one, a golden flower that gives healing through sacrifice.

To one, a bestial strength that is untamed and wild in unbridled glory.

To one, a flame that burned at the sight of cruelty and injustice.

To one, a foresight that is heightened by humbleness and cautious pursuits.

The five lights were to use these gifts to pave the path to the new dawn, to a land above the valley and high over the clouds that Cyphos called the Everdawn - a place untainted by wickedness, made for them and any they believed were worth saving. For one year, they have the task of proving the truth worth of humanity.

Characters . . .
It was written for about five main characters, but I have no problem making it six (three per player) to make things even on each side! Right now, I have character ideas for Kindness and Hope (and other possible Virtues like Faith), but we can brainstorm to see which ones you like best and would prefer playing. I definitely don't mind switching things around! Here's an idea for characters I could use and which Virtues they could fit best with.

Concept OneConcept TwoConcept Three

Olthuros Viamaro

Ariella Sagewood

Iona Aeryn (Profile WIP)
Roland the Red

Arioch of Sagewood

Inspector Dal'Varde
Sirvanaco Galandel

Abdessi of Karth


Likewise, I have plenty of other characters on my page that are ripe for RPing! Say you wanted something geared more towards dark fantasy or historical fantasy or slice of life? Or if you had an idea of your own? Always feel free to send me something new and I'd be happy to brainstorm with you!

This thread was last updated on 5/8/23. Come back again when more ideas have been added! Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope you have a great morning, day or night wherever you are.
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