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  1. Edmund sat with his eyes closed, his chin on his hands as he knees bounced.


    It was one of the things the prince claimed could annoy anyone anywhere-- and yet there he sat doing it himself.

    "Sire?" His scribe prompted hesitantly. "Do you still need more time to think?"

    The blond opened his right eye, peering up at the brunette with distaste. "If I didn't, I would have spoken, wouldn't' I have?" he responded snidely.

    "Sorry, sire." The scribe apologized.

    Edmund sighed, sitting upright. "Just..." He paused, placing his hands out flat on the desk in front of him, focusing on the space between his fingers as he thought some more. "The Lunarian girl. The healer-- she should still be around. Add her. And Ms. Moore as well."

    The scribe nodded, quickly jotting down notes. "That's only two, sire." he prompted.

    "I can count." Edmund rolled his eyes. He remained silent for another moment before speaking once more. "Send for my brother as well. He may be able to name another."

    "Which brother, sire?" The mousy haired servant asked.

    Edmund scowled. "Which brother do I usually go to when I seek advice?" He all but snapped. He took a deep breath, running a hand through his hair. "Sorry." He apologized to the quivering scribe. "... Eowald." He elaborated. "Have them meet me within the hour- escort them personally if you must."

    "Bring them here, sire? To the study?"

    Edmund considered it for a moment before he shook his head, standing up. "Have them meet me at the Tailors Den." he instructed. "Should anyone ask, I am assembling a hunting party."

    "Yes, sire." The scribe bowed.


    Edmund stood by the door of the Tailors Den, his arms crossed and fingers tapping. It had been nearly an hour since he had sent for the three to meet with him-- and as incompetent as his scribe might be, he knew he was prompt if nothing else.

    They would be there soon. And the sooner the better.

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  2. Tabatha jogged through the streets as she made her way to Tailors Den. She had received word that Crown Prince Edmund was in need of her, and she didn't want to keep him waiting. They had traveled together before, and apparently Tabatha had made an impression on him. How she had achieved that, she couldn't say. A few blocks from her destination, Tabatha had to stop to catch her breath. She had been training as a mercenary for years, but she never developed her stamina as much as she should have. Once her breathing was stable, Tabatha continued at a slow walk, not wanting to meet the prince while gasping for air. She turned the final corner to see the prince standing at the door, looking a bit impatient. Tabatha blushed lightly, staring at the prince for a moment. There was no denying that the man was good-looking, even with his scarred face. After a few moments, Tabatha shook her head to clear her thoughts. Business is business, no matter what pretty package it comes in. The Lunarian girl stepped up to the prince and gave a curtsy, or at least her attempt at one. The iron armor at her hips along with her iron gauntlets made it difficult. "Sorry for my tardiness your highness. You sent word?" Tabatha kept her head down, unsure of whether it was appropriate or not to look him in the eyes.
  3. The large boar was in her sights. It was a little difficult to spot with an untrained eye but she had honed in on it and her shot was ready. Pulling back the arrow her bow creaked in the slightest as the animal's ears perked up, it's head coming up to survey it's surroundings. It wasn't the groaning of the wood that caught the creatures attention. Her sensitive ears were able to pick up the hurried, sloppy steps within the forest. Branches cracked as she let go of the arrow. Her target missed by a second. A low growl rumbled in her throat as she stood up and viciously turned around to face the approaching human. Her figure was tall, taller than what was considered average, her jaw tightly clenched as she glared at the scared human. Bevan went to speak but quickly noticed the seal upon the young scribe's clothing and documents. Swallowing passed the irritation she listened to the dark haired human and nodded in understanding.

    The two entered the city together and quickly broke off as the scribe was in search for others. Bevan didn't question how she had been found, with the use of magicks no doubt but it did not matter. She had promised the prince of light that if her assistance was ever needed she would obey to his call. It was the least she could do for him. Her pace was quick and intimidating as she moved towards the Tailor's Den. Her eyes held the slightest hint of worry. She was curious as to why Edmund had summoned her. She hoped that nothing bad had happened, she would find out soon enough.

    Rounding the corner she spotted the blonde man alongside another female. A sad smirk spread across her lips, the scar on his left eye reminding her of how the two had met. A brief exhale escaped her as she approached. A small bow followed before she stood up straight, hazel/amber eyes meeting a single intense blue gaze. "Your highness." Her words were simple as she smiled briefly. "It was rather unfortunate that my hunt had to be interrupted but your call is more than a fair reason." she explained with a chuckle. It had indeed been sometime, the prince looked hardened his emotions intense. This must've truly been a serious manner. Glancing over to the other woman Bevan bowed her head slightly. "Bevan Moore." She introduced herself as she met the intense emerald eyes opposite her. There was something about the young red haired woman that intrigued the taller huntress. She wasn't sure as to what it was but she would hopefully find out soon enough.
  4. The horse reared, snorted and trotted away towards it's end of the lane, it's rider having a large grin on his face. Eowald dismounted his steed and walked towards his fallen opponent, his younger brother, Varen, who had been begging him for the past couple of weeks to joust with him. Being the second in line to the throne had it's loads of responsibilities he had explained to his younger brother, however he decided that he would humour him this day, and found instead he was humouring himself. "Your jousting is terrible, Varen," Eowald said helping his brother up and dusting him off. "Try leaning in a fraction more just before the hit to get a better angle. Again! We wouldn't want to disappoint father even more with your poor jousting skills, would we?"

    "Easier said than done, brother."

    "Good lad," he cheered and returned to his horse where he found Edmund's scribe standing and promptly asked him why he was there. Eowald nodded his response when he heard the resons and told the scribe to inform his brother he would be with him shortly, grabbed the reigns on his horse, and walked away while calling his squire, Bandill. "Hurry, take this heavy thing off of me," he ordered and the young lad began unfastening the claps of his armour with deft and experienced hands. Once the chest plate was off he mounted his horse once again and ordered his squire to get his coat and hat as he trotted out of the training ground's exit.

    Shortly afterwards, Bandill came jogging after him while the prince rode towards Tailors Den, a coat and a hat in each hand and took them both and quickly put them on before nodding to the young lad and rode off towards his destination, making sure not to go in a full gallop lest he run over a pedestrian. He had done so before and it didn't bode well with his father who made him go and personally apologize to the family.

    Eowald dismounted just as he approached a small party, his brother of course the centre as always. "Greetings, brother," he said nodding to Edmund. "What do we have here? I regret to say, I haven't had the chance to make your acquaintances, I am Eowald, younger brother to Edmund. A pleasure." He nodded his head to the two ladies while tipping his hat and turned once again to his brother with a devious smile on his face and a cocked eyebrow.
  5. Edmund had welcomed the ladies as they arrived, promising to explain why he had asked for them to come after his brother arrived.

    "And if you speak of the devil, he's sure to show up." He noted, having no sooner finished greeting Bevan when he heard his brothers voice.

    "Let's talk inside." He invited, pushing the door open. He'd already asked the Tailor and his apprentice to step out to allow for him and his group some privacy. Long draping streams of fabric-- of all colors and textures created a web of decoration around the den. Large, plush chairs sat invitingly around the area, a small standing stool to the side for fitting.

    The blond moved around the room quickly, in one large circle closing windows before waving a dismissive hand, lighting the torches and candles to provide light. "Have a seat." He gestured around him, now sitting on the wooden stool himself-- rather than the large arm chairs.

    He had returned home only two nights prior from his trip to the city. The blonds eyes were surrounded by dark circles compared to when he had left. He had not yet spoken with anyone but his father about the events in the City-- and yet he had returned alone. His siblings had attempted to press him for information, only to see their eldest brother blanch and refuse to give any details. As such, it was not unexpected for him to look so under the weather... He had, of course, just lead a slaughter of his own people.

    He sat with his elbows on his knees, resting his chin on the back of his balled up hands, looking from his brother first then to the two women. "I'll be blunt. I'm making a small traveling party." He said calmly. "I intend to reach the City of the Gods." He stated, watching for reactions.

    The City of the Gods was thought of as nothing more than myth to the common people. However, to be crowned King, an heir was to reach the De'Lethe River that ran north into the city and drink from it's waters. It was an old fashioned custom, but it was done by the Noll family none the less. Edmund and his brothers all knew of it-- though their father had never bothered to give them any real details-- for fear it would cause friction among the brothers.

    Of course, that was only tale of a river that was supposed to lead to the City. No mere mortal had ever been to the City and returned to tell the tale. Even the De'Lethe river was questionable in terms of location.

    However, the real question lingering behind the princes words-- even less than how or where-- was why.

    There was, of course, more than just the reason of respect that no mortal went to the city. To dare to do so was almost certain death.
  6. Two others arrived to meet the prince. A woman who appeared to be a hunter of sorts, and Edmund's younger brother. Tabatha couldn't hide the shock on her face. It was amazing what facial hair could do to a person's appearance. She would have assumed Eowald was an older brother. Tabatha quickly recovered and returned an introduction. "Tabatha of the Grand Lunears." Tabatha attempted another curtsy as the prince motioned for all to enter. Tabatha's eyes wandered curiously as Edmund busily closed windows. She hadn't been to the tailor's in a while. There was an ex-seamstress among her guild, so there was no need to come here for repairs. The last time Tabatha was here, she had ordered the creation of the black ribbon in her hair. It was a present from her parents, and was not only practical, but stylish too.

    The prince told them to sit, and Tabatha quickly obeyed. The cushioned chair almost felt like heaven. All the Grand Lunears had at their base were wooden stools. As the blissful feeling caused from plush chair subsided, Tabatha's attention was brought to the prince. He seemed tired, that much was obvious. There had been rumors among her guild about an outbreak of some kind, but Tabatha wasn't high enough in rank to be properly informed. After evaluating Edmund's current state, Tabatha's eyes fell to her lap while her ears prepared for news.

    Finally the prince spoke, telling the small group of his agenda. He wanted to go to the City of the Gods. Tabatha's head shot up, and she searched the prince's face for a hint of humor. He had to be joking. No one went there. Not even the strongest of her guild would dare go to the City of the Gods. However, no matter how hard she looked, Tabatha couldn't find any sign of jest. He was serious. Tabatha looked to the others, wondering if they were as confused as she was. Tabatha's eyes eventually returned to her lap as she contemplated Edmund's request. Tabatha couldn't imagine why the prince would want to go on such a dangerous quest. She also couldn't understand why she was picked to join him. Her healing abilities were a bit stronger than most her age, but there were plenty of healers that surpassed her skill. What could Tabatha bring to this party that a different healer couldn't? Tabatha sat quietly in her chair, awaiting a response from the others. If they agreed to accompany the prince, then Tabatha would too. If they didn't, well, she would still probably go, only because the prince asked her too. Tabatha wasn't one for making her own decisions after all.
  7. Bevan had noticed the man that approached their small group. Eyebrow raised as she eyed him cautiously. The man was a brother of Edmund's in that manner she would certainly respect the man but that didn't mean she would like him. Bevan was not one to judge but there was something about this man that she really did not like. She couldn't pin point it but she would be sure to keep her distance from Sir Eowald. "A pleasure and an honour sire" Bevan bowed her head in respect. "I am Bevan Moore." She introduced herself to the man before the small group was led into the shop. Bevan as requested took a seat and listened intently as the prince explained himself. Her senses opened up as she also paid attention to their surroundings. It was like second nature to the woman.

    Bevan's eyebrow raised at the mention of the City Of Gods. The stories were there, she just like everyone else, had heard them as children. Bevan's nod was slow. "You know me Edmund and you know that I am a believer of many things, but why are you looking to go to the city of gods?" The red haired woman questioned. "If the stories hold any truth to them then you are well aware that this journey would surely lead to death. As far as I am aware no one has ever gone to the city and returned..." She explained. "Do not think me a coward, I do not fear death. I am more concerned about you. You are royalty, you have duties here in the city. Going on what seems to be a dangerous journey may not be the best." Bevan didn't doubt that Edmund could stand his ground on this mission she was just concerned in general.
  8. Eowald followed the group inside the Tailor's shop and plopped himself onto a comfortable armchair, it had been a while since he'd been outside of the palace grounds and being among commoners once again only helped in boosting his confidence. The shop, though he knew of it's reputation, was a place he had never visited, leaving the menial tasks to his squire and his servants or outright hiring the tailor to go into the palace grounds to measure him for a new set of clothes. He had to admit the place looked nice with it's fancy silk cloths hanging from the ceiling and many tailoring utensils.

    His attention to the shop was suddenly broken when he heard his elder brother mention visiting the City of Gods. What sort of foolishness was his brother on about? He wondered as he listened to what the woman who called herself Bevan Moore had to say. Of course their father had told them that the heir to the throne would have to drink from the De'Lethe river, and since Edmund was the crown prince it only made sense, but he never actually thought he'd go through with it.

    Although, the stories told of those who went to the city and never returned intrigued him enough to spark an idea within his mind. It could prove favourable to accompany my brother, he thought to himself while Bevan gave her opinion on his brother's mad plan. "I disagree," Eowald cut in. "You should go, brother. You are, after all, the crown prince. How would we ever recognize you as king when you have not even drank from the river, and if you do not, I fear our brothers will go to war after father's death. Besides, your abilities far exceed that of these commoners - don't let them belittle you," he glanced at Bevan. "And if you should ever come into trouble, or gods-forbid, die, you always have me to resurrect you."
  9. Edmund let out a short humorless laugh at his brother remarks. "I'm not planning the trip just to drink from some silly river." He said. "It has to do with the Black Blood." He said. "I know it's believed to be dangerous-- which is why I've called for a healer and the best set of eyes and ears I know of." He looked to the two girls-- then back to his brother "--And someone I can trust with my life." he added.

    He shifted, leaning forward on the stool, attempting to figure out how to put his reason into words. "The people infected by the Black Blood-- they were more than sick-- they had lost their humanity." He frowned. "They call it Black Blood because that's the color it turnes-- so do their eyes." He looked to his brother. "Like your puppets-- only more savage. And contagious."
  10. Tabatha listened intently to Edmund. His explanation of this 'Black Blood' was baffling. In all her years as a healer, Tabatha had never heard of such a condition. Humans becoming like the dead? It was frightening. If a victim's condition replicated death, Tabatha's powers were worthless. Wounds, illness...they affect both the body and the soul. If the soul is too damaged to fix, no amount of healing can save that person. The body may physically be healthy, but the desire to move would be gone. What was worse, these people were also contagious. Tabatha bit her lower lip, worrying about how contagious this new illness was.

    Finally, Tabatha spoke, her voice a bit shaky. " want to ask the Gods...about the Black Blood?" This mission was sounding more and more impossible. Even if the prince met with the Gods and asked about this illness, what then? What would the information accomplish? Would the group then set out on a quest to rid the world of this horrible disease? Tabatha awaited Edmund's response, hoping that his next words would help her make up her mind on whether to help or not.
  11. His voice intruded. Bevan glared at Eowald at the mention of commoners and clenched her jaw tightly, holding back a low growl. As far as she could see both her and the other woman, Tabatha were sitting amongst the royalty, they had been summoned by the prince himself. Peasants or not they should've at least been considered equals within the room. Yes Bevan would respect both of them and most likely obey the prince himself. Rank was something that was simply a part of her nature, embedded into her mind. She was also aware of the fact that the prince would treat Tabatha and herself as equals.
    The air of pride and arrogance that surrounded Eowald stabbed at the red haired woman. She was incredibly curious to find out what he planned, it didn't seem like something good; she would certainly keep an eye on the man.

    The prince spoke once again and Bevan's attention was back to Edmund. The compliment caused a smirk to appear on Bevan's lips. Hopefully Eowald could see that these 'commoners' had their use and reasons to be within the small group.
    The concept of loosing one's humanity was all too familiar for Bevan. It happened to her every month; she had gotten better with controlling herself but that didn't mean she could hold onto that control, it was very easily lost, the slightest thing could trigger her primal mind. Her humanity disappearing behind it. Left to simply watch the carnage unfold.

    Her gaze quickly turned to Eowald. Bevan didn't know much about magick, she knew what it was and that people could use it, but hearing that Edmunds brother could control other's brought a great amount of fear forward. She wasn't aware that it was only the dead he could control. Bevan listened to Tabitha's words then looked at Edmund. "I second that question your majesty. What is it exactly that you hope to achieve by attempting to meet with the gods?" It seemed like the journey to the mountain was going to happen and Bevan had no problem with that. She hadn't been on an adventure in quite some time, she just worried for the prince. "Is it a cure you are searching for? Or are you looking to find out and understand why the gods placed this curse upon the people?" Bevan asked one more question. She would like to know as much as she could about the mission that could potentially cost her her life.
  12. A look of amusement crossed Eowald's face at the mention of the healer and the best set of eyes and ears, it looked like his brother had prepared for the journey and had been considering it for a while. Although, the fact he wasn't going to the City of Gods to drink from the river did surprise him enough to get a worried look from him. What would he gain from going there, he asked himself and shifted in his chair feeling uneasy. The City of Gods was a place no sane mad would go unless a set of circumstances were forcing him to. He realized this changed everything, his brother was going to actually put his life on the line for something and a question began forming when his brother mentioned Black Blood.

    The disease immediately caught his attention and his brother's description of those infected made him raise an eyebrow. "It seems someone is trying to be a copycat," he said with a chuckle. "This is most curious, however. Consider me intrigued, brother, I would like to know who or what is causing this 'Black Blood' and put an end to it with swiftness. Although I'm willing to follow you, your course of action does seem questionable. What do you mean to achieve by going to the City, would it not be easier to have the bodies examined to see if it is of magical origin - if it is, it could be a plot by our brother nations'.

    "As you say, this Black Blood is contagious, no doubt it's crippling a city, part of a city, or perhaps even more. Having the crown prince leave at such a critical time would present an opportunity for our enemies." He stood from the chair and moved closer to Edward and whispered, "Need I remind you of father's current state? He's on the verge of losing his mind for whatever reason, and despite how he tries to hide it we all noticed; do you really think this is wise, brother?"
  13. "This plague has already lead to one city being erased from the map." Edmund said seriously. "If now isn't the time for me to take action then there never will be." He reasoned. "Father has Elise here to help--" Elise being their elder sister. She was a healer-- and known for her calm and poised demeanor. If anyone could make the King see reason, it would be her. "--and with her here I'm confident I won't be missed."

    "It's impossible for a disease such as the Black Blood to have stayed put in a city-- especially a port city. I think it's only a matter of time to see it's spread-- and I've already seen it infect animal life." He frowned. "If you come into contact with the blood directly, you're a goner. We've sent healers to inspect the disease, only for them to catch it themselves. I saw my own men catch it-- being bitten!" He frowned. He had to pause, the color having flushed from his face. It took the blond a moment to recompose himself. "I don't intend to ask the Gods for help. I intend to demand it."
  14. It seemed that the others were in agreement. They too wanted to know what the group was trying to accomplish by meeting with the Gods. Eowald also seemed worried about the prince leaving the city. The other nations could take advantage of the situation and strike. It was an understandable worry, but if the prince had something more important he needed to do, then he should do it. It seemed that Edmund thought the same, for he reassured his brother that the city would be alright with his sister there to keep things in line.

    Edmund explained a little more about the 'Black Blood', that it was contagious through the blood, and even through a bite. Tabatha lightly nodded her head. So maybe it transfers through liquids? The saliva from their bite seeps into the skin and infects people? It was mere speculation, but thinking that the condition didn't spread by mere touch put her mind more at ease. The fact that the illness was infecting animals too was even more troubling. Tabatha found it pretty easy to fight humans. They generally had set patterns in their fighting, at least from her experience. Animals, however, always seemed unpredictable. Adding insanity to their already ferocious nature would only increase the danger they presented.

    Edmund ended by stating that he would be demanding aid from the Gods. A chill spread down Tabatha's back as Edmund said this, and she couldn't help shake her head in disbelief. Demanding something from the Gods was foolhardy. But, maybe that's what needed to be done. Maybe someone needed to tell the Gods off for letting something so gruesome fall upon the land, infecting not only innocent humans, but innocent animals as well. However, even feeling this way, Tabatha couldn't make up her mind. She wanted to help rid the world of this abominable disease, but she also worried that confronting the Gods would only anger them more. In the end, Tabatha would rely on others to tell her what to do. "Your highness, I will do what you decide."
  15. "Surely there must be a reason for the gods to have created such a curse. There is always reason behind these things. Perhaps they were trying to prove a point" Bevan's question was more rhetorical as she listened to what the prince had to say. He seemed to be a determined man, attempting to make him stray from his path would most likely have no results. Exhaling sharply Bevan looked around at the others then back to the prince. "Although I would rather not have royal blood on my hands, if things were to end poorly I will accompany you Prince Edmund." Bevan stated simply. "Whether it was recognized already or not." She still much preferred if the prince stayed within the city and maintained his position.

    "When do we leave your majesty?" She questioned.
  16. Eowald shrugged his agreement and sat back down and listened to the other two while his mind worked things out away from the others. What sort of other goal did his brother want to achieve by going to the City, surely going there solely to save his country wasn't it, he must have something in mind for himself. I suppose I'll find out when we get there, he said to himself, with an amused eye on his elder brother. "The gods never do anything except for their own amusement," he responded to Bevan as he turned his gaze towards her. "They must've been bored sitting high up above us that they've found themselves rather bored and decided to have themselves a bit of amusement.

    What will you do if they don't even consider your demands, brother. Have you ever thought of that? What do you mean to do if they scoff at you and our kind, like they most likely will?"
  17. "I'll handle that as the time comes." He said simply. "But I doubt the Gods are so far removed from the cries of their own creation that they would turn a blind eye after the journey is made." He said with confidence.

    The blond ran a hand through his hair-- a gesture he did when he was under pressure. "We leave at dawn. Ladies, an allowance has been set aside for you at the Treasury--- you may go there to collect it and gather any supplies you need. Anything left over is to come with us on our trip for supplies on the road. Horses will be provided. If anyone asks, this is nothing more than a hunting trip." His eyes landed on his brother. "You and I will meet the ladies tomorrow morning at day break at the stables. I trust that will be enough time for you?"
  18. Tabatha nodded her head in compliance. She felt better knowing that everyone in the small group was coming, though she would have hoped for a larger group. Tabatha was tempted to ask Edmund if she could invite one of her guild members along for support, but she herself couldn't make up her mind on who she'd ask. Tabatha wouldn't want to put any of her family members at risk, but they would be the most reliable. She gave up on the notion and instead made her way to the castle for the money promised her. She received a larger sum than she was expecting, and stared at it for a moment before thanking the man at the treasury. As she headed back into the city, Tabatha wondered what she should buy. Food was a given. She looked down at her armor. There wasn't even a scratch on it yet. Her chakrams were also holding up fine. Tabatah was tempted to set aside some of the money for her guild, but thought better of it. This money was for the prince's mission.

    After buying a satchel full of dried meats and fruits, Tabatha made her way back to base. There was no telling when she'd return, or if she'd even survive. Tabatha walked around camp, bidding her family and friends farewell. As ordered by the prince, Tabatha said she was merely going on a hunting trip, but those close to her knew better. They didn't question and simply wished her good luck. Tabatha slept in her bed for what might be the last time, praying to the Gods for their support for the quest to come.
  19. After listening to everything Bevan smirked and nodded to the two men. "I shall see you all at the stables in the morning." Standing up she glanced at Edmund one last time before leaving the shop. She made her way to the treasury. She thought of what she needed and made a mental list. Soon with the money in her hand Bevan went from shop to shop purchasing what she thought would be necessary. Herbs, food items and a few additions to her weapons. With time running out Bevan chose to skip the enchanter that she wished to visit and instead quickly made her way out of the city. As night fell upon them she could begin to feel the uncomfortable warmth beginning to consume her.

    Once a safe distance within the forest Bevan made sure she was alone before she began to remove her weapons and armours. The moon was shining brightly above her, it's pale light almost burning her skin. Tonight was only the first night of the cycle her body was forced to succumb to. It was five days out of the month that she was forced to change, her curse taking over for the night. She wasn't happy with the fact that this time of the month had to align with the beginning of the prince's journey. Bevan hoped no harm would come to anyone, she was pretty sure that she'd be able to maintain control but there was always that chance, she usually tried not to think about it but it always found a way of creeping up on her.

    Bones cracked, joints snapping; grunts, groans and subtle screams of pain escaped her. She tried her best to not make much noise but when one's body undergoes such an immense transformation pain could only follow. Eventually all was over, a low growl rumbling in the creature's throat. Bevan was a large, auburn blur as she leapt forward and ran deeper into the forest. Her hunt just beginning.
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  20. "Very well," Eowald smiled and walked out of the tailor's shop and mounted his horse to return to the keep. Once there, his squire took his horse to the stables while he proceeded inside to begin getting ready for the journey ahead when he ran into Varen who was drenched in sweat and still wore plate armour. "Varen! Why're you still in your plate armour?"

    "Where were you?" His younger brother demanded, ignoring his question. "I was waiting out in the sun for gods know how long until I was forced to call Sir Neryn to joust with me. You practically abandoned me!"

    "I don't know why you're complaining, sir Neryn's far better than me in jousting anyway, you should be glad," he said with an amused smile while walking to his quarters. "Besides, I had important matters to attend to."

    "You always have important matters to attend to. Will you at least be able to joust with me tomorrow?"

    "I can't, I'll be out hunting tomorrow."

    "You never hunt."

    "I do now, and it's good practice for my magic. Now goodbye little brother," Eowald said signalling his squire to take care of his brother and stepped through the threshold of his quarters. He heard Varen ask a question, but the lad was too far away to hear so he ignored it instead while his squire calmed the young prince and no doubt handed him to the maids.

    Eowald's room was a large space with with white walls adorned with paintings of the finest calibre given to him as gifts over the years and with grey floors covered in a lion skin rug with a massive canopied bed off in the corner. Many would assume the prince had an attraction to darker colours, however the opposite was true - he in fact liked bright and bold colours despite his inclination towards the dark arts and especially the dead and his clothes were among the most colourful of his brothers. He opened the chest at the foot of his bed and began packing what clothes he would need for their trip and once his squire returned he ordered him to tell the maids to prepare travelling food that would be enough for him for several days.
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