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  1. Recommend your retro shows and anime classics!

    I'm curious to see what Iwakuans (who range from teenagers to people in their 30s on up it seems....) define as 'retro' and 'classic.'

    Personally, I really caught traction with anime in the late 80s and early 90s. Behold, some of the shows that formulated my tastes in anime and still hold water to this day!

    Bubblegum Crisis (1987) (open)

    -Oh, BGC. Beautiful women, tits and ass, equally sexy mecha/powered armor, and a Blade Runner-esque cyberpunk setting. Good god, this thing was chockfull of quirky awesome. Pretty much every episode had a part that was effectively an Anime Music Video before anyone did it on Youtube. For me, the mecha and the 80s rock music videos/action scenes were the highlight of the show. This intro, the one that looks like an AMV? That's the actual start of Episode 1. I rewatched the series recently; I forgot how atrocious the English dubs were, back in the days before we have the Travis Willinghams, Vic Mignonas, and Laura Baileys of the anime dubbing world to carry actual skill in their voices. This was the era when you got what you could get, and you liked it - just because they actually had anime in English.

    The Vision of Escaflowne (1996) (open)

    -My first foray into anime that had a multidemographic appeal. Good action and animation? The boys love it. Romantic plot threads and pretty bishounen boys? The girls love it. Swords??? Sword-lovers got all the swords they want. MECHA? Oh, yes, we got mecha for those tech fans out there. Escaflowne is basically what happens when Final Fantasy 6 meets Dragonlance and then seduced a slice of life anime to join them for a threesome. What happens 9 months later? They give birth to awesome.

    Dragon Ball Z (1989) (open)

    -Yup, this is one of those shows that got me hooked onto fighting shows. As a kid, I ate up the Ocean Dub like candy. Then in high school, I denied I ever loved it. Decades later, and with the rise of DBZ Abridged, I can finally look back at this show and say, 'hey, yeah, its cheesy and repetitive, but so was Power Rangers and I still love it.' The stories, while far from Shakespearean, are straight up cross-cultural, eternal, and can capture a wide audience - the source, I feel, for why it continues to be a cornerstone of anime.

    Sailor Moon (1992) (open)

    -Sailor Moon was a number of firsts for me. It was one of the first anime I could regularly watch on American television (via the USA Channel, which had a 7 am block of cartoons, Sailor Moon being one of them). It was the first magical girl show I ever watched. And it was the anime to introduce me to may first waifu (before waifu was even a thing) - and c'mon, what 12-14 year old boy didn't want to bang the shit out of Sailor Mercury? She was fuckin' hot. In retrospect, the corny DiC dub still brings back tons of nostalgia for those days when the only people I could talk about anime with were AOL chat users and the extent of Western anime licensing was limited to DBZ, Sailor Moon, Slayers, and Tenchi Muyo, with a few other shows scattered about.
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  2. I would go with Legend of The Galactic Heroes. It is a brilliant show, and the best space opera I've ever watched. It's the longest anime I've finished too, since long animes tend to be garbage more often than not, but I couldn't stop watching this one. I missed it when it actually did come to an end.
  3. Depends on how you define "retro", since a lot of the "retro" anime that I'm into now are all things that I was a bit too young to discover in their prime and that I only got hooked on long after their initial popularity died down. So if we define "retro" based on personal nostalgia? Well, I didn't watch much anime as a kid aside from Pokemon and the like, sooo... :P

    That said, I tend to define late 90s-ish anime like Cowboy Bebop and Trigun as being "retro", seeing as how, again, I didn't get into these until after their heyday, so I feel like I'm digging up old anime from generations past and falling in love with the anime that people who are 5-10 years older than me grew up watching. So, in a general sense, I guess I tend to think of "retro" anime as being "before my time" -- with "before my time" meaning "before I reached my early to mid teens and really started getting into anime".

    In fact, when I saw the title of this thread, I thought it would just be a chance for people to gush about old anime that they like. ...And I got excited to talk about how much I love Trigun, because it's my favorite anime of all time, and I very recently purchased a complete Trigun DVD set that contains the entire series, which means that the past day or two in particular I've just been stuck thinking about how much I absolutely adore Trigunnnnn....!!! *tightly hugs Vash plush*

    Meanwhile, if I were to define "retro" anime as "the anime that were around when I first started getting into anime", then I'd be calling anime from the turn of the past decade "retro", and, uh, yeah... XD Or maybe it would be more appropriate for me to call stuff like Death Note retro, since it was one of the first "real" anime/manga series I discovered, and it was already completed and a good handful of years old by the time I picked it up. o.o That seems better than calling Black Butler -- another one of my first anime series -- retro... although, apparently the manga first came out in 2006, and the anime started in 2008, meaning that, the manga anyway is already about 10 years old, with the anime following closely behind it... Yikes, time sure flies, huh? I remember when that shit was considered new... o_o
  4. More of a film than a series, but:


    This is one of my favorite films over all, and one of the landmarks in anime. Even if you don't like anime, it's worth a watch.

    Soundtrack is bitchin' too.
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  5. Don't know if this is considered retro but considering I was 10 when this first aired on U.S. TV, I'll mention it anyways!

    Naruto english opening 1
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  6. Or if I really want to go back to before I was born
  7. Is Digimon an anime? Cuz man, I loved that shit so much when I was a kid. It was basically the cool version of Pokemon.
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  8. I believe so. I started re-watching it (this time subbed) and oh man I don't know how I ever watched the dubbed. Not to mention the new Adventures Tri. I love that they actually grow up.
  9. Yu Yu Hakusho

    Although it significantly diverged from being a mystery anime, having it transfer to dungeon crawls with fighting rooms, then to fighting tournaments made this a great shonen. Despite there being magic and ki stuff, the fights were surprisingly always very strategic and exciting. This is fighting done right, especially with Kurama's fights.


    Very memorable. If you know the complete gravity of what "GRIFFITH!" holds, you understand.

    Fist of the North Star

    Everything about this show is so manly. Post apocalyptic clans run by corrupt warlords. Oppressors vs. the oppressed. Lost loves. Revenge. Justice. Redemption. This show has it all.

    Serial Experiments Lain

    I still don't understand it, but I still love it.

    Perfect Blue

    What a movie. Watch it without any knowledge about what it's about. :)
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  10. Agreed. I think I still like Pokemon more overall, when you consider the entire franchise, but, when comparing just the two anime series alone? Digimon was always leagues above Pokemon.

    Digimon Tamers in particular was always my favorite. I always thought the story and concept of it always took itself more seriously than the original Digimon series -- and it was a lot darker too, especially towards the end (that D-Reaper arc was some serious nightmare fuel o_o ). It also got a lot more... sci-fi, really exploring the idea that Digimon are digital monsters, creatures that are made out of data and essentially programmed to fight and kill each other to grow stronger (and yes, Digimon in this series do kill other Digimon to absorb their data and become more powerful... and the show doesn't shy away from what a dark concept that is). Compare this to the other Digimon series -- especially the original Digimon Adventure -- where I just couldn't help but think: "what's so digital about it?" If you removed the "digi" prefixes from everything, it could pass as any other fantasy world -- the show so rarely tries to remind me that everything is made of data and computers and all that.

    That's not to say that I didn't like Digimon Adventure, though -- it functions just fine as its own little fantasy world! I just liked Digimon Tamers more, and I feel like it held up better as I got older. It's probably one of the first series that I really took seriously as a kid and got absolutely hooked on, and it's probably one of the reasons why I ever branched out into other anime at all. o.o
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  11. Record of the Lodoss War

    Ninja Scrolls


    Vampire Hunter D
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  12. I just had a thought about how a lot of these older shows have some instantly recognizable theme songs. I mean, if you were to play Moonlight Densetsu or even the English version of it, everyone and their mother (and at this point, some of the mothers were kids when the show came out....) would instantly remember Sailor Moon.

    Berserk (1997) (open)

    -Berserk has been mentioned on this thread already, but I need to reiterate it. Because the song 'Forces?' One of those unique, instantly-recognizable songs in all of anime. Hot damn, is it instantly recognizable. The God Hand Remix (above) is particularly noteworthy, but that chant alone brings back memories.

    Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995) (open)

    -As much as I hate this show in retrospect, I cannot deny how it formulated my standards and tastes when it comes to mecha. Part of the reason I enjoyed Gao Gai Gar and Guren Lagann is because of how polar opposite they were in tone in comparison to Evangelion. This is yet another show that was also beautifully animated and holds up to today. Finally, this is yet another show with an instantly recognizable theme song.

    Hamtaro (2000) (open)

    -Last but not least, a fun little gag. How the hell did this show get on Toonami of all lineups? That being said, its presence got stuck in my head simply because it was on Toonami, alongside such action-oriented luminaries as Rurouni Kenshin, Batman the Animated Series, and Dragon Ball Z. To give you an idea of how randomly ingrained this show was, when I went to ACEN a few years ago to see a Toonami panel, the panelists had Toonami commercials for virtually every show, including Hamtaro....but not G Gundam. WHAT. I DON'T EVEN.
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  13. Yo, Ninja Scroll, Lodoss War, and Vamp Hunter D (not-Bloodlust) ftw. Sci-Fi channel much?
  14. Truth is no. I didn't grow up with Cable. We didn't even have cable in our house until the late 90's-- it wasn't available. These were picked up by a friend of mine on VHS from comic shop dirt cheap, and bam-- instant classics between the whole group of us. We still get together when we can and watch them over.
  15. Miyazaki films for the most part for me like Kiki's Delivery Service, Laputa Castle in the Sky, Princess Mononoke (the first ever anime I watched).
  16. Never got into classic anime until far after their hayday because lol American cable in the 90s.

    Do remember watching Dirty Pair and its sequel/extension though. I watched it for the occasional nipple honestly. But it was still pretty good.
  17. Whoops! Forgot to mention some more shows!

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  18. Does anyone else remember this trailer? I swear it was at the end of every anime VHS in the '90s. x'D
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  19. Love the catchy, Flash Gordon like theme


    ahhhhh~ kimbaaaaaa~
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