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Personality:A lone wolf,often wanders around alone outside wolf the city,refusing to comply to the rules
Background:His family is unknown however,having grown in the desert he has learned to coexist with the creatures marking him as an oddity to the people in the city when they first found him as a toddler.However even with being taken in the city Beast would frequently escape the ridge,to live as a scavenger
Appearance:Beast is 7 foot tall and often wears the dead skin of the animals he consumes as a sign of his savage nature D9100BCA-B8A5-40F8-BC33-CE349B81217B.jpeg


Maiden of Destruction
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Alienmissy Alienmissy Sorry, but humans living outside of the walls is impossible. Even scavengers can't last long.
Name: Leone Jackson


Gender: male

Occupation: tinkerer, shop operator

Appearance: Leone is about 5 ft 7 in , with red hair always wearing the same hoodie and headphones. always has grease on his clothes and always has his multi-tool. He has a kind face that's rough around the edges and a glare that'll make most people stop dead in there tracks

Personality: a bit of a tough guy that at first seems mean and distant, he acts on a "don't start nothing wont be nothing" basis, but he is one of the best tinkerers in the city, tell him what you want the gadget to do and two days to build, he'll make you anything you need hes a kind man, but he doesn't trust many people, but if you earn it he'll have your back, just call, break it, and you wont live to see tomorrow

Background: only he and his mother survived the fire that burnt down his home, freshly poor he and his mother lived off stolen food, until his mother passed after an accident at his shop, he has renounced thievery and just trys to make an honest living gearing up scavengers to go where he wont, outside the walls.
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