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  1. This is the last free radio station in the world, 9-11, here to give you, the people, the real truth behind Society and their lies!​
    This is the year 2250, or somewhere around that date. As far as the 'clean' are concerned, they are celebrating one hundred years of no poverty, low crime rates and the perfect life. The truth is that they are being drugged through their water supplies, their food, and the very air they breathe, kept oblivious to the true nature of their 'Leaders'. They live like kings, likening themselves to Gods and telling the people that this strict, rigid society is for their own good.​
    I think it's about time you ingrates got a little lesson. In the early twenty-first century, there was an economic disaster, one that went completely unforeseen by the world. Unprepared, it resulted in Europe going almost completely bankrupt, and causing even the biggest and strongest economies to fail. The middle class soon disappeared, as the gap between wealth and poverty grew to the point where people began to forget. New cities, complete with free healthcare, warm, secure homes and employment for all, sprang up for the citizens of the new global empire. Well, for those who weren't obscenely poor or who had a criminal record. Later, around 2100, It wasn't just those with a criminal record, it grew to those of us who didn't fit in. Those of us deemed not intelligent, those who needed excessive care and eventually it spread to those of us who weren't seen to be attractive. Those of us who just didn't fit in, because we were gay, because we dressed differently, because we were a little eccentric, because we had any little flaw were thrown out onto the ruins of what used to be America.​
    Instead of crumbling like they hoped, we built our own little society up, patching over our own cracks and ignoring what we had to in order to get by. We have struggled to survive, with limited water and food supplies, reminder of the gang wars and random attacks and executions by the police force. Over the years, we have adapted and evolved our own society, with a little 'help' from Society technology of course.​
    We are branded as a threat to the so called perfection of Society, so they spread propaganda and encourage people to alert the authorities if they even suspect that we might have infiltrated Society. We on the outside have struggled to survive, with limited water and food supplies, gang wars and random attacks and executions by the Empire's police force. They do not send pregnant women or children into our world, they shoot them as they leave theirs. They poison our food, our medicine. They call these sanctioned murders 'population control'.​
    Somehow, this makes us the monsters in this twisted tale. But we monsters are getting fed up of being treated less than dirt, and we're going to hit back at the pretty little princess, one soldier at a time.​
    Welcome to the year 2250.​
    Space Travel still has far to go. Trips to a handful of commercial space-stations that function as resorts are not uncommon for those who can afford it. There is a small settlement on Mars, but it is little known about and more of a research station with humans than anything else.​
    Weaponry has come on greatly, despite deputed claims of world peace. Bullet-firing weapons are almost obsolete nowadays. They have been replaced by plasma based guns, slow to wear out and while generally not lethal, can cause serious burns and intense pain. Plasma shots are (usually) only fatal if they pass through the brain or the heart, or if the victim has a pacemaker, or a weak heart. Also on the rise are 'ray-guns', extraordinarily expensive weapons that fire a controlled, but near lethal dose of radiation. If it doesn't kill, acute radiation sickness is almost certain.​
    Fashion trends have come and gone, but this year, clothing styles from the early twenty-first century (or the version Society paints) are in fashion. That said, those not in Society's borders will dress in whatever is warm and practical. To dress with any degree of style is seen as a status symbol, one that isn't always a good thing in certain parts of town.​
    In order to maintain the population, in part against illness and disease, in part against thinking too hard, Society doses their citizens with drugs. Some are there for the actual good of the people; the population overindulges and is prone to obesity and the complications that follow. Therefore, a drug was manufactured to cure, or at least reduce the severity of most of these complications. Unfortunately, a magic potion to make weight disappear has not yet appeared, or at least not to the masses.​
    There are little to no physical borders between Society and the old cities. However, they are heavily policed at all times, and only a fool from one side would try to cross. A citizen crossing over, if caught, will be permanently exiled. The same goes for anyone trying to investigate or getting too nosy.​
    [CENTER]Age [No less than 18][/CENTER]
    [CENTER]Gender [If it isn't obvious][/CENTER]
    [CENTER]Full Physical Description, not just pictures. [Pictures are nice if you have them though...][/CENTER]
    [CENTER]Character Background[/CENTER]
    [CENTER]Weapon of Choice
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  2. Name
    Rose Johnson, AKA Angel​
    Full Physical Description
    Rose is in peak physical condition, easily identified by her lean musculature, as well as her flexibility, strength and stamina in combat. This said and despite being a rebel figurehead, she has still retained a somewhat feminine figure. Standing above the average height for a woman at roughly five feet, 10 inches, she often cuts an intimidating figure. Her skin is pale, almost pallid in colour; she blames this on her genetics rather than a lack of time spent outdoors. Angel has been described on occasion as pretty, by both Offender and Officer, but not in typical Society fashion. Her hair is black in color, and she never has it far below her jawline for her own ease in day-to-day activities. Even so, Rose is known to wear clips or hair ties when fighting so her field of vision is not obscured. Her eyes have been reported as being dark green in colour, and she is said to be slightly long-sighted. She is most often seen covered in a variety of cuts and bruises, and she has a small tattoo of a pair of wings under her left collarbone.

    In Society's eyes, Rose is a violent, dangerous criminal. When compared to her peers, especially those with the same threat level as her, she is surprisingly level-headed and almost cautious when it comes to life as one of the 'unclean'. This calm, almost icy exterior is mostly a facade that she maintains by channeling her anger into the clashes with law enforcement she so frequently finds herself in nowadays. She is, however, the kind of person who prefers to watch someone suffer and squirm over a long period of time than to beat information out of them straight away. She likes playing with knives far too much to let that one slide. She is a former member of a society, exiled for helping a boy her own age escape when he was caught on the wrong side of the border. She tries to keep her past as secret as is possible, but it is something that forced her to acquire skills quickly and adapt to new situations even quicker.​
    Character Background
    Rose grew up on the right side of the border, with the right parents, and the right siblings and the perfect life shared by every other family in Society. She was the youngest of two children, and despite all of Society's miracle cures, often suffered from mysterious illnesses during her early childhood. Worse still, she exhibited abnormal behavior; a desire to play games she had designed herself and a curiosity that just could not be quelled. Her uncle, a doctor, took a keen interest in his niece and declared that she would be his apprentice of sorts until she was old enough to enter medical school.​
    It was under her uncle's wing that the illnesses quickly returned, only far worse than they had ever been before. She began spending less time with her parents as her uncle tried to hide her deteriorating health, and his encouraging of her unusual habits. It was one night, around her thirteenth birthday, that Rose suffered a fever and sweats that prevented her from sleeping for any significant length of time. She woke in the early hours to find a boy her own age, in her room, scavenging for medicine. Instead of shouting like she had been raised to do, her curiosity prevented her from doing so, and instead she began asking him questions. He was 13, with a mother at death's door. Where he lived, he explained, there was no medicine to help her. If he didn't steal this medicine, she would die for sure. He seemed nice, so when Rose's mother burst in to take her daughter home, the girl made her first impulsive decision, and ran with the boy. In return for her help with the medicine and the skills she had picked up, the boy and his family took her in and protected her as well as the could in exile. The rest is history; she joined a local gang at sixteen, began running it at eighteen, and helped transform them into the rebel force they are today with the help of others and four years hard training.​
    Weapon of Choice
    Old-fashioned 9mm​
  3. *static*
    *crackle* ...Hello? Is anyone there? We need help... *crackle*
    Children... We have children. *crackle* ...armed, please, someone help us. I repeat, we have ch...*crackle* anyone out there? Please, we are unarmed! We are a school, I repeat, we are unarmed. We are no threat. *crackle*
    Dear god, they're coming... They've got guns... *crackle* ...shots fired... *crackle* I REPEAT, WE ARE UNARMED, WE HAVE CHILDREN. *crackle" WE ARE UNDER ATTACK, PLEASE, SOMEONE, PLEASE SEND HELP! *fainter* Please, don't, I'm begging you... *a gunshot is heard*
    Welcome to a world free of poverty, corruption and war.
    Welcome to a world where the totalitarian government will go to any lengths to protect it's citizens from the brutal truths of the real world.
    Welcome to a world where even being alive can be a capital crime.
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  4. Sophie, my darling, I hope this reaches you. I can't be certain, but I can hope.
    I didn't do it. I swear on our children's lives, I didn't do it. I'm innocent of that crime. But I... I over stepped the mark. I was told to stay out, but I couldn't help it. I guess I'm paying for it now. I was careful not to ask too many questions, but it appears that what I did ask were the wrong ones. They caught me out, my dear, but they couldn't hold me on the charge of being a curious scientist. But I was - I am - a liability, and they needed to get rid of me.
    I have to run now... I can't let them catch me. They offer an escort... An escort to the afterlife that is. I can't take that risk. You might think me a coward, my love, and I think that you're right. But I'm not ready, not yet. The rebel radio transmissions I picked up carried more truth than I thought... I can help them. Then maybe I stand a chance of seeing you again my dear. Please, don't listen to them. I'm still alive, I'm not a murderer, and there has been nobody but you and our children. I love you Sophie. I love you.
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  5. *tuning one's radio*
    "How horrid. As if decent people get fired upon. Really, can't they keep those vulgar interruptions out of my hair when I'm just trying to relax after a long day's social engagements? Sorry, no interest whatsoever to fraternize with rejects culled for our own good."

    (( I'm lousy at keeping track of group RP or contributing to plot, but I love the concept. If I did tag along, it would be as a city woman who swallows every propaganda she's fed, perhaps until a friend reveals her scandalous ties and realizes these people aren't all bad - still people. ))
  6. I am incredibly interested. However, I still don't have my laptop back from being repaired. Mind holding a spot for me?
  7. I'm also very interested. Will reserve this post and start making a CS.


    Here we are - I hope it's to your approval. Let me know if the backstory is okay and generally if it needs any adjustments. Looking forward to starting such an awesome sounding RP!


    Name: Caspian Fonsecca

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: As in the spoiler image below, Caspian is dark-haired and dark-eyed, slim and built leanly, standing at around 5' 11''. He often wears a just tshirt, a simple hooded blue jacket that (fortunately) is relatively water- and wind-proof and some grey combat trousers full of handy pockets with all manner of useful (and useless) items in. On his belt is clipped two 6'' knives that he prefers for close combat, as well as various pouches that contain much the same as his combat pockets. He's been in a couple of more serious scraps with the law recently in the name of freedom and so currently has a bandage on his upper arm covering a rather serious burn from a plasma gun. The bandage around his hand covers a bad wound he received from breaking his fall on shards of a shattered window and this is causing him a lot of discomfort at the moment, so much so that he is finding it difficult to wield a knife with that hand.

    Appearance (open)
    Rogue Guy.jpg

    Personality: Very determined, passionate and strong internally, though outwardly he is often very quiet and thoughtful. Can get stressed and have to take it out with weapons practice if he bottles things up. Very devoted to Angel and trusts her absolutely, though will question her if he feels there is a genuine flaw she hasn't seen in a plan. Intelligent and curious, he likes information gathering and deciphering, often pondering about the government's larger strategies after attacks. He is a keen teacher and likes imparting (sometimes not so useful) information on people, who can get frustrated if he goes on in depth about a particular thing. Mostly, he's fairly concise though, and assigns great value to listening to others, in conversation or when eavesdropping.
    Character Background: He and his parents and younger brother lived happily together until, the night after Caspian confessed to his family he was gay when he was 15,his parents were slaughtered by the government for a reason Caspian doesn't know, though feels guilty as he always wonders/suspects if it was because of his confession. Caspian fled in blind panic with his brother, assuming they were targets too. They managed to escape over the border and lived in the old cities for a while, until one night, Caspian's brother simply disappeared without a trace. Caspian's goal since then has been to find his brother and, to help himself survive, has since joined Angel's gang and worked up the 'ranks' to be her right-hand-man (if that's all right?). Caspian always seeks to better himself and tries to help those he can, often taking up a protective 'older brother' role on instinct. He longs to free Society from the delusions the government are brainwashing them with and show them what is really going on so everything can change, but he knows this is a long way off. He still fights for the cause with passion though.

    Weapon of Choice: In a meleé scrap, Caspian will use his two knives in a quick, slashing style, staying low and light on his feet. However, in ranged combat, he has a standard plasma rifle as in the image (that does occasionally jam – it's quite a few models outdated) that he's tinkered with to attach a sniper's scope to the top so he has greater accuracy in getting those all-important head/heart shots. He holsters it across his back when not in use (in place of the sword in the above spoiler image).

    Plasma Rifle (Sans Scope Modification) (open)
    Plasma Rifle.jpg
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  8. //flails
    Sorry guys; Christmas shopping, exams and a [oh so sparkly] continental style market opening up in town don't make a great combination!

    [MENTION=2961]Synthetic Seraph[/MENTION]; Those still within society borders are also open to play if you want. A bit of diversity never hurt anyone.

    [MENTION=4656]Requiem[/MENTION]; Reserve is in place. I hope you get your laptop fixed soon!

    [MENTION=745]Silverwolf[/MENTION]; Great! Welcome aboard.
  9. Name: Requiem Dominus Mortalis​

    Age: 23​

    Gender: Male​

    Appearance: Long black hair, kept tied up in a pony tail. Neatly kept Balbo Style Beard. Grey Eyes. Pale Skin. Toned body. Walks with a limp on the left leg, and carries a cane. Typically wears a black long coat, a dark red shirt underneath, black jeans, black hiking boots, a black cowboy hat, a pair of leather fingerless gloves, and a pair of aviator sunglasses. Yes, he likes black. He also wears a silver celtic cross around his neck, an old family heirloom, similar to the guitar he always carries with him. Lastly, he has several tribal looking tattoos.​

    Personality: Calm, cool, and collected, as well as being slightly... different. He's entirely spontaneous, but only insofar as he does what he feels is the most appropriate course of action at the time. It's not that he doesn't consider the consequences of his actions, but he considers them much more quickly than most people would, doing most of it subconsciously where it's rendered more quickly, and then returned to him as a 'feeling'. Most people call him an enigma and leave it at that. He can frequently be found in bars playing cards, or chess if he can find anyone to play with him. Otherwise, he plays his guitar and considers his next course of action.​

    Character Background: Requiem is a tactical man, preferring not to engage in combat if he can avoid it. When he must, it's from a distance, due to his bad leg. He carries an old outdated sniper rifle that he found and is constantly needing maintenance after use. The upside is that with it's unique styling, wounds given by it aren't as easily healed. It does have a stronger kick, but it's worth it to him. He doesn't use it very often however. He's earned a nickname from the enemy, calling him The Dark Gambler due to his propensity for leaving playing cards where he has fought, or directed combat.​

    Weapon of Choice: An old world anti-material rifle with a silencer attached, as well as a working shotgun for close range. He doesn't have the mobility for melee combat, so if all else fails, he wears a belt of grenades when he goes into combat. He doesn't particularly care for modern weapons, and finds that the mess left behind by the old world weapons leaves a greater impression on the morale of his enemies.​
  10. @Requiem: Welcome aboard!

    Things are a little busy for me at the moment, but I will have the IC up shortly. Thanks everyone!
  11. Sorry! Work + exams + broken internet at my apartment = no RP,


    I'll try to get something up tonight or tomorrow.​
  12. Oh, it's fine, I was mostly just bumping this so that it didn't get locked, plus the timing made it kind of funny
  13. I certainly appreciated the timing, it made me smile! :) no worries Absinthe, put something up whenever you can, we'll wait! Some more people might get interested in this while you're busy anyway!
  14. Name
    Gabriel Richards, the Giant



    Full Physical Description
    Gabriel stands at around six foot seven in height, and a combination of arduous physical activity and genetics means that he has inherited his father's rugby player build; tall, wide and solid as a reinforced brick wall. He himself is not quite sure if he has a good tan, or if it is simply a build up of dirt and dust; bath water and rainfall isn't at all common in these cities nowadays. He grew up outside Society's borders, resulting in a lack of interest about the former, and especially not the latter. He has been described by some as being on the handsome side, despite a nose that's had it's fair share of breaks. In his eyes, it's simply evolution in practice; he has been able to build and keep muscle, therefore he must be, in the words of Society themselves, genetically superior to those around him. Contrary to common belief, Gabriel has no genetic alterations, implants, addictions or anything of the sort.

    To those who know him, only two words can describe Gabriel Richards; gentle giant. While showing no interest in starting a family of his own, he has shown a natural affinity with children of all ages, as well as those in need of extra care that others see as a waste of resources. He is usually one of the first to step up to offer shelter to those in need of it, and is never sparing with his own supply of food and medicine. His is also typically the voice to oppose the plans of the others leaders in regards to protecting the weak and vulnerable from the danger and potentially life-altering effects of being involved in a bloody conflict.

    On the flip side, Gabriel is no push over and is not afraid to stand up for himself. He will not stand for violations of his trust, and it's one of the unspoken rules of life outside Society; Gabriel Richards is not a man you want to piss off. He is very big, very strong, and in a very good position amongst the rebels to make your life an utter misery.

    Character Background
    Gabriel's parents were removed from Society as university students. His mother was studying science, and began experimenting with a substance she detected in tap water. His father, born and raised in Britain and a semi-pro rugby player, majored in English, but took an interest in political history. These were their crimes, thankfully committed shortly before new standard operating procedures eliminated a short grace period to escape. Gabriel was born a few months later.
    His father was killed in a random attack when Gabriel was about eight, and took on the role of supporting his mother in keeping their lives together and as 'normal' as possible. However, his mother still insisted on his being educated, so while they worked hard during the day, she would scavenge what books she could for them to read together and learn at night.
    When his mother was killed as a result of a society police attack shortly before his eighteenth birthday, Gabriel snapped and killed eight officers using little more than his own brute strength. He began to gain a reputation for himself as a skilled, powerful fighter; one he dislikes to his day. It was a slow process to get others to trust him, to get to know him a a gentle human being and not a monster ready to snap at a moment's notice.
    He was one of the ones who took in the sickly girl who grew up to Angel, and for whom he still has a rather large soft spot for.

    Weapon of Choice
    A metal pipe or a baseball/cricket bat.​
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  15. I feel like we need more female characters. This should be remedied. The question is, how do we acquire more people? Or should I attempt to run two characters?
  16. @Requiem: I'm working on the intro to the IC now, so maybe that might give us a little more attention. I don't really know anyone here who'd be interested in this kind of roleplay, but feel free to put the word out there. Until then, you're more than welcome to take a second character if you want.
  17. *waves* I'm interested~ Are applications still being accepted?
  18. Name: Kaethe Cirocco
    Age: 25
    Full Physical Description:
    Short -- as in, 5'2". To many, she looks like a child, but she doesn't really mind. Added to the dark clothes she is always wearing, it merely helps her blend in. Despite her short, child-like stature, Kaethe is well built, lean muscle making her dangerous to any who approach her with dark intentions. Her multicolored eyes range from blue and green on one to brown and gold on the other, and her pale skin is riddled with scars along the arms and back. Her layered black hair frames her face and falls almost to her elbows.
    You can see her appearance here.

    Personality: Kaethe isn't really a people person, but most people don't know that. In passing, she's a bright ball of sunshine; as soon as someone actually tried to make conversation with her, though, all bets are off. Really, she's dark and sarcastic, and she doesn't trust fairly easily -- which is excusable considering her past. However, she doesn't even speak of her past. In fact, she prefers to ignore it, pretending that it never happened.
    Due to her intellect, Kaethe sees herself far above the rest of the population, which doesn't add much to her conversational skills. It is due to this same intellect that Kaethe is not easily interested in too many things; however, once her interest is pipqued, she will never waver from the subject or event or person until they are done -- all secrets have been revealed, all has happened that must, or the person is dead.
    None of this is to say that Kaethe doesn't care about things; she does. She cares immensely. However, she makes a point of being objective, knowing that it will only get her hurt if she isn't.

    Character Background: Kaethe grew up primarily on her own, but not through any fault of hers. Her parents, they wanted a better life for her, and so they tried to cross into Society a few months after her birth. It didn't take long for them to be noticed, and Society allowed them to stay... But they took Kaethe as payment, and they used her to experiment. Having not been exposed to the chemicals and descending from people who, too, had never been exposed to the chemicals made her an excellent choice for the tests.
    At first, it was just little things -- they didn't want to permanently scar one of their most promising test subjects -- but as she grew older, the sense that something sinister was at work grew increasingly strong. Though Kaethe had grown up around this and it didn't seem... out of the ordinary, she wanted to stop being in pain; her parents had given to her through genetics a critical sense: the survival sense. So, using their experiments against them, Kaethe escaped at age 15.
    From then on, Kaethe was on her own, and due to the experiments, she was better fit than most to do so. Her brain worked faster, her body was stronger, and she knew things about people... Her brain had developed immensely, and so, she did what she could. Stole without being seen. Fought for her independence within the unseen slums and won. Learned how to hack, how to build, how to modify.
    It took her a few years to get settled, and once she did, Kaethe began noticing things. She began noticing the divide in Society -- the ignorant and the education -- and she began noticing that there was a divide -- Society against the other side. She hadn't noticed it before; she hadn't had any reason to, and she'd been too wrapped up in her own world... At this point, she knew that the authorities had given up on looking for her, and so she began to investigate a way to cross the border.
    Kaethe had seen people get shot as they attempted what she did, so she knew it wasn't going to be easy... But, she didn't have anything better to do, so she was able to dedicate her entire intellect to the task at hand. On her twentieth birthday, it paid off; she made it across the border.
    Weapon of Choice: A modified plasma gun or knives in a tight spot, but she prefers long-range weapons, specifically her hand-crafted modified bow.​
  19. There still some spots left?
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