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    Six thirty four, school starts at Nine. David is already at the school, he got up bright and early. He finished tying up the wraps around his hands and stands up off the bench. He feels the cool air from the vents brush off of his bare arms. He's wearing his white muscle shirt and blue jean shorts that go to his knees. He runs his hand along the red heavy bag hanging from the ceiling.
    "I love the schools boxing club.." He says to himself and raises a muscular arm cocked and ready, and jabs it right into the centre of the bag.
  2. Eight forty-five. I cant believe I haven't even begun to start on my way to school."I'm sorry sweetie I don't know where your red scarf went but im sure we didn't lose it in the move. Can't you just wear your purple polka dot one?" I sit outside the bathroom door. "I promise if you come out now I'll take you to go see Frozen in the city," I say with hyped enthusiasm. The bathroom door swings open and I'm rewarded with my daughters wide toothy grin,"Really?!" I nod and no sooner she's snatched the scarf from me and darted outside to the car. I chuckle and follow after. Eight fifty. If I rush her to daycare I might just make it on time to my first day at Loisa Springs High School.
  3. David pats himself down with his towl. He is dripping with sweat, not just because its baisically the summer time, but because he spent all of his energy on fighting with the heavy bag. He unwraps his arms and pulls an Amon Amarth shirt on over his head. He pushes his hair over his shoulders and walks towards his math class with his bag over his shoulder.
  4. Nine ten, I still had time right? I had misjudged the difficulty of navigating through the school and had ended up sitting in the wrong class for five minutes before realizing I was not taking Pre-Algebra. I finally find Algebra 2 and of course the teacher is already addressing the class, making me all the more self-conscious upon entering.
  5. New A girl enters the class, causing David to look at his calender on his phone. 'Two weeks until summer? Really? A new kid?' He laughs in his head, but only chuckles on the outside. He rubs his bearded chin in thouht. He hadn't cut his hair since he was three, and has never shaved hhis face.
  6. This is the one time I wish I still had my long hair to hide behind, but when living with toddlers shorter hair was just all around easier. I sneak in as the teacher talks hoping he won't make me introduce myself and sit next to a guy who's beard is longer than my actual hair.
  7. Naeomi groaned, leaning her head against the back wall. She hated math. It was so boring! And whenever the teacher started talking numbers, she just zoned out for some reason! Maybe she had math oriented ADD or something.
    As she continuously thumped her head against the wall, she turned to see that a new girl had entered. Who in the hell transfers right before summer break? She thought, but shrugged. There were a lot of weirdos in this town and now they had an additional weirdo, yay!
    "When will this class be over?" Naeomi groaned, letting her scarf clad head drop onto the desk, as she scribbled in her notebook. Never mind the fact that she hadn't even been in there for more than twenty minutes.
  8. David looks back at Naeomi with a mono tone look. "The class started five minutes ago. Don't start with bitching now." He quietly but firmly lets out. He turns back to face the front where the teacher has moved infront of his desk and was giving an evil glare.
  9. I turn around slightly at the sound of continuous thumping and chuckle a bit to myself seeing a girl displaying what most felt in math class. I smile and turn back around sorting through my bag to grab a pencil and notebook and find about three coloring books and a pack of crayons. Meibel. She was up to her little tricks. Well joke was on her, I thought amused. Lets see how she enjoys my algebra 2 text book in day care, Imma color a giraffe.
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  10. "Do you think that'll help you?" David asks, looking over at the colouring books. He picks his desk up and moves over and sits it down beside the new girl. He completely ignores the teacher. "Here, use mine."
  11. I look up at this rather intimidating looking man in surprise. I look down at the text book and grimace,"I kinda like mine better, don't you think?" I look at my partially colored giraffe.
  12. "It's a little too perfect." David holds back a soft smile. He takes a red crayon, and dragsit along the mane of the giraffe. He makes sure to get plenty of red outside of the lines. "This is highschool, not pre-school. I'm sure you don't need to perfect the picture."
  13. "Pfff well then, there are two types of people aren't there?" I laugh a bit and drag a blue crayon above the giraffes head giving it horns. I chuckle a bit and sign my name in the corner in over exaggerated cursive. "You might as well sign since you contributed," I smile.
  14. With a small chuckle, David signs the name "Picasso" on the edge of the book. "There, now you can sell it." He laughs. He shakes his head with a smile, and signs "David" under the original name.
  15. "I just might," I smile, laughing gently," nice to meet you David," I hold out my hand.
  16. David firmly grasps her hand. "And to you...I can't read cursive very well." He laughs.
  17. I smile with a short laugh," I'm Rachel," I return the handshake.
  18. David pulls his hand away and smiles. "It seems I finally found someone to get along with."
  19. "You don't get along with other people here?" I find that surprising seeing how friendly he was.
  20. "Nope, I dislike a of these people." David nods. He takes out his note book and scribbles his cell number down. "I know Summer is coming up, so if you get bored, give me a text or a call."
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