Chronicles of a Undying World - Chapter 1: Welcome to Safe Haven

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    The world we knew is not the same anymore... The year is 2020 and mankind is almost extint. This thanks to what happened on 2016, a simple mistake that caused a completely chaos worldwide. It all started in Russia, on a nuclear plant. Some scientist were testing with radiation, trying to make a nuclear weapon in secret. Everything went perfect, every process was made flawless and they even said that the weapon would be ready on a few weeks. But on the last day, they decide to make a final test, even when some of them opposed to it. While they carefully moved the weapon, that it was a misile as the size of three regular cars together, it accidentaly slipped and hit the floor, making it blow the whole plant skyhigh. On that incident, most part of that Russian city got completely destroyed, killing thousands of lives.

    The radiation was so intense, that the United Nations decide to put in quarentine all Russia, blocking every exit and entrance. Also, no one couldn't enter, neither exit. But even that couldn't stop the spreed of the radiation to other places of the planet. That radiation evolved into a unknown and dangerous virus that killed anyone who was exposed to it and once dead, they resurrect into blood-thristy zombies. Some of them even turned into gruesome and nasty monsters. Russia was the first one to experience this and later one, it was the nearby countries. It took the virus to expanded worldwide 3 full years, killing most part of mankind and turning them into zombies.

    This story takes place somewhere around the United States, 4 years after the incident. A group of teen survivors, 10 in total, were using the remains of what was once a beautiful mansion as their temporally HQ. The leader was a strong guy about the age of 26. The rest named him like that, because he had everything it takes to be a leader: courage, integrity, intelligance and strenght. They always followed him and did everything he said. "Shinku, it's your turn to bring here some supplies from a near market", said the leader to Shinku, a 24 years old survivor and a inmune. He has been bitten like 4 times and he didn't turn into a damn zombie. The rest allways let him do dangerous missions like this one, but he didn't cared at all. "Sure, I'll do it, even when I did the last time", he replied, walking out the living room where they were reunited. As he exit the mansion, he head West, where a small town awaited him and which was infested with zombies.

    As he arrived there, Shinku took out the shotgun he had on his back, along with a backpack, and reloaded it just in case he need to shot a zombie. He walked through the middle of the street, which was filled with trash, some blood and eaten corpses. He let go a deep sigh. "This really looks so surreal... To think that the whole world it's fucked up..." He scoffed, shooking his head. As he arrived at the ruins of a market, he entered through a broken window and looked around carefully, searching of any signs of the undead. As he made sure he was alone, he walked through the aisle where food and medical supplies supposed to be. He stood in front of it and crotched, taking off his pack and unzipping it. As he began to throw on it some food cans, he heard a slight growl on his right. Startled, he quickly picked his shotgun and looked at his right, discovering a hord of 8 zombies coming at him. "Shit...!" He stood up and backed away, shooting at the first one he saw. The zombie's head blew into pieces and the corpse fell on the floor, blood gushing everywhere. The rest kept coming at him, growling and biting on the air. They were too many for him and he only had two bullets on the shotgun.

    All of a sudden, a girl jumped off from the top of the aisle with a nailed baseball bat. When she landed on the floor, she began to slam the zombies' heads with a lot of skill and speed. Shinku widen his eyes, not blinking even once as he saw her. Blood gushed everywhere and some splattered on Shinku's face, making him look away for wipe it off. When he looked back, the whole action scene end up and he saw the girl crouch on the floor, wiping the bood of her bat. Haruto gulped deeply as he looked at her.

    He sighed as he looked away, rubbing the back of his head. "I guess I have to thank her..." he thought with a light blush of embarressment. "The boys really gonna pick on me for this".

    Shinku is a 24 years old guy with a strong sense of duty. Even with a really dark and sad past, Shinku is very sweet, kinda and always gives anyone, including strangers, a warm smile. Most of the time, you will see him extremely calm, cheerful and exchanging a few words with his friends, because he's actually not a man of too many words. After the virus outbreak, he lost way too many important people, including her girlfriend Amanda. This was a really hard hit for Shinku, making him a bit cold hearted, depressive sometimes and be mad for no reason sometimes. When doing missions for the guild, he turns into a really serious guy that will show no mercy to the undead or to those survivors that acts hostile and rude.
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  2. Ayumi had traveled with only her dog Vice since the world went to shit. She has had a few interactions with other survivors but for the most part they had tried to kill her. She found Vice when he was a puppy, in an old suburban neighborhood. Ayumi was only 22 and she still had memories of life before the nuke. She had traveled nearly all the way across the country from where she started at, her hometown of Houston, Texas. Her beat up sneakers crunched the scattered gravel and rubble and glass on the ground. Her dog whined and she reach down to scratch behind his ears.

    "Time to look for food." she mumbled, her own stomach grumbling. She could see a small super market ahead, The windows were all boarded except for one. There might be something for both of them in there. She climbed through the window and climbed to stand on the top of the shelves. Just in case of zombies the higher up she was the easier the head smashing. She crossed easily across the shelves looking for some nonperishables. Maybe some dog food. But you never know. She was also running low on Medical Supplies and some of those wouldn't hurt anything.

    She stood straight up her head brushing the ceiling. She could see bodies. Eight of them. She wasn't sure if they were alive or undead or just plain dead. But she was glad she was quiet enough to not disturb whatever they were. She began picking cans off shelves setting them in a bag, silently as she could. The next thing she new she almost fell off the shelf from the sudden sound of cans being tossed and colliding. This roused all eight of the bodies. SHe cursed and glanced around to see a guy, maybe a little older than her cursing and firing a shotgun. She quickly crossed to his location, dropping from the shelf to the floor coming down hard on the zombie with her nailed bat. She was really glad she played baseball for most of her life. She knocked at least 6 of the beings, wholly decapitating a few of them.

    She pulled an old rag from her back pocket gently wiping the blood from her bat, she turned to look at the guy who was rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. He seemed to be blushing. She got back into a defensive stance just in case he attacked her, although her bat wasn't the best adversary of a shotgun. She raised her eyebrows at the guys silence. She lowered her bat. "Yeah sure anytime! You're so welcome!" She grumbles turning away from the silent man. Grabbing her backpack from the top of a shelf and shoving a few more cans of food in to it and picking up a small bag of already opened and scattered dog food. "Catch ya later I guess!"
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  3. Shinku widen his eyes and quikly looked at the girl after hearing her sarcastic statement. He was afraid he somehow offend her, so he quickly raisied his hands a bit and walked towards her. "W-Wait up a sec. It's not what you think", he said blocking her path. That was the least he could do for made her stay for a while, because he didn't dared to touch her. That would may look like a agression and after seeing her smashing the zombies' heads, who knew what she could do to him.

    "First things first, thank you for saving my ass. I really appreciate it", he quickly said after looking down at her, because he was a bit taller than her. He also gave a smile, but genuine smile. "You really got some deadly skills with that bath. I'm really surprised, because, you know... You're a girl..." He said that last part slowly and abit afraid that could offend her. So he quickly tried to fix it. "No ofense, by the way". He chuckled a bit with a nervous tone, looking at her and awaiting for an answer.
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  4. Ayumi stopped and looked up at the guy, actually surprised he stepped into her path. She raised her eyebrows. a tiny amused smirk pulling at the corner of her lips. She ficked her ponytail back behind her shoulder and smiled, "You're welcome, Guy." Upon hearing his remark about her being a girl, she frowned slightly. "Yeah, I played baseball for awhile. And these guys sure as hell aren't any 96 mile an hour fast balls." She smiled again and waved lightly, "None taken man."

    She adjusted the pack on her shoulder and looked up at the man wondering if he was gonna move or not. "What brings you here, by the way?" She asked suddenly stricken by curiosity. This was pretty much small town USA and she was sure not expecting any live humans around these parts. She examined the boy standing in front of her. He sure didn't look like someone who had been traveling as long as she had. Maybe he was part of a group. That would make sense considering his appearance didn't look like that of a scavenger.
  5. An amoused expression platered on Shinku's face the girl told him about her baseball skills. Now, everything amde sense for him. Apparenly, this girl wasn't the typical one that's always needing some help with a defenseless and fragile body. He could noticed this mysterious girl faced some hard times on her past, but that didn't meant her body was a mess. He could notice her beauty hidden on all that tough and strong "shell" she shows off. Some curiosity about her grew on him without even wanting.

    "Well, I was just pasing by for pick the same things as you", he finally replied to her question after a while. He slowly walked away from her path and head towards his back, which was in front of the asile the girl jumped from above. "You're an scavenger, aren't you?" He crouted in front of his pack and began to toss inside the food cans he droped after the big scared those zombies gave him.
  6. Ayumi smiled, and gave a short laugh, "Is it that obvious?" She ran a hand through her black tangled and matted hair. "But you're right. I am a Scav." She shrugged. Suddenly she remembered the bag of dog food in her right hand and put two fingers tow her mouth whistling loudly. A large black fluffy dog jumped through the window nearly tackling the girl to the ground. She tossed the bag on the ground. "What do you think Vice? Pretty good feast tonight." The dog ran towards the food cricking his head at Ayumi before lowering his head to eat the food.

    The dog payed no attention to the boy, and focused solely on the food in front of him. Neither of the pair had had anything to eat for a few days now. She walked through the aisles again picking up whatever she could carry in the small backpack resting on her shoulders. "What about you? You don't look much like a Scav to me." She pointed out, speaking to the boy through a few shelves.
  7. "Ah, that's because I'm not", he replied while zipping up his backback before standing up stright. He tossed the pack on his right sholder and turned to faced her and the dog who was festing on his food. "I actually belong to a small survivors guild that's a few miles from here". He smiled a bit after seeing the dog a cute one, even with all of his filthy and fluffy hair. It was quite a long time since he saw a safe and sound creature like a dog. Most of the remaining were just a rabids ones that barked and bite at anything that stands on their sight. He was really surprised of seeing one.

    He slowly walked towards him, looking at the girl. "A she or a he?" He croutched in front of him, but a few inches a way from him. He was a stranger for him, so he could attack him if he got too close. Besides, he was eating, so he could bite or at least bark at him, thinking he wanted to take his food.
  8. Ayumi smiled, she was right. She wondered how this guy got stuck with the shit job of nearly dying to get food. She almost laughed to herself. She made her way back to the front of the store and watched as he approached Vice. Vice was the sweetest dog in the history of the world. She had seen the state of the rabid dogs that wander around now, but Vice wouldn't kill anything but zombies. "He's a boy. His name is Vice. You can pet him if you want, he doesn't bite or anything. Really just a giant fluffball sweet heart." She smiled.

    "So how did you get stuck with the lovely job of almost dying for food all the time?" She asked leaning against the old checkout counter, watching her dog and the boy. She opened a can of green beans and picked at them. She didn't like them but they were food and its been days. She tossed the can aside once it was empty and Vice was nearly finished with his meal as well.
  9. Shinku kindly began to pet Vice head with a smile, really glad he was a good boy. Ayumi's question caught him by surprised, so he didn't knew what and how to respond. What she wants to know was something serious and Nico, the leader of the guild, told him to never share with such a revelation to anyone, not even with the guild survivors which he spent two years of his life. He was debateting with himself, because some part of him wanted to tell her. So far, Ayumi have been nice with him, so there was really no risks involved.

    "If I tod you, you probably may be scared or just won't believe me", he finally replied after a whole minute of deep silence. He turned his face to his right and looked up at her with a smile. "Still wanting to fed your curiosity?"
  10. His words struck her curiosity even harder and she smiled, "If I won't believe you anyway, what is there to lose?" She asked giving him a soft smile. If it was that interesting she surely had to know. She figured he was the new guy or something, but now that doesn't seem to be the case. She crossed her arms running through possibilities in her head. She watched as the man pet Vice and Vice responded lovingly, licking the mans hand and face.

    What a softie, she thought about her pet laughing to herself. She glanced back towards the boy waiting for his response.
  11. He let go a chuckled after Vice licked his head. He couldn't resist to give him a warm hug and kindly rubbed his belly. Shinku really loved animals, especially dogs. He used to have one call Azazel, but sadly, he had to kill him after he got infected by the virus. It was something hard to do, but he prefer that than letting him be part of the undead. He sighed slightly after those memories faded away and proceed to answer Ayumi. "Well, these kind of tasks may be difficult, but aren't a risk for me because I'm a Inmune".

    After saying that last part, he slowly looked back at the girl and with a slight smirk, eager to see her reaction. He could remember Nico's after he told him that and even showed him some evidence.

    "You're such a lucky bastard! How it is that a Princess like you was given a gift like that!? Man, I feel so jelous about you!"

    Shinku scoffed after that memory faded away and wondered if this girl's reaction would be the same on.
  12. Ayumi's eyebrows shot up, "Really? I've only heard rumors about you guys. There's a couple big guild leaders East ways of here. They claimed to be Immune. Cocky bastards those guys are. Not immune to bullets though. They're about as dead as any dead body I've ever seen." Ayumi shrugged. Sure, she was still susceptible to the virus, but there were worse things that could kill her. She was a little intrigued by the Immune. She didn't think anyone was really immune but who was she to argue with it. Plus, no one is immune to bullets to the head so really everyone is still on the same level.

    "At least you can count on never being a member of the army of the shuffling decay out there. That must be comforting." She mused uncrossing her arms and pushing off the counter. She looked over at the boy again, still intrigued about the concept of the Immune.
  13. "Been an Inmune doesn't makes you an inmortal", said Shinku as he slowly stood up. He lifte his right hand a bit and began to pull up the sleeve of his shirt. "An Inmune is someone that cannot get infected by that unknown virus if a zombie bites you or you accidentally eat something that's infected". As he revealed his bare arm, he looked back at Ayumi wile helding out his arm at her. On his forehead, he had the old scars of bites he recieved from a few zombies on some jobs he did before. The virus takes about 8 hours to fully infect a person, killing him/she in the process. Then, after a 12 seconds, that person ressurrect into a bloodthristy zombie.

    The first time Shinku got bitten was when he had 20 years old. It was a dangerous job he agreed to accept and Meika, the only female member of the guild and great friend of him, decided to go with him. That's because she knew that the chances of him to never return from that place if he went alone were really high. She is a tough girl and never accepts a no, so Shinku didn't complained about and let her come. The mission was something easy: enter an abandoned farm located at the West of the mansion, take the some gas that was on a tractor and quickly return. That was easy as cake for both of them.

    Sadly, the odds were against their favor once they arrived at the far. When they broke into the stables, they made a lot of noise and an horde of 10 zombies that were inside, something they didn't noticed, attacked them. For make things worse, the exit at the back of the stables was blocked, so the only way they could survive was to fighting back. On the fight, a zombie tackled Meika and pinned her on the ground. Just when he was about to bite her neck, Shinku blew up his head with a shot of his shutgun, dropping his cover and getting bitten by another zombie on his right forehand.

    Meika quickly stood up and chopped the zombie's head with her scythe and helped Shinku to ran out of the place, leaving behind the gas and failing the task. "I got bitten, Meika... I fucking got bitten..." he told her, holding the bleeding of his arm. "We don't have to tell them about this, okay...?" she replied, quickly walking besides him and holding him tightly. "W-We gonna figure out something later..." Shinku knew he couldn't hide such a thing like a bite, besides, he would put in risk the sake of the whole guild. That's something he definitely didn't want to do. So, once there, he told Nico and the rest about what happened.

    Shinku chuckled a bit after he finished telling Ayumi about that story, slowly pulling dwn his sleeve. "Want to know what happened when I told them I got bitten?" he asked her, slowly looking back at her.
  14. Ayumi listened closely and watched as he showed her his scars. "That must've been terrible," she muttered as he told her his story. "I figure they tried to off you?" she replied in more of a question than anything. But she didn't know these people. Its possible they just locked him in a room and waited to see what happened, although she figured that unlikely. She waited for the rest of his story more interested than ever.

    She tried to remember the last time she had a really close call with a group of zombies like that. Her head flooded with close calls, the most recent being the worst. She shook her head absentmindedly, not wanting to relive that. She tried to focus back on Shinku and what he was telling her.
  15. "Because none of them couldn't kill me, they shut me in a room and put me on observation for a whole day", he replied, even when he knew she probably would guessed that. "I told them nay times to just kill me at once for not let me turn into one of those monsters, but they just couldn't and Meika went all crazy yelling that she would kill the one that had the balls to hurt me". He laughed, shooking his head as he crossed his arms. "And thanks God she did that, because I probably wouldn't be here for that". He smiled as he thought about the many times Meika also helped him without hesitation.

    He cleread his throat and breath deeply as he looked back at her. "And so, I luckily survive dthe night and discovered I was an Immune. It's pretty awsome, but that bastard of Nico takes adventage of that by assigning me the hard work..." He sighed and scoffed. "But don't worry, I'll make sure to take revenge later". He laughed with a smirk as he thought about the many pranks he could play on Nico.
  16. Ayumi smiled, she had guessed right, "Sounds like your Guild is very tight nit. That's really good. That means they're gonna wonder what's taking you so long." She laughed lightly, "I need to find a place to rest before the sun sets and that means we both probably need to head out." She smiles over at Shinku and picks up her backpack, giving a short whistle for Vice to return to her side, as sometime during the story he had wondered off down a few of the aisles. She scratched behind Vice's ears.

    "Nice to meet you, guy." She once again moved toward the exit trying to think if maybe there was an abandoned house of something around here. Probably. She glanced at the window to see the sky was starting to turn orange.
  17. Now that the girl called him guy, Shinku realized they had been talking without even saying their names. He widen his eyes and walked towards her. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't even told you my name, isn't it?" He sicghed with a embarressed smile. He wiped his right hand and held it out towards her. "I'm Shinku. Nice to meet you". He knew it was kinda late for greeting and all that, better late than never. As she wated for her to shook his hand, he wondered if she she had a place for pass the night.

    "By the way, do you have anywhere to stay? These town is really infested with zombies". He thought about inviting her to stay on the guild, but feared she would reject it. After all, they just met today, so why would she accept it just like that.
  18. Ayumi smiled and laughed, reaching out to shake his hand. "Nice to meet you, Shinku. My name is Ayumi." She released his hand and laughed again, "Its okay. I didn't tell you my name either, so really." She smiled. She adjusted the backpack on her shoulders, "Nah, not yet. I'm sure I can find a place around here though. The whole world is infested with zombies. One little town can't be that bad right?" She asked rubbing the back of her head with a smile.

    She wondered why he asked. They just met, surely he didn't care what happened to her. She walked to the window and surveyed the area she could see. Not a whole lot of buildings and a few zombies were shuffling around.
  19. Ayumi was quite a beautiful name and one that really suited her. They may had just met, but still, he couldn't just walk away and leave her behind in such a place. He would be worried and won't be able to even sleep, wondering what could have happened to her. He walked towards her and stood besides her, looking out through the window as well. "Ayumi, um... Mind if I invite you to stay for a while on the guild?" He slowly turned his head to looked at her. "I bet Nico and the gang would be glad to see a new face for a while. Also, that's if you wish so, you can join us".

    He smiled widely and nodded. After all, she was the one that saved his ass minutes ago and since then, he was thinking of how he could repay her that. This was more than perfect or at least what he could do for her. "So, what do you say?"
  20. Ayumi smiled but shook her head, "Oh no! I don't want to intrude on you guys. Its not my place really. And plus I really can't offer you guys much and another person at a time like this isn't really the best surprise." She laughed lightly. "Plus I've got this guy here and I couldn't give him up or anything." She says scratching behind Vice's ears. "Also you only just met me and I feel like its asking too much."

    She was glad from the invitation and it made her feel better that at least some people left still had compassion. But she didn't want to intrude on his Guild.
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