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  1. Once upon a time, there were fourteen gods. Seven ruled over the life on Amona. Seven ruled over the underworld. These gods ruled the world in peace. The life on earth praised the seven gods above, but shunned the gods under, fearing them. They rose above the underworld, causing chaos on the living world. They sent the dark angel to wreak havoc over the mortals. The seven gods above saw the havoc and heard the cries of the mortals. They faced the gods of the underworld and sent them back to the underworld. This did not come without a price. The seven gods fell into a deep sleep, unable to help the mortals. The binds on the gods of the underworld did not last long. They still wreak havoc to this day. Many seers have prophesied that seven will be chosen to awaken these gods and put the underworld gods back in their place. All of them have been proven wrong-

    A young girl slammed the book shut. She blew her white hair out of her face, unnoticed by the people around her. Her green eyes searched through the crowd. The summer festival was in full swing with people dancing, drinking, playing games, and generally having a good time. No one seemed to notice the young girl who put the book of fairy tales back on the stall.

    The girl's off-white clothing should have been noticeable compared to the colors of the festival, but people just passed right through her. She focused her eyes on seven different individuals in front of the fountain of the gods. They were the ones. They were the ones that the gods had chosen. She slowly walked toward them, waiting for them to take notice of her. They should if they were really the chosen. She cleared her throat, in front of the group.
  2. The summer festival was the perfect time for a mental challenge. Alison had spent the better part of this hour focusing until chaos was carefully weeded out, sounds and images filtered, until it was nothing more than a steady hum. Time guided her senses over the festival's input with it's steady hand. She was calm and quite.

    Ali's eyes looked up from under her heavy black hood at the noise. The girl deliberately drawing attention to her cause the chaos to rush in. The heady scent of cooked meat and herbs, the overwhelming stench of bodies and sweat. Laughter from groups of children, singing from a man in the corner of the square, the music of the fountain directly behind her all assaulted her. The air thick with energy and excitement, colors twirling a stream of chaos. And there was the girl in white.

    Alison's lips slowly formed a smile in acknowledgement, despite her recent immersion in the festival's chaos. Something about this creature became Ali's folcrum.
  3. Because of the summer Festival, Jack had plenty of work to do. People are hungry on festivals and like anything with meat, so he had been hunting for the last few days and collected quite a load of good meat.
    Upon arriving there, he sold what he had and made quite some money.

    Now that work was done, he went to the fountain to relax. Jack noticed a girl in strange white clothes and looked directly at her as he took a seat on the edge of the fountain.
  4. Violet had been standing on the edge of the fountain, watching the water swirl and move. A little girl fell beside her and she turned, helping her up and sending her off before turning back to the water. The water was like music to her, despite all the disruptions in the background. Nothing else had disturbed her concentration until a girl dressed in white cleared her throat. She sounded..different. Violet turned around and saw the girl. Her emotionless face smiled a little as she sat down at the bench beside the fountain. She noticed that six others were around the fountain too.
  5. Matthew was laying on the fountain, his head dangling off the side of it. His eyes were closed so he gave off the impression of being asleep. He had been immoble like this for about two hours. He was trying to relax, but what with the Festival, he wasn't relaxing much. He sat up when he heard someone clear their throat. He now brought his leg up and rested his arm on his knee, his fire red hair blowing slightly in the wind. His leather jacket slightly wrinkled and dirty. He wasn't bothered much by the searing heat hitting his body as his black leather outfit absorbed all of the summer sun's rays. He looked around and saw that there were others around the fountain, now. He was so immobile, that he didn't even notice them at all.
  6. Elouise had come to the summer festival she liked music and she loved to dance but as she had been having fun the fountain had caught her eyes, so she started to dance and move her way closer to it. As she stood just a few feet away she noticed some others around the fountain strange she thought but then shrugged her shoulders and walked over and jumped on to the edge so she could look down into the pool of water.

    As Elouise looked into the water her eyebrow raised I wonder how long it would take someone to drown in there she thought with a smirk on her face as she looked around the others that were close by. Elouise wouldn't do it not unless someone gave her a reason she may have a twisted mind but she was fair with it, do unto others as they do to you she thought as she noticed a ageless female with white hair approach the fountain. I wonder what she wants Elouise thought as she turned on her heel and smiled as she faced the girl who had just cleared her throat.
  7. James was relaxing by the fountain with a bottle of water in hand, he's been working with his dad who had a stall selling colorful clothing. If something big came up like this festival, James always booked time of work to help his dad. His dad knew what his son was like so he told him to take a break before he collapses under this heat. It was a hot day and with so many people it was impossible to stay cool especially when you're a night worker like James. As he was sitting down by the fountain he noticed a few more people gathering round. He glanced at the new faces but didn't say anything becauses he wanted to get back and help his dad but first he had to cool off first and finish his water.
  8. Eve stared at the water some, lost in thought. Her sisters face was trying to press it's way to the front of her mind but she wasn't in the mood to let the ghosts of her family take hold that night. She'd come to the festival after a very long and very hard week. She glanced up and noticed the people around her had noticed and was staring at something. Blinking, she turned in that same direction and saw a girl in white. She blinked again. Why where they all staring at her?
  9. "Die." The young girl said quietly, though to the seven it sounded like a scream. She pushed her hands out, causing them all to fall in the water. The water twisted around them, pulling them below the fountain and almost into the ground. They fell through a twisting golden tunnel, twirling and falling. It went on forever until they slammed against a silver floor.

    "We didn't have to be so mean to them." A woman with blue hair said, looking over the people with concern in her eyes. "Are you alright, children?"

    "They're fine, Aqua." said another figure, a young teenager laughing. "I thought it was hilarious!"

    "Of course you did, Ventus. You never take anything seriously." A middle-aged man said.

    "You're just a stick in the mud Terra." The teenager, Ventus said as he stuck his tongue out at the middle-aged man.

    "Quiet, all of you." A woman with golden hair and silver eyes said. "We brought them here for a reason." The girl that had told the seven to die was on her knees next to the woman with golden hair. She had her head down, almost in shame.
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  10. The world rushed up around Alison, her stomach in her throat, but too shocked to actually scream as the world fell away from her. Eventually as the golden world around her swirled her breath came back. It was almost beautiful. She hoped she was dreaming. Or dead. This wouldn't be a terrible place to spend the rest of her eternity.

    The monk slammed into the silver floor with her back, knocking the air out of her and slamming her head backl. This brought a sharp gasp of pain, her vision fading on the edges briefly before clearing again. Alison rolled onto her hands and knees, her black hair curtaining her face; her black hood was thrown back for the first time in years. The beginning of the conversation seemed to come from an age away, but focused again with the youth's laughter.

    Alison's violet eyes slowly raised to take in the figures around her. Six others seeming to be in a similar situation as herself, and the others talking about... bringing them here. Her eyes narrowed. The girl she had smiled at was here as well. Ali reached up and put her hood securely in place.

    "And what is the reason you brought us here?"
  11. Elouise closed her eyes as the young girl shouted wait did she say die? her mind was all over the place but before long she opened her eyes just in time to see the water of the fountain covered her head and a gold tunnel pulled at her. Elouise looked around as she was spinning to see the other whom had been around the water were also inside the tunnel what the hell is going on she thought as her dyed blue hair slapped around her face.

    The fall seemed to be endless and Elouise was just getting use to not spinning when all of a sudden a silver floor came up to meet her awww cra... she didn't get to finish her thought as she curled into a ball so the landing would hurt so much. As she hit the floor her right arm took the brunt of the fall and sent pain shooting up to her shoulder but Elouise had no problem with pain she was use to it so she didn't dwell too long. Sitting up she shook her head and saw not just the ones who had been at the festival but others who were talking about them, standing up she brushed her self down and placed her hands on her hips as she looked at the new people. "So what the heck is going on? and why are you talking about us as if we weren't here"
  12. Violet froze as the water came up around her, but her eyes were fixed on the girl in white. She's trying to kill us??? why?! Violet closed her eyes as she started to fall. She ducked her head and covered it with her arms..then -crash- she hit a solid surface. Taking a deep breath, she sat up, moving each limb of her body slowly to make sure nothing was more than just a little bruised. As soon as she heard a new voice, her head shot up. She tucked a strand of dyed blue hair behind her ear as she scanned the people. "Uhh.." She said, then she realised the other six from the fountain was there too, and one of them was talking. She adjusted herself to a criss-cross sitting position, bracing herself for anything that might happen. Maybe we're dead..and we're ghosts...or maybe we found a secret entrance to another world...or maybe.. so many thoughts crossed her mind as she looked around.
  13. James dropped his water to cover his ears when the ear piercing sound of the word die came along. As he glanced up he saw the girl in white and somehow pushed him and the others into the fountain. As he swirled around the fountain and going through this golden portal James tried to struggle against it. No matter what he did, there was no way out eventually a silver floor came into view and he was hurled across it. James rolled with it and his glasses fell of his face as he rolled. As he stopped rolling he had a few bruises but nothing he couldn't handle, he's had worse from the bullies in the past. As he got up he pulled out his spare glasses in a case from his back pocket and looked at everyone here. The voices from the people from around the fountain was asking the questions he also wanted to know the answers too. He kept quiet and listened to their situation.
  14. A small shiver ran down Jack's pine when he heard the girl say -Die- to them, and he moved his hands to draw his bow. He didn't reach it in time though and was sent through the water of the fountain. For some reason, he enjoyed it, rushing through the water with speed, not knowing where it went.
    And when it ended, he was probably the only one who managed to land on his all fours. After standing up again he looked up first.
    "Am i the only one who wants to do that again?"
    His eyes then noticed the people in front of him who seemed to be responsible for bringing them there.
    "Seriously. Can we do that again? Oh and who are you guys?
    Name is Jack."
  15. Eve sat up rubbing her head from where she'd fallen from the shiny watery vortex. She regarded the figures quietly. As soon as the water had swallowed them she had assumed she was sleeping. But are you supposed to feel pain while asleep? she'd never recalled actually feeling things from nightmares beforehand. She rubbed at her eyes some with her fingers. But there was absolutely no possible way for something like this to have happened. Miracles didn't happen. Her eyes glanced over towards the other people who had gone through the portal with her. Questions had been asked, she turned her eyes back to the odd people before them, taking note of the girl in white before focusing on those who seemed in charge. She waited for them to answer, even as her eyes started to trail around the room.
  16. Matthew had no thought process as he was hurtled through the water and into a golden portal. He wasn't able to regain his thoughts until he crashed into a silver floor. He gasped and rolled over, trying to catch his breath. He regained his bearings after a moment and shot up into a sitting position. "Hey! What the Hell was that for!!" He shouted and glared at the people talking. "Do you find it funny going around and trying to drown people!?"
  17. "Hush." A small child with blonde hair said. "Be quiet children." She smiled at Alison. "All will be explained soon, My chosen."

    "We haven't chosen anyone yet, Lux. Don't go calling one yet." A large black dog said, looking over the different humans.

    A man with fiery red hair rolled his head. "Why shouldn't we? Haven't we already chosen one already?"

    "All of you be quiet." The golden haired woman said, annoyed. "You, children, have been chosen to reawaken the gods."
  18. Elouise watched as the being's in front of her started to talk that dog is sooo cool she thought as she heard him talking not being able to stop herself from smiling at him, her eyes glimmered of untold damage and a love for pain.

    As she heard them say something about Gods Elouise raised her eyebrows sounds like fun if you ask me she thought but didn't say a thing as she was wondering what her comrades thought to this whole awakening thing. Looking around she could tell they were all very different from each other but she would work with them she had nothing planed so this could be just what her life needed.
  19. Alison blinked. Chosen? Awaken gods? She frowned slightly and looked at the others that had been hurtled through space and possibly time to be here with her. She slipped to the back a ways, still uncomfortable from her encounter with the floor, and watched them. As she stared, she thought of the teaching the monks had diligently taught her before she'd destroyed their home...

    The fourteen gods... the stories. She shook her head as she smiled. If this was real, if she hadn't just hit her head harder than she imagined, then this was big. There was no way that she wouldn't be able to go along with this. She stared at the blond haired child. Her chosen? Then that was a god. That was the god she would be serving. She inclined her head in a show of respect.
  20. "Well, don't you know it's impolite to throw the ones you are calling 'Chosen' against the damned hard floor!? You could have used a less sudden and less painful method!!" Matthew said. He had no idea what they were talking about, and right now he didn't care. He was mad because he hated getting wet and he just smacked his head off of a floor that looked to be made out of silver! Who wouldn't be mad about that!?
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