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Myths- stories of the gods, of heroes, and of great cosmic events- are told in all of the world’s many cultures. They deal with the deepest, most fundamental issues: the creation of the universe and of the human race, the nature of the gods and spirits, what happens to us when we die, and how the world will end. They examine love and jealousy, war and peace, good and evil. Myths explore these crucial issues with intriguing plots, vivid characters, memorable scenes, and concepts that touch our deepest emotions; and so they have become eternally fascinating.

Myths began as tales told around the fire by successive generations, and in places they are still passed on orally. Because of their oral roots, myths are not set in stone. Each one, endlessly retold, has spawned variations. Often, there is no single “correct” version of a myth. The name of a god will change from one tribe to the next; a twist in a tale will be explained in different ways by neighboring groups. Written versions of a myth multiply the retellings still further. After all, some cultures have thousands of deities, so the scope for variations in their myths is almost infinite

One thing for sure, myths reinforce the cultural identity of the people who tell them. Myths were just as important to the ancient Greeks, who named their greatest city, Athens, after its patron goddess, Athena; to the Incas, who believed their rulers to be descended from the sun god himself; and to the Norse, whose warriors tried to emulate their great god Odin.

The vitality and importance of myths is seen not only in their countless retellings, but in the way their gods, heroes, and creatures have inspired artists. From China to ancient Rome, artists have painted and carved images of the gods, and activity that is sometimes itself an act of worship, sometimes more simply a celebration of the deities and their deeds. Myths arise from an intimate relationship between people and the natural and spirit worlds- something so many of us have lost. They operate on the borders between reality and fantasy, celebrate oddity and uncertainty, and describe terrifying cosmic forces. But they also deal with great excitement and inspiration.

Myths are the most enthralling stories we have, because they touch our hearts and minds and reach to the very core of our beings.

What if I told you that the Myths we’ve heard from youth are true?

That twelve Olympians truly exist and have been in control of the spirit world for millenniums?

What if I told you that you are one of the chosen Children of Olympus that will fulfill the prophecies of the ancient Oracles?

The lives of mythical heroes often begin in difficulty. A number of them are abandoned by their parents as infants, for such reasons as the shame of birth out of wedlock or – as in the famous case of the Greek tragic hero Oedipus – a futile attempt to avoid the fulfillment of a prophecy.

Therefore, it doesn’t come to my surprise that you will deny what I am telling.

So run, run as fast as you want. But destiny will await you at the end. And then will you say, you were right, you poor child of mine.


The first attempt of creating a human race took place when the Titans, led by Chronus, ruled the cosmos. The result was the Golden Race, a group of people who lived an ideal existence without work or ageing, and for whom life was one long feast.
Even when the people of the Golden Race finally died, their death was like a peaceful sleep. Nevertheless, it left the Earth unpopulated.

Intent on filling up the void, the Olympians created the Silver Race, who lived for a long time but grew very slowly to maturity. Their children were brought up carefully by their mothers, and spent one hundred years as babies before reaching adulthood. However, they turned out to be dull and unintelligent people, fighting continuously among themselves, and once they became adults they tended to die quickly. These qualities together with their refusal to worship or even respect the gods, exasperated Zeus, so he banished them to the Underworld.

Zeus then crafted a new race out of clay. The people of this race wore bronze armor and used tools made of metals, so they were called the Bronze Race. Like the Silver Race, they were aggressive and destroyed themselves in ruthless battles. Finally, the current race of humans appeared. Some say that the great Titan craftsman, Prometheus, was its creator. Whether or not he actually created humanity, Prometheus certainly became its protector. He taught humans many important skills, including navigation and medicine, and showed them how to make sacrifices, by keeping some of the meat for themselves and offering the rest to the gods.

Once, the people killed a bull but could not agree on which part to offer the gods. Prometheus cleverly wrapped the meat in the bull's skin, and the bones in its fat. Zeus chose the bones covered in fat, and became so angry at the deception that he refused to give fire to the humans.

Taking the side of humanity, Prometheus stole fire from heaven and carried it to the Earth so that the people could cook their food and heat their homes. Zeus punished Prometheus for the theft by having him chained to a rock, where an eagle came to peck at his liver every day, and for eternity.

But Zeus also wanted to punish the humans after Prometheus stole fire for them, so he created a beautiful mortal woman called Pandora. She married Prometheus's brother, Epimetheus, who took her to Eath. The gods gave her gifts, which she kept in a jar. When she opened the jar, it contained plagues and disasters, which condemned humanity to a life marred by misery. The only positive thing in the jar was hope, the sole consolation for the human race.

Fortunately, the gods have long since granted human a moment of peace and prosperity. Zeus pitied the humans and so did most of the Olympians. Zeus closed the Jar of Pandora, hope would finally overshadow misery, but to avoid anymore deception from the humans, they did an oath where they would never again meddle in human affairs.

They gave humans a chance to decide of their end.

Destiny seemed to be in their favor since then, but slowly with time, it seems like the balance is tilting in their disadvantage.

~ * ~

All of the Olympians were gathered in the great mess hall. Olympus, the greatest of all sceneries, made of marble and titanium. Even the greatest artist on earth couldn't possibly depict it's beauty. The moon and stars shone over it, showing its perfection in multiple angles. And then the sun rose. It's pink and yellow layers couldn't be admired, unfortunately. Not today of all days. None of the Great Gods could admire its beauty.

Tragedies over tragedies. None of the Olympians had expected, nor knew how to deal with the issues at hand without Zeus present.

Hermes, messenger of Olympus, flew at the speed of light and finally landed in the center of the council panting.

" ZEUS! '' he shouted with rage as his neck redden and tears glittered under the sun.

'' I WILL NOT STAND ONE MORE DAY WITHOUT JUSTICE! '' He shouted even louder attracting the attention of the gods close by,

'' My son, MY LAST SON!'' he shouted once more as Artemis approached him and reached out feeling his pain, but he rejected her pity.

'' Dead. All because of you!'' he said with despise as he walked even closer to the Lord of Thunder without care.

Hermes was known for his fond feelings for his loved child on Earth. Of all gods, he was the one that actually made love to his mistresses down on Earth. And it was very well known that he felt a lot for humans.

'' You know the rules, Hermes. '' Zeus said standing on his golden thrown and his thunderbolt in hand.

'' The oath does not TELL ME to suffer. The oath was said to protect them and us! Not to curse them with our creations and to let them in world that only wants to kill them!'' he shouted once more with a single tear before Artemis looked around them.

Aphrodite, as well always, flamboyant and radiant in her toga. Her blue eyes examining the situation. Hephaestus, with his stern look, stared at Zeus. Artemis didn't exactly know what to do and simply tried to reason with Hermes,

'' Hermes, please. Let's discuss this in the appropriate time.'' but Hermes didn't seem to budge his eyes from Zeus.

Both shared an intense stare and the King of Olympians stood up with all his might.

An increasing amount of attacks have been done towards demi gods and humans alike. It was becoming more and more frequent, and was indeed something that plagued his mind once in a blue moon.

But now that Hermes, in tears and complete desperation, he could not ignore this issue. The messenger wasn't the only one to have lost a child. Aphrodite, in fact, was the first to snap at him with her husband following her despite her not wanting any comfort from the hideous god of blacksmith.

In fact, even he lost the only daughter left on that earth. He wasn't as affected as the others, but it was still a pain for him.

'' Agreed, Hermes. I've long ignored this issue. '' he admitted for once as he looked to his side where the sun rose. Apollo's chariot flew accross it before landing in Olympus further down.

There was more and more Gods joining to see what all of the ruckus. It was almost like a small gathering and Zeus felt like it wouldn't be needed to actually gather in the mess hall.

'' Our children have suffered enough, but we cannot fight their fight '' he said with authority as he looked at the group in front of him, protesting against his claim and being booed at. '' But!'' he trailed off, '' They that does not mean we cannot guide them in the right path. Nor does this oath prevent us from training them'' he said as he took a deep breath.

'' Perhaps, we've been long neglecting them of their identity. '' he stated in a much lower tone.

'' Shall we train them, then?'' Artemis asked her father and Athena stepped forward as she stabbed the ground with her sword. The wise godess looked at her father completely aggreing with him. '' I volunteer myself to train them and guide them. '' she said with authority and confidence.

Artemis smiled as she looked at her father, '' I volunteer myself to the cause. Perhaps, my skills will be useful to them. Besides, i make a pretty good team with Athena. '' the huntress said with a wink to Athena both with clever smiles as they looked at their father.

Hera walked from the side, prettier then all of them - beside her rival, Aphrodite- '' And how do you plan on making this work, dear husband?'' she asked her husband as she sat on the edge of the chair as the while delicately touching her husbands cheek.

Zeus looked at his loving wife curiously, she was not one to usually care of the bastards down on earth.

'' I will trust Athena and Artemis.'' he said looking at them, '' And you, Hermes.'' he said making up his mind.

'' Guide them through this journey, as it is not safe for mortals. Show them how to fight pridefully and with honor. Select the best amongst them to deliver them of their misery. ''

He said as he threw his thunderbolt from the clouds to the earth announcing the beginning of the end.

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'' August! '' A little boy's voice shouted excitedly. '' It's the song! It's our song!'' he shouted once more excitedly. August chuckled still sitting on the blue puff of the room. They were in a room surrounded by glass exposed to the outside world. Actually, they were in a little kindergarten in which August, 21-year-old, works in. It was a bit dark due to the temperature, as if it was closed, with just a few dim lights from battery powered candles. '' Yeah, it's our song. '' he said with a smile the young man as he laughed playing a few cords with his ukulele.

''There she goes, there she goes, there she goes
There's nothing better than my beautiful woman ''

they sang along filling up the silent room with their joyful voice.

'' Even though, even though, even though
It's not always heaven, we still fly together

'' You hit the wrong note, '' the little boy said.

'' Oh, did I you little rascal?'' he asked as he poked the boy and he chuckled. And that's when it hit the chorus of the song and they almost shouted rather then sing!

'' Oh dear, it was going well until that last bit, boys. '' a young girl said leaning on the door frame.

'' MOMMY!'' the little boy said as he ran towards the lady. August blushed a bit as he pushed himself up with his Ukulele in his hand.

'' Oh, I didn't know you were there, '' he said with a small chuckle blushing as he looked at the beautiful girl. He always had a tiny crush for this single mom. She had those beautiful shiny brown hair, she was constantly smiling and always so charming.

August looked at the mother as she spoke to her son that had a bit of ketchup on his nose and when she caught his eyes, she smiled up at him. '' Was Andy calm today?'' she asked him curiously with her gentle smile.

August snapped off his reverie and nodded, '' Yeah, he was calm today. Sweet like a puppy!'' he then teased pinching the little boys cheek.

Andy growled as he made biting nose like a dog and August laughed. '' Yeah, he was calm. '' he re-confirmed as he looked back at the girl scratching his lip a bit smiling nervously. ''So, how are you, Jenny? Was work ok?'' he asked her curiously trying to make a light conversation with his long-term crush.

'' Oh! Work, '' the girl saved rolling her eyes as she waved her hand, '' Yeah... It was ok. Not the best of days. '' she admitted with a small chuckle looking a bit sadder then early.

'' You saw your.. Ex, didn't you?'' he asked her as he placed his hand in his pocket speaking more quietly to not have Andy listen. '' Yeah... kind of? I guess, '' she said looking down at the ground before glancing at her son play with his Superman.

'' You shouldn't let him step on you like that. He might be constantly trying to take, '' he trailed off looking at Andy and back at her, '' But the law will do you just. Trust me. He won't take him away. '' he re-comforted her by placing a hand on her shoulder.

Jenny sniffled not wanting to burst into tears as she looked at Andy. Her son looked back at her and then grownled at August, '' You made my mommy cry!'' he said as he kicked August on the balls making August open his eyes in pain.

'' Oh, goodness. '' he managed to mutter feeling the pain go through his bones and he held himself by leaning his shoulder on her doorframe.

'' Andy! Say sorry to M.Gunther!'' she said and the boy protested, '' But he made you cry!'' he said and Jenny rolled her eyes, '' He didn't make me cry. It was the rain. I promise. Now go give him a hug cause what you did was mean. '' she said and the boy pouted as he walked towards August to hug him, '' Sorry... I thought you made her cry. '' the 5-year-old boy said and August simply ruffled up the hair of the boy.

'' It's ok, '' he said still in pain.

'' Sorry for that August... He just gets very defensive since the... insident with his father. '' she said and August gave a small smile to tell her it was ok as he placed his free hand on the edge to leaned better. '' Yeah, don't worry. I'm getting use to his... powerful kicks. '' he said with a chuckle and Jenny laughed, '' Ok then. Take care August. I'll see you... soon?'' she asked and August nodded, '' Yeah. Soon sounds good to me. '' he said as she smiled and turned away.

Looking at her leave, he couldn't help but wonder what made him so fond of her. And when she turned around he waved his hand with his tender smile.
She muttered to him silently a goodbye and it just gave him butterfly. He turned back all fluffy before looking at the mess he had to fix.

'' Oh that sneaky boy left me with all the work, '' he said seeing all of the toys spread around the room.


A good hour later, August was walking out of the kindergarten. He sighed looking at the horrible weather outside. It was raining heavily with loud thunderstorms. '' Mother nature sure doesn't like us today. '' he said as he covered his head with his coat as he walked down the streets of London.

It surely seemed terrible, but August was getting use to it in this season. Somehow, since he moved here alone, there was always horrible weather.

Taking a shortcut, he somehow tumbled on something, or more someone.

'' Oh! Sorry Mister!'' He said not believing that he just stepped on a foot. He looked at the skinny man holding up a cup up for money. He couldn't see the face of the man, and he didn't answer him. It felt strange to just leave without anything, so he quickly grabbed his wallet to find some coins but he only had a full bill of 20$.

At first, he hesitated, but he just took the money and gave it with his right hand bending a bit. '' I hope this will be enough for a good super'' he said and the old man suddenly grabbed his hand firmly.

August surprised, automatically pulled back but the man wouldn't let him go, and then his glowing blue eyes stared into him and he couldn't move nor think. The old man was speaking in some foreign language and it was if he could understand subconsciously. And when the man let him go, he just stood straight and started walking in the opposite direction then he was supposed to. Bizarrely, that was the only thing he was thinking. He was repeating the same exact word of the man and obeyed him blindly.
'' Walk towards the palace of Westminster and look straight at the eastern side of Elizabeth Tower. From there, take your first right and walk down eight blocks. To your left, you will meet your faith. Address yourself to Athena. Let her known I sent you. ''

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It felt like the walls around him were about to crumble. It was warm and humid despite it being September. He could feel his clothes sticky as he stood with crossed arms in the same spot for the past six hours. It was early in the morning. At least 6 am, and there was still people dancing on the dancefloor - with at least half of them drunk senseless. Honestly, he didn't understand these people. They would come late at night, around midnight and they would literally dance all night. It freaked Donovan so much that if not for his job, he wouldn't even come to these places - except if one payed his drinks of course. Nonetheless, it was unbelievably a waste of a life staying all of your time in a nightclub.

Perhaps, the reason why people stayed so long in nightclub is because those places were constantly dark. No windows, just walls with neon lights and loud music. You couldn't hear the buzzling streets of Seattle nor could you see the first daylight.

'' Donovan! There is a fight breaking out in the Dancefloor! Get your ass here!'' his boss shouted and an exhausted Donovan jogged to there to see two skinny guys that were completely wasted hitting each other with their beers. It was almost a gory scene and he grabbed the man on top.

'' Let him go!'' he ordered as his co-worker grabbed the other man.

The two skinny boys seemed to be at it and started kicking each other when they finally broke them up.

That's when the guy slashed Donovan's cheek. ' Let me go you bastard!'' the drunk man said and Donovan, completely losing control from getting slashed ust threw the guy. '' Who are you calling a bastard you piece of shit?'' he asked completely forgetting about his job as he kicked the guy and the bouncer's jumped at each of them. But the son of Hades certainly left a mark on the guy's face. Actually, his shoe print could be scene on the bloody face of the guy.

That's when the owner/bartender came out and started telling everyone it was closing down for the day. The bouncer, and also Donovan's manager still held Donovan by his arms. '' What the fuck were you thinking?'' he told his worker.

The brown haired guy simply tried to set himself free, but the strong bodybuilder held him tight, '' You work here! Don't get all hormonal on the guy! He fucking slashed you, big deal. You just grab his card and sue him. Don't just beat him up! I'll fire you next time!'' he told Donovan, but honestly... he was too frustrated to here him out as he shouted, '' Let me go!'' he shouted once more and the manager did so.

Donovan touched his cheek feeling a bit of blood spill and he spitted on the guy before his manager snapped, '' DONOVAN! SNAP OUT OF IT!'' he shouted and Don just looked at him getting frustrated at him, '' What do you mean snap at of it! He slashed me with a freaking beer glass!' he shouted back as he threw his hand in the air.

'' Did you not hear what i just fucking told you?'' he asked him but Donovan just looked at him completely confused and angry. '' You didn't say shit man'' he said and his manager just placed two fingers on his forehead with a sigh. '' Whatever, go back home. Come back when you learn to breath from the nose and to listen. '' he said and Donovan creased his eyebrows.

'' Are you actually firing me because he slashed me!?'' he asked frustrated and his manager held back his own frustration of the night, '' No, i'm firing you cause you can't control your emotions. '' he said and Donovan just kicked the door, '' Are you fucking kidding me now, John!'' he said.

'' No, i'm not fucking kidding you, Don. Listen, i like you. but you need to get a heck of your nerves cause this isn't working out. You are good at this job, strong and all, but goddamn you don't fucking listen to authority. '' he said and Donovan just narrowed his eyes, '' BUT HE SLASHED ME!'' he shouted as if that was the only way to get his point through.

'' Just go home Don. We can talk about this another time. I'll have your pay of the week deposit, but we need to rediscuss the whole contract, '' John said not wanting to have a headache before going to bed.

Donovan frustrated simply threw his arms in the air as he turned around, '' Whatever, fuck. This job sucked balls anyways. You can keep the job and give it to another lose that cries in the corner!'' he said frustrated.

'' Donovan..'' John said wanting him to look at him, but the son of Hades simply walked away completely frustrated as he shoved his hands in the pocket.

That fucking pussy is firing because i get slashed? Cause i freaking defended myself. What kind of bullshit is this. '' he said as he turned a corner and he came face to face with a dog, or a creature. He couldn't quite see it since it was so fucking huge.

He looked up at with fear seeing the eight foot tall creature with three heads. It's tongue reached to its neck and he just yelped as he spinned around completely frozen. Oh god, too much ecstacy yesterday. That's just my mind playing tricks. It's the morning. I'm tired. he told himself until the three headed creature roared making his hair in his back dress up.

'' WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!'' he shouted as he tried running away not even turning his head around. He could feel the earth under him shake as the creature ran after him and honestly, Donovan had tears in his eyes by fear. He didn't understand how everyone around seemed completely relaxed, or they just looked at him as if he was crazy. Actually, he think he saw John looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

He then heard another bark and he turned to the small street only to be blocked. He turned around and he saw the three headed dog look straight at him with bright red eyes. And the third dog barked loudly only to see black mist form beneath.

'' Oh, fucking hell. Save me whatever god is up there. Oh Fuck me, this is my end. '' he said as he saw a paw approach him and then something touched his shoulder. He snapped his head to the side only to meet a man with grayish skin,

'' Boo. '' Hades said snickering as he touch the injury on the face of his palish son, '' Ouh, fresh blood. Tasty. '' he said wiggling his eyebrows before noticing that the eyes of Donovan rolled behind and he fainted in his biological's father arms. '' Well, the introduction lasted quite long. Didn't quite expect you to be that way, '' he said as he looked up at his dogs, '' Cerberus, time to lift him to London's HQ before Artemis cuts my bawls. '' he said as he dropped his son on the floor while summoning his scythe, '' oops, Cerberus. Carry him. His a bit... heavy.'' he admitted feeling his shoulder a bit sore as he created a portal and stepped in, followed by Cerberus that simply carried Donovan with it's teeth.

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[fieldbox='Rayne Walker, purple']

Heels clacked as a tall, young woman walked down the sidewalk. She walked heavy on her heels, the chains from her hip jingling as she did so. She wore a pair of combat boots that stopped just above her ankles, steel plated on the bottom, which was one of the reasons her footsteps were so loud. Tight black jeans clung to her well defined legs, a black leather jacket hung snugly on her torso, black wavy hair flowing with the subtle breezes that blew by. A cigarette burned between her fingers, it was almost done. As she raised her hand she took one final drag before flicking it aside and walking up a small stone pathway. At the end of this path was a small, single story home, it was modern but not extravagant.

She pulled her keys out of her pocket as they jangled in her hands, several different keys hanging from a single ring. Taking her time in finding the right one she fidgeted with the lock slightly before pushing the rickety door open. The warm tungsten light spilled out into the darkening day. The door clicked shut behind her and was immediately locked, a reflex out of repetition.

“Ma?” The young woman’s slightly raspy voice called out as she removed her jacket. Under the jacket it was revealed that she wore a loose fitting t-shirt with an iconic smiley face in yellow, under it the word ‘Nirvana’ was printed, matching the yellow of the image. “Hello? Mom?” As she walked deeper into the home the young woman caught the sound of running water. She sighed in slight relief, shaking her head slightly. “Of course. Well at least she’s alive.” She muttered to herself. Her mother’s voice rang through the door, loud and incredibly off key, the raven haired girl raised a brow and looked at the washroom door unimpressed. “American idol worthy.” She scoffed as she muttered to herself with a chuckle.

Making her way to the master bedroom, her mother’s room, she grabbed the large, thick, ancient looking book from her mother’s night table. It was a heavy book that couldn’t even close properly, the spine stretched out and bent out of shape. There wasn’t a title printed on the cover, instead it had an odd circular design on it with rounded patterns of lines within. It was flesh bound, old, dry and weirdly textured. Placing it under her arm the young woman walked to a room that was decorated in a completely opposite manner in comparison to the master bedroom. This room was dark, the walls a deep purple, the window covers were black blinds, all the trims were painted black as well, and even the hardwood floors were a deep mahogany colour. A double bed with dark sheets was in one corner, posters adorning a large sum of the walls. The woman shut the door slightly and tossed the book on her bed. Approaching her dresser she pulled out a stick of incense and placed it on its base, lighting it a moment after. Plugging her iPod into her small speaker system she turned her music on and brought it down to a reasonable level.

Kicking her boots off the young woman grabbed her cigarettes and sat cross-legged on her bed. Lighting her smoke she reached over to her night table and placed the crescent moon shaped ashtray next to her. Taking a drag she opened the book and sifted through the pages. Old imagery was scattered across the ancient, yellowed pages; words in ancient Greek and some Latin were scribbled about. Stopping on a page that caught her attention the girl left her cigarette between her lips. She ran her hand over the page that had been stained with blood. “En tou lykou ee katara, zoe en zeete misee misee. Zevs Lykaios.” She read aloud as a shiver ran down her spine. Taking a deep drag from her cigarette she exhaled a moment after and placed it on the ashtray. Her right brow cocked up as she was intrigued by what she saw. “To ehma en heeteh tees athoees zoees, thoulos to fegariou en yeeteh. Kalo bros ton vasilea tou dasous, ton keeneego ton keeneegon. En Zevs Lykaion se kalo, bros mou na pesees kai thn katara tou keeneegoo na mou prosferees.” She stopped and took a drag from her cigarette. Although only half Greek the young woman could read the language, speak it and write it, although she was a little rusty as she didn’t speak the language as often as she would have liked. Tapping the ashes of her cigarette the raven haired woman returned her attention to the book. “En Zevs Lykaion se kalo, bros mou na pesees kai thn katara tou lykou na mou prosferees. Keetah enantia mou to thyma pou sou prosfero, to anthropino kteenos poo zoee efkolee na ehee den axizee. Bros se kalo vasilea ton theon na me voeetheesees, to kteenos afto na tou theexees, pos eene he zoee me pono kai fovo. O keeneegos na yeenee keeneegoumenos keh eekogenia na meen xanathee. En Zevs Lykaion se kalo, vasilea ton theon se kalo, aneexeh tous ouranous keh xhteepa afton.”

“Rayne?!” Her mother’s voice called out in fear and confusion. The raven haired girl was about to meet her mother’s gaze but was stopped. “NO! Don’t! Keep your eyes on the pages of the book.” The woman spoke in worry.

Rayne could hear her mother’s feet as she padded into her room. The girl was confused, the shadow of her mother falling upon the book. “Mom I don’t—”

“Stop! You don’t understand the power of what you have just read. That is a curse, a strong ancient curse used by Zeus himself. To cast it you must look into the eyes of the one you wish to curse. So unless you plan on cursing me don’t look at me.” Her mother spoke.

Rayne’s gaze couldn’t help but shift up. Her view was partially blocked by her mother’s figure. Her gaze wandering passed the bathrobe her mother wore. Behind her was a mirror, Rayne locked eyes with her own reflection as there was a deep rumble within the house, her eyes shimmered for a moment; it was odd, unnatural, and almost feral. There was a deep snarl that echoed through her mind, startling the raven haired girl as she blinked and shook her head slightly. The light in her room shifted. Both women looked up as the hanging fixture swung. Rayne’s mother was quick to look down and almost immediately looked away and covered her gaze. “Oh no, Rayne.” The older woman walked away. “What have you done?” She kept her back towards her daughter.

“Mom…I uh-I think it’s safe to look at me.” The girl clenched her jaw.

“Well of course it is, now that you cursed me!” The woman turned around and glared at her daughter.

Rayne gave her mom a look of disbelief and amusement. “What?” She scoffed. “I didn’t curse you, I cursed me mom.”

Her mother raised a brow as she approached the bed she seemed worried but very confused. “But how? No I don’t think so. I was the first person you looked at. Let me see the book.” Her mother sat at the corner of the bed and pulled the book towards herself. Her eyes skimmed the pages, her jaw clenched tight.

Rayne brought her hand down to cover the book, the contents of its pages and the words her mother was reading. “I looked in the mirror Mom. Then I looked up after the house shook.” She explained. “I looked at myself first.” She sighed heavily.

“Well there’s only one way to find out. For this curse to be completed innocent blood must be spilled. We have to kill someone…or something, then we’ll know who’s cursed.” Her mother’s grey eyes met her amber ones. Her look was stern and serious.

Rayne sat in silence, blinking she gave her mother a look. A chuckle escaped the young woman as she grinned. “Uh—No. I really don’t think that’s a good idea mom. Cause then whoever is cursed will have fulfilled the curse and whatever it is that this curse does will become true.” Rayne explained with heavy sarcasm as her mother just looked at her.

“That’s true.” The older woman pondered a bit. “I guess if we wait it out and nobody causes any harm the effects won’t go through. So I guess it’s going to be a month of vegetables and fruits.” She pouted. “That’s not very exciting.” A sigh escaped her mother as she got up off the bed. “I’ll go make you dinner then. Joey is coming to pick me up later, we’re going out.” Her mother grinned and was quick to leave the room.

The young woman that sat on the bed was confused. Her mother was being kind and trying to get out of things fast. That typically meant she was up to something. Raising a brow Rayne got off her bed quickly. “Mom?” She called out as she walked through the house. Clenching her jaw the raven haired girl headed for the basement as soon as she didn’t find her mother on the main floor. “Mom?” She called out as she stormed down the stairs, stopping at the bottom. Her mother had her back towards the stair case. Stepping forward with purpose Rayne approached. “Mom what are yo—” Her words were cut off as she forced her mother around and saw what she was doing. “Mom, what the hell?!” Rayne was disgusted but also entranced by the bloody mess that was sprawled across the small alter. She looked at her mother.

“I’m sorry baby, I had to know.” Her mother spoke as she threw her arms forward and embraced her daughter tightly. “We’ll work through this. You just gotta make sure you’re careful. You’re not violent, it’s only a month.” Her mother stepped back and looked at the girl. “I mean it’s not that bad really.” Her mother bit her lip.

“Ma, you were freaking out upstairs about what I was reading, why are you changing your mind all of a sudden? If it’s bad it’s bad, I get it. I’ll be careful, I didn’t think it was gonna work.” Rayne muttered. As she folded her arms across her chest and looked away clenching her jaw. How had she managed to curse herself? That was like magic 101. A stupid mistake really.

“Honey, any spell you read aloud is gonna work. It’s in your blood. You’re a witch.” She embraced her daughter tightly again. Rayne brought her hands up to hug her mother back as she sighed and held her tightly. Breaking the embrace she looked her mother in the eyes. Her mother cupped her face and looked at her with a hint of sadness to her gaze. She forward and kissed Rayne on the forehead. “It’s going to be alright. Don’t worry.” Her mother spoke softly.

Rayne’s gaze wandered to the alter, upon it lay a small white rabbit. Its throat had been slit, the blood running between the cracks of the engraved table. Stepping away from her mother Rayne approached the altar. She sighed in disappointment. “Ma? Why did you have to use my dagger?” she grabbed the knife by the hilt and looked at the blood that was shimmering on the blade. Her mouth grew dry as she stared for a few moments.

“I couldn’t find mine, yours was closer.” Her mother shrugged.

The woman’s voice startled Rayne out of the odd trance she had found herself trapped within. Blinking several times she shook her head. She didn’t agree with her mother’s reasons but there was nothing she could do at this point. “Fine, whatever.” She muttered and reached for an old, stained cloth. Wiping the dagger clean Rayne placed it aside and brought her attention back to the dead animal. She swallowed back against the dryness in her mouth and grabbed the small, innocent animal. It was still warm in her grasp, the blood oozing through her fingers. “Are you going to cook this?” Rayne raised her brows as she looked at her mother.

“Yeah, just put it in the sink I’ll clean it and put it in the freezer before I leave tonight.” Her mother watched her as she responded to the question.

Walking passed the small rabbit pen they had Rayne almost jumped at the squeals that came from the animals that all ran in the opposite direction of her. She raised a brow in confusion as she glanced over her shoulder at her mother. “If this is gonna be a thing with this curse…I’m already not liking it.” She spoke bluntly. Rayne liked animals and she had a connection with certain types but she didn’t like feeling their fear, which was intense and almost painful as animals practically got scared to death when met by their predators. The rabbits had never reacted so strongly towards her, which made her worried as to what was to potentially come from this curse.

Making her way upstairs the young woman placed the small animal corpse into the sink and tried to shake as much blood off her hands as possible. Pushing the faucet up the water ran in the second sink basin as she looked down at the crimson liquid that stained her palms and fingers. Her gaze lingered on her skin. Something in her mind momentarily took control as her hands came closer to her face. She sniffed her hand and then stuck her tongue out. Licking her finger.

“Rayne, what are you doing?” Her mother’s voice called out startling her.

Looking over at her mother Rayne pulled her tongue back into her mouth and swallowed. “I-I uh—” Her words were cut off as the power in their home flicked off. There was a loud hum outside as it sounded like something large was being powered off. Glistening amber eyes looked out the kitchen window as she watched all the lights in their neighbourhood shut off one by one. There was a blinding crack of lightning, thunder booming outside as rain began to pound against the window. A light caught Rayne’s attention something she could see through the corner of her eye. Licking the rest of her index finger Rayne swallowed back the surprisingly sweet yet tangy tasting, thick liquid. It was energizing in a way, it made her feel good. She went for the middle finger as well.

“Katerina!” A deep female voice boomed through the home. A woman bearing two torches stepped out from Rayne’s bedroom and into the kitchen.

The raven haired girl finished licking her middle finger as she was startled by the voice. Snapping out of whatever she had been under Rayne looked at her hands and realized what was in her mouth. Running her hands under the sink she scrubbed at them as she spat out and choked with a slight gag. Coughing slightly she spat some more into the sink. Shaking her hands dry she turned around and watched the foreign woman with the torches approach her mother. Rayne remained still in her position, wiping her hands on her pants as she grew confused and clenched her jaw. The woman looked insanely familiar. Her mother having given her full attention to the other woman.

She watched as Katerina, her mother embraced the other dark haired woman. “Meetehr!” She sounded joyous. Breaking the embrace the woman handed Rayne’s mother a torch. Turning around Rayne was met by her mother’s smiling gaze.

“Meetehr? Your mother?” Rayne asked. “M-My grandmother?” Her eyebrow cocked up. Realizing who she was seeing, the young woman’s mouth fell open in awe and shock. “This is-I-Oh my god!” Rayne approached the woman. “Yiayia?!”

“Se parakalo pehdee mou. Me meh less etsee.” The woman spoke. As she hugged Rayne back tightly.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you.” Rayne spoke. “I just—”

The woman, her grandmother, Hekate, told her to not worry about it as she had simply been joking. Together the three women sat in the living room, candles lit all around them, the torches levitating in the living room. The three-faced goddess spoke to the two of them about what had been happening in the world, what Zeus had requested from all the gods, she explained his reasons and had to break the news to the two of them about what Rayne was needed for. Her mother didn’t like the idea, she felt that her daughter wasn’t ready but she truly had no choice.

As the three spoke, the goddess of witchcraft had chosen to bring up the situation that had befallen Rayne only a few hours ago. She had caught a glimpse of the book, the page it was opened upon and the energy that she had felt coming from her granddaughter. Just like Katerina, Hekate explained that this was a dangerous situation indeed. There was nothing in her power that she could do to reverse such a curse, it had been created by the king of gods himself and it was a strong and vile one, something he himself wasn’t fond of. All she could recommend to the young woman was to be cautious and not allow the curse to fulfil itself.

Hekate hadn’t much time to spend with her two ‘children’ stating that she had to return to mount Olympus. She promised to deliver Rayne to her destination safely. The young woman was quick to pack a sum of her belongings. Her mother also allowing her to take Hekate’s grimoire with her. Rayne still had much to learn, while Katerina had learned all she could from the book herself therefore she saw no reason to hang onto it any longer. With a tight embrace, a loving kiss and a promise to a phone call on a daily basis mother and daughter said their goodbyes.

As the young demi-god and goddess departed the lights returned to Rayne’s home. As promised Hekate brought Rayne to her destination safe and in one piece.

She appeared through a thick purple cloud in the middle of a large, extravagant living room. It was spacious and warm, well decorated too, the light bounced off the bright off-white walls. A large accent wall was marble textured with various shades of grey, a large sliding door led to a large balcony. There were two steps that led to another section of the living room, beyond that laid the kitchen and dining area. There was a set of steps that led up stairs, that section held high ceilings with a large modern chandelier hanging down into the slightly raised area of the living room. There were suede couches and lounging chairs that varied from white to grey, decorated with a large sum of pillows each that ranged from deep earthy browns to whites. Carpets kept the pale hardwood floors under the couches covered.

Not much to Rayne’s taste but it was still nice to look at. “Not bad.” She nodded slightly. Grabbing her bags she made her way towards the staircase and up. The first floor she stumbled upon was labeled ‘men.’ Raising a brow she sighed slightly and kept going up, the next floor said ‘women.’ Entering through the long hallway she made a right at the second door. The rooms, on the contrary to the large living room were small and very simple, two single beds in each room, with a window in the middle of the external wall. There was storage space under and behind the beds, two desks against the wall where the door to enter was. Stepping in she approached the bed on the right, placing all her things on the bed she hoped that it was enough to let others know that this particular bed had been claimed. Removing all her rings she placed them in one of her bags. On the pillow of her new bed was a single key. Picking it up she looked at it, a deep purple band was tied upon it. Was this key meant to be hers? Shrugging she took the key and placed it on her necklace. Removing her wallet she placed that in one of her bags as well. Slipping her boots off she put them at the foot of her bed and began to undress.

While in her underwear she closed the door to her new room slightly. Removing her undergarments, the raven haired girl fell to all fours and willed her form to change. Black, long and soft hairs spread all over her body as her shape began to change, thankfully the technique was painless, if it had been any other way she wouldn’t change as often as she did. In place of the young Raven haired woman now stood a larger than average black dog, its fur was long and slightly shaggy, the shade identical to Rayne’s hair colour. If it had to be compared to an already existing breed it would fit under the category of some sort of shepherd dog.

Shaking her fur Rayne yawned. The dog not only held the same shade of fur but also an identical match to her human eyes. The same necklace hung around her neck, the key to her new home on it as well. The girl tried her best not to linger around humans too long, they were quick to question why a dog had piercings, several of them. Her tongue hung out the side of her mouth as she turned around and used her muzzle to open the door. Rayne didn’t know where she was but this would be the best way for her to find out, it was easier for her to run and move this way, and she didn’t have to show face. Making her way downstairs her nails clicked against the hardwood floor.

She trotted through the home until she found the main entrance to the home. Thankfully the door had a handle and Rayne, in her animal form was able to push down on the lever and open the door. She used the top of her head to shut the door behind her but almost immediately regretted coming outside. The dog’s ears flattened as the animal looked unimpressed. It was raining hard and it only took moments for her to get drenched. The scent of wet dog was quick to follow. The animal scoffed and trotted down the stairs.

Reaching the sidewalk Rayne almost immediately began to run. It was one of the things she loved most about being able to change shapes like this. The freedom she felt, her muscles pushing her forward. It was easy to ignore the rain as she just ran. Her senses were alive, she could hear everything, smell everything, even her sense of touch was more sensitive, and the feeling of the wet concrete below her was refreshing. Her tongue hung out the side of her mouth still as she ran and panted. A new city meant new smells, new faces and new adventures, maybe this ‘destiny’ she had to fulfill would end up being so bad.


Meetehr = Formal way of saying 'Mother'
Yiayia = Grandmother
Se parakalo pehdee mou. Me meh less etsee. = Please my child. Do not call me that.

For a translation of the curse please refer to the Children of Olympus Grimoire (Page 1, post #5)
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Florida weather was always perfect in the early morning. The cool feel of satin sheets played against silky skin, the girl in the middle of the bed was just waking up, or starting to wake up. Her pink covers were concealing her body from the outside world. "... I wish I could stay in bed all day." Tulip Heart was a very busy girl. Only being Twenty and she was known around most of America and some other Countries as one of the best Horseback Rider/Trainer there was. She felt accomplished and happy that everyone took her seriously, and didn't just think she was just a pretty face.

As she sat up, moving her covers off of her, Tulip took a minute to yawn. "Uhhh... another day, another beautiful day." She smirked to herself, as she stood up and passed by her floor length mirror, she looked at her reflection. "Perfect, like always. Thanks mom." She looked up towards the ceiling, not knowing if her real mom was listening to her... let alone knew that she was still alive. Tulip doesn't know much about Aphrodite, other than that she is the Goddess Of Love & Beauty.

Tulip wanted to meet the woman, but apparently it was forbidden for them to meet, at least that's what her father told her. Shrugging off the curiosity, for the moment, she went towards her walk-in closet. Her closet was bigger than most people's apartments, and she loved telling people about it. If one wasn't careful, they could actually get lost in it. She didn't have a lot planned for the day, since she didn't need to go to her family's ranch until later that night, and she didn't have a competition or training session all week. "Maybe I'll go to the beach, or something like that."

It was hard for her to make real friends, being that she was from a very wealthy and powerful family in the Florida High Society, most people were opportunists, only wanting to befriend her for what she could do for them. She stepped farther into her closet, looking for just the right look for the day. She found a nice looking mini-dress, it wasn't the typical beach dress, for her it was. Plucking it from it's holder, she grabbed the other parts of her outfit and sat them on the bed. She went to go take a nice warm shower, with vanilla scented body wash, her favorite.

After an hour, she was finally dressed and ready for the beach. "Clara." A middle-aged, but young looking, woman came towards Tulip. "Yes, Miss Heart?" Tulip smiled at her Housekeeper, she was the most loyal and respectful woman Tulip had ever met. "I told you, call me Tulip." Clara shook her head. "You know how I feel about calling you by your first name." Tulip sighed, she wasn't going to win this fight... even though she hated losing. "... fine. Anyway, I am going to head to the beach, need to relax a bit. I will be back later this afternoon." Clara smiled at her. "Have fun... wear sunscreen." Clara was more of a mother to Tulip than her adoptive mother, or her birth mother.

Tulip got into her Rolls Royce, driving towards Miami Beach, her favorite place. No matter if it snowed, rained, even if it was hailing, she is always up for a relaxing hour or two at the beach. She parked her car, locking the car door and heading towards the Giant Rock next to the water. She spotted some familiar people, but didn't bother with saying hi to them. Most people in Florida were fake as fuck... even the ones who didn't want to use her for her money or who she was.

She flipped her hair over her right shoulder, the raven locks cascading down her side. She placed her hat back on her head, the Florida Sun could be a gift one second, and than it could be a pain in the ass the next. She laid back, with her arms folded behind her head. She had her legs placed down flat, so no wind could move her dress up, and no perverts could see anything. "This is the life." She smiled, her shiny white teeth almost as bright as the Sun.

While relaxing on the Giant Rock, she could hear a wierd rumbling sound coming from the water below the rock. She didn't think about it for too long, being it was a beach an all, rumbling water was a common thing.

The sound started to get louder and more noticeable, Tulip sighed and sat up. Taking off her shades, her eyes almost popped out of her head. The water in front of her was bubbling... and not an average type of bubbling, but giant actual bubbles. She looked around at the other beachgoers, but none of them seem to notice the huge area of colorful bubbles.

"What is going on?" Tulip couldn't believe her eyes, at the same time she wanted to run... but something kept her there. Knowing that her mother was a Goddess and that she inherited some of her powers, seeing water bubble up shouldn't be that surprising, but it was.

Maybe her eyes were playing a trick or her or something, but she could swear that she saw a shell or something in the middle of the bubbles. Tulip didn't notice that she was moving closer to the edge of the rock, it was as if the bubbles were calling to her or something... magical. "This is bad... soo bad." She couldn't fight the urge to touch the bubbles, getting too close, she felt her body shift and start to fall forward. "Ahhh!"

Tulip had her eyes closed the whole time she felt the sensation of falling... not feeling the impact of water, she opened one eye. "What... where, uhh." She was speechless, for the first time ever. "Where am I!" She was scared and annoyed now, her clothes didn't feel wet at all and she hadn't dropped anything in the water, she just figured it was her passive power keeping her appearance perfect. She noticed that she was now standing in a house or building of some sort. "Come on!" She stomped her foot, standing in the middle of the living room. "Hello! Is anyone going to answer me!" She had her arms folded, this was not going to be such a relaxing day, like she wanted it to be.

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"Come on... you know this, come on." Nigel Harley was in his living room, stressing over a big test he had to study for. He had chewed down maybe four pencils by now. He was usually a pro at studying and testing, but today he was really distracted. His mother had left for work early, so he was home by himself, except for the occasional movement of the fire in the fireplace, signalling that his birth father was watching him. Nigel knows that Hephaestus is risking a lot just by contacting him through the fire, and he appreciate his father for being there for him.

He was stressed over what his father had told him, Nigel would have to meet up Athena, Artemis and Hermes in London, England for something. When he asked his father what that SOMETHING was, the man didn't say. So now here he was, stressing over the test AND why he had to meet up with the goddesses and god. "This is NOT going to be a good day for me."

He had an idea of what the meet up could be about, maybe it was because of his too close of a relationship with his father... he hoped it wouldn't come down to a brutal end or something like that. He could hear the music on the T.V. in the background. "Not even The Weeknd can make me feel less stressed." He turned off his laptop, placing it on the right side of the couch. He adjusted his glasses. As he stood up, he saw the fire move a flicker. "I'm not ready yet... I know." He shook his head, going upstairs to get everything he would need.

His mother already knew that he was leaving, but he still left a note for her on the kitchen table. Nigel knew that his mother only had on a brave face just to keep him calm, but even if his mother acted brave around him... he was still nervous as hell. Grabbing everything he would need, be placed it all in his orange bags.

"Okay... I'm ready." Walking back downstairs, Nigel could see that the fire grew bigger. "Really... not necessarily." He shook his head, it was time for him to meet some Gods and Goddesses... that was going to be SOO FUN. He moved closer to the fire, as it wrapped around him, it engulfed him and than he and his bags were gone.

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|Alicante, Spain| Pool |
The water brushed against her skin as she forced herself to move through the liquid, creating little waves in the surface as she moved, barely stopping when she reached the edge, just to push herself faster to the other side. She had to become better, stronger, faster. There was no choice really. She had competitions coming up, and well, her best friend had denied her the little helpful helper that had used to help her when she was younger. Of course her coach wasn't denying her it. He was actually encouraging it, but yet so, she had to refrain. The choice was really in either having the little helper and losing her best friend, or keeping her best friend but risking to lose the competition. Sure, the victories were amazing, but her best friend mattered more. Especially as that girl kept her with her feet grounded, and not up in the sky. Well, down in the sea as some possibly would say, considering she lived in the water.
Swim. Just swim. She kept repeating her mantra in her mind as she swam, just barely poking her head over the surface every now and then to catch a breath during her laps, her blood pulsing through her veins. Swim. Just swim. The feet in the sea was a surprise as she tried to keep swimming, and she wanted to swim, but she knew she would soon have to stop. For they were standing still. They had been standing still for the last four laps she had been taking. No. She would not stop. She would not stop moving in the water, just because someone stood in it. That was their business. She had her business to worry about. What anyone else did, didn't matter. For their actions were theirs and she would not be affected. No one could make her stop swimming now that she was in her element. No one could make her stop swimming now that she was in the water, now that she was swimming. No... She wouldn't stop, not even someone must have turned on the little wave machine they had installed in the pool a month or so ago. For as she pushed herself, the waves kept getting stronger and harder to handle. Or was it just herself becoming more tired? She wasn't sure, but it was surely becoming hard to handle the force that was going back against her. Stopping by the edge, she grabbed onto the edge and lifted herself up, looking out on the water.
Weird.... It was almost still, the only movements being the little waves made as she swam back and forth, but there was nothing that should have said she would be struggling to keep on swimming. Nothing as such. Nor did she feel that tired. She had after all managed to lift herself up easily without much struggle. So really, had her mind just been playing tricks on her?
"Mom, I'm heading home to grab some food, then I'll go see Stella" She called out to where her mother would usually sit, though as she looked over, there was nothing but an empty chair. An empty chair that should have had the woman who looked like an older version of herself sitting in it. "Mom?" She shouted as she started to walk towards the changing rooms. Maybe her mother was there, making sure guys were hiding in the girls changing room like had happened just a month ago? It could be.
Yet she was not hiding there either. Where was the older woman? No one was answering her shouting, and no one was to be seen as she walked around. It was slightly freaking Mikayla out as she just wanted to figure out where her mother was, so that the woman didn't need to worry about dinner and waiting for her.

Yet after walking through the building with just a towel over the bikini, she could not find her. Maybe she had ended early, and just left Mikayla to finish her swimming? It was always an opportunity. So she let the worry fall off her shoulders and started to change, trying to ignore the feeling of someone watching her from behind. It's just my imagination. It's all my imagination... She told herself without looking behind, until she heard a cough, and spun around, almost loosing her footing as she saw a man with a beard standing there. A shriek escaped her, her fingers moving around the shampoo bottle before she threw that across the room and onto the person. Though, it mattered little for he didn't seem to be bothered at all as it fell to the ground after hitting his chest. "Get out!" She shouted, scrambling with the towel to cover her body. She was just there in shorts and a bikini, and this stranger stood behind her, watching like a perv?! What sort of disgusting pig did that sort of stuff?! "Mikayla Mikayla.... I thought your mother would have told you about this already" He shook his head like he was disappointed with something, having the girl trying to think things through. Like where was her pepper spray? "Get out you perv" She repeated, Adrenalin rushing through her body, as she tried to keep breathing slow and not let her worry rush off. "Perv? As in pervert?" There was a sound of disbelief in his voice as he looked at her, and she raised a brow, giving him the 'duh' look as she slowly moved back and tried to grab her jacket. She had to have at least the screaming alarm in it. Oh come on... Where are you.... She was slowly starting to freak out as she could not find what she wanted, and he stood there, like he was expecting an answered. Yet he got none.
Grabbing the gold object that had stood beside him, he quickly reminded her of the paintings she had seen of ancient gods, but no. This was just a sick joke. It had to be a sick joke. Just a sick, sick joke. "How much did Jess pay you to mess with me?" She snapped, and she heard him laugh. "I'm not paid to be here and get your ass to London, Mikayla. I'm here because you need to train" What the hell, she thought. Training? She was already training. She was already in form! "No. Not swimming." He continued and stepped forward, and she crashed back, her back against the wall. This was bad. Very, very bad. He had her trapped as he walked over and looked down at her. "I thought at least your mother would have told you who I am" He said almost like he didn't believe how she didn't trust him. Snorting, she glared up. "This is a sick joke" It was like she was just angering him the more she spoke, and he put his hand on her shoulder, the pressure weighing her down. "Mikayla Elwin. You're the daughter of Poseidon. Now, stop acting like I'm trying to kill you. Get dressed, get your bag done, and meet me by the pool." He didn't say more before he left the room, leaving her confused.
Throwing her shirt on and quickly putting her stuff in her duffel bag, he could just forget about her coming out to the pool. He was a sick joker who had been watching her change, and she was not willing to just accept his words. So after she was ready to go, she threw the bag over her shoulder, ran out of the room, locked the door, and started to run to get out of the building. She didn't care if he was locked in. She just needed to get away. She needed to get away. About to grab the exit door, she felt a hand cover her mouth and nose, silencing her screams as she started to fight against what was holding her back. But as the air left her body she just saw it turning dark around her. But before it all turned back, she saw his face as he stood there, looking back at her with some eyes she felt like she had seen before. Had she?
|London, England|​
Waking up, Mikayla stretched her arms a little, trying to figure out what had happened. Sure, she felt a bit beaten, but that wasn't any weird when she had been using her body that much during the day. This though, this just felt wrong. Her throat felt as good as dead, and she felt like there was bruises forming on her arms from how the bastard had held her. Sitting up, she heard the sound of paws against wooden floor but the sound quickly left, and she was confused. What was going on? Her hair was still wet as it fell around her face, her bag on the floor, but she wasn't really sure what was going on. Standing up, watching the room, at least there was something she could see that she was familiar with. A pool. Just out the doors, and there would be a pool. Well, if she ended up in a situation where there was someone trying to get her... Maybe she could trick the person out into the pool and use that as a chance to escape? Maybe. So she grabbed her bag and walked out to the pool, sitting down by the edge. This was all just insane. All crazy.
She didn't even know how much time had passed. What if Stella got worried? What if her mother was worried? What if they thought she had just ran away? Oh god, this was becoming bad. Very bad. Very, very bad.

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|Alicante, Spain | Flower shop​
"Stella, can you take care of the shop today? I have some interviews to do" Her father had looked up from the newspaper as they were eating breakfast that morning, looking at her with eyes blue like her own, and with a pepper and salt beard. He was becoming old, so she could understand why he'd need extra employees in the shop to help out when she had school or was out with friends. So of course there had been no problem for her to take an extra shift at work. No problem at all. Especially not as she would have the shop all to herself unless there was customers. It was a reasonable busy shop, not too busy, nor too little. It was... Just right. There was customers when there was, and when there wasn't, she had more than enough time to walk around and help the flowers get all they needed. Like soothing music playing around in the shop, or with some extra water. Everything she could do, to make sure the flowers were as good as they could be. To help her beloved plants bloom to their full potential.
It was actually all going quite fine that sunny afternoon, when a stranger came into the shop. A stranger who she felt.... Who she felt like she knew. Like she was supposed to know. "Good afternoon ma'am. May I help?" Stella peeked up from a little apple dwarf tree which she had planted the year before, that kept on giving them apples year around. Despite the logic of it, they even tasted delicious. "I believe you might actually be just the girl I'm looking for" The woman said and Stella stood up, walking over to her. Wearing a light flowery dress, Stella looked like she belonged in the store, which she did. For she had been raised with it. From she could walk she had been walking in the store, playing with flowers, getting to give little sunflowers to people she found beautiful. Which when she had been a 4 year old girl, had been every person who entered the shop. "You're looking for me?" Stella looked a bit confused for a moment but shrugged it off, going back to the professional. "What can I help with?" Stella asked, walking beside the woman with blonde hair like herself, who was exploring the store, walking between rows of orchids and roses. "I'm looking for a young woman who would be.... Nineteen years of age by now. I believe her name is Stella Bayne" The woman said, and Stella had to be honest. "That would be me. May I ask what's the issue? Why are you seeking me?" She was careful as she spoke, making sure to be kind in her voice, though this wasn't exactly normal. "Ah.... So it is indeed you" As the woman stopped, she walked in front of Stella, and lifted her hand up. "Please... Don't hate me for this" She said carefully before her hand was raised and opened, and a powder blew into the face of Stella, making her drop into the arms of her biological mother. For she was there slightly. She could still hear and pay attention, but she did not have the power to move her body. For all she wanted to do, was to fall asleep. Fall asleep and sleep.
"We could have done this in your home instead, Michael" Persephone looked up from the blonde who looked asleep in her arms, and lifted her up properly, holding her like one would hold a sleeping child. Like there was no weight in Stella's body. "She already knew of me. She has gifts. You know it too" Persephone said to the man who looked so much older than when he had held Persephone in the past. He was growing old, but yet she remained the beautiful queen of the underworld. "I do understand that. She just... She deserved to not fear when she was at home" he said and put the bag he had packed of clothes belonging to his daughter, having it there so the girls could take it and leave. So his daughter would not need to borrow clothes she did not like. "You could have given her a mother" The young goddess said, her gaze locking with that of the man, before she took the bag. Before he could even explain, they were gone, and he knew this was his own fault. He had lost his daughter, because of who he had her with. Because he had a child with a goddess. Because of his own foolishness, she was gone from his life, at least for now, and that he had to live with.

| London|
It smelled like flowers around her, and she felt drowsy as she sat up, seeing her pink bag by the bed. She couldn't remember having left the shop, nor could she remember having gone to bed, yet there she was, laying on a bed she did not know, feeling like she had the biggest headache that could ever be. Sitting up, it felt like she would fall over, until it settled snd slowly she made her way downstairs, seeing her best friend out by the pool, yet she didn't take the chance on doing anything yet. Mikayla seemed distracted, and Stella didn't want to worry her more. So she made her way to the kitchen, finding glasses and filled one with water, just so she could get rid of the dizziness she was feeling. Standing in the kitchen, she kept on looking out from it, studying what was going on elsewhere. Maybe someone would have an explanation soon. Maybe.​


[fieldbox="Elin, blue, solid"]

Orlando, Florida.

"I don't think we should do the show today" Came the confident, if not worried, voice of her manager as she finished tying off her bra for the show. Elin glanced over her shoulder at the middle aged businessman and smiled faintly. "Why ever not?" She asked, her voice was as soft and pure as the water that lapped at the entrance to the tank nearby. Her show was performed in the tropical tank, where her biggest issue would be if the ray they kept got fiesty. Though a lot of the time they ignored her and swam to the tanks glass to wave hello to the guests. "It happened again, this time in Hokkaido." Her manager fiddled with his tie, as often he did when he was nervous, and Elin's smile faded a little, "Another girl?"
"She didn't find the tube, she drowned in front of hundreds of guests."
"That's truly awful but I don't see what -"
"Elin, that's 6 in as many months." Elin could see where this was going so she sat herself down on the ledge by the service entrance and started pulling on her tail. As with most 'mermaid' performers hers was custom made to fit her skin tone, geographical location and other aspects that people didn't necessarily think were important. Elin's had been made to look as realistic (from a distance) as possible for the amazement of the fifty to a hundred kids that were dotted around the edges of the tank waiting to see a real live mermaid. The tail started off in a bronzed gold hue, that matched the look of her hair, the scales, when fully flattened into place would cling up the side of her hips and hide her rear and the small swimming panties she wore under. It then descended naturally, as many fishes scales did, to golden blue's and greens all the way to the fins where the golden and bronzed hues came out to pick out details and shape. The most awkward part was the fins, when asking for realism they'd need to make them fit to shape, for a streamlined, quick moving, deep swimming fish they would have been quite large so for the human equivalent they were easily one and a half times the length of one of her arms. Though it was awkward and weighty on the land in the water it was much easier to move and adjust.

"It's so strange, I have spoken to the other park managers and they all said the same thing. The girls were strong swimmers, had done the routine hundreds of times but it was as if they had no idea where their apparatus was. As if it had been moved." Her boss crouched in front of her, taking her hands from their work at flattening out the scales and creases, "Look, we'll cancel todays show, we'll check the tank out over the weekend and if it's all safe we'll reopen, what do you say?"
"James." She started, he preferred his first name being used, which had always felt odd, "I will be okay." She gave his hands a gentle squeeze and took her hands from his to finish arranging her tail. "I checked the bookings, we have a birthday party today don't we? A little girl whose parents just so happened to book her party at the aquarium around the time the mermaid performed. What about the other children too? They came here to see a mermaid swim. Please James, don't make me rip that magic away from them. Don't take those beautiful, happy faces from me."

She knew she had him over a barrel, it read all over his face, he was concerned but he'd given in as he often did. Every time a girl died he tried to convince her to quit, or to not do the show. It was wonderful in a way, the job didn't come without it's hazards and so much more so than other jobs. She'd done a show in the shark tank once and he'd nearly fainted when one of the sharks looked ready to charge her. Luckily it was the baby and it wanted the fish behind her but needless to say she hadn't been back in that tank for a long time now."Okay...promise me you'll be okay."
"I promise."
"How do you know you won't drown?"
"I just know."

With a smile and a wink she slid to the entrance of the tube, the weight and awkwardness of the fins was already lost in the gentle, warm flowing water. "You have two minutes to get fully adjusted, then i'm announcing you."

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

James took the stairs up to the aquarium viewing platform, where he greeted the parents of the birthday girl and explained to them what was going to happen. He couldn't help the deep sinking feeling he had in the pit of his stomach, something about the other girls made him think someone was after the mermaids. Though as an excited seven year old nearly shook her father to pieces with the excitement of seeing a real live mermaid he couldn't even begin to fathom why. All they did was bring joy to people, to the adults it showed them skill, beauty, finesse and allowed them, however briefly, to believe in magic again. For kids it was their whole world, girls and boys (though boys would deny it of course) loved the idea of mermaids, of magic and mystery and adventure.

Carefully he arranged the head mic as the children lined up and sat in front of him on the floor, the birthday girl in her father's arms with an almost death grip around his neck. Elin had been right of course, how could they not give this little girl her birthday wish? With the mic in place he put a smile on his face and took his position at the edge of the viewing platform.


The bod in the lighting room bought down the lights on either side of the aquarium while the tour guides on the other two sides of the aquarium hushed everyone. Dull but clear LEDs lit up the archways to the exits but around the edge of the tank were bright blue LED's that pointed up and towards the tank, making ripples of light flutter across the ceiling and down the walls. A gentle background track was played just within hearing range of the sound of whales and James' voice filled the room and carried over the speakers.

"All through history sailors, of all origins, have told stories of fabulous monsters in the deep uncharted waters. None so fabulous it is argued, as the mermaid. Half woman, half fish these elusive sirens of the deep have been spoken of since time in memorium. before my father would entrust me this aquarium he challenged me to get a photograph of a mermaid and bring it back to him. I have to tell you now, I failed."

There was a disappointed murmur and a few of the children looked ready to cry.

"But! I did not fail to bring one back with me. I found her at a circus, trapped in a tiny glass tank with barely enough room to stretch her tail. It broke my heart ladies and gentleman, to see such a glorious creature confined and knowing, in this age of pollution and rubbish waste in our beautiful oceans, that she could never again be free to swim with the fish she may have called friends I bought her here. Perhaps the last of her kind, the SIren of Orlando, the beautiful, the only, Nereid."
As he side stepped there was a stream of bubbles, the mic went quiet and out from the very back of the tank (the only side that wasn't on immediate show to the public) swam the silhouette, the children had grown quiet and their little faces were bunched in confusion. The adults watched, equally perplexed but much less obviously. A large whale shark passed over head, shadowing the silhouette but as it languidly passed by a shimmer of colour was seen and the gasp of the birthday girl was audible in the near silent room. She clung to tightly to her father it was a wonder he could breath but as the shape became more defined she giggled excitedly, jumped down from her daddy and ran up to the glass, pausing before her little hands touched it and glancing to James for permission. "Gently, you don't want to scare her right?" The girl shook her head furiously and placed her hands so carefully on the glass one would think she was a bomb disposal expert. As 'Nereid' grew closer the girls excitement grew almost palpable. Her feet shuffled, her butt wiggled, she was doing everything she could to stand still, her brown eyes wide like a beagle puppy and her smile almost taking over her whole face.

Nereid swam lazily forward, swaying through the water to do casual loops. ONly one side of the aquarium held the parties and that was her first stop. Dipping low through the waters, all but out of sight of the birthday girl she swam closer to the glass, raising up just as the girl started to look disappointed and placing her hands over where the girls were on the other side of the glass. Elin couldn't hear the scream from the girl but she could feel it through the glass, she stamped her little feet and she sobbed and cried happy tears, she turned without moving her hands and screamed at her parents and friends that the mermaid was real. Before looking back at Elin and grinning widely. Elin blew bubbles for the girl who giggled happily and then, with a flick of her tail Elin rose, her entire length, tail, fins and all, sliding up the front of the glass as she turned a lazy somersault and began to swim back into the reef like bottom of the tank.

The rest of the birthday party guests were soo nat the glass, though the girl whose party it was wouldn't be budged, they were watching as the mermaid turned complicated loops and spins, darted between natural structures and posed for photo's from all sides. They watched her gently hold onto one of the whale sharks fins and be taken around the tank by them and tickle a ray's belly.

The show lasted thirty minutes in total, by the end of which James was pretty sure he had gone temporarily deaf. Before 'Nereid' disappeared she came back to the glass, the girl had been hugging her father tightly but when she heard the delicate tap and James motioned to the glass she saw the mermaid and rushed back over. Elin couldn't hear the girl but she was saying something with flushed happy cheeks and Elin smiled.

While the girl was distracted her father turned to James and thanked him, "Thank you, so much, this means everything to her. You see, tomorrow she has to go to the hospital for Chemotherapy, she was diagnosed with Leukemia and she stopped being our little girl. This is the first time I've seen her smile and laugh in months, you've given her hope. Thank you." James was somewhat taken aback by the outpouring and sombred when he looked at the happy girl. "How about when she beats this, you bring her back here to see the mermaid again, give me your names and I'll have you on the VIP list, just call me up when she's beaten it and I'll arrange it all. The parents looked overwhelmed and thanked him again to which he said it was no problem.

Nereid waved goodbye to the girl and she waved goodbye back and then Elin made her way back to the access hatch. When she was well out of sight the lights went back up and the birthday party music began to play again, James was asked to inform the girl, Hailey her name was, of what he'd said. "Your Mum and dad told me you're not well but, me and Nereid, we think you'll be better in no time at all and I know that she'd really like to see you again when you're all better, she might even ask you to come swim with her, so you have to promise me and Nereid you're going to keep smiling alright?" The girl grabbed James in a huge hug and he smiled faintly, gently stroking her hair, "That a girl."

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _​

By the time James was downstairs Elin was in her jogging bottoms and crop top, drying off her hair with her tail very carefully laid out to dry. "So, was it worth it?"
"That little girl has Leukemia." He said, still shell shocked, he could see Elin's shocked expression too,
"Well I hoped you told her to fight it and that when she wins she's -"
"Going to come here and see you, maybe even swim with you."
"Darn right she is! What a trooper."
"I had a feeling you'd say that, she's got some good parents so she'll be okay. I've slipped a picture of you into her goodie bag too. Hopefully that'll keep her spirited. How are you though? Everything where it should be?"
"Of course it was, I told you, nothing to worry about."

James and Elin spoke for a little while longer, then, with hoodie on and hood pulled well up to hide her hair she wished him a good day and said she'd see him tomorrow. As she made her way through the aquarium she could hear a light giggling following her. Shaking it off as nothing she continued until something bubbled up from the ray pool. That was odd as the pool wasn't deep enough, or cluttered enough to cause those kinds of bubbles.


peering over the edge she tried to find the source of the bubbles, if it was a loose cable or an exposed bit of piping it could damage the rays. The giggling returned, followed by a stream of bubbles which seemed to solidify into the shape of a person, "Papa is busy, so come give gammy a kiss." Came the most beautiful voice she'd ever heard, a gentle shove behind her was felt and then she was falling, falling much further than the shallow pit should have allowed but she couldn't open her eyes no matter how hard she tried. "I'm sure that awful son of mine will come see you soon but until then, remember, gammy loves you." The voice sounded so childish, so girly but it was achingly beautiful and she was sad when it was gone, the bubbles too seemed to dissipate and she was finally able to open her eyes, finding herself at the bottom of a tiled pool rather than the ray's pool she'd fallen into.

With a swift easy kick she righted herself and head for the surface, what was happening?

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[fieldbox="Lucas Cloud, yellow, dashed, 10"] The state of Wisconsin had always been somewhat quiet. The farmlands that made up it's borders filled with corn and grazing cows that never went far from their home except for when there was a break in the fence and they got out and blocked the middle of the road. There were exciting things for people to do in Wisconsin though. The Wisconsin dells held a few theme parks and water parks for visitors to travel to and visit and there was always something to do. However that was if you were looking for something to do. For a certain young Demi-god he had thought that it would have been the perfect place to hide and lay low.

Lucas cloud had known he had been a Demi-god since he could remember. His entire life had been ruined all because of that one fact. His mother was dead killed while trying to protect him from an attacking Chimera. His father. The so called king of the Gods Zeus had done nothing to help him or his mother. It wouldn't surprise Lucas to find out that Zeus probably didn't even know about his existence let alone his mother's death but couldn't Zeus know about his existence? It wasn't like children of the big three were common place as far as he knew. For all he knew he was the only child of the big three that was alive today. But then again he could also have brothers and sisters of all over the country and around the world that he didn't even know about. However his screwed up family tree and life wasn't the thing he should have been concerned with at the moment.

While traveling Lucas had accidentally walked into the territory of a Minotaur that had taken up residence in the area. One thing led to another and now here Lucas was running for his life while a pissed off Minotaur chased after him with the intent of breaking every bone in his body before he got ripped in half. In his hand Lucas tightly held a celestial bronze sword which was the only thing that could be used to kill monsters such as this one. He knew how to use it sure. The nymphs that lived in the safe haven run by the God Pan had taught him enough to know how to wield a sword and to use it without chopping his own limbs off..but he didn't have the skills to fight something like this head on. Even with the extra training and practice he had put it. He had only killed minor monsters a bumbling cyclops here and there that he had managed to trick but something as dangerous as a Minotaur? He didn't know what he was going to do about that.

Lucas had lost track of how long he had been running but he knew that he was running out of steam and had little hopes of actually out running the creature. He had two until he ran out of breath and then wait for the creature to kill him..or turn around and try and fight back with probably only .000000000001% chance of actually surviving the encounter, but was better then nothing right? Sliding to a stop Lucas turned back to face the rampaging Minotaur and let out a slow breath in an attempt to calm his nerves. Fight or die..that was his only option now. As the Minotaur burst through the tree line and uprooted some of the smaller trees Lucas felt like he had made the biggest mistake of his life turning around to fight this thing..however he didn't have much of a choice now.

The Minotaur charged at Lucas giving him barely enough time to leap to the side and avoid getting trampled by the creature. As he rolled to the side he slid to a stop and was on his feet in a second to slash a long cut into the side of the Minotaur. The fresh wound leaked golden ichor the blood of the immortals and monsters. While Lucas knew the cut was superficial and would no way be enough to kill the creature he did allow himself a small smirk in satisfaction from the victory.

The victory was short lived however when the Minotaur swung it's fist around and hammered Lucas right in his side and sent him flying towards one of the trees which he hit hard with a loud THUMP! The blow from hitting the tree knocked his sword clean out of his hands and the breath from his lungs. He silently cursed in his head as he tried to catch his lost breath. Damnit..why did you get over confident? You never get over confident in a fight..I should have moved as soon as I hit him..but no..I got cocky.

The stomping of the Minotaur's hooves on the ground as they drew closer to him brought Lucas out of his thoughts. Lucas was running out of options..he needed to find a way to kill this thing quickly..or he would be the one that would die today. Lucas weakly climbed to his feet using the tree as support as he continued to gasp for breath. Just as the Minotaur charged him Lucas jumped to the side and watched as the Minotaur hit the tree head on with a sickening CRUNCH. Lucas looked on with wide eyes as he and the Minotaur realized that it's horns had gotten stuck in the base of the tree. The Minotaur was trying like mad to rip it's horns free but all it was doing was digging up the grass and dirt beneath him.

Lucas looked around quickly in hopes of trying to find his sword but it was no where to be seen. He cursed and climbed to his feet once again and started hobbling away. He could feel the large bruise already forming on his back and side from where he had gotten hit and feared that maybe even a rib or two was cracked and or broken. He needed to get away or kill this thing while he had the chance..or he was done for. He hadn't gotten far when the crackle of thunder could be heard overhead.

Lucas looked up and frowned a bit as he took this as a sign from his father. Why would his father intervene now? of all times why now? Lucas had never had his father's help with anything before. So why would Zeus decide to help or intervene now? But now wasn't the time to be questioning his father's motives he had bigger things to worry about. Looking back at the Minotaur he swallowed hard. He hesitantly turned his body towards the Minotaur and raised his back hand up behind his head taking the form like he was going to throw a spear and closed his eyes to concentrate. He had only done this once and it was completely by accident..but maybe he could do it again. Maybe..just maybe..he could create a lightning bolt to destroy the creature and save his life.

As Lucas concentrated he could feel the hairs on his arms and the back of his neck stand up as the space around him crackled with electricity. Focus. He thought. Focus. His fingers twitched and began to itch as he felt the bolt start to take form in his hand. Almost got it! Then things got worse. With a loud crash he snapped his eyes open as he saw the Minotaur finally rip his horns free and knock the tree to the ground. It was now or never. With a yell of defiance Lucas put all of his remaining energy and will power into the bolt that had formed in his hand and threw it with all his might at the Minotaur and struck it square in the chest just as it turned around to face him.

The Minotaur roared in pain and the smell of singed hair filled the air as the lightning bolt fried the creature until it exploded in a large puff of golden dust and was sent into the depths of Tartarus. Lucas smiled in triumph before he collapsed to the ground from exhaustion. He had put all of his energy into that lightning he had nothing left to give. As his eyes closed and darkness took him his last thoughts turned to that of his father and silently thanked him for giving him the idea of how to win the fight. This wasn't the end for Lucas though. No..Zeus had much bigger plans. With a quick flash of lightning that struck the ground right where Lucas was laying Lucas was suddenly gone. As if he had never been there. His son had fought well and survived. Now..Zeus would do him the favor of taking him to Athena in London. After that though..Lucas was on his own and would only have his other Demi-gods to look to.​

[fieldbox="Haris Clifton, orange, dashed, 10"]Haris Clifton had lived in the state of Florida for all of his life and couldn't ask for a better place to live. Yeah they had to deal with tornadoes and the occasional hurricane and the heat and humidity were god awful but this..this was his home. Ft. Meyers had been his home ever since he was born and he had no reason to change that lifestyle in the slightest. He lived with his mom, went to school, got good grades and he was getting ready to start the next step of his life and go to college.

He had been waiting to go to college since he had started his junior year in high school. He was ready to go out and make his mark on the world by learning all he could to help people. That's why he was going to school to become a lawyer. He was smart enough to go do the job and he wanted to bring people to justice and bring justice to the people who have been wronged. He just felt that being a lawyer was the best way to do that. Unfortunately he didn't know that the fates and the Gods had other plans for him.

Haris had just come home from visiting with some of his friends on the beach. He walked inside and called out to his mom "Mom? I'm home!" However there was no answer. Haris found this quite odd since his mom hadn't told him she was going out and she always answered when he called out to her "Mom?! Is everything ok?!" He was starting to get nervous when she didn't answer him a second time. He walked through the entrance and into the living room and there was his mom sitting there completely fine she didn't appear to be harmed but..she had been crying. "Mom?" His mom looked up at him and instantly started crying again and got up and ran over to him and hugged him tightly "Oh..oh Haris.." "M..Mom what is it? What's wrong?" He didn't understand the sudden change in her mood..he couldn't even remember the last time he had seen her cry like this.

He was about to question further when a new voice that he had never heard before "It's my fault that she's like this...Son." Haris froze at the word son. He slowly pulled away from his mother to look into her eyes. She only gave a small nod in return before she wiped her eyes again. Swallowing hard Haris slowly turned to face the man that was standing behind him. Here he was..the man himself that had gotten his mother pregnant and brought him into the world. The God of the sun.."Apollo.."

Apollo merely smiled and gave a small nod of his head "yes's me Apollo. But you can also call me dad. If you wish..however I understand if you don't want to call me that. I know I haven't been around.." "haven't been around? You've never been here!. You got my mom pregnant with me and then left the both of us!" "'s not like I wanted to leave you and your mother alone. But Zeus had forbidden us from having contact with out children.." " doesn't excuse the fact that you were never here."

Apollo sighed and nodded his head "I know son..and I'm sorry. I wanted to be here for your mother and you but I couldn't. But look..this is't about me or you..the reason I'm here is because I need your help." "My help? Why do you need my help? What could I possibly do?" The young man was confused beyond belief..if his dad was a God how could he possibly help him? A god could do anything they wanted couldn't they?

"Son..I don't know how to explain this to you so I'm just going to get right to the point. Something is happening in the world. Monsters are running wild and killing demi-gods like yourself left and right. It wasn't long ago that the one of the last children of Hermes was killed..he now only has a small handful of children left alive on the earth. Even my own children have been killed..and while I mourn their death there was nothing I could do for them..but you. You my son you can. You can help your brothers and sisters." "I don't can I help?"

Apollo simply sighed and crossed the room to set his hand on Haris's shoulder "Haris..your the son of a god..your my son. You have powers in you that could change the fate of the world just like every other demi god out there. I want you to come with me. I will take you to London. My sisters Athena and Artemis there will then train you. They will train you to fight against the evil that is rising in this world so that you may put a stop to it. You won't be will have one of your other siblings and another 14 demi gods joining you in your training and on your quests to fight for the world."

Haris stood dumbfounded. His father..the one he hadn't seen in his entire life..has just shown up at his door step and is asking him to go to london to learn how to fight...monsters and save the world? If it wasn't for the fact that he knew that his father was the God of the sun he would have started laughing at this entire situation. "You can't be serious father.." "I'm very serious son..I know this is asking a lot from you but please..I need your help. This doesn't effect just the Gods and the Demi-gods..this effects everyone. Whatever is going on it may be the end of the world as we know it. Unless you help put a stop to it."

Haris didn't know what to think. He glanced over at his mother who was once again drying her eyes. If what his father said was true..that meant his mom was in danger too. Not only that..but everyone on this planet. He wanted to be a lawyer to help people didn't he? Well..if he could help people by going to London..why shouldn't he go? Haris was silent for a moment longer before giving a small sigh and looking at his father. "Alright Father..I'll go." Apollo smiled at his son and nodded and gave him a quick hug "I'm glad you will son. Now come. London awaits as do Artemis and Athena." Without another word Apollo turned and walked to the back of the house.

Haris meanwhile took the moment to hug his mom one last time "I'll be safe mom..I promise..I'll write you and I'll come home when this is all over. I will see you again..I promise" His mom just gave a small whimper in return as she held her son. Letting go of his mom he followed his dad outside to where the sun chariot awaited. His eyes went wide as he took in the site of the chariot that awaited him. His father was already behind the reins and waiting to go. Haris glanced ahead at the fire steeds and couldn't help but smile at them before he made his way around and climbed onto the chariot behind his father.

He had just barely gotten on when suddenly his father snapped the reins and they were off. The speed that they were traveling at was so fast that the wind rushing past their ears was at such a high pitch he couldn't even hear it. His eyes were glued shut from the force of the wind blowing in his face. He knew if he opened them he would probably lose his eyesight. However almost as soon as they had taken off..they landed on the roof of the building that would be his home until this was all over. Haris unsteadily climbed down from the Chariot and swallowed hard before looking up at his father.

His father gave him one last smile and a nod of his head "Athena or Artemis will be here soon to fetch you. Good luck Haris. I know you'll make me proud and do the right thing. I know you can save the world." With that Apollo snapped the reins and he was gone..leaving a still very confused Haris on the roof of some building until the goddesses Athena or Artemis came to collect him. And who knew how long that would take?[/fieldbox]



Ai Mei
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When Ai woke up that morning it was a normal day and she expected a normal day. She rose out of her bed that morning and pushed through her closet for about twenty minutes. She ended up picking an outfit that probably cost more than some people's computers. It was a major source of self confidence for Ai. Some people would call that unhealthy or self destructive but Ai completely disagreed. As long as she look fabulous and she thought she looked fabulous everything was okay. There were definitely plenty of times people had said she spent way too much on clothes and that made her incredibly shallow. Ai got confidence from thinking she looked amazing, not what other people said. Though, there were a few opinions she did care about.

"For. The. Love. Of. Gawd. Ai." Emilia Lancaster walked into the Starbucks on campus to find Ai waiting in line. Emi cut the long line stretching out of the store to stand next to Ai. A couple people made snide remarks under their breaths but Emi looked back at them and gave them a smile that told them exactly what would happen if they dared complain.

"Emi, you can't just cut the line that isn't fair." Ai said firmly, sticking by her moral compass as she slid her hands into her large fur coat. Emi looked at her, rolled her eyes then stood in front of Ai who had made it to the front of the line after twenty five minutes of standing in line. She ordered some drink off of the secret menu then went ahead and ordered for Ai as well then paid for it all. That wasn't a problem because Emi and Ai had been best friends since she moved to New York in eighth grade. Emi often gave Ai some of the clothes she didn't like or took her on shopping sprees on her. Emi got to lead Ai and Ai reaped the benefits. It was a symbiotic relationship on that account and the account that despite the differences between them they loved each other.

"So can I hang out in the lab again?" Emi asked, giving Ai a small smile. Emi didn't believe in grinning, she said it maid you seam too eager and vulnerable. If you were that happy about something you'd better be having sex is what Emi always said. Ai rolled her eyes and nodded, trying to suppress the grin creeping onto her face. Emi always loved watching Ai in the lab, Emi sometimes called her Dr. Mei for fun because she liked the sound of having a friend who was planning on getting a PhD. Before entering the lab Ai switched out her fur coat for a lab coat and the shades resting fashionably atop her head for goggles. She then took off her watch to put on gloves and lastly tied her hair up into a ponytail. Emi shrieked in enjoyment and clapped, a large grin covering her face. According to Emi, as long as you didn't do it in public you didn't do it at all.

"Oh my Gods Emi if you love it that much then change your major!" Ai teased her, and by habit used the plural form of God. Because of her knowledge of the Gods, allusions to it tended to seep out. Most people knew she believed in Gods, fate, karma and other things like that. They simply called it spiritual.
"Too much work, it's much more fun to ob-ser-ve." Emi sounded out every syllable as she sauntered onto a stool. Emi and Ai shared another laugh before Ai began working.

They spent about an hour in the lab, Emi watching Ai work on the data for her project. Ai had two other lab partner's, her brother and a friend they called Honey because of how sweet she was. Ai preferred working in silence though so she did most of her part alone while her brother and Honey worked together. Around the end of the hour Emi got impatient, when Emi got impatient she started planning things.

"Ok so will get the mean girls together (Emi referenced her inner circle. She had four close and real friends including Ai and Honey. The other two were more shallow than Emi pretended to be. Honey and Ai represented the morality of the group.) and through a killer party. Open invite. Wait, should it be open invite? We don't want all of the fuck boys thinking that coming to a party means sliding into the DMs because it. does. not." Emi pushed her dark brown hair behind her shoulder, letting out a sigh.

Ai promptly came to a stopping point in what she had started, cleaned up and grabbed her coat and bag when Emi started looking at her like she was insane. "Ai, sweetheart." Emi giggled and Ai realized she was still wearing her lab safety equipment. Suddenly she was enveloped in blinding light. She was used to her control of light, or lack thereof. Sometimes she just glowed, it was a thing that happened. Never this brightly though. She fell down and when the light disappeared she was sitting down in some sort of building. Looking down at herself to check for injuries she was perfectly fine but she was sitting above ground on some sort of cloud, a rainbow coming from it, out of the window and attaching to another cloud outside. It annoyed Ai, from a scientific standpoint, that she could sit on clouds, and light (like, hm, i don't know, maybe rainbows?) because it was physically impossible. That wasn't her biggest problem at the moment however. Her biggest problem was where was she and did Emi drug her. Again.

She heard a "WOOOOH!" coming from outside and she quickly turned her head. There her idiot brother was, sliding down the rainbow, through the window (by turning into light particles) and onto the cloud Ai sat on. Kira knocked into Ai, causing them to both tumble on the floor with Kira on top of an Ai who was scared senseless. Kira stood and offered Ai a hand which she took.

"Best. Prank. EVER!" Kira raised his hand for a high five then apparently realized the only person around was his victim so he high fived himself. "Yeah, so there's this demi god thing ma told me about where were saving people and we have to meet artemis or athena and the fate of the world is in our hands and all that stuff." Kira stuck his hands in his pockets and muttered. Ai just scoffed and rolled her eyes and walked off, Kira following behind and attempting to apologize. A couple seconds later she broke and let out a laugh, Kira then cracked up laughing as Ai turned around.

"You're lucky I love you, you beautiful bitch." Ai grinned, "Now what about demi god things?"
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Akira "Kira" Mei
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Kira walked out of his dorm onto campus grounds. He passed by Starbucks and had a small body catapult into him, knocking him completely over and onto the ground. When he looked up and blinked a few times it was Ai's overly bitchy friend Emi. Kira liked Emi as much as the next person, but she did have quite the personality on her. The girl didn't move from Kira, straightening her dark brown hair then giving Kira a smile.

"Did it hurt just now, when you fell from heaven?" Kira gave her a devilish grin. Emi rolled her eyes and pushed off of him. She then scoffed irritably and crossed her arms. She then gave him a devilish smile and retorted: "No, but I sure as hell scraped by knees climbing up from hell, babe. For the record sweetheart, what are you wearing? Did you get that from the thrift shop 'cross the street because I hate to break it to you but you look like a peasant. How are you related to my Ai Mei. Anyways, ta-ta."

Kira laughed loudly, standing up next. He gave Emi a pat on the back before moving on. Emi ran on in the store, entirely ignoring the line. Kira chuckled, then began to keep strolling down the path way when his phone started ringing loudly. He picked it up and lifted his eyebrow when he heard the language used. It took him a moment but it was ancient Greek. Kira never learned the language, it simply translated as if he was born with it.

"My kirara, dear, can you hear me?" Iris' voice rang in Kira's ears. Iris and Ai were the only two women in the world he'd allow to call him Kirara.

"My Goddess." Kira gasped, anytime he had communications with Iris it was breath taking.

"Now, simply call me Ma like you do to your father and sister. How is she, your sister?" Iris asked, Kira didn't have to see her to know she was smiling and her smile radiated brilliance. "She's been getting better at using her powers?" Iris asked.

"Not really, she's been trying but she's frustrated she hasn't gotten any better. She complains that she's my twin sister so we should at least be at the same skill level. I practice more than her though- one time she-" Kira was cut off by Iris' laughter. Kira had a much closer relation to his mother than Ai did. Ai felt a little abandoned by Iris, and simply couldn't connect with her as well as Kira who immediately understood the situation once he was told.

"Kirara, I hate to interrupt you but I haven't called on a matter of sharing stories. I haven't much time, Hera beckons my presence. While Hermes is off on business I currently act as the sole messenger for the Gods," Iris begun. Kira and Ai both got one giant trait from Iris, which was their willingness to serve. Iris after a pause, begun to tell the tale to Kira.

"You will return to your father safe, my son. Also, don't forget to tell your sister. In an hour I will transport you and your sister to the site of meeting called London." Iris told him.

"Okay, so I'm not gonna tell her and it'll be hilarious!" Kira grinned, Iris sighed in response. "No, no trust me ma! She'll be all like 'oh noes where am I' and then I'll come up like 'gotcha'!" Kira explained, his mother cracking up in laughter. "Trust me it's a great idea, I'll talk to you later ma, have fun doing whatever it is you like to do up there. I'll be safe, Ai and I.... we'll be safe. I'll protect your daughter... my sister, with my- well this is all a little serious. Bye ma." The man hung up the phone, after a deep breath to try to take in everything that was said he began jogging to the gym.

After an hour or so at the gym, Kira still didn't have enough time to process news like that. It was too late though, he was enveloped in a burst of bright light and ended up sitting on a rainbow, sliding down it as if it were a slide. He decided to make the best of it while he could and through his hands in the air. "WOOOH!" he cried as he came down the multicolored light particles, crashing right into his twin sister- and boy was she pissed.

"Best. Prank. EVER!" Kira's mouth stretched into a grin the size of Texas. He raised his hand up into the air for a high-five but after a few seconds he realized the only other person around was his victim who didn't eve understand the prank. He slapped his own hand just for the satisfaction.

When Kira realized Ai was seriously pissed he muttered "Yeah, so there's this demi god thing ma told me about where were saving people and we have to meet artemis or athena and the fate of the world is in our hands and all that stuff." Ai rolled her eyes and walked away, making a disapproving noise. Kira followed her, "Ai- look, Ai- I'm- Ai turn around and listen to me I'm so-" he tried apologizing but the girl let out a small laugh. When Ai laughed Kira laughed, so Kira burst into a fit of laughter.

"You're lucky I love you, you beautiful bitch." Ai grinned, "Now what about demi god things?"
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Lilith was wiping down the bar after a long days work. It was almost empty in there now since it was after the last call, just after 4:30 am, but Lily wasn't tired. She was feeling bright, mischievous and downright victorious. After spending her evening working behind the bar making drinks, she felt like she had accomplished a goal. Especially so because more than half of those drinks had had a few drops of her favourite little party trick. Malum Discordia. A cruel little potion that made the drinker makes incredibly bad choices for a short time. Enough to erupt their lives into chaos. It had taken her a while to perfect it, but with her mother's guidance, she had mastered it six months ago. Along with various other tricks that she usually kept hidden up her sleeves. Sometimes literally, provided she was wearing them which wasn't often.

Like today, for example, the only thing that was covering her arms was her hair. It was long and pitch black, flowing over her bare shoulders as she moved, almost matching her halterneck top. It exposed much of her back and sides but covered all the things mentioned in the bar's guidelines much to the dismay of her boss, Crystal. Not that she cared much what Lily did, provided Lilith stayed away from her husband, James. Which she would actually have preferred, but James was a creep and he couldn't seem to stay away. And today was almost the worst he'd ever been. She was wearing the skimpy top with tight leather pants and a thick studded belt, which weren't really approved of either, but it seemed that James approved wholeheartedly. Usually, he sat at the bar drinking the profits away and staring at anything with tits but today he'd come behind the bar. It seemed that he wanted to pay special attention to her ass, so he had. She'd almost hit him.

'If you hit him, you'll lose your job and you won't be able to spread the chaos,' she kept telling herself inside her head, repressing her initial instinct to deck him. She countered that argument several times, back and forth, that she could get any other job anywhere else and she wouldn't have to deal with James and his pervy attitude, but very few places actually allowed her to drug their patrons even if they didn't know she was doing it. But most humans were intelligent enough to figure out that Lilith was bad news when their patrons lives started falling apart. They attributed it to 'bad mojo' instead of what it actually was, but it was safe to say that her employment didn't last very long. The only reason she'd kept this job for so long was because; a) Crystal was an idiot, b) the patrons came for cheap booze and loud music, and c) Lily's cocktails brought in more women than the bar had ever seen before.

The door opened and closed, as a hooded figure stepped into the almost empty bar, and Lily instinctively reached for the bat under the bar. She kept it low, not moving it from its spot and instead just wrapping her hand around the handle until she saw who it was. Lily relaxed instantly, her expression turning into a wide smile. "Alrigh' Ma," she said by way of greeting, as the figure pulled back it's hood, revealing a wild mess of thick black hair and wide brown eyes. Eris, the Goddess of Chaos, stood in front of her mortal daughter for the first time in months and arched an eyebrow. The woman appeared to be far older than you would think any god to be, in her mid-fourties, though that was mostly by design. Chaos had been around far longer than the Earth itself, though Eris had become it's goddess long after it's birth. It was wild and unpredictable, and completely necessary for the balance of the world.

Eris walked closer, ignoring James as he protested that they were closed, and placed her hands on Lilith's shoulders to give her the customary kiss on either cheek. Lily mimicked the action. "What's going on, Ma?" Lilith asked, her eyes curiously gazing at the Goddess.
"Things are changing, Lilith," she said, leaning onto the bar. "Demigods are gathering in London to do a job, and I'm sending you," she said with a wave of one hand as if this were nothing.
"London? Are you serious?" Lilith asked in distaste. Eris nodded.
"Afraid so. But don't worry. I'm sure you can handle those other Demigods easily. Meet me in the alley in five minutes and I'll portal you there. Everything you need will already be waiting for you," Eris said, ever cutting straight to the point. There was no point in wasting time, when there was chaos to be created. Lily nodded and Eris grinned, turning and walking back out of the bar.

And just like that, five minutes later she was waiting in some dingy back alley waiting for the Goddess of Chaos to show up. Which ironically was something that any mere mortal should fear, but not Lilith. She was excited, exstatic and feeling extremely mischievious. It had been a long time since she'd met a Demigod, and even longer since she'd been able to use one to create trouble. In fact, she was actually looking forward to this.
"It's time," her mother's voice said as she stood beside a portal, looking between it and her daughter. Lily stepped forward.
"Let's get this over with," she murmured, before stepping right beside it and looking over at Eris. "I'd say wish me luck, but we both know I neither need nor require it," she said with a smirk and Eris grinned.
"How about we say, try not to let the other know you're causing them more trouble than you are useful to them," Eris said and Lily gave her a quick salute and stepped right through.
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[fieldbox='Rayne Walker, purple']Reaching the end of the block she stopped. Looking to her left she saw no oncoming traffic and moved forward. Her ears twitched as she picked up the sounds of cars driving, people talking, and water running. Continuing forward her run turned into a trot as it seemed like there was an influx of people ahead. Glancing towards the road on her left the dog wasn't paying attention as she realized that the cars seemed to be driving on the opposite sides of the road. Her ears were perked up and facing straight as she seemed confused. There were only so many places where people drove on the opposite side. Not paying attention to where she was walking Rayne was stopped abruptly as she collided with something or someone. Stepping back she looked up to see a young man covering his head from the rain with a jacket. His eyes were a striking light blue and he seemed to be around her age. Something about him felt empowering yet the man wasn't intimidating. She cocked her head to the side slightly as she looked him in the eyes. She made a small sound of intrigue as she wagged her tail. She felt that there was something more to him, more than the way he carried himself, beyond the authoritative yet kind look in his eyes.

Realizing she had been looking at the man for quite some time she moved to walk away. Rayne always forgot the whole piercing situation when she walked around as a dog. Looking at the young man once more she barked happily before moving forward through the crowds of people with umbrella's shielding them from the downpour. She slipped between people's legs, some complained about it others cooed at how adorable the drenched dog was. Eventually she reached the end of the bridge. There was a loud gong and she looked up as she sat on her haunches. Her eyes seemed excited as she looked ahead. In front of her was the palace of Westminster, the gong she heard came from Big Ben. She made a happy yelping sound. London had always been a city she wanted to visit and here she was. This was definitely a positive aspect to the whole situation.

Standing back up she stepped forward, a large splash of water hitting her. She watched the bus that had just splashed her drive on, her ears lay flat as she yowled quietly in annoyance. Shaking her body she managed to rid herself of most of the water that drenched her. People walking by moved aside and grumbled at the stray that almost soaked them. Looking at the people Rayne remained indifferent and bolted ahead. She ran across the street as cars honked and found herself on a small patch of grass. Looking up she took in the appearance of the building and carried on further into the city.

She wasn't sure how much time she had spent running around through the city but slowly she found herself back at the building that was her new home. She wondered if anyone else had arrived. How many more would there be? Her wonder turned into hope as she realized that she would have no way of entering the building if no one was in there. The situation would quickly turn awkward if she had to change back and enter the complex with no clothes on. She sighed and walked up the steps. Pushing herself up on two legs against the door she barked loudly as she listened, hoping to hear movement from inside. Rayne scratched at the door as she sat back down and barked a second time.[/fieldbox]

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August was pretty much like a walking dead. Not conscious of his action, yet in action. It took him a good hour since leaving the kindergarten, to reach the area he was hypnotized to go. By whom? He has no clue. Honestly, he was completely unaware of his environment to the point that not even the black dog that barked after him made him budge from his straight line. Nothing could get him out of this trance. Well, until he reached the door of the Brownstone.

His eyes examined the door as if he didn't know what to do, and then he snapped out of it.

His eyes turned to its normal color and he looked at the apartment complex. He looked at the dog next to him scratching the door and he frowned, '' Such an odd dog. '' he stated as he looked at the door and it somehow magically opened.

He didn't move actually. It kind of frightened him, and he just looked inside as the dog went in. '' Hello?'' he asked unsure but wanting to notify the owner that his door was open for some reason.

But it still perplexed him that he had no clue why he ended up there.

And then a blow of wind hit him from the back, making him fall on the ground and the door slammed behind him.

He immediately scrambled up to his leg as he tried opening the door in vain.

He turned his head and only noticed a black girl standing in the motherfucking huge living room, and then the amazing looking kitchen was behind a white wall with an arc. He noticed the richness of the place.

He took a step forward cautiously to talk to the girl in the living room, '' Where am I? How did I end up here? Who is this- WHAT IS THIS!?'' he then screamed falling on his behind as Rayne started to transform into something other than a dog.

He screamed loud enough for anyone to hear him. Either it be the people in the pool, that could be seen from the patio if he looked at it, or the people in the bedrooms just over their head.

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Calypso Major

[fieldbox=Arabesque Celesta, #ff8106, solid]
The loud, obnoxious ka-ching! of a cash register caused Arabesque to blink back into reality. The female employee, a brunette with a singular dark purple stripe and many piercings riddling her ears and face, was currently handing back the few coins that were needed in order to keep the balance 'fair'. As the arm of said stranger reached out towards Ara, she couldn't help but look down at the tattoo that had also been revealed, irrelevant swirls of ink tangling and separating in an odd pattern up the entire length of the twenty-something year old's arm. It only made since, after all a person with tattoos and piercings was less likely to be messed with in this neighborhood than someone without, hence the reason why Ara was standing in a small gas station shop buying the next week's worth of groceries. Goodbye delicious smoothies and microwave meals, hello instant noodles. It wasn't her fault of course, her mother simply was burned out of eating good food and wanted something crappy, no big deal, it was cheaper anyway.

Not wanting to be caught staring, the platinum blonde made it look like she was counting the total of the coins, a whopping fifteen cents in total. Smiling politely, she took the coins, pocketing them in a small leather purse that she had bought a while ago with some spare money she had been saving. After all, having a purse that was easily accessible on her side was much better than worrying about how much weight she has in the pockets she rarely has.

Soon enough, Arabesque was walking down the sidewalk, a plastic bag in each hand, her purse hanging on one shoulder, and her guitar slung over her back. Ah, I hope I make it inside before it rains, she thought, staring at the overcast sky, it's dull greyscape reflecting her current mood. Lazy and expecting something to happen. Just then, goosebumps traveled down her spine, similar to the feeling of a thousand ants stampeding over sensitive skin. It felt almost like...someone, no, something, was watching her.

Not wanting to find out if it's true, Ara quickened her pace, and soon enough was greeted with the familiar sight of her apartment complex. Just as she reached the front door, the feeling happened again. It was like something out of a bad movie, Return of the Goosebumps 2: The Shivers. Looking over her shoulder, Ara sighed.
Talk about creepy, maybe it's from a lack of sleep? Well then don't worry body of mine, tomorrow I'm sleeping in.
The quick trip up the flight of stairs was no issue, and soon enough she was standing in front of the door to the apartment in which she and her mother live in. Setting down one of her bags, she grabbed her spare key, putting it in just as she heard muffled noises coming from the other side. Now a bit worried, she hurried to open the door, walking in to the strangest situation she had been in.

Her mother was on the table, crouched in a defensive position, and holding a bag of...marshmallows? Oh this is bad, if there was one food that was forbidden in this house, it was the dreaded marshmallows. It wasn't that marshmallows were disgusting, actually both inhabitants of the small apartment loved the snowmen poop. It was just that they tended to make Ara's mom turn into a bit of a...crazy person would be an understatement.
And then there was the fact that a complete stranger was trying to coo her off the table. One look at him immediately told Ara that this wasn't one of the usual type of guys that liked to spend the night. No, he was too...neat-looking, so much actually that he was borderline radiant. Shaking her head slightly at the situation, Arabesque closed the door behind her, running into the kitchen to both drop off the groceries and pick up her secret weapon for whenever this happened.

A spray bottle.

Walking back into the fray, she could hear the cute requests the man was trying to give her mother. Things that would make any person laugh, they were just silly.
Now, usually Ara would just let nature take it's course, and let her mother do whatever she wanted. But this couldn't happen. No, her mother had to work tomorrow, and there was the matter of this well-dressed man to discuss, so Ara just couldn't let this one slide.
"Alright mom, you have until I count to three to get off the table and act like a civilized person, or else both you and the snowmen poop get a good dose of H2​0."

Her mother glanced at the water bottle, then back at the bag of marshmallows in her hand, then back at the bottle.
Eyes widened in realization, and without thinking her mother was like a deer in the headlights, frozen to the spot.
Clenching her hand around the handle, Ara sent a barrage of water towards her mother, causing a loud shriek and crash. Her mother had been dampened out of her state, and throwing the marshmallows towards a waiting daughter, had jumped off of the table and into the arms of her waiting boyfriend-ish looking guy. "Well, now that that's done, can somebody please explain to me what's going on? And why on earth was my mom in possession of the snowmen poop?" Arabesque really hated teasing her mom like that, actually she really hated taking the initiative in anything, whether it be out of laziness or whatever else.

"Arabesque, this man here...he's-"

"Arabesque? Ah, a beautiful name for our equally beautiful daughter. I remember your mother saying something about naming you that."

"Apollo, shush! You ruined the surprise!"

"Oh, was it a surprise? I thought you were just going to tell her, better yet, I thought you already did."

"Wait a second, our daughter? Mom, who does this guy think he is? And why is he named after a Greek God?" Now this was confusing, there was no way, no possible way that-

"Actually, I don't think, but know that I'm your father, young lady. And named after? Please, I am a god, and you can call me dad!"


The reaction time was immediate, something that surprised everyone, especially Ara. "No, my father left my mother while she was pregnant with me, so this can't be right."

"Actually Arabesque, he's right. And we don't have time for this, you have to go with him." This caused said daughter to snap her head at her mother in shock, mouth open and all. Closing it quickly, she pondered the situation, taking the moment to size up just exactly who she was dealing with.

One size-up of a god later, and she realized just exactly what her mother had said in the second half of her conversation. "Wait, go where? And with him? Mom, I'm sixteen, and last I checked that's old enough to not be handed over custody to without my consent."

"Honey, you're going to go train, in London, England. Here's your bag, I made sure to put your beanies in the top." There was no goodbye hug, no tears streaming down her mother's face, or Ara's for that matter. It was short and sweet, and left Ara's shoulder being grabbed. "Now, since we are running a bit late, it would be best if I just transported you to where you're supposed to go, without the chariot, alright?" Before Arabesque could reply, a warmth suddenly began to wrap itself around her. Looking down, the last thing she heard was her father, the one and only Apollo.

"Oh, there'll be others there already, so don't worry about being alone. Also, make sure to tell my sister that-"

Arabesque didn't get to hear the rest of the sentence, for she was already gone, disappearing in a flash of light and reappearing in the middle of a room. Before she could get a feeling to where the hell she actually was, she was distracted by a very loud scream.


Suddenly, she saw him. Short blonde hair, blue eyes, somewhere in his early twenties, and on his backside screaming at some random girl. Of course, like any normal person would, Arabesque jumped in response to the scream, as in picking her feet a few inches off the ground before landing them back solidly. Luckily for both her and her guitar she wasn't very good at jumping, or else that could've gone south very quickly.
Not saying anything, she simply tried to get her bearings real quick-like. Alright, so she was in a room, one that was really well-furbished, so the owner must be rich. There was also a kitchen behind her, thank god, or should that be gods now?
Anyhow, all that truly mattered was that she felt like somebody had twisted her stomach in a knot, though luckily she didn't feel that nauseous. As much as she wanted to, she couldn't smile, instead she focused on adjusting her glasses and figuring out what the heck had just gone on.
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[fieldbox="Elin, Blue, Solid"]

London, England


Breaking the water with ease she pulled herself up and out of the pool, pulling her legs away from the edge and looking down into the soft sea bubbles that seemed to defy the laws of nature and actually go down and through one of the vents. Elin had to blink several times to make sure what she had seen was not some sort of optical illusion and soon the water was still, or as still as a pool ever got. She didn't have much time to wonder what on earth had happened as the chill wind blew and caused her to shiver in her sodden clothes. That wasn't right, turning her head she looked out over a very unfamiliar land. Startled she stood herself up and made her way to the railing, grabbing it with both hands and taking in the features of the Landscape. This wasn't right, it was cold here, the sun was in the wrong part of the sky, if she didn't know better she would have said she was in England?

Her eyes grew wide at the thought and she had to force herself to remain calm, clearly this was a bad dream, or she'd had an accident and was just a bit concussed? It made sense, or at least to her panic stricken mind it did, how else would she explain it? A woman made of bubbles, sea foam her mind corrected her, popped up in Florida and dragged her through time and space to deposit her in a pool in England. Oh and the sea foam was her Grandmother, which was ridiculous as she knew her grand mothers, all three of them and they were awesome people but not madeo f sea foam with god like powers. Maybe it was god then? Or maybe I'm just going crazy.

Shook from her daze by the distinct feeling someone was behind her her hands slipped from the railing and she ever so slowly turned around, there was another possibility, she'd been drugged and kidnapped. People had been doing all sorts of horrible things to mermaid performers across the globe, maybe James had been right to panic? Her fingers slipped into her hoodie to find her mobile phone, damp but not wet, her fingers wrapped around it and she slowly, attempted to unlock it and dial 911 with it still in her pocket.

What she saw astounded her, in her shock at her entrance and the sudden complete change in temperature and climate she hadn't taken in the rest of the details of this place. Attached to the pool were doors, these doors lead into what looked like a lavish house, the sort you'd only find in Beverely hills usually. Blinking her shock away she saw another girl sitting by the pool, looking less than amused and a little aggressive. Inside there were others milling around and she came to the conclusion she'd either been kidnapped into some sort of sex slave ring, or this was some kind of awful nightmare.

Assuming her call had been made and was ringing, though she had no way to tell, she took her hands from her pocket and began ringing out her hair, the golden strands messed but surprisingly well adjusted to the stress they were put under. About to speak to the pissy teen girl at the pool a loud shout caught her attention and made her heart race. He sounded confused, unhappy and had she heard barking? There was a dog too? Glancing from the sound of the shouts to the teen at the pool she ever so slowly backed up against the balcony railing and peered between it and the drop to the ground. It wasn't far at all and while everyone was busy with the dog and the screaming boy she was going to make a break for it.

Turning she pulled herself up and over the railings and dropped down the other side, something, some form of energy passed through her but she shrugged it off and turned to look at her surroundings, with panic in her heart she set off down the street at a run, emerging onto a main street she slowed to a quick walk, reaching for her phone and realising that the phone call she'd tried to make had been hung up. Dialling again she held it to her ear and got the 'we can not connect your call' message before the call was hung up.

Scared she tried to dial work but the call refused to connect, close to tears and shivering lightly she looked at the people around her and spotting a friendly enough looking man she approached him and lightly touched his shoulder, he turned and smiled widely.
"Oh goodness, take a dip in the Thames did we?"
"Wh-what? N-no, I...where am I?"
"Ohan American? Heavy night last night huh?"
"N-no? I don't think so."
"You don't think? You don't sound too sure."
"Everything's a bit fuzzy right now, I'm not really sure."
"Ah, sounds like someone slipped you something, the bastards, excuse my language. Look, come inside, I'll grab you a coffee and a croissant and you can warm up. I swear people can be filth at times." The guy continued muttering about how people preyed on foreigners as if they didn't matter and so on, reaching into her jeans for her wallet she found she only had US bills and the guy politely took them anyway, even though they were damp from her tumble.

It turned out this was a costa coffee house, it got busy in the mornings and so she had to wait with her pastry and hot coffee until somewhere opened up and then she was parked right by the radiator to warm up and dry out. She could feel the other customers looking at her but tried her best to ignore them and their comments. Pulling out her phone again she used a napkin to dry it off the best she could and attempted to access the net, as she unlocked the screen it finally dawned on her, her weather app said London. Disbelief prompted her to open google maps and 'find her location' which stuck her right smack bang in the middle of London in England. She was speechless.

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|London, England|
As people started to wander in through the living room, Stella remained in the kitchen. She wasn't quite ready to go and deal with people just yet, so walking out between people and trying to figure out their names... Not the most tempting idea as she was working on getting her mind around who her mother actually was. Sure, she had believed it somewhat when her father told her it was Persephone. Just not.... The Persephone. It had been more in the style of maybe her father just having fallen in love with a woman who was as good as a goddess in his eyes. That was what she had believed. Not a goddess that would knock her out with some powder, then get her into a house she did not know. Though, she had to admit, it was quite the house from what she had seen. The pool in the back, looking perfect for her friend out by the edge, to swim in when she was going insane, and the perfect roomy kitchen for early morning breakfasts.
It was really just.... Seeming like an okay house. Despite that she had no clue why she was there. What she was doing there, why anyone was there really. Who did the house belong to? How was anyone involved in this sort of stuff?
It just... None of it made any sense. And she wanted to know what was going on, but asking Mikayla wouldn't get her any answers either.
No, not with how the girl looked sitting out by the pool.

So Stella sighed, and moved around in the kitchen, becoming familiar with everything was. Where glasses were put, where forks and knives where. Where different equipment was. It was necessary to know stuff like that. Especially if they were to end up having to stay there. If they were to stay there, they would have to get used to it all. And she was certainly not going to be wait until she was dying of thirst or hunger with finding out where everything was. However... There was one thing on her mind. Would they get to have plants in every room? Just the idea of having to stay anywhere where there wasn't flowers in every room sent shivers down her spine. She needed the fresh look of plants being alive. She needed the beauty of them. She needed it, like others needed tv, or computers.
She just needed to see the beauty of flowers all around her.


The sound of a males voice starting to shout made her nearly lose the glass she was holding. Actually, she did lose it, just managing to catch it the moment after, her heart rate increasing as she tried to think through the shouting. What is this? That was truly the right question to ask, though she wasn't all that interested in hearing the shouting all over and around. Shouting, shouting was horrible. It pierced the air, disturbing everyone and everything around. It stressed anyone, human or animal. However, having it calm and soothing was so much better for everyone.
"Querido Dios, dame fuerza para obtener a través de todo esto*" She whispered to herself in Spanish before putting the glass on the counter.

She put her hands together and blew between them, trying to keep herself balanced, not wanting to let the shouting or the strange moves or the strange house get to her. Of course it was creeping more and more under her skin, driving her slowly insane, but she could manage that. She could survive that. She could survive not knowing what the hell was going on. The screaming on the other hand was what drove her on the wall. That made her shoulders tense up and made her want to scream. But she could not scream. No... No more screaming in the damn house. No more.
So she only had one thing left to do.
Leaving the glass in the kitchen, she walked out through the opening from the kitchen, and looked out into the living room where people were standing. Where through the window she could look out on the silhouette of her friend, but it was the people in the living room who were of interest now.
"If you find out what this is, please tell the rest of us. For I have no idea at least" She said to the guy who seemed to have been doing the shouting, as she leaned against the wall. This was really not her place, or her type of scene, so why she had left the kitchen still confused her, but she knew she would need to deal with them all at some point. So why not just start right away? Taking her time she tried to study them all, trying to remember if she had seen them in the past, if there could be a reason behind why they were all being gathered there in that way. "If you need something to wash the glasses with, I can always see if there is something in the kitchen to use" Stella added as a small comment to the blonde who stood with her glasses, seeming to be adjusting them or something of such.

(* Translation: Dear God, give me strength to get through all of this)
(Spoke to b-l-u-e-s @Raven Haruka )

BeFunky Collage.jpg

One.... Two.... Three... Four.... Five....
Sixty.... Sixty one....

One hundred and seven... One hundred and eight... One hundred and nine...
She kept on counting as the seconds passed by, kept on counting as she tried to keep from screaming her lungs out in frustration. She needed to scream. She needed to just get out the tsunami raging in her mind and throwing thoughts all around. She just.... She needed to escape it. She truly did. Her brows were slightly curved downwards, her lips pressed together in a thin line as she tried to think logically through this all.

A guy who she did not know, came to the pool with a trident with him, and said she was the daughter of Poseidon.
The asshole had kept her from breathing until she had blacked out. Probably because she was throwing shampoo and calling him names. Though... She had been in her bra when he was behind her. Why wouldn't she have done that?
This was some weird ass house she did not know.
This was NOT Spain. She was no longer in Spain, and she wanted to go home. She had a competition to practice for. She couldn't be hiding in other countries. She needed to be home and in the pool.

Seeing the woman climb up from the water, bubbles disappearing from where she had appeared. "Oh my god..." Mikayla whispered to herself, blowing out air as she tried to contain her scream. This was just... Going to drive her insane. Fucking insane. "I am going insane. I am. There is no other option" She told herself, ignoring the screaming behind her inside of the house, and barks and what not she could hear. She just... She needed to fucking escape this living hell. She needed to get back home. But for now, with the other girl jumping down, it didn't seem like escaping would be the smartest. She could wait until whoever had caught them and pushed them in that area were off hunting down the water girl, and then she could escape. She just had to be smart.
She had to be smart and wait until the time was right with escaping. She would escape. But she would be smart.
She would wait until she was sure she wouldn't be hunted down. Then she'd find someone to borrow a phone from, and call her mother. She'd call her mother and find a way to get home.

But god, she needed to scream. So she waited until the woman wasn't jumping back up, and she couldn't hear more screaming from the indoors, before she laid down flat on her stomach, ignoring the cold of the ground when it touched her thighs, and she ignored the temperature of the water as she put her head under, and screamed. She ignored the water rushing into her mouth, or the burning sensation as she kept on screaming as loud as her lungs could under the surface. But thank god for that she was there. Because she had needed to scream, and this way no one would hear her.

Pulling up from the water when she finished screaming, she felt in a way, lighter. Like she had lost some weight from her shoulders, though she was still not happy. She still was captured. She was still not home. She still did not know who else were there, or what sort of drug that jerk had put in her veins. She did not know how, or why she was where she was, but she was there anyway now, and she knew that was just the way it was and how she would need to adjust.
But at least she had gotten to scream without having anyone else hear her scream.

Reaching over to her bag, she grabbed a towel and wrapped around her hair, pulling it into the little towel-turban that some people called it, and took a deep breath.
There was answers she wanted, and one way or another she would find out the answers. She just needed to find someone who could answer it all.​
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Feeding the wolves, don't you know better?
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[fieldbox='Rayne Walker, purple']Her fur was still wet even after she had shaken more water off upon entering the apartment complex. Claws clacked against the hardwood floors as she made her way towards and up the stairs, the reversal process to her body already starting. When Rayne was in a safe comfortable place she subconsciously began to will herself back. Hearing the scream she looked back and saw the young man fall bag in shock, another girl appeared who was startled by the scream while another came out from a different room speaking bluntly, as if she had been annoyed. Looking down at herself Rayne noticed she had almost fully turned back to her human form. The last bit of black fur almost fully receding. "Shit." She cursed and ran up the stairs. The clacking claws were replaced by loud thuds as she reached the third floor and was quick to enter the room she had chosen for herself.

Scrambling through her bags she found a towel, her skin glistening as she was still wet. She started drying herself off and putting her clothes back on. Sighing she shook her head. She had changed forms in front of an audience of four. Rayne was never that reckless when it came to her abilities. How had she let herself slip like that? She scoffed as she dressed herself. Flipping her head forward she towel dried her hair and flipped it back. Another sigh escaped her as she ran a hand through her damp hair. Now she had to go downstairs and explain her situation to all the witnesses, especially that poor guy who really freaked out. Leaving the bedroom in her jeans and t-shirt she made her way downstairs.

Was she wrong in assuming that all these people were here for the same reason she was? Were they all not descendants of gods? Did they have abilities? She guessed time would only tell. Reaching the final flight of stairs she came down and looked at anyone who remained. Pulling out her smokes she grabbed one and shoved the pack back in her butt pocket. "I apologize for what you just witnessed, I didn't mean to freak anyone out. I uh–I thought the situation was different." She spoke calmly as she looked at all of them and approached the guy she had seen earlier. "I know it was weird but...It's something I've been able to do for some time. Do you not know why you're here?" She turned around to face the others. If she was surrounded by people that were unaware, things were going to be hard. How were they all supposed to save the world if they didn't know what they were capable of?[/fieldbox]

August Gunther - @B l u E s
Arabesque Celesta - @Raven Haruka
Stella Bayne - @Nat
Tulip Heart - @King★Shattered★Heaventric★Charming
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Suddenly, a purple mist started spinning like a black hole before having Donovan literally eject from it with a loud bark following and smell of burned flesh, and rotting corpses followed. Obviously, Hades didn't give two fucks about his son. Donovan just laid on the floor, knocked out, but he then groaned a bit. August looked at him, completely flabbergasted by the whole scene at the moment. He turned around, as if nothing happened, and just reached for the knob, but he didn't turn it. He turned back around and looked at the dog that turned into a woman.

'' Excuse me? Do I know where i am? Am I...suppose to know? From... from purple mist and black holes, t-to you, and that girl that just ran away all wet... How is this normal? I must be dreaming cause you are all pretty good looking, except for him... Maybe i ended up in a bar after my shift... yeah... Most probably what happened. Naughty dreams maybe... Yeah... Strange... I haven't had that since high school. '' he frowned being too calm for someone that was in complete questioning of reality and dream land.

He looked at Stella, wondering what she had just said and he looked at a radiant young girl with platinum hair, but he shakes his head and touched his head wondering if he was bleeding.

This is the weirdest dream ever.
Meanwhile, Donovan groaned as he pushed himself up from the sofa he fell on. He was dozed off and just scrunched his nose from the weird smell that surrounded him and stuck to his clothes. '' Man, did I die?'' he asked himself out loud remembering the horrific three headed dog that attacked him and the weird ass looking criminal that somehow knocked him off - since he would never admit fainting.
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Athena's & Artemis'
There was no denying that these young demigods were surprised. Either it be by discovering their heritage or to find out that their specialness was needed to keep order in the world. Either it be Lucas Cloud, whom already knew of his identity and people of his kind, or Mikayla Elwin, that simply suspected it.

One thing for sure, they would all learn of the hardship of being a demigod. They will find out of the secrets of their world. From its beauties or disturbingly horrific truth.

Athena and Artemis have been observing them for a while now. Not all of them were there yet. Many were missing, so the goddess stayed in the background to observe their interaction.

ARTEMIS, Virgin Godesse of the Hunt
“It’s almost obvious to see who are their respective lineage, “Artemis said as she looked at them from the spirit world. They were observing them like they were watching TV, only… it was from a mirror that flowed almost like water.

Athena nodded in agreement humming as she looked at Tulip just appear in the living room.

“Definitely Aphrodite’s Daughter, Tulip. Heard she was very good with horses.’’ Artemis stated and Athena simply nodded in agreement as she smiled.

“Why aren’t you talking?” Artemis then asked looking at her

But Athena simply nodded and hummed in agreement once more. Obviously, the woman had her eyes on someone else.

Athena then turned her head noticing how Artemis stopped talking and simply looked at her bored,

“What?” The goddess of Wisdom asked.

“Nothing. I’m just OBVIOUSLY speaking to myself. I could have said I want to kill myself and you would have just nodded and be like hmmm interesting.” Artemis dramatized annoyed.

Athena simply opened her eyes a bit, “Sorry,” she said looking at her a bit scared to have awaken the hormonal Artemis, “ I was just distracted by her, “ Athena said as she pointed at Rayne running off in London towards a certain character.

ATHENA, Virgin Goddess of Wisdom and War Strategy
“ Father’ son or Hekate’s daughter?’’ she asked actually looking at the girl that already looked to know quite a bit of her heritage.

“ Rayne… Something is different about her. Something inside of her is dangerous, much more dangerous than we think. We have to watch out for her, “ she said looking at Artemis with a small frown.

“ You should relax those forehead muscles. Don’t want to end up with wrinkles?’’ Artemis then joked with a small smirk and Athena rolled her eyes with a small chuckle. “ Taking advices from Aphrodite, are we now?’’ she asked glancing at Artemis that almost flamed up the moment she heard the name.

“URG! How dare you compare me to her? Of all people! She is a hag with no honor! Disgusting and completely submissive. Filthy”

“Oh, what have I awaken. “ Athena then said smiling with her quiet laugh as she continued listening to Artemis completely bashing the goddess of love.

The continued observing the young demigod until they found the right moment to appear. Of course, they couldn’t wait much longer. Time ran short as demigods, and the spirit world was in chaos and innocent lives were lost.

“ We should appear, don’t want them to leave like Poseidon’s daughter. “ Athena said, and Artemis looked at her, ‘’ About her… How is she going to come back?’’ Artemis asked and Athena simply looked at her with a small smile. ‘’ She will know. One way or another. Human curiosity. She will want to know why she is here and will come to us, when ready to face the truth. We can’t force them afterall. ‘’ she said knowing that some of them will be reluctant and wanting to leave.

“Understood. I’ll have the portal ready.” Artemis then said as she walked off leaving Athena as she observed the humans, whom she always found them curious. So different to one another, and so strange. “ I hope all of the gods are blessing those young courageous kids as they walk through this dangerous path. “ she told herself honestly feeling pity for them as she touched the watery mirror and it disappear.

She fixed her toga before swiftly turning around. She looked straight ahead to look at the beauty of Olympus. She took a deep breath as she approached the glowing Green portal that she had created, and just like that, they stepped in.





Lily landed head first on something soft. The portal hadn't really put her in an ideal place because it had sent her flying into a heavy object. It was one that only went up to her knees, but all the same, it sent her flying forward until she landed on her face. In the briefest of glances she'd been able to get in before falling onto her face, she'd been able to get a tiny glance at the room. Enough to know that what she landed on was a bed. And an expensive one at that from the feel of the high thread-count cotton sheets beneath her cheeks. Reaching out her hands she ran them over the white sheet gently, feeling the texture with her fingertips, before pushing herself up off of the bed. Well partly off of it. Her torso lay flat against it, her legs touching the floor as she gazed around inquisitively. She could hear screaming, shrieking and swearing from other parts of this place, and it made her smile. Clearly everyone was in an uproar about their arrival, and joy fizzled through her body. She couldn't control it, nor did she want to, but it made her let out a quiet laugh.

Lilith rolled onto her back, shifting until she was laying completely on the bed, still laughing as the others 'conversed', if it could really be called that at all. Pushing herself up, she ran a single hand through her long dark hair to try and make it seem less wild but it was no good. Across the room from her was a large mirror hung over a dresser, and in it she could see her reflection most clearly and it almost made her wish she'd gone home to change. She couldn't look more out of place if she tried. With thick eyeliner, somewhat skimpy clothing, and her mischievous expression she knew that this was not the kind of place she should be.

Back home, she lived in a modest apartment. If modest meant a tiny one bedroom shoebox sized apartment that was filled with second-hand furniture that had probably spent part of its life in a drug den. But she still treasured each piece. When she'd left her family home, she'd had nothing and been no one. And each tiny thing she owned she had earned, in one way or another. Whether it was stolen, borrowed or bought, she'd collected each and every item by herself. And it was one of the only things she was actually proud of, aside from her loyalty and dedication to her mother.

Pulling herself up off of the bed, she moved towards the door. She couldn't see why she should care if she looked like a girl from the wrong side of the tracks because others could draw their own opinions of her. It didn't matter to her or at least, that's what she told herself. As she passed through the house, strolling through it like she owned the place, she followed the voices as her guide. It was easy enough, and it didn't take more than a minute to find some of the others all standing around. She strolled in silently, though she assumed her presence was noticed, and flopped down on the couch beside where Donovan had landed. "Dear Gods, ya'll are loud," she said, her accent full of her normal New York twang, as she pulled a piece of gum from her pocket and popped it into her mouth. "I mean seriously, people are trying to go about their business, ya'll don't have to give them headaches too," she said, looking around at the others. "Gum?" she asked, putting on a pleasantly innocent smile as she silently began to judge them one at a time.​
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