Chasing a Tear of a Deity.

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    The sun's bright rays bathes the city of Aman.


    Yama, her golden crown enormous and heavy for her head, garments to big and bulky for her body, nonetheless looked beautiful in her priestess attire. Flushed was her expression, nervous for the thing that she had lost would not be returned. She was still young to succeed the last bearer of the Holy Jewel, a symbol of the temple's faith. It was proven she was not ready for the duty bestowed upon her when the jewel was stolen from her possession yesterday evening by a thief.


    The young priestess was sitting in the temple's private chamber, accompanied by two other priestess much older than her, wearing similar outfits but without the fancy crown. One of the priestess was tall and thin while one was short and chubby. They were waiting for two people who were summoned for their reputation in reclaiming stolen items. Although the temple do not have much wealth, they would consider giving all they have for the return of the Holy Jewel, for information secretly kept from the world, the Holy Jewel is actually the Deity's Tear.

    The Deity's Tear, an ancient relic sung by the bards for centuries long, guise as a holy jewel, location and existence kept secret from the world by cause of it's mysterious powers. In hand of kindness, the Deity's Tear could heal and protect, but in the hands of the heinous, the Deity's Tear could cleanse and destroy until not even dust remains. Interesting enough, the power receive differs for each person.

    When will the hired swords arrive?
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  2. Adrian walked into the city with his hood still up, he could hear the many voices of each race that lived in this city all selling one thing or another, the guards were busy running about like chickens with their heads cut off but they were still not vigilant enough to see him slip into the closed districts of the city. Adrian climbed a wall and got to the top of a large tower overlooking the whole of the city it truly was a magnificent place and the only city that can claim to have no racism or poverty but that's what you get when you have pilgrims coming and going all hours of the year but that was all in danger now for the tear had been stolen and right out of the temple to it was truly a master of stealth that could pull that off but Adrian was one of the best and when he heard of the bounty for the tear and the thief he just couldn't resist. He made his way across the rooftops completely bypassing any guards or checkpoints, he finally saw the cathedral rising into the sky, he jumped across and grabbed onto a piece of the structure and started to climb to the top, on top of the dome that was the roof of the cathedral he saw two things that piqued his interest one was a broken glass plate and the other was the dried blood on the plate. Adrian knelled by the blood and looked at it closer and at first it looked like human blood but as he looked closer he saw a faint blue glow to it and only two races had a glow like this in their blood, one was the naga of the deserts of this world they were large half human half serpent beings that rarely visited cities like this due to their solitary nature and their size made them uncomfortable in a city and if they are ever in a city everyone would talk about it and as far as he knew their were no mention of any naga sighted in the city so that left one race and that was the dark elves who's blood glowed after it had cooled due to their innate magic ability returning to nature this was also true of the naga but he was more than positive that it wasn't one of them. Adrian stored a piece of the blood stained glass in a preservation tube which kept anything put into it in the state it was when it was put into the tube. He slipped in to the cathedral's main chamber where the priestesses were and he merely leaned against the wall and waited to be noticed.
  3. The three priestesses then noticed a man leaning quietly to one of the walls. They wondered, how and when did he entered.

    "Are you the man summoned?" questioned the taller priestess.

    Yama, the high priestess only glanced at the man and casted her eyes down, seemingly uneasy. She isn't used to formally seeing people as her nature was shy and timid.
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  4. Adrian looked up at the priestesses and said. "Perhaps I am or perhaps i'm not that all depends..." Adrian walked toward them when the guards moved to stop him they froze in place as he gave them a piercing glare from the bottom of his hood exposing rust colored eyes that had horizontal lines in them, they tried to move but found themselves trapped by tree roots which was completely real to them but to those watching it looked like they were struggling against nothing Adrian had trapped them in an illusion. Adrian continued to walk toward the priestesses and specifically the one who had her head down, she was fairly young with dark hazel eyes and dark blondish hair he circled her. "You are suppose to be the head of the cathedral and the keeper of the tear so why do you not look me in the eye *he squats down and looks into her eyes and slowly uses his hand to lift her chin up so she is looking at him* madam, let me share with you some information you are in a position of power and you will have to deal with others in similar positions and if you can't look them in the eye and at least give a false impression of confidence they will tare into you like wolves would tare into an elk. *He had her looking him in his eyes as he slowly pulled off his hood revealing a head of auburn colored hair with a beard to match and a scare running down the right side of his face giving him an even more roguish look* Please don't take this as an insult dear, think of it as more of a lesson from some one who had existed for more years than you, you have a city that has amazing beauty and I would hate to see that vanish so in light of that I offer you my services to help solve the issue you find yourself faced with."
  5. Yama felt ashamed of herself. The man's words caused her self esteem to worsen as she was already feeling guilty of losing the holy jewels. She grew even more depressed. The feeble priestess was not accustomed to people treating her in such way. The man gave her the shivers. She didn't like him. She didn't know what he did to the guards but she didn't enjoy what was happening. But because of her mistakes, the temple was forced to succumb to the man's aid. They do not have much choice.

    As the man finished speaking, Yama slowly pulled away from him, eyes once again averted to the floor. She was still unprepared to look into someone's eyes.

    "Insolent!" said the taller priestess as she moved to shield Yama from the man with her hand. A sharp frown curved with her thin brows. "Mind what you do to the guards and mind your own gestures! Release the guards of your casted illusions and mind your manners!"

    "Now, Matya," said the chubby priestess. Her voice was seasoned but soft and kind. "Time is of the essence. We can cleans the guards of the illusions later. But for now, there is the matter of the Holy Jewel."

    Matya growled at the man and stared at him with her flaming eyes. She then crossed her arm and sighed, looking away. She said nothing.

    The chubby priestess nodded to one of the guards, one which wasn't hypnotized. The guard trotted forth and presented the hired sword with a small leather pouch.


    "We can only pay you half now. The other half will be paid once you return the Holy Jewel back to us," said the chubby priestess to the man.

    Inside the small leather pouch was jewels of many kind and of many use. Other than serving the purpose as decorations, gems and jewels have the abilities to store energy. Some magicians use gems to cast spells and curses while healers use gems to heal and cure their patients of diseases. Machines are also installed with gems to serve as batteries and conductors. It has many use. The price of a gem is valued by their beauty as well as the amount of energy they are able to contain. The chubby priestess neglected to enlighten the man of the use of the gems and jewels, assuming he already knows.
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  6. Adrian regarded the bag in his hand these jewels were nice but he did not need them. "I will do this job free of pay, I have more money than I know what to so with so it won't be necessary. *He turned to the priestess who had a rather intense dislike for him.* You seem to think because you all guard a tear of a goddess you have power over me, that is a fallacy and you would best remember that, I was in here without any of you noticing if I was here to kill you all it would have been so and your goddess would have maybe destroyed me but I fear not the tales of children or the real or imagined gods and goddesses of this world. I know of the tear and it's creation, how your goddess had to kill her own mortal lover to stop a great cataclysm and how now you watch over the tear she shed for her lost love but I have yet to see evidence of her presence here for the thief ran with a piece of her and saw no repercussion so what ever power you think you hold is enforced by the belief of your people not your goddess. *Adrian pulled his hood back up and was about to leave until he turned his head and spoke again.* You might want to increase the guards here, their will be chaos if the people as a whole find out the tear has been stolen." Adrian then faded away or at least that's what it looked like but it was merely a passive illusion that he place as he left the room through the door. After leaving the cathedral he headed to the dark elf quarter of the city to ask around about any new faces in the city.
  7. Maya's face turned white. Did she heard him correctly? It couldn't be. The secret of the Deity's Tear are known only to the high priestess and only to be passed on to whoever succeeded them. As far as she knows, no one else about the Deity's tear and it's location. The people of the city of Aman are told that the Holy Jewel are just a symbol of the temple's faith and nothing else. How could the hired sword known that the stolen Holy Jewel was the Deity's Tear in disguise? Could the one who stole the Deity's Tear knew as well? Who else knew? Matters has turned to the worse and only Maya knows of this fact.

    Her breathe grew heavy and quick. Her hand pressed to her chest. Maya was panicking. With one hand dragging her skirt, she ran to her bed chambers. Everyone wondered where she was going but no one stopped her. The high priestess couldn't tell them. The Deity's Tear is needed to be find quickly. Where? That she does not know.
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  8. Drows are nocturnal creatures. The ones who live in Aman builds their home under the shade of the sun, just above the sea water or underground. It is their nature to sleep in the morning and rise at night. Only a few awake at day and fewer walked under sunlight. Most work at night. The most famous pub for them to hang in the morning is the Caranion; an elvish word for red.


    There weren't many people inside since it wasn't week days. The bartender working that day was a drow with glittering tattoo from his chin down to his neck. His hair was silver and cut short. Although he was a dark elf, his skin is fairer than most.


    Only two people was sitting at the bar, not including the bartender. Both was also drows and both seemed young, but elves live a very long life. One would find it difficult in guessing an elf's age.


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  9. Adrian walked into the bar in the first steps of his quest, it was quiet and small no one really here save the bartender and two patrons. Adrian walked up to the bar and sat down and pulling his hood down surprising the three already there most of the time while not racist humans only interacted with the Drow at a formal level so it was a shock to see a human in a Drow bar. Adrian looked at the bartender with his rust colored eyes and spoke. "I'll take an ale if you have it and I don't care about the brand." As Adrian waited he noticed that the Drow wearing the cross pendant approached him and sat next to him. "Yes?" Adrian asked as he started to sip on the ale that had just been slid down to him.
  10. "What brings you here to this shady drow bar, in the middle of the morning?" asked the drow with a loud but friendly voice. "Are you looking to buy some shady items from a not so shady drow?"

    The drow seemed nice and friendly, joking with a grin on his face.

    "I am a trader. I pass through Amara once in a while to sell things I obtain from dungeons and such," he told Adrian. "Is there anything particular you'd like by any chance?"
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  11. "Well if you can give me some info I might be able to make you a few gold pieces richer. I'm looking for a jewel, one that may or may not be out of the city by now, now if you could tell me of anywhere a Drow such as yourself would go if they might want to sell something of great value. Also have you seen any faces that were not so similar to the normal people you see here." Adrian looked at the Drow waiting for an answer to his questions, he needed to at least know where the thief might have gone to.
  12. As the city had long ago fell into panic, near the mouth of an alley, one soul took advantage of the pit of chaos which had begun to attempt to drown the kingdom and its populace. It was a slender, armored man whom had approached a young boy and his father, both of whom had just left their place of business, and had pulled out the curved blade at his waist - he swung it in a feint and stopped with the tip of its blade at the man's face, pushing the older male against the wall of a building.

    "Boy, you'd be quick to hand me all the gold and food you have on the both of you - else you'd wondered what it's like to hold your father's scalp in your two hands." he spoke rather calmly, tightening a grip on the father's shoulder. The man's depraved nature nonetheless seeped through his words, and the slight shake in his hands. He scrunched his one hooked nose as the dread in the young boy began to mount, and his sunken cheeks broke out a thin smile at the thought of receiving food and gold in return for blood. The glee faded away as he began to actually listen to the man once again - pleading for life most likely.

    Fortunately for the boy and his father, the disgraced knight would receive neither that day, as the blunt end of a spear shot out from the same darkness he descended from - and meted out justice right on the side of his temple, knocking the daylights out of the man.

    The knight's limp body, tied up nicely, was thrown face-first into the main room of the Caranion, still unconscious from the justified strike brought down on him mere minutes ago.

    A person walked in behind the pile of general unpleasantness - a young woman bearing cerulean hair, marking her as a child of the sea.
    "I'm here..." she began to speak to those resting inside. " look for anyone who knows where to find a certain naga cross-breed!"
  13. In the language of the dark elves, the drow in the robe joined, or rather interrupted, the conversation. His words was directed to his fellow drow. In English, the words he said meant, "He's asking about the Holy Jewel of Amara, isn't he? It must be half way to the elven kingdom by now."

    The drow with the cross pendant regarded the drow in robe with a smile and continued to answer Adrian's questions. "If its a drow you're talking about, you probably should interrogate me," he laughed. "There isn't anywhere good to sell shady in Amara. For a drow such as myself, I do most of my tradings in the city where the sun don't shine, the city of the races of the night. As for strangers, I can't answer that since I myself is just simply passing through. Well, visiting my friend here the librarian as I pass. Maybe he knows."

    The drow in robe nodded at Adrian as a sign of peace and respect. It seems that the drows in Amara are not as bad as the legends of the drows might suggest. "No strange drows have been seen passing through the drow settlement recently," he answered before even being asked.

    "Excuse me for a second. A cut I have on one of my leg seemed to reopen," said the drow with the cross pendant as he got up to make his way to the wash room.

    That was when the woman with cerulean hair entered the bar.

    The bartender spoke, "There is not naga cross breed to be found here in Caranion, miss. Perhaps you can find them in the outskirts of town." His eyes switched to the man on the floor. "Do you mind me asking what you're doing with that tied man over there?"
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  14. Adrian sighed in pity, he knew enough of the drow language to pick up jewel thief and eleven kingdom. Adrian stood to his full 6'2" and turned towards the blue haired woman and spoke. "Why might you be looking for a Naga half breed?" If Adrian could get assistance he would in any form he could get and if she took down a knight that showed just how useful she could be in his quest. Before he could get an answer however their was a commotion out in the street that the people in the bar went to investigate.
  15. Clarence turned to the bartender with attentive eyes as he answered her own question - and with less of an interest when he asked a question of his own. She passed a cursory glance at the interior of the bar purported by the information broker she'd visited earlier, and took a moment to carefully inspect the residents, all of whom are male. Can't blame them, especially with the state the kingdom was in at the moment. She needed to move quickly if she were to grasp a hope of retrieving the Holy Jewel before it was lost further into darkness... which was why she was slightly surprised when one of the people in the building stood to his full, intimidating height, and started to address her, as if raring for a fight.

    That is, until he actually spoke, and his words appeared amicable enough despite his looks.

    "I think we all know why anyone might be looking for anyone with such a description given what's happening in these lands... Or have you been out and about meditating in some distant, barren hills, old man?" she answered his question with a bit of touch of hostility, figuring from the very same mindset she was employing at the time that he might just turn out to be an obstacle to her own quest given his earnest stance, and him being in a drow bar for some reason, drinking rather casually despite the relative hells other humans around him seemed to be experiencing. "Thank you." she said to the elven behind the bar, no more nor less on her current mark. Any lead was good enough. "I'm going to need you to keep this one locked up, barkeep." she let her spear rest against the wall beside the door and knelt down to grip the unconscious knight by the neck guard and drag him to the bar. "The city guards should be here soon, and you'd need not worry about the testimony." she plopped the man against the bar, and his head dipped, still out cold and oblivious to the fate in store for him.

    "I'm surprised (though thankful) you're still doing business despite the hit this neighborhood's taken only recently, barkeep." Clarence said off-hand, kneeling down to see whatever supplies she can vulture off the criminal. Her finds included a thin pouch of gold and some cheese and fruits, which she decided not to complain about, considering the past diets she's been on. "You must have a good reason not to worry about shady characters coming into your premises, I take it?" she turned in the direction of Adrian.

    "Like this one righ--" she stopped motioning towards the man with the hood the moment she noticed the lines in his eyes, taken aback by the feature of his. "You... You're... What's wrong with your eyes, old man?"
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  16. Adrian glanced at the girl and gave a toothy smile. "Watch and find out sea child." After saying this Adrian marched out of the bar to confront the commotion he was seeing several knights accosting two women, not in the mood to deal with this the proper way Adrian threw a knife at one of them piercing his shoulder making him cry out and causing the other knights to look at him. "I hope you boy do entertain me I haven't had a good show in quote awhile." They proceeded to circle Adrian their were six of them left seven if you count the one his knife hit. They seemed to have some honor as only one came at him first, he wielded a halberd that he had raised high to strike down upon Adrian's head with, Adrian stood and waited and watched as the halberd raced to meet his head but right before it impacted him Adrian's arm flew out in a blur and caught the halberd and stopped it dead, the knight tried to pull it away after getting over his shock but found he couldn't move it anymore Adrian yanked the knight towards him then planted his boot in his chest sending him back about ten feet and putting a dent in his chest armor. This event caused the other knights to take a step back and the towns folk watching to go deathly silent. Adrian spun the halberd "surely that isn't all you knights have to offer, I heard tales you all could defend this city from the world need be." Adrian taunted this caused two to rush him with sword drawn but only one had his shield out, Adrian targeted him first by throwing the halberd at him when it reached the knight it pierced his shield and hitting his armored chest and shattering the shield. the knight was small and was weighed down by the large instrument and struggled to get back up, the second knight was within range and swung but he over extended himself allowing Adrian to side step him and grab his wrist, Adrian pulled the mans arms to full extension then slammed his palm against the mans elbow making the joint go backwards he then smashed his foot into the side of the man's kneecap making him collapse. "You last three might want to come at me all at once." Adrian suggested, this time they all advanced with shields drawn and formed a triangle around him, they all charged him at once Adrian grabbed the first two by their shields and held them back but this left him open to the third who used his shield to hit Adrian in the head twice. Adrian kicked the third away and threw the other two back, Adrian staggered back as he held his head but the oddest thing was that his form began to flicker and Adrian dropped to one knee the knights were going to move until they heard it his laugh. "HAHAHA, this is truly great no one has been able to destroy this illusion in ten years, this is wonderful." Adrian's form finally stopped flickering but the knights noticed something he had increased in size, as Adrian stood up it was as if a mountain was rising into the sky when he was at his limit he stood at a massive 8'7" and with his true appearance revealed so was his face, he still had the youthful features his illusion self had but their were runes adorning his face they were neither tattoos or scars but one meant illusion another meant wind and the last meant foresight. Adrian spoke but it was a low rumble instead of a deep baritone "I have little patience for you three anymore so I shall end this quick." Adrian then proceeded to pull a massive broad sword from his back, the blade was a pale blue color and the cross guard was inscribed with runes for protection but that was not what drew the knights fear and the crowds awe, the sword was eight feet in length seven feet belonging to the blade and the rest belonging to the grip. Adrian grabbed the sword with both hands and then he disappeared from sight to most but he had a feeling the blue haired girl form the bar caught a glimpse of him as he moved, the knights had formed a line in hopes of mounting a defense when he transformed but that mattered little now as Adrian descended upon them he swung his weapon in diagonal arc in doing this he carved through their shields and past there armor and into flesh but he controlled the cut so as to only cut an inch into the flesh and he also succeeded in knocking them down. With that dealt with he turned towards the girl who he assumed was after the same goal as him and said. "You have questions and I have answers, let us head back inside and I will answer what I can." Adrian put the sword on his back and with that his form began to flicker again and was back to his original height while he was also pulling his hood back up.
  17. While Adrian was settling business outside the bar, the drow with the cross pendant gave the drow in robe a signal. They both quietly slipped away. It wasn't long until they were a few blocks away, wearing cloaks and hidden among the morning crowds.

    "It seems that the temple have hired quite a person to getting the Holy Jewel back, Uruvion," said the drow in the robe in the language of the drows.

    The drow with the cross pendant scoffed. He then said in the drow language, "Quite an idiot he is, Idhrenion. He didn't even suspect that the Holy Jewels was right under his nose."

    Idhrenion peeked under his robe. There it was, the Holy Jewel.
  18. Eyes narrowing at the man's bloodlust, Clarence took a step back as Adrian turned back towards the tavern, but only because she was taking space near the doorway. The illusions and the strength certainly spoke much of this hooded person, but so did his arrogance and need for theatrics. She'd showed many more like him while on her way to Aman that she wasn't ever going to waste her time with their lot, and she wasn't about to repeat the same thing here. Partly out of her desire to move on now that she's gotten what she came for from the bartender, and partly out of worry that it might be stolen (seeing as how this part of town's gone to hell already), she quickly snatched her spear and held it at her side before the man would re-enter the building.

    "I don't need your answers, old man." said Clarence simply, moving past Adrian. Just then, she decided to rub some salt in his wound, and turned to flash a smile at the bartender. "The good barkeep would have helped me better than any showy rogue would be inclined to." she seemed to wink playfully at the young-looking elf. She had hoped the hooded man could see all this at the corner of his eyes, at least. She walked outside, inspecting the downed and thrashed knights, kicking one or two in the sides as she circled back to the building. Clarence then leaned against the doorway, looking over her shoulder at the mess outside once before turning back to the bartender. "I would've thanked you for giving me the chance take some of the possessions of these men to lift the burden off their backs, but I have a thing against being speared by the guards coming this way, especially after that little dance number you did. So I leave them in your hands then, barkeep." she said to the elf some more, and would have continued if she didn't realize there was supposed to be two more sitting at the bar.

    Going on their way - secretively, even - while there was a small battle brewing right outside the bar was odd, to the say the least. And Clarence found it suspicious. Then she connected two and two, and came to a conclusion that made her grit her teeth at the rage pouring down her face. "...You idiot!" she seemed to yell at Adrian, as she dashed to the bar. "Where did they go?!" she nearly shouted at the bartender as well, but realized he hasn't proved anything about himself that justified it just yet. Her icy blue eyes met his own as she waited for the bartender to answer. Within those eyes, if he were sharp enough, he'd see that anger wasn't the only thing within her.

    Clarence wished he'd answer quicker.

    In the streets, a couple of blocks away, the two drows continued to move on foot.

    As they walked along with the bulk of the morning crowd, hidden from searching eyes, they would unknowingly walk past an individual wrapped in a worn, torn cloak, mere traces that he'd once venture the deserts in the faraway lands. The moment one of the drow elves brushed shoulders with him, the person felt his nostrils flare. The hint of a powerful magic stirred his senses, and he turned.

    He couldn't be mistaken.

    The Holy Jewel was within an arm's length.​
  19. Maya was sitting in her room, biting on her nails, trying to think of a way to search for the Deity's Tear. It has been a while since it last been rewrapped with a sealing spell. If the Deity's tear seal was to break, the aura of the tear would seep out and could be sense by people with sensing abilities. For centuries, the high priestesses of Amara had been constantly sealing and resealing the Deity's Tear for worry that power greedy men would realize the Deity's Tear power. Now that it has been stolen, no one would saw to its constant sealing.

    That was when she realized that fact. Maya herself can sense the Deity's Tear if the aura seeped out. She have the ability. She ran as fast as her to where she thought she could sense the Deity's Tear the best. To the temple's tower she went. If luck was on her side, she would sense the Holy Jewel first before anyone else does.
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  20. Glanhelmeon the bartender was a bit surprised by the day. At first, he was told to be responsible for the tied armored man that cerulean haired woman brought. Then a fight happening outside the bar. Then the woman seemed to insist on him telling her where they went. Was this the duty of a mere bartender?

    While rubbing his forehead, feeling slightly stressed, he answered as best as he could. "If you mean the two customers here before, they took off. I don't know where." He sighed. "The one in the robe work at Aman's public library. His name is Idhrenion. The other one was a trader. His home is not here in Aman. I think his name is Uruvion."
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