Character Theme songs

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Character Theme songs

If the character(s) you made and role play with here at Iwaku had a theme song, what would it be?



You mean what ARE my character theme songs... Oh god I need to get on the computer and pull up my play lists now!

Two I can think of off the top of my head is Sekai from Destiny's Posession, a very clever circus performer. Her theme is "Desert Rose" by Sting

The other is Juan Michael Astar, a noble hearted young nobleman, from The Mines of Mina Tor. His theme is Phil Collon's "Hero"

A few of my character theme songs double as the original game theme songs as well. See Chosen and Boluvard of Broken Shadows.


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Jasper's (From Chosen) Theme song is Poets of the Fall - The Ultimate Fling. It strongly represents how he feels about his situation in the roleplay!

Alexandra's (from the chatrp Blood Cartel) theme song is Within Temptation - All I Need. It's her thoughts/feelings that she doesn't realize she has, or wants to admit that she has.

If I can remember some others I will post them later. >:3

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Love Within Temptation!

Ahem. Anywhat, I don't think of my characters as people with theme songs... I probably should, cause I think it'd make them less 2d.


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Hmmmm too many characters from too many rps (not just on this site)

I think i would end up having a 30 song list haha


Right now, for Lola, I'd have to say Katy Perry's Peacock. ; D


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I think for my character Goredema I would go with, Dragula by Rob Zombie.
I love that song.