Character Dump... for U.N. 0W3N & Kathairein

U.N. 0W3N

s͝c̢̢ha͜d̀̕e͝͞n ̛f́ ̷̛̛r͟͞ ̛̕e͠͡ ͢͡u҉ ͘d̢ ̷͘e͠
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The following is a character dump/resource for the random
fantasy world me and Kat randomly started on Discord. I
keep forgetting names and shit, and it's getting harder to
search for them. SO! They will now have a home here. Uh...
Not sure if this is the right placec for it, but it seems like
the best option. So, I'd like just me and Kat to be the only
users posting here (since resourec and shit). K! THX!
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U.N. 0W3N

s͝c̢̢ha͜d̀̕e͝͞n ̛f́ ̷̛̛r͟͞ ̛̕e͠͡ ͢͡u҉ ͘d̢ ̷͘e͠
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to be filled in with a "guide" of the characters and shit for easy jumping around (???) this may also may turn into a post for all my characters and shit


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