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  1. The year is 2023. For the past ten years, it has been rumored that a third world war brewing, and everyone knew that it would most likely be a nuclear war. However, that doesn't stop life from going on. You and your friends are part of the graduating class of 2023 at River Bluff High School. You are all between the ages of seventeen and nineteen, and have all decided to go on a road trip before they leave to different colleges.

    However, while driving through Nevada, one of the final stops on their trip, a terrorist group attacks all of the major cities in the western world, bringing in every major power into the largest war the world has seen.

    The United States declares martial law and closes the borders between states. The draft is reopened, even as thousands of men and women join the military. Unable to return to Ohio, their home, you and the others are left stranded in an unfamiliar city, unsure of what to do.

    This is Chaos Rising.

    Character Sheet


    Age (between 17 and 19):


    Appearance (pic/description):


    History (Be as specific as possible):

    Sexuality (Can be anything):

    Relationships With Other Characters (best friends, significant other, etc.):



    • No God-Modding
    • No fantasy elements.
    • No crazy weapons. The most any kid right out of high school would have is a pocket knife, which is a stretch for going on a road trip.
    • If you think yours and another's character would be good SO's, pm them. Don't just say that you and another have this huge history when the other might have something planned already.
    • Perceived perfection is different than actual perfection. If your character is a queen bee type, have some internal conflict, and external when another character reacts explosively. Which they will, as queen bee characters are just bait for huge arguments and resentment.
    • You have to have some relationship to other characters. No one is a part of a group without some sort of connection.
    My Character Sheet

    Name: Drew Eli Hartford

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Quiet and introverted, Drew finds it difficult to make friends. However, when he grows used to people, he opens up a great deal, and can even be the loudest in a group. He likes to be solitary sometimes and read, but he also loves to go to parties and socialize.

    History: Born to a couple of self-proclaimed hippies, Drew practically grew up in the very same van that he now owns. All his life, he was dragged along to events like Burning Man but when he graduated, he decided that he wanted to see the rest of the world, and gathered his friends to join him, at least for the American part.

    Sexuality: Gay

    Relationship With Other Characters: TBD


    • His cell phone
    • About 250$
    • Three changes of clothes, one pair of swim trunks
    • One notebook
    I will post the IC when enough people join.
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  2. Name: Hyun-Su Choi

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Hyun-Su is a sweet, kind-hearted guy who is very open minded. He's very bright and cheerful and he tends to be the peace maker of any group. But Hyun-Su very sensitive, submissive and physically delicate, he tends to be anxious and worry a lot. He's like this in everywhere he goes; school, home, around friends, around new people. Hyun-Su is not the one to change his personality for whatever reason.

    History: Hyun-Su was born into a middle class family, consisting of his parents and older sister. He was born in Incheon, South Korea and moved to Ohio, America when he was five. During his childhood he spend his time by himself, he wasn't the one for having many friends, just the few was enough. During elementary throughout high school you'll always see him smiling or humming to a tune or even both. Til this day Hyun-Su had a passion for singing, in high school he joined the school's choir and enjoyed it a lot. He had a dream for be a international singer.

    Sexuality: Gay

    Relationships With Other Characters: To be discussed

    - Phone
    - A few changes of clothes and other essentials for the road trip
    - A necklace he had since he was a kid
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  3. Your character is accepted ^^ if no one else shows interest, this could be a one x one if you want.
  4. @EquinoxSol Thank you~ and sure, I won't mind a 1x1 if no ones else joins. ^w^
  5. Alright ^^ I'll give it until next Friday, and then if no one else replies, we can just do a one x one.
  6. Sweet, I can wait that long. :D
  7. I'd love to join! I'm not home right now, but I'll create a charrie bio sometime this evening when I get home/have access to a computer that's easier to type on than my ipod :3
  8. ...let's just pretend that it's still last night... life got the better of me, so I wasn't able to finish my charrie before I went to bed, but here he is now! :3

    Name: Zahi Samara
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Zahi is rather short, standing at 5'2" in height. He has stomach length, slightly wavy brown-black hair. Normally he will wear his hair loose, but in warm weather he will braid it. His eyes are ice blue, courtesy of his European mother, but he has coppery skin, thanks to his Arabic father. He tans very easily. Zahi prefers slim fitting clothes that are generally very stylish and nice looking.
    Personality: In general, Zahi is a very kind but quiet guy. He loves being around his friends and is very talkative around them, but around strangers he is basically mute. He suffers from severe depression and social anxiety, and takes 250mg of zoloft daily to help him function in daily life. Without his meds, Zahi is extremely depressed, suicidal, and completely unable to function. He's basically a walking time bomb in that respect. He loves art, but is incapable of drawing (his pictures generally look like they were drawn by a kindergartner who was more interested in eating the crayons than drawing with them), and therefore is often found hanging around museums and friends who can draw. Zahi loves nature and exploring, and can be quite the daredevil at times. Occasionally he'll forget he's human and easily deaded, and will attempt ridiculous stunts, requiring his friends to talk him out of it before he breaks his neck (one such stunt was he attempted to build a zipline. In his backyard. Between two dead trees. Using a 5mm thick string. Thankfully his friends stopped him). One funny thing about Zahi is that he is blind as a bat without his contacts in, but is too stubborn to admit this. It's easy to realise when he forgot to put his contacts in when you see him bumbling around knocking everything over but still pretending that he can see. Usually his friends manage to convince him to put his contacts in before he accidentally sets anything on fire or something. Overall, he is very lovable and likes company. He is also very clingy, and all his friends have learned to just ignore him when he is draped all over them or wrapped around their shoulders (which often requires him to jump up and hang on to them for dear life because of his height). People often assume he is in a romantic relationship with... well... everybody, judging by his clingy nature, but they're almost always just friends to him.
    History: Zahi's history in general was pretty normal. He grew up in a middle-class home as an only child of two fairly wealthy parents, an Arabian father and a Russian mother, and generally got what he wanted when he was a child. He developed some pretty serious anxiety and depression when he hit his teens, but luckily he was able to see a psychiatrist and get medication to help him deal with it. He hasn't come out to his parents yet because of their traditional, non-accepting views of homosexuality, and doesn't intend to do so any time soon either. He went on the trip with his friends both out of a desire to explore as well as a chance to get away from his parents at least for a little bit.
    Sexuality: Homosexual and polyamorous. He likes guys, but is incapable of being in a relationship with only one person at any given time, finding it very stressful, which has given him the reputation of a cheater, when in reality he just wants a completely consensual relationship with two or three other guys. Because of this, he is slightly scared of relationships, for fear that he'll upset his partner(s).
    Relationships with Other Characters: TBA
    -Three changes of clothing
    -A pair of swimming trunks
    -The first book of the Game of Thrones series
    -A bottle of ibuprofen pills and a 30 day supply of Zoloft (doses of 250 mg)
    -Contact solution and an extra pair of contact lenses. He also brought a pair of glasses with him as a backup, but he wouldn't be caught dead wearing them.
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  9. Looks great! I think if we get a couple more players in soon we can talk about relationships and whatnot. :D
  10. Name: Celia Gessati

    Age (between 17 and 19): 18

    Gender: Female

    Appearance (pic/description):
    Personality: Quiet, reserved, often cold. Only speaks to her brother, Noah, and only in Italian.

    History (Be as specific as possible): Celia lost both her parents when she was younger to the classic car crash. The accident led her to only trust her older brother, Noah, and her refusal to speak English.

    Sexuality (Can be anything): Straight

    Relationships With Other Characters (best friends, significant other, etc.): Noah, her brother.

    Two changes of clothing (Not counting her current clothing)
    A pair of hiking shoes (Wearing)
    A sketching journal

    Name: Noah Gessati

    Age (between 17 and 19): 19

    Gender: Male

    Appearance (pic/description):
    Personality: Not as quiet as his sister. He's like the fire to her ice, I suppose. Noah has a weakness for broken things (especially people) and tries to fix them, like he holds up his sister, who he loves greatly. Very compassionate.

    History (Be as specific as possible): Noah was (obviously) involved in the same car crash as Celia, saving her from injury with his own body and not letting her look upon her parents afterwards. He's taken care of her ever since.

    Sexuality (Can be anything): Straight.

    Relationships With Other Characters (best friends, significant other, etc.): Ceila, his sister.
    A change of clothing
    Running shoes
    A cell phone
    First-aid kit, containing standard and limited material

    I know it's a little short, but I'm pressed for time and wanted to get something posted before I forget. Let me know if I need to expand on the information later, and I hope the character-pairing isn't a problem- I've wanted to try this out for awhile. Thanks! :)
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  11. It's fine ^^ And your characters are accepted! I might make a few more characters to balance out everything (Three gay guys and a brother and sister) if more people don't join in the next two days.
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  12. Sorry I haven't posted anything. Life has been crazy hectic, but tomorrow or Friday maybe I can post the thread.
  13. Hey, is it too late to join?

    Name: Will Daniels

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Standing at 6'2", there's a lot of Will to contend with. However, he's skinny, no matter how much he eats due to the fact that it is next to impossible for him to sit still. He would struggle to tip the scale at 145 pounds soaking wet. He's built for speed, not strength.

    Personality: Will is incredibly energetic. From the moment he opens his eyes to the moment he closes them at night, he is always moving. However, he isn't as talkative as many would expect. He is usually taking everything around him in and thinking about it. He's incredibly perceptive, noticing things before others would. When you can get him talking, he talks quite fast, and almost seems nervous. Between that and his inability to sit still, he appears to be constantly nervous. He tends to over-think things a lot. He's the person who's constantly checking that they have enough money for gas, making sure that they have enough food to see them through to the next stop, making sure that everyone has enough sleep. When he relaxes, however, he's one of the best people to have around. He's got an incredible sense of humour, and is someone you can always go to when you need to feel better about yourself. He knows if you just need a hug, or if he has to tell you how important you are to him. He makes sure that everyone else's needs are put before his.

    However, a side effect of Will's energy is that he can turn violent at the drop of a hat. You could say something that would usually make him laugh, and he'd have you up against a wall with the nearest available weapon pinned to your neck. He will scream and shout, and then regret it the moment he calms down. He's tried so many tactics to keep his temper under control, but none of them really work that well.

    History: Will was an only child. His parents tried to have kids both before and after he was born, but to no avail. He was treated well, but not spoiled. He had to share his toys with his friends. He was punished if he did anything wrong. He was always full of energy, and his temper was often worse as a kid. One thing his parents noticed was that he never meant any of the things he said when he was angry, and he would apologise the moment he calmed down. They didn't particularly want to medicate their kid, so they tried alternative methods. Some of them had an effect, but nothing permanent. As he reached his teens, he found that he started becoming violent as well as just getting angry. He never meant it, but it always just... happened.

    His parents brought him to the doctor, but the doctor couldn't recommend anything suitable for Will. He was referred to a behavioural therapist. Again, that never really worked for him. He learned how to try and stop himself from getting angry, but not how to stop beating up the school's star football player because he wolf-whistled at a girl. These fights usually resulted in Will receiving more injuries than the person he jumped. The school was at a loose end, and threatened Will with expulsion in his junior year, even after the behavioural therapist explained the situation. This forced Will to try and keep a lid on his anger. He managed to stay out of a fight until he graduated- or, at least, managed to stay out of them in school.

    Sexuality: Well. He's only ever dated girls, but there's been once or twice at parties where he's found himself making out with other guys. So he identifies as bisexual.

    Relationships With Other Characters (best friends, significant other, etc.): TBA

    Possessions: A backpack with:
    -Three changes of clothes
    -His phone and charger
    -His iPod and headphones
    -His wallet with about $100 in cash and his debit card, as well as his driver's ID
    -Usually snacks
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  14. It's not too late ^^ And your character is accepted! I am working on the thread, so if everyone wants to start deciding relationships between their characters, go ahead! Drew is still open for anything, so don't hesitate to talk to me :D
  15. Just wondering if anyone is still interested! If you are, please reply here!
  16. CAN I JOIN
  17. Name: Oliver 'Corbin' Hart

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Oliver is an introverted and polite young guy, usually hanging out alone and sticking to his art. He's never really had "friends" before but he can be a cool person to hang around.

    History: Oliver was born in England but sooned moved due to problems at school. His father bailed on him and his mother before thy moved, so Oliver was pretty hurt. He wasn't fond of here but he soon got used to it. Now he is part of the art club, but he's still ordinary

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Relationships With Other Characters: Slight crush on Hyun

    - Phone
    - A few changes of clothes and other essentials for the road trip
    - Sketchbook
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  18. Yep, still here- sorry I haven't done anything about relations, life got busy on me all of a sudden.
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