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  1. Is anybody interested in an RP along the lines of Changeling: The Lost?


    Most humans subscribe to the antiquated, self-centered idea that humans are the only intelligent lifeforms out there; or, at least, that the next closest thing is light years away. Contrary to wisdom passed down through the ages, the modern human holds a staunch disbelief in all things "fairy tale."

    Of course, those fairy tales are largely true.

    Ah, don't look at me that way. Let me narrow things down for you before you leave. Have you ever heard of Changelings? The idea is quite simple, really; the fae sometimes like to mix things up a bit; prevents gene stagnation, gives them servants, and all-around makes life more interesting. Oh, right, the idea itself; simply this: the fae swap places with humans sometimes! Sometimes it's as kids; they nab those tasty human little ones and replace them with their own offspring. Heck, you could know plenty of people who are actually fae, infiltrating human society that way!

    The other method is perhaps even more insidious. They take a human of any age, and they replace it with a double. A fae construct of a doppelganger; it knows everything that you do, and goes about living your life, and no one is the wiser. Some of your friends could have been replaced without your even knowing.

    No need to be paranoid, though! As far as we know, as long as you aren't the one getting replaced, it's no harm no foul to you! Sure, your wife may have been replaced, and now you'll have weird half-golem babies who will go on to have marvelous adventures that you'll put off as "imagination", but that will be no different from anyone else, right? No, the real trouble is for those who get stolen away.

    For, you see, the fae live in something of an alternate dimension, and it's a place not particularly hospitable for human types. One of two things happen to those humans who get spirited away; they either die, or they change. That's why we call the survivors Changelings, after all. They may go in human, but when they reach the other side, they've become something entirely different. Oh, you know the sorts; sprites, dwarves, werewolves, vampires, unicorns, dragons! Some get lucky and are more human than others, but just between you and me, that's small comfort. After all, you're either human, or you're not, and every Changeling falls on the not side.

    Oh, and there's the other problem, which is that it's really quite hard to get back to Earth as we know it once you've gone to the fae side. If it's not the discombobulation of having a new body that no one's going to teach you to use properly, it's the fact that they'll keep you quite busy, likely as not. And there are guards.

    And even coming back isn't that great. What are you going to do? No one thinks that you left! Can you imagine the therapy? And even the most conscientious Changeling can't keep up a human guise forever. And if that slips... well, there are government programs for that sort of thing.

    I'm telling you, the Changelings themselves are the ones who have it bad.

    Sucks to be you.

    We're Changelings, people who were stolen away by the fae and replaced with doppelgangers. We've been changed into mythical creatures ourselves by the journey to the fae realm. The story starts with us escaping our masters and trying to get out of the realm and back to Earth.
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  2. So, I'm not sure what a bucket of rainbows, a thumbs up, and a butt emoticon are supposed to mean. Is that code for "Geez, great idea you have there, Kiddo, but I'm just too busy to join you!" You'll have to be a bit more specific.
  3. This sounds nice. Count me in!
  4. So I take it all the fairy tales are true, in some regard? Is any 'fae culture' based creature open for deliberation? :3
  5. I'm going to try to keep what creatures we've become as broad as possible. Some things just might not make sense for changelings (perhaps dragons and unicorns would be a bit hard to roleplay in this case), but as you put it, I think that everything is up for deliberation.
  6. lol sweet! Well, you know you can count me in Kiddo. It'll be interesting to see what your crazy mind comes up with :)
  7. Alright, weekend time! Let's see if we can't get some fresh blood ^.^
  8. What do you think of a changeling that was a will'o wisp? I've been reading a few of the stories, and while some speculate the creature to be made of light, others believe that the lights were the lanterns of fairies. I was thinking of a fae specializing in glamour and misdirection, with her powers bound to a lantern.
  9. That's certainly something that I'd be willing to discuss further. You know how much I like having powers tied to things for balance reasons :P
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  10. XD yup. I wouldn't think she'd have overwhelming powers anyways. Will'o wisps weren't ever seen as being overly powerful. The lantern would just be another thing to kind of tie her down.

    Would you be doing the whole 'Fae can't lie' thing as well?
  11. Thresh? :U
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  12. Lmao XD no, not thresh.

    She doesn't steal souls, just has a nearly impossible to resist urge to misguide people. Hence why I wanted to know if fae could outright lie. That way, I can either make her very creative with the truth, or a pathological liar :D
  13. Only certain fae are incapable of lying, and even then only in certain situations. In most cases, we're unlikely to run up against that ^.^
  14. You have my interest!!!
  15. Sweet. Thanks kiddo :)
  16. This sounds really freaking awesome. I haven't been on iwaku in quite a while and I would love to jump back in with this.
  17. *Sticks a toe on the bandwagon*

    My foot is to come. Just let me make sure I can handle the RPs I've currently got going first.
  18. I would love to join this similar to the show Lost Girl? I swear I've heard changeling before and I'm not quite sure but I do know in Lost Girl the fae go through a changing that if they dont get through become...well lets just say you want to make it through.
  19. Sweet, sounds like we have enough interest to get this thing started! I'll get together a group for this tonight or tomorrow morning.

    I'll look into Lost Girl and tell you what you can expect regarding that ;)

    How many people do you guys feel would be optimal for this game? Looks like 5-6 and Chubster (and myself) so far.
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