Changelings: the Chroi Clan

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    • A Storm on the Horizon
      April 22, 2138 - 0517

      A mere five hours after the Risen had once more become a force to be reckoned with, the Tiger clan finally began to descend from the trees, wary eyes remaining on the seemingly harmless shamblers who are left after the chaos of the day prior. A wail can be heard upon the ground as a storm brews in the distance. The air is cold - almost frigid, and the snowy white tigress who was the source sat beside what was left of her mate, whose blue fur was torn from pieces of flesh. This cry hadn't begun until just after midnight, after the Risen should have already returned to their normal state. Its sorrow filled the air around the clan as they came to greet her slowly, some remaining in their beast forms while others took on the flesh of the human.

      This wasn't the first abnormality that the Chroi Chang had noticed about the happenings of everyone around her. The Risen were slowly beginning to become more like the deadly creatures the Jungle Cats fought off every day. Changelings who had already made the Change would die suddenly, and no amount of healing could stop whatever progressed through their bodies. Some would even become horrible monstrosities, like a Changeling version of the Risen. Clans throughout North America were on their toes, and many reports spoke of subtle activity over by where D.C. had once thrived as the capital of the United States. Such things were disturbing, and Dragon knew that this was not something that could be ignored any longer.

      "Keep your eyes open, and be ready to fight the shamblers...who knows what will happen if we become complacent." She stepped forward then, looking over towards her Omega with a sad smile and motioning towards the still yowling female. Ryciro stepped forward, still in his beast form, and chuffed lightly towards the female. His soothing nature washed over the group, intensified on the female, especially. The Tiger Chang also brought forth her own Omega as well as her healer. All was focused on her, in hopes of easing her agony. Tension remained high as the Betas and Guardians kept a lookout towards anything out of the ordinary. Even the smaller cats were on edge, ready to pounce at any second. It was a rarity to lose a Changeling so embedded within the clan, and the effects of such a loss were felt all around.

      As the Chroi Chang stood watch over the clan, she let her Changeling power reach out across the other clans. Many more felt loss and pain this morning, and more still wanted answers as to why. Never had such devastation happened within Changeling Society - not even so many had been lost at one time to the Change. So many dead, others ill or injured beyond repair. It was as though they had become as fragile as humans.

      Some stuck out to Dragon, though. Some who remained strong despite all that happened around them. Some who wanted to face whatever was going on and make things better for their people. Instinct told her to face this with the strongest, and that was what she intended to do.

      She gave a bow of the head to the group she stood before, taking her leave towards the great tree who had bestowed her with her power to begin with, her trusted Beta and Omega at her side to keep her safe and calm. It was at the base of this massive tree that she gave the call to those selected few. Knowing that Alphas were going to be ripped away from their clans at the hardest of times, she called them to her. For they had a greater purpose for her. Precious leaders, protectors, healers, and even those born with the potential to be such. Yet they all had a purpose to fulfill - one that could not be ignored. So, she called...and when she did, she waited for their arrival. Make haste, she thought to herself, for the storm brews on the horizon, and we must find what makes it so deadly.

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  1. Ulric

    The morning had been a complete and utter nightmare for the Canine Pack, who sat just under the workings of the mysterious enemies in DC. Even so late into the morning, shamblers were not shamblers, but berserkers. Anything that even looked like trouble to them had the creatures in a frenzy much like that of All Spirit's Day, which ended over five hours ago. The pack had already gone into their underground shelter used only once per year to keep them safe from the monstrosities that plagued them so viciously. Ulric had already peeked his head out once or twice to check for the safety of the outside world, only to find himself narrowly missing a fatal blow to the head or worse.

    The tension of having been locked beneath the soil for so long was starting to really take its toll on the pack at this point. Why was the Risen acting this way? What made them so extra vicious this time? There were many within the pack who remained in their beast forms, as though attempting to protect themselves. And poor Keona, who was terrified of the shambling beasts outside, was all but useless in her current state. Ulric's anger threatened to overwhelm him. Though none of his pack had been left behind this year, he could hear the howling of basic animals being torn to shreds and eaten alive all through the night. This was not the greatest for moral.

    When the call entered his mind, driving his beast into a small frenzy at the need to leave, he found himself dropping to a knee, a growl emanating from deep within his chest. Not now, dammit! His striking blue eyes flashed to the black depths of the wolf for an instant as he struggled to gain control. Now, he had work to do. He had to find who else of his clan got the call from the Chroi Chang, and then he had to set up new leadership while he and the others were away. There were many other canines who were submissive enough to be without Keona, but Ulric worried about whether or not there was a wolf dominant enough to control the pack without being too dominant.

    He scoffed at such a thought. If anyone was too dominant, it was him, and he knew it. Slowly rising to his feet, he cleared his throat and called for the attention of his pack. "Everyone," he said, attempting to wipe away the remainder of the growl still in his throat, "Dragon calls me to the Chroi, and we all know that is a call I cannot ignore. I need to know who else feels this call so that you can be replaced within the pack before we leave. We must all be careful is obvious for us all that this is not a normal end to All Spirit's Day. Tensions are high, but we must remain vigilant. Lean upon each other, and listen to your family. This will not only ensure our safety, but also keep us calm in the days ahead."

    He was not one for speeches to boost moral, but his pack knew that they could trust his judgement and his love for them. At his words, many of them visibly relaxed. Others grew even more tense at the thought of their beloved Alpha leaving them. How many would he take with him? Who else would be forced to go? Who was strong enough to hear the call of the Chroi Chang? They worried for him as well as for themselves. But they all bowed their heads in agreement before the silence fell in waiting to see if anyone else would step forward at the call of Dragon.

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  2. The night had been long, and yet, Blake found herself abuzz with adrenaline and pure energy, far too alert and sensitive than she would have ever preferred to be. It resulted in pacing, a painfully human habit to exhibit in the wolf form she clung to, but the only way she knew to burn off the incessant itch in her muscles. The noises from outside their shelter had her fur bristling, and each time Ulric poked his head outside, she felt like biting it off. The fool was going to lose it anyway if he kept it up like that. With poor Keona as terrified as she was, Ulric was going unchecked, his own agitation obvious despite his best efforts, a simple fact that was bringing Blake herself near to insanity. It tore her to pieces; so long as Ulric was near the exit, she wanted, needed, to stay by his side lest the worst happen, but her heart ached to bring comfort to little Keona.

    What had changed in the Risen to instigate such behavior? This wasn't how things were supposed to go at all. The Risen were predictable--they followed the same established pattern and altogether weren't a terribly frightening threat with the except of All Spirit's Day. Only now, five hours later, their annual hunt continued in the same bloody manner, and some were beginning to wonder if it ever would cease. That was when Blake turned to her wolf, hoping animal instinct would help battle her imposing human worries and that quiet, pestering voice in the back of her head that suggested she simply fly away from it all. Only her wolf made her feel safe and secure while facing this threatening unknown.

    With one eye trained on their Alpha, she moved among the others, giving a nudge here and there to the people she loved and worried for. She was no Omega, and her touch could bring but a slight smile of thanks from the anxious men and women, but it was all she could give. Before long, her restless paws were bringing her towards Keona's side anyways, the moonkissed Omega's terror bothering her more than Ulric's apparent stupidity.

    But before she could arrive, the call pushed its way into her mind, demanding her every attention. She needed to answer the call--now. But human logic stalled her, claws digging into the ground and eyes closing as the initial wave of urgency came and then paused, long enough for her to focus on the thoughts of Ulric and realize that he, too, had received the call. At his commanding, spoken voice from across the shelter she forced her paws to relax and begin to pad at a brisk pace to the front of the listening crowd. She stopped before him, and didn't say anything, but cocked an ear upwards to indicate that she, too, had heard Dragon's call, all the while fighting the urge to anchor her claws to the ground again.
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  3. [​IMG]
    It was strange how different things seem to be this year. He can’t remember a time when so many of his fighters had to go well beyond morning to keep anything from passing his territory. He had had to send quite a few to the Weavers over the last day and heading straight towards half. He hasn’t had any sleep yet, and he’s feeling it. His hands and claws were covered gore, as were the Betas and Guardians around him. Many of his pack were battling all along the line. Even the wild monkeys were helping in ways they could. Granted, this was more a hassle at times, yet it would provide distractions for the walking dead that seemed to know which direction to travel.

    One of his cats go down, and rages begins to build within him. He leaps down, snatching up the cat that is badly hurt before leaping upwards back into the tree. He hands the defender over, sending her on to the Weavers. The Guardians that had been standing back to take a breather press forward now with spears. Their throws dead on, locking the dead to the ground in large numbers. A few spears going through more than one.
    For a moment, there’s silence. Almost like it’s all over.

    That’s when the call comes. It slams into him full force. With all his rage, and that inner beast always hungry, its worse than it would be for most. Especially since it’s been a while since he and his beast have seen her. Felt her. Timing, however? Sucks. He just about falls from the tree, only being stopped by a couple of his betas. Not the main two you’d think would have. No, they, too, seemed to have gotten the call. Unfortunately, that jaguar side wants to go. Go, now.

    A deep snarl comes from him, and the hands that had caught him just about drop him. His claws sink deep into the tree to make sure he doesn’t fall. Only for pain to wash through his senses from the tree. A breath blown out, he releases his claws, dropping to the forest floor. Guardians and betas follow him. He rushes through those that are speared to the forest floor, slicing through necks so heads roll. He will deal with the call when he has a moment. If his two closest betas felt it, others within his pack will have.

    That call, though, has sunk deep. It’s like the heart of him and his beast pumped the word “Come” to him. Every beat of his heart, her voice is there. Whispering for him to come to her…
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  4. [​IMG]

    It was now almost morning , they still had yet to return. Something pulled at her with each moment that went by. It was as if something strange was happening, with the walking dead, something was wrong. She knew it, nobody could tell her otherwise, something just felt off with them. It was strange. Many of the weavers were tending to those who were sent to us.

    Another fighter comes in and she begins to wrap her in one of the wraps that she had finished a few days ago , one of the other weavers came over and took over giving her a look she could feel his rage it was almost like a tangible thing. It was a pressing feeling within her to go to him , but she could tell that the amount of rage he felt was not dangerous to him, she new him better than most. So for now she would stay and help where she was needed until she almost dropped to her knees.

    Without a word to anyone she leaps up shifting as she ran , she didn’t think she had ever felt him more than she did that the moment that rage the darkness , His beast , rage and something else mixed in washes over her like a breeze even before she gets to them , she takes in the scene before her , breath catching as she gets closer .

    She jumps from one tree to another one just in the reach of the tree they where in , she can feel the pain through him feel his beasts reaction to the call she looks to the Betas guessing they too are feeling what he does, through him she was connected to them all. She knew the moment his claws releases the tree and he began to fall even before he hit she had lunged from the tree to land inches from him her own beast so much on the surface.

    As he and the Betas go forward she does to coming up to his side as each slash and roll of the heads her claws ripping through flesh and tissue she needed to be careful a brush against both Betas to help calm their beast , but only enough to keep their heads clear.

    Her head tunes to her Alpha a drop of her head she sends out a energy in his direction , it wasn’t a calming energy as she would use on anyone else no , it was to let his beast and him know that she was there, it was to give both strength to pull from that rage, enough to bring them both back from that darkness that threatened to consume them . it had to be done right, just the right amount of calm , you try and force a calm on a beast and man as Dominate as Jag and that rage would only build more that darkness only swallow more of them . a breath was inhaled , and then with the slightest touch of her body along his , a small whimper, and just enough love and calm, letting it touch the man first , and then the slightest on the beast.
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  5. Aiden peeked out through the small hole near the barred entrance of the massive burrow he and his people resided in. He glared as one of the violent undead outside tore up even more of the crops his people had toiled over for the past year. The bear inside of him rumbled, magnifying the displeasure he felt. Even the hare was expressing its annoyance. But all three souls where wise enough to know not to go out just yet. All Spirits day was supposed to be over. But it had yet to end. It was putting some of his people on edge. However, his worry was captured by a soul individual by the name of Rose. She had yet to get back. He could only hope that she had been able to find shelter and safety before all of this had started. He itched to get out and find her.

    “Aiden?” Blue eyes left the peek hole and turned to look over at the Beta who wished for his attention. He was a dark haired man, a bit shorter than Aiden with striking green eyes.

    “Keep watch for a while longer, don’t unbar the doors unless you see Rose.” Aiden said before he pushed away from the bit of wall he had been taking up. “Send a runner if anything changes outside.” He finished off, beginning to walk by the other man, patting him on the shoulder. “Keep up the good work folks.” He nodded at the guardians clustered around the beta he had put in charge of this shift for the East door. Aiden began to head down the dimly lit tunnel.

    The underground city, simply referred to as The Burrow by most, was expansive. It was easily the size of a small town from before the war and covered just as much space if not a tad more. It was all underground and made up of connecting tunnels and chambers. It was where he and his clan called home. There were four exits, one named after the direction it faced. Where those tunnels all met had become the town center and was one of the largest chambers. Even though it was underground, Aiden was proud to say that it wasn’t claustrophobic, there was plenty space for his people and the underground crops that were kept in the greenhouse chambers just in case their crops where destroyed. People had their own series of chambers that they made their homes in. There were also chambers that where given functions, such as the healing chambers, the prayer chambers, and other like buildings one would have found in communities. The place they’d chosen to build had three underground springs, and then after the building had begun they’d found two more. Giving them five springs to water the city in addition to the river that flowed not too far away that they used for irrigation. All in all, it was a pretty sound city for being underground.

    His clan was large in numbers. Aiden blamed the prolific nature of most of the animals they had melded with. Seriously. Rabbits, mice, and other rodents seemed to produce a lot of offspring fairly often. And his clan was composed of these peoples. It was odd for there to be only one child per couple in his clan. But they were fairly sensible folk and weren’t overly hard to manage most of the time. Unless they were scared, that was perhaps the most difficult. But the procedures they kept in place for emergencies soothed most of them he’d come to find in the last few years. Of course, there were a disciplinary issues, as was common in this large a batch of people. But between him and his betas they were often kept up with. There were also some of them who still feared Aiden himself, which hurt the leader, but he understood and tried not hold it to them. The man even blamed himself rather than them. He tried to be soft and sweet, more so around those he knew feared him.

    Aidens mind switched over to the current procedure, directing his thoughts away from a subject that would distract him from being pragmatic. Instead, he traced the shifts. He had a whomping nine betas in his clan. In this scenario, there were two shifts of guardians that kept watch at the doors and each shift was led by one of his betas. That took up eight of his strongest. Then he and Annalise, spent the entire time patrolling the populace itself, with Aiden bouncing between the doors to check up on those stationed there. Aiden made sure his partner slept. But he himself often refused to until things had calmed down. The tension in the air usually kept him wired and awake enough that it didn’t bother him until said tension died down.

    Aiden found himself wandering towards the healing chamber, set on checking in on Adi, one of the few of his clan who disliked being underground. However before he could there was a deep pulling from his center and then an urge to leave. His bear snarled, urging the man to turn right back around and burst through the door that he’d just left before making a beeline to the Chroi. Tigers call echoed around his mind. His hare also taking up the cry. Two of the three clattering around in his mind to go. He had to GO.

    Not yet, easy” He growled aloud to himself as he grabbed at his throbbing temples. It was almost as if the two beasts where literally banging around the inside of his cranium. Aiden blindly reached out and snagged someone’s arm as they passed him.

    All Meeting. Now.” He snapped a bit, not noticing who it was he had grabbed only that he had grabbed them and delivered the message. He didn’t hear the compliance or notice where the individual had scurried off to as he focused on pushing through to the two beasts in his head that they had to take care of the clan first before they could go anywhere. It took some time, how much the man wasn’t quite sure. But finally, the rabbit quieted some, seeing the wisdom of the situation. That was all Aiden needed, pushing the bear back to snarl and stomp at the corner of his mind until it to would quiet enough with the promise to leave as soon as the clan was cared for.

    When he managed to get to the Center, it was to find a good portion of his clan gathered and talking amongst themselves as he made his way, head still throbbing towards the small platform at the front of the room. His face must’ve expressed the lack of patience he held, as those who saw him didn’t say anything, just stepped out of his way. A few who looked like they had wanted to say something found their mouths closing with a snap.

    Aiden eventually found his way to the platform and for a brief moment, his eyes met Annalise’s before they both stepped up and onto the raised flooring and turned to look at the group as a whole. By now it looked like the entirety of the clan had gathered. The brunette cleared his throat.

    “I have been called to the Chroi.” He started without preamble. A low murmur of chatter began, Aiden could feel the spike in fear amongst the group. He cleared his throat, tensing his legs to resist the urge to pace. He was anxious and every nerve in him called out to begin to move. “I need to know if anyone else has heard the call.” He continued before flashing a brilliant smile and taking a moment before sending out a wave of calm….or trying to. It had never been the best of his abilities. However, the smile was probably the most effective of his attempts. “Don’t worry, we have a protocol for this. Annalise?” he turned to look at the blonde woman at his side before she nodded and Aiden turned to look back at the crowd. “Annalise will take over until I return. We’ll figure out how else to handle this after we have a total of people who will be coming with me and who all will be staying.” He paused for a moment, eyes meeting several individuals within the crowd, a small smile still in place. “Don’t worry, we’ll all be fine. Just remember the protocols and stay calm. Don’t go outside until the shambles have returned to peace. Stay strong.” He paused one last time. “I have faith in all of you. Now, for those who have received the call, come find me in the Crystal Chamber. Betas, those of you who are off shift, come with me please, we have a few things to hammer out before I take off. If no one has any questions, that’s all I needed to say.” Aiden however lingered for a few moments, answering questions and reassuring worries as they came to him. After the majority of the clan was filtered off, the leader took off towards the very chamber he had designated.

    It had been a long, long All Spirit’s Day for the omega. It hadn’t been too bad when it first began, but by that afternoon she’d taken to huddling in a corner away from a good portion of the pack. She had come to understand her abilities as an omega, and the backlash that came up whenever a shambler appeared. So the small woman had isolated herself, hoping to draw some of that backlash away from the pack. But as she did so, it only made her fear worse. By the time night had fallen she’d all but turned into a small ball of human, leather, and lace in the corner. Her nails digging into her shoulders as she hid her face behind her knees and waited. Part of her clung to the bond between her and Ulric, but part of her tried not to. But the fear ate away at her and she couldn’t help the tiny hold she kept with the stronger wolf.

    With every shriek of pain that made its way to her ears from the outside, she’d tense and swallow a small whimper that wanted to escape. The night had been hell. And that hell hadn’t eased with the first drop of sunlight, no. It had continued, seemingly getting worse as it happened. In Keona’s frantic state, she could only picture their hiding spot surrounded by the undead monsters outside. Her eyes burned with the desire to cry but she swallowed that to. Some spark of pride kept her from giving into the urge for tears. She was the omega of the wolf clan. Shamblers wouldn’t make her cry anymore. They wouldn’t.

    When the call came, Keona felt it, and then she felt the echo of it through her bond with Ulric. For the briefest moment, all terror was erased with the urge to go and the brunette unballed and came to her feet, silvery eyes focused on the door behind Ulric. She had to go. She was being called. She took a diminutive step towards the exist before another shriek found her ears and the fear crashed into her all over again and she froze midstep, caught between the urge to obey and flee. Her alphas voice was her call back to reality as the two primal urges clashed, and slowly, silvery orbs turned to lock on him. Keona swallowed as she turned her entire focus to him, grabbing at the bond like it was a lifeline. The meaning of his words where lost on her, but the sound of them was soothing, like they always had been to the omega all throughout her life. For a moment, her wolf quieted and thought came back to her. The fear still waged its war with her heart but the urge to leave NOW disappeared. Dragon’s call was certainly hard to ignore, but the bond with Ulric kept her sane, he was her alpha, not Dragon. So she focused on that link between their souls. But between the call and the strength pouring from Ulric, she found the fear to not be quite as crippling, almost overwhelmed by the presence of the two alphas.

    Keona took a small step closer to the pack, eyes still not leaving Ulrics before she froze. No, she was still scared, she shouldn’t get any closer to the clan, and she didn’t need to add her own fear to what they felt. So she simply waved a bit from behind the mass of canines to indicate that she’d heard it, before she stepped back away from the bulk of clan again. Although, she did not return to her corner just yet, nor did she remove her eyes from her alpha. But within her she let up on her hold of their link, letting the fear back in so that he could focus on the group and not just her. Letting the visual connection remain as she eased up her death grip on the bond.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Adira had been flighting across the healing chamber for most of the night. Being cooped up tendedto agitate her the longer she was stuck. Most nights she would just pop outside of the burrow for a quick flight in the trees around the crops. But tonight was All Spirit's Day and the shamblers had been deadlier this night then they had in the past. It was unsettling to her, making her more agitated then she would usually be.

    It was hours past the normal time when they would be let out of their underground city. Adira was growing concerned on what was happening above the city. Soon the walls of the healing rooms was to much for her to handle anymore. She figured since there was no one to attend to in the rooms that she could head up to the gates to check up on those guarding them, see if they needed any healing. If they didn't she would go and search for Aiden he was always able to calm her when she was feeling trapped.

    She made a somewhat slow path to the gates as she stopped to talk to a few members of the community or being stopped for a quick check up of the more stressed out members that had managed to get hurt since her last sweep of the city, she had made a few rounds when the night started since it helped keep her relaxed when she was healing someone she would forget that she couldn't leave the burrow.

    She had just made it to the gates when she felt the first faint pull. At first she didn't understand the urgent need to leave. But as it grew stronger she realized that she was being called Chris. She pushed the call aside as she started looking for Aiden she was sure he had been called. She was a bit afraid what this would mean. This would leave the community with a temporary leader after the worst All Spirit's Day that she could remember. This was not good they were already scared and she feared that this would upset the clan. She barley noticed the rabitling running past her as it announced a town meeting.

    She quickly made her way back to the center of town as the call grew harder to push away. But was distracted again when she came across a couple of kids that were looking lost, she looked around for their parents before she went up to them to comfort them. Assuming they had been separated from their parents when everyone was heading to the meeting, she picked up the smaller of the mousling setting her on one hip as she grabbed the boys hand leading the way to the people. Quite a few people had gathered at the center making it impossible for her or the kids to find their parents. She was to short to see over anyone and it could really be a pain in the ass for her sometims. listening to Aiden as she searched the group, soon she had settle for finding one of the other healers of the den so that they could gather the rest to help look so she could go to the other meeting. The call had begun to be to hard to ignore she left the group to wait for Aiden.

    She walked about the room as she waited trying to distract herself to avoid getting to antsy or stir crazy those to surly wouldn't be a good mix at the moment when they needed to think clearly.
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