Change of Heart, Change of Fate

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  1. In the beginning of time, when the inhabitants of the world shared the same skin and wandered in their meager tribes, the great animal gods descended from the heavens, and asked help from the beings to shape the world. In exchange, the creatures would devote themselves to their gods, and obtain their traits for their own. As such, the people now shared varying skins, some with the tails of cats, others the beaks of birds, and every creature in between soon decorated the bodies of the people. Only then did they see each other as different, and the gods regretted their decision. But it was too late, and they were forced back in to the heavens, to wait out the chaos they had created.

    Two groups in particular created the most violence. The children of foxes and of wolves became bitter enemies, attacking and stealing and pillaging from one another for generations. However, the gods grew tired of the feud, and did something to change the tides - helped a fox and a wolf fall in love.

    The romance lasted only a short time, but it was all the gods needed, and the wolf princess gave birth to a pair of twins, the likes none had ever seen before. Hybrid creatures, a prince and princess, both wolf and fox in their blood. For fear of the prosecution of their children, their parents would send them away to Nurine, a country filled with people of all kinds, where perhaps their children could grow strong...

    And love bloomed again between fox and wolf, this time with the caretakers charged with escorting the prince and princess across treacherous lands, but alas, it would be brief once more, as calamity separates not only the couple, but the children as well. Believing the others dead and gone, each "parent" raised the children apart, never telling them of the other.

    But one fateful day, the gods would play their hand again, and bring the twins back together in the land of Nurine, tied together by fate, family, love, and a mysterious, golden locket they both share...

    And this, my friends, is where our story begins...


    It's the Star Blossom Festival, everyone! For a recap, lets see what that means, shall we?

    As for Nurine itself, the country was built upon the legend of a brother and sister, separated by war. While the sister is left behind, she cares for and helps build a life for the poor, down-trodden refugees forced from their homes, praying for her brother's eventual return. However, war reaches the refugees, and just as the brother rushes in to save them and his sister, he watches as she is slain. It is said that the gods granted him the ability to destroy the armies if he so chose, but instead of using his power to kill, he stood up to the warring nations, and with tears in his eyes, managed to convince them of their foolish actions, and to lay down their weapons. With the war ended, the brother buried his beloved sister, and when his tears fell upon the grave, the gods rewarded the siblings' efforts, kind hearts, and wise minds with a beautiful tree that grew upon the sight. This tree is said to be the very giant that stands in the middle of Nurine's capitol, Yula, its seeds having been sewn across the country, and every year the people celebrate this legend with the Star Blossom Festival. This name was given due to the peculiar trees giving off star shaped blossoms every spring, which bloom only during the night, and glow with a pure, white light. During the summer, the trees bear sweet, nutritious, tear-shaped fruit. Thus far, the trees only grow in Nurine soils.

    It was evening. The great star blossom tree that towered over Yula, Nurine's grand capitol, was in full bloom, the star-shaped flowers glowing and lighting the town, as they had for countless centuries. It was the middle of the Star Blossom Festival, a week long celebration honoring Nurine's unique past, and the legend of the siblings that brought prosperity and peace to the land.

    But peace was the last thing on Kaleb's mind that night. He and his patrol had caught a group of thieves in the middle of a job, and were in hot pursuit. At least, that would be the report. Kaleb was chasing the girl for a completely different reason. In particular, it involved the right half of a heart locket dangling from her neck, and the unusual features that had left Kaleb's comrades dropping their jaws.

    She was fast, probably faster than Kaleb, who had a reputation of being able to outrun any of the guards in his division. It was only because of his knowledge of the city and the way the roads wound that he'd been able to keep up. If he could just manage to corner her at the temple, then maybe...maybe he would get some answers...

    Back and forth they went, up and down alleys, far away from the rest of Kaleb's group as well as the young woman's accomplices, and finally he was able to chase his prey to the desired location. The temple was the largest in the city, and for good reason, as it stood to honor all of the known gods, from the predators to the prey animals. Their statues stood tall, proud, and menacing in the sacred circles, the outer ring containing the predators, and the inner, prey. Waterfalls cascaded in between each statue, falling in to small rivers, representing the connection each god held to one another. And, inevitably, the connection every person had, as well.

    But Kaleb wasn't there to consider religion, or his connection to the gods. He was here for more immediate answers, and when the thief paused before the waterfalls, Kaleb took his chance, tackling her to the ground. The pair rolled and tumbled until they reached the middle of the innermost ring, and in the process, Kaleb's disguise charm snapped from his wrist as he struggled to keep hold of his captive.

    "Stop! STOP!" he shouted, and only then did Sylyett stop her struggling to stare in to the face of the young guard. For a moment, she thought she was staring in to a mirror. Kaleb shared her face, her hair, the brown wolf ears, the tan skin, the red fox tail. More importantly, he shared her locket. The missing half of the heart...

    Stumbling back in shock, Sylyett thought for a moment that she was seeing things. No, it couldn't be...she was the only one, her mother had said so...

    The only child, born between the wolf and the fox...

    "Please," Kaleb begged, reaching out for her, more gently this time. "I just...I just need to know..."

    Sylyett's eyes widened, her heart fluttering in her chest as the two spoke in unison.

    "Are you the same as me...?"
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  2. Central Square in Yula, Star Blossom Festival

    Kaan yawned lazily, as the three mercenaries stepped onto the Central Square. As rude as he was, comparing to the other two, he never bothered to hide it, and his terrifying canines startled people along the way. The shortest of their party fixed his hat and frowned at the tiger, noticing all of the wondering eyes and gossiping around them. "Way to go adding up to the reputation, genius." Kaan laughed. "So what? I thought we are supposed to be scary. You know, outlaws, barbarians..." He gestured barbaric strength, flexing his muscles, which made few passing ladies blush and he chuckled. "See? Ladies dig that."

    "Oh, you are barbarian alright. Just don't drag us down with you.", Paul replied from down under, turning his head to front. His neck muscles already ached from glaring up, into his partner. "And of course ladies dig that. Most of them are just that shallow. But as soon as you talk...well...", he smirked daringly. "Then you loose any chance with any potentially worthy girl that might; and I am repeating MIGHT be interested in you."

    Kaan took quite some time to process the information. He stopped and turned to Paul, clenching his fist and bending down to meet him face to face. Even if it was more of a brotherly argument, he had no intention in backing up in front of a lap-sized dog. "Oh? OH! Is that so?! Well! Better being brute than a wiggly worm. You can't see brains." Paul nodded, and returned in a same manner. "Maybe. But you can always add muscles. If you're dumb, you're dumb, period."

    "Alright you two, knock it off." Tate walked forward, passing between them and calmly breaking up the fight with his body and relaxed deep voice. The white wolf was tired and a mild headache kicked in. That last job they got, took it's toll on him, and he never managed to get any sleep. However, he was still functioning well, just not in the mood for pointless things. Kaan yawned again, getting back his silly face and putting his arms behind his head, enjoying the evening breeze. "Sorry, Big T. But this is utterly boring." He extended the "r" in "boring", so it sounded like a brief purr. Paul shook his head.
    "Boring? It is the most important celebration around here. Where are you from anyway? Dumbersville?"

    "What? It's just about some powerful dude acting all diplomatic when it was all set and done. Like we don't have that even now."
    Paul face palmed lightly, although, he was impressed that Kaan knew something about the current situation in the land and furthermore, that he was actually using a pretty complex word "diplomacy" this time. "Ugh! You're hopeless." He shrugged off. "Translated to your simple language, yes. Pretty much. But it is so much more than just that. For example, Tate here couldn't possibly walk like this without the need to hide from dumbstruck foxes. Plus, the Nurine we now know would never exist otherwise."

    Kaan stared at Tate for a bit, before he looked at Paul. "Are you kidding me?! Where could he possibly hide around here? He is like a giant walking cotton ball... with claws and...teeth...but still!" He straightened up and punched Tate's biceps not so lightly, but Tate didn't seem to mind. "Besides, he is brutal! You saw what he did to that gorilla man yesterday, didn't you? He ain't afraid of foxes anyway. What could they possibly do? Poke him till he dies of laughter?" Dog frowned, putting hands deeper into his pockets and stared in front of himself. "I don't know man, foxes are wise. Trust me, I know. That is why I'm not much of a fan. But I don't hate. Far from that. Though I prefer wolves from the day I met this one we have in our rows."

    Tate smirked, and landed his large hand on Paul's head messing up his hair and hat. "H-hey! What gives big guy? I just made it right." Paul complained and Tate chuckled lightly. "You know, you shouldn't compare one good apple to the bunch of rotten ones, kid. Nor should you allow that one apple to convince you it's perfect." Paul raise head to look at him briefly and nodded. He knew what was that all about. Kaan interfered. "The what now? Isn't that some kind of Indian mumbo-jumbo or something?"

    "No. Just common sense my friend." Tate answered. Kaan nodded and grinned rather playing dumb, than allowing Tate to go through all those things again by asking questions. He wasn't THAT stupid. He raised his head up and looked at the star blossom tree that was now in line of sight from the middle of the Square. It wasn't so bad. "Hey, Snoopy. Is that what you were looking for?" Paul rolled his big blue eyes. "Damn it tiger! It's Sn..." He turned and looked up into the tree.

    Yes, he heard a lot about it. But it was his first time he was allowed to get a good look at it. And it was wonderful. He took off his hat and stared at it mesmerised. "Oh you gotta be kidding me..." Kaan approached and waved his hand in front of Paul's face.
    "Hellooo...Earth to Paul!" Tate smirked and tapped his shoulder. "Let the kid enjoy himself. We came to relax, remember?" Kaan shrugged off and turned away heading to the stand with holiday candies. "Fine then. Give my regards to that glowing bastard." He bought a sugar cane and sat on a bench, spreading so he occupies it entirely. He gently chewed on a sweet cane, looking over the crowd, with no specific goal. He felt a bit of fatigue himself. What they did last night and not getting any sleep after, was first in a long time. But he liked it.

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  3. "Please... Give me a sign..."

    A young wolf sat silently, praying reverently in the Great Yula temple. He was waiting for something, but what? Despite the rest of the capitol being charged with festivity, the temple remained quiet and still. The calming sound of the running temple water, the gentle caress of a passing breeze and the earthly candle light all blended together dominating the atmosphere. Anyone who ventured here could agree on one thing: this was a place for peace. Peace never lasted, however... or so believed the wolf.​

    "O' Great spirits, I beg you..."
    Clad all in the black, the wolf sported an attire most unusual. He wore a ceremonial garb from his home. It was odd, but on him it did not seem out of place. Where he came from, it was customary to wear the fur of one's own when they wished to be closer to the gods. The color black, however, was restricted to a select few. To wear a black fur was proof of prestige, of birth... and of power. The only ones permitted to wear them were the highest of clergymen and the most powerful of monarchs. Draped in black fur fit for a king, the wolf believed himself both...

    "I have done all you asked..."
    The wolf was not alone in prayer. Others were with him, not numbering more than five. The small group all offered their prayers up to the divine. Their prayer was all the same. Not long ago, the fires of war raged. War was hell, it destroyed and left not but blood and tears in its wake. The wolf was a good man they thought. He had traveled far and wide, helping those who had suffered and brought them to the peaceful countrysides of Nurine. Some even claim he could heal injured and cure the diseased. Together in the temple, they all prayed for a more peaceful world. But were they praying for the same world...?

    " And I once again seek your guidance..."
    The wolf had been in the temple since the first light of the Star Blossom Festival. He had come to Yula the previous day. The whole country of Nurine has been at peace since the times of legends when war ruled. He recalled the tales very well, about how a brother and a sister were torn forever apart, how the brother was given power from the gods and used it to make peace. The thought filled him with a silent fury. When it came to the feud between fox and wolf, only Nurine was spared. Full scale war had ceased, that much was certain.
    "What more must be done?"

    long after the legendary miracle occurred here in Yula, skirmishes and raiding parties hounded the countrysides. Wolves destroyed, slaughtered and pillaged the foxes, and the foxes who were left returned with vengeance two fold. In Nurine, the violence had stopped a while ago, but hate still lingered in places. The wolf knew that so long as hate remained, there would be no real peace.
    "Tell me, where do I go from here?"
    Swaddled In sheep's cloth, Arrik, deluded by his own ideals prays for a new world. A world without hate, a world where peace would be ever lasting under his rule. He'd do so, no matter the cost. If blood must be shed to stay the stream of tears, so be it.​

    "Please... Give me some-"

    He was interrupted as a girl rushed into the temple and stopped in front of him. It was a bold move to make such a scene in a temple. The girl drew everybody's attention, not because of the commotion she had cause but rather due to her... interesting features. The girl had red wolf ears and a bushy, unmistakable fox tail... Arrik rose as did those with him.

    She looked tired, and no sooner had she paused for a breath, another figured burst in! This time a guard. "Stop! STOP!" he shouted as he tackled her to the temple floor. A boon from above... Was this the sign he was looking for? It had to be! The gods must have provided for him. This newcomer was nearly identical to the girl in every way...

    Everything happened so quickly. Arrik instinctively snapped into action. "What is all this commotion?" The wolf calmly inquired. There was a chorus of worried chatter coming from all the bystanders.
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  4. The beauty of Yula is overwhelming.

    The carriage wheels plop over the stone road as the hooves of the old Percheron hit the ground in a rhythm of sorts. The entire city seems to be set aglow with the blossoms of the great Star Blossom tree at the heart of the city, and everywhere the happy faces of Yula's inhabitants shine just as bright, mixing in all sorts of different races and types. Kina sits at the front of the carriage, guiding the old horse with a gentle hand, her ears perking like sonars to hear all around her. Her brilliant blue eyes seem to sparkle with the fascination and glee of the city, and a smile spreads across her face, lips pulling back to reveal slightly enlarged canines.

    "Mya! Nosy! Come see this!"

    Turning another corner on the road, the carriage finally comes into full view of the great tree. Mya, holding the tiny three-year-old in her arms, exits the cover to see the tree, her rose-red eyes sparkling with unshed tears. "It's so beautiful,'s more beautiful than we could have imagined." Nosy wriggles from Mya's arms to stand just before the little seat of the carriage between the two women, his little nose wriggling as Mya places a hand on his head. "What's that?" He asks, looking back at Kina. She gives a smile to the child. "That's the greatest of all Star Blossom Trees, Nosy. It's very special in this world, and it represents how special we are to have a home."

    The little boy sniffs, tilting his head to one side as he looks back out towards the great tree. Mya looks over to Kina. "We need to find a place to park...I don't think they'll want carts or carriages in the center where the festivities are thickest." Kina nods in agreement, pulling the carriage to the side of the street near a bench. All three get down, Nosy jumping back into Mya's arms with a squeal, and Kina ties off the old horse, pulling out from the side of the carriage a flake of the best hay money can buy as well as a small (but big enough for a horse) bowl of water. She pats the speckled gray gently before turning back to the shimmery purple carriage.

    They had bought the carriage somewhere between Kitchuda and Yula to have a home for Nosy. Traveling on foot with no shelter and a child as small as him never words out very well. The horse and carriage were on sale because the previous owner had no need for it any more, and it was in surprisingly good shape. So, with some of the money Kina had earned in Kitchuda, they bought it in hopes of keeping it for quite some time. Nosy especially loved it as the two women had immediately outfitted it to his standards, complete with the child's own play area.

    Kina heads to the sides and back of the carriage, locking every door, window, and latch that could possibly be locked, enhancing every one of them with her very own magic. Mya looks over to the now satisfied kitty with a raised brow. "Kina, I think you're missing something." Kina looks to her goat friend, her face a question mark. Mya gives a chuckle before continuing. "There's no point in locking the doors if people can still steal the carriage as a whole."

    "Oh...I can fix that, too." Kina gives a small giggle before turning back to the carriage and horse and putting her hands out - palms facing the carriage - and putting all of her concentration into casting a protection spell. A few moments later, a bubble forms around the entire carriage - horse included - that glows a strange orange color. Kina sends a grin Mya's way before brushing her hands together. "Now, no one but we can come anywhere near the horse." Mya gives a look of concern. "It won't hurt anyone, right? I don't want someone to get shocked or anything." Kina gives a giggle, shaking her head and replying, "No, it'll just be like an invisible wall. It'll last twelve hours, so we have plenty of time to enjoy tonight's festivities before coming back to go to sleep."

    She takes Nosy from Mya, tossing the boy up in the air slightly, relishing in his squeals of glee. "So, Nosy, what would you like to do?" The boy, now held tight to the woman's side, ponders over this a moment before grinning. "I know! We can dance! There was music up by that giant tree, and I want to dance!" He does a jig in Kina's arms, sending both women into giggles as Kina gives a nod in agreement. "That sounds grand. But how about some food first?"

    As if on cue, Nosy's stomach growls in complaint, and he nods with a sheepish smile playing across his lips. Together, the three of them head to the center of Yula, where they buy some amazing food, eat it, and then go dance in the amazing music of the festival.​
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  5. Sylyett's head snapped attention towards the speaker, and both her and Kaleb's hearts seemed to freeze. Confusion already plagued their minds in concern to the situation, but now fear entered them, as well. Fear of being discovered, of being attacked, of being exiled for what they were - mutants, abominations. Something never meant to be, because nothing like them had ever existed before.

    Sylyett was tempted to run. This was supposed to be a simple job, just a quick grab and go while everyone else was distracted by the festivities. No one was actually supposed to SEE her, especially not the young man from earlier, whom she'd spotted during her trapeze act. She had so many questions for him, of course, but Sylyett had too much on the line. She had a whole family to protect - her mother, and the rest of the troupe, as well. Kaleb had similar worries, but as a guard, he was trained to stand his ground, and did so against this man.

    He stood tall, looking directly in to Arrik's eyes. Kaleb assumed Arrik must have been a priest, according to the way he dressed. Kaleb had seen plenty of wolf priests go up to the temple to pray, followed by other wolves to pray to the Great Wolf. Kaleb joined them, sometimes. But he couldn't say he recognized Arrik, and was quite frankly confused about the variety of people that surrounded them.

    "I apologize for our interruption of your prayer," Kaleb declared, tracing the rings on his chest before bowing respectfully. It was harder to describe what exactly he and Sylyett were doing, however. He certainly didn't want to take Sylyett in, and she sensed this in him. To take her in for thievery now would be problematic, especially with how much the two wanted to know about one another. But what else were they supposed to say...?

    "It's...been a confusing evening," Sylyett spoke up at last. She nor Kaleb could turn their eyes away from each other for long, practically entranced with one another. "We'll be going, though. As he said, terribly sorry for interrupting. It won't happen again, I promise."
  6. Central Square in Yula, Star Blossom Festival

    Paul still stood there staring at the grand Star blossom tree like it was the first tree he ever saw. "It is amazing, isn't it?" Paul spoke, referring to Tate. "What is amazing?" Tate looked down at Paul. "Amazing how one simple thing can mean so much."
    "Well," Tate smiled. "Simple it was, but it wasn't easy." Paul smirked lightly. "Indeed. Death is never easy." He felt a bit sad at that moment and Tate noticed it. "Hey!" He almost barked out so Paul jerked. "What have I told you about those long puppy faces?" He seemingly frowned, and Paul stiffened a bit. "I-I..." Tate glared at him for a moment, before bursting out into the laughter and pressing Paul against his massive body, rubbing his head. "Come on now, loose up a bit, brainiac, hehehe..." His deep laughter was so catchy, Paul had to chuckle along while his hair was already overly electrified by violent rubbing. "Aye, aye! Alright already! Let go, you brute." Tate laughed lightly, letting him go. "Um, no. That is Kaan's title. You'll have to come up with something else."

    Big white wolf raised his head looking over the crowd. "Speaking of which, we completely forgot about him." Paul fixed his hair and hat once more and smirked once he noticed Kaan wasn't where they left him. "I bet he turned every bar around, upside down." Tate nodded. "Maybe not each and every one, but a couple...that I wouldn't bet on that he didn't." They both nodded and knew what to do, before they stepped into the crowd. They searched carefully. How hard could it be to notice a pumped up orange cat like Kaan? In that crowd, it turned out to be pretty hard. Luckily he wasn't a mouse or something. They walked around the Square in circles for almost twenty minutes, until Tate stopped and raised his eyebrow. "Hey Paul! Think I found something."

    Paul struggled to get back to Tate through the merciless wave of people that were pretty much all above him. "Excuse me, pardon me...may I pass? Thank you. Sorry! I am terribly sorry!" He was kicked out of the line, when a lady slammed him with her purse while protesting loudly, and sent him flying right towards Tate. Wolf just stared dumbstruck when Paul knocked himself out by shoving his face into Tate's chest, and slamming his back on the ground. "...Ouch..." He could have sworn all the stars he saw had twins at that point. "You go ahead big guy, I'll just lay here and consider meaning of the existence." Tate shook his head and lifted him up. "Come on now, all for one and one for all, remember? But, what happened?" Tate seemed confused, while Paul blushed. "Uh, let us just say that my hand landed on the wrong place at the wrong time as I tried to get out alive from there."

    The dog blushed even harder and pout, as Tate burst out into even harder laughter than before. "Not funny! I can assure you that my mind, nor my face was prepared for that." Paul looked around the crowd with his hands back into his pockets. He wouldn't risk for that to happen ever again. "And? What am I looking at? Except for the river of more potential trouble?" Tate smirked, and grabbed Paul's jacket lifting him up. "Maybe this will help?" Paul protested. "H-hey! Put me down!" But before he could do anything, Tate sat him on his shoulder, like a father would do to his son, so he doesn't miss the show. Paul crossed his arms and mumbled embarrassed. "I thought what just happened with that lady was the most humiliating thing for me tonight...I stand corrected." He always thought how Tate was way over protective when it comes to him. However, he knew Tate was doing his best and he didn't say anything any more as he looked in the direction Tate pointed. "Think that's him?"

    Paul narrowed his eyes, and noticed a big dancing, orange and black tail, that stood out in the crowd that gathered to watch people dance to the festival music. Of course, music meant dancers, dancer meant girls. Cute girls. And cute girls meant... "Yep! That is our guy, captain. No question about it." Tate moved forward, easily making way for himself, since no one wanted any trouble and only by looking at him, it was obvious who would win. "Well, let us get our comrade back then, shall we?" Paul still sat on his shoulder and he began to enjoy it. He was never that high and moving in his life.

    Kann stood in the crowd taping his foot to the rhythm, as his tail danced along, annoying a couple of people around him. But not like he cared. He already made enough room with his body, so no one could protest. The tiger had his eyes on two gorgeous girls dancing around and getting all of his attention. Here and there he would whistle and approve, before he would proceed following the rhythm with his tail. The truth was, he loved to dance and make a fool of himself, but right now watching them was good enough. He didn't even notice Tate and Paul coming behind him. He whistled once more and shouted.
    "Hell yeah! Shake that b..." His shout was violently interrupted by Tate's casual, but heavy smack upside the head (or the "Steel Fist of Common Sense" how Paul used to call it), and he almost fell forward, face first onto the path. "Kyaaa..." He growled as the back of his neck numbed. He was a strong fella, but that honestly hurt every time. When he managed to return the feeling of blood getting to his brain back, he turned towards Tate protesting. "What the hell is wrong with you? You wanna kill me?!" Tate smirked. "Come on now. It was merely just a poke."

    Kaan shook his head. "Alright, I think my eyeballs popped right into their place. So I can proceed watching."

    "You will never learn, will you?"
    "What?! I was just watching. Is that a crime?" Kaan grinned. "Not like I was going to touch or anything." "Paul crossed his arms. "Well, not like she has a kid either." Paul pointed towards the ocelot girl that danced with the boy. "Well, then I'll just try it out with the other one." Kaan replied.
    "Maybe she is married too."
    "Pffft! I don't think..."
    "Or maybe their brothers are around. You wanna get beaten by brothers?"
    "But I wouldn't..."
    "Or maybe they're first class ladies. You do remember what happened the last time you hit on one, don't you?" Tate teased.

    Kaan knew they were messing around with him. He glared at Tate with a somewhat humorous pout face, before he mumbled.
    "Well fine then. I'll just dance instead. Who cares at all." He suddenly reached up and pulled Paul. "But I am taking a hostage." Paul squeaked a bit when he was violently pulled down. "Oh suuure, abuse my puppy face. Not like I care. No sir!" He was now sitting on Kaan's shoulders with his legs on each side of Kaan's neck. "Oh stop being a party pooper, will ya? Let me have at least SOME fun and have this dance with me." Paul sighed and Kaan knew he won so he grinned widely. "I swear, if it wasn't you..." Kaan interrupted, hurrying towards the "dance floor". "Hah! I knew you had it in ya Snoppy!" Paul held on desperately to Kaan, as the tiger ran into the circle almost dropping him down. "It's Snopper you giant hair ball!" Kaan chuckled. "Yeah, yeah. I love you too Snoopy." Tate couldn't help but to laugh as Kaan started to dance, but not because of his dance. Tiger had some pretty decent skills due to his circus past. He was laughing at Paul that sat there on Kaan's back like a doll, as Kaan moved his limbs as he wished, in the funniest way Tate had ever seen. The crowd laughed along.
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  7. The joys of dancing seems to only make the two women and their little protege squeal with delight more and more every few seconds. Truly, they enjoy the strange music that is played throughout the center of the city. Kina has Nosy by the hands and is twirling the child around gleefully as he squeals his excitement of it. Her tail seems to dance to the beat as well as Mya does her own little jig, her hooves clicking on the ground softly, barely audible with all of he noise of the festival.

    Neither women notice the hulking tiger dancing near them, paying special attention to Kina. Nosy might have noticed were it not for how much fun he was having, but even if he did, he wouldn't have said anything. Sometimes he wonders why there isn't another guy in the group, but he's never mentioned something like that. After all, why would he? The two women have given him a home, and that's more than any boy can really ask of two strangers.

    It's not until the tiger puts a short dog boy on his shoulders that Nosy notices something. His dark eyes look up at the dog - who doesn't seem to be having much fun - and points over, stopping Kina in her little dance before jumping up and down with glee. "Can we do that? I wanna do that!" Before Kina can say anything, surprise still making its rounds on her elegant face at the oddity of such...dancing...Mya scoops up the little Honey Badger and plops him right on her shoulders. The boy gives a yell of delight as Mya dances in little circles with him secured tight on her shoulders. Kina looks over, reaching out to Mya, calling out, "Watch it -"

    But it's too late. In her own glee, Mya bumps into the tiger that had given Nosy his idea in the first place. Her hooves slip on the pavement, not really having the best footing she could have in such terms, and both she and Nosy go flying sideways. Nosy gives a small scream, putting his hands out to brace himself for the ground that seems to be racing towards him. Luckily for him, Kina gives a leap, sliding on her long, elegant robes to save the child. He lands atop her, immediately happy to have just bumped his head on the softness of Kina's robes. Mya lands on her hip, her hand sliding out from her, her skin tearing at the roughness of the ground.

    "Ouch..." Mya pulls hand up to see the damage. Noticing only a small amount of blood and a larger mix of loose skin and pebbles, she gives a sigh, knowing the largest amount of pain is in her now bruised hip. Kina, now also bruised on both her hip and shoulder, goes to stand with Nosy in her arms, wincing slightly at the pain. "Nosy," she says lightly, "Let's not do that again, okay? I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted." The child gives a nod, sniffing slightly.

    "I'm sorry," he says. Kina gives him a gentle hug in forgiveness before finally managing to stand up, looking over her now torn robes. She gives a whine. "These were the last of my robes from Jitha...I'm never going to get another set." Mya stands, her eyes showing the depths of her apology. With that look, Kina smiles, giving a shrug. "Oh well, who needs them! I have plenty of nice robes in the carriage. I can just change there." With Nosy still in her arms, Kina gives Mya a hug, which ends in all three of them laughing. Once sobered, Mya looks to the tiger man with a gentle smile.

    "I do apologize for that. I'm not very good at paying attention to where I'm going. I didn't cause you any trouble, did I?"​
  8. Central Square in Yula, Star Blossom Festival

    Before Kaan realised what happened, tiny ram girl was already on the ground, and the ocelot girl was getting up, with the kid safe in her arms. "Woah, that was too close..." Paul gulped jumping off Kaan's back. "We made such a mess." His discomfort kicked in and he pulled hat lower over his eyes, staying aside. It was just too embarrassing. Kaan stiffened for a bit not sure what to do. "Uh, I..." He felt bad as never before. He could just imagine how it was for that fragile little lady to bump into him. He was at least relieved that nothing was broken and that the kid was alright. Not only he could have hurt the girl badly, he assumed he now looked like a complete idiot to her cat friend. He face palmed lightly. "Oh no. Now I've done it." Seeing them all hugging and smiling, he approached with his ears down in a sad, sorry manner. "E-excuse me?" He for sure never got used to resolve things that were his fault. He sucked at saying sorry like a gentleman should. That was Tate's thing. He never got the hang of it.

    As the ram girl turned to face him, he jerked a bit, expecting to get the mother of all slaps right over his face. Even though she was pretty petite, he knew better than to underestimate female anger.
    "I hope you do not tend to hit jerks." He chuckled nervously, scratching his head. However, he was genuinely surprised that the girl apologised herself. "I do apologize for that. I'm not very good at paying attention to where I'm going. I didn't cause you any trouble, did I?" Kaan quickly waved his hands in a defensive manner. "Oh! No, no, not at all. Uh...I am the one who should apologise. I should have been more careful. I simply get carried away when it comes to dancing and...stuff..." He coughed uncomfortably when he noticed the girl's hand and her friend's torn robes. "I ruined it for you two and I can't uh...I can't apologise enough for that." Paul still stood aside, still too uncomfortable to approach. But at least Kaan was trying, unlike his usual behaviour. He raised his head when Tate stepped towards the group.

    Tate approached slowly and as gently as he possibly could, considering one of the girls was so petite and belonged to species that never really appreciated wolves. He did his best to neutralise his heights, and the fact that he was...well...the big bad wolf. Making sure she saw him coming before he got too close, he bent a bit and took her hand into his, turning her scratched palm up.
    "Allow me, miss." Kann sighed in relief when Tate appeared. "Oh good, you're here. I made a mess again." Tate chuckled, taking out a clean handkerchief to clean what's left of pebbles and dirt off the girl's palm. "I can tell." He smiled politely to the girl. "Would you allow me to take care of this for you?" He loved to help, and his medical knowledge usually got the best out of everything. "Do not consider this as anything rude, miss. I merely wish to help."

    Seeing Tate had everything under control, he sheepishly approached the ocelot girl, feeling like he would rather disappear. "Hey... I need to apologise to you as well. None of this would have happened if I wasn't so reckless." He quickly bowed down and managed to say what was bothering him. "I am...truly sorry." He looked at her robes once more. "And I will be more than glad to pay for your robes." Tiling his head, he proceeded. "I do think it is beyond repair but..." He whistled and Paul raised his head, questioning. "Aye, come here Snoopy!" Paul sighed, realising that the "Snoopy" thing was more of a intentional brotherly provocation, than a common mistake. Still, he hated it. "It's Snooper." He mumbled as he approached. Kaan ignored it as usual, and grinned with his wide cat smile. He asked before the ocelot girl could protest. "Alright, tell me about these robes."

    Paul blushed a bit. He was really uncomfortable sniffing around the unknown girl. "Uh...I-I think it's from Jitha. They tend to make robes with this scent." He looked at Kaan with mocking expression, wordlessly saying "busted". "And this one is of finest. High status, right there." Kaan gulped uncomfortably, looking around on impulse, but seeing no bodyguards that would beat up his sorry bottoms. He sighed realising it was safe enough and smiled at girl. "No, I insist. Money is not a problem. And neither is getting a new one for you, if you would like." He then noticed a sniffing boy and smirked. "And, while you think of your answer, pretty lady, at least allow me to make this adorable little fella smile again." With that, Kaan turned upside down, and stood on his hands, doing funny tricks for the boy. Paul pulled his hat back down over his eyes and mumbled embarrassed. "Here we go..."
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  9. The surprise at the fact that the tiger is actually apologizing only makes both women smile more. Nosy watches them with intelligent little eyes, unsure of what to make of the whole scene, even as Mya gives another smile. "You didn't ruin it for us. I'm just not very good at dancing on pavement, and to have a child on my shoulders was a little reckless." She gives a small giggle. "Really, you caused no trouble. I'm just glad no one got hurt too badly."

    Kina sends a smile towards her goat friend, happy that she's not terribly hurt. The gentle nature of the ram has always baffled Kina...but it has also taught her to be more gentle, something her parents never taught her back in Jitha. It's around that time that a third, taller one comes around, covered with white fur and most certainly wolf. Mya doesn't flinch by his presence, as she's used to all different sorts coming by her farm and even used to them in many other areas while on her travels. Some are mean, while others can be rather nice, and it's in her heart to try and see the good in people. To give the benefit of the doubt. When he takes her hurt hand in his, she's a little hesitant to give it up to him, even as the tiger seems relieved by this. But she allows him to look her palm over, giving a shrug. "It's really not a big deal, but you can if you like." A gentle smile is sent the wolf's way before Mya allows herself to relax completely, watching him look over her hand.

    Kina looks at the tiger in surprise as he slinks over to her and apologizes, giving a bow and everything. Her sparkling blue eyes widen at him, even as he says he'll pay for her robes. "No, no...there's no need." But he's already called over the third, and shortest of the group, a dog who radiates intelligence. It's the dog that Nosy looks at the most, eyes studying him, brain working through it all. Yes, he wants to get to know the dog...he wants to learn. But Kina pays attentions to both as they go over what kinds of robes she's wearing, beginning to laugh.

    "I could have told you what kind of robes they are, silly. I brought these from home before I left. And don't worry about paying for them. They're just old memories and the prettiest things I had to wear to the festival tonight." She raises a brow at the tiger, who looks even more nervous to be around her than ever. Nosy gives a giggle. "He thinks you have someone that's gonna jump out and get him, Kina." Kina smiles at the child, shaking her head. "Well, that's certainly not going to happen. I haven't been in Jitha since I was fifteen. With good reason, too."

    But the tiger seems insistent, and before Kina can really say much else, he has gone on to entertain the child in her arms. Though Nosy is much more intelligent than a normal three-year-old, his attention span is still that, and the funny faces and movements the tiger makes makes the boy squeal with delight. Kina shakes her head at them both, looking to the dog curiously. "I take it this happens a lot for you?" Another giggle. "It's almost as though you have a very large child on your hands." This, of course, is said very jokingly, as Nosy claps and bounces in her arms. She looks to Mya, then to Nosy, glad that everyone is alright. And perhaps one day, she'll be able to go back to Jitha...not only to get new robes, but also to apologize to her parents...after all, they weren't too terrible to her.​
  10. Tate waited patiently for girl to be comfortable enough. He did just hopped in so it was the least he could do. "It's really not a big deal, but you can if you like." He smiled and nodded. "Indeed. It is nothing serious. But it would be ashamed for such a pretty hand to be bruised and scratched like this for a long period of time." He truly hoped that he didn't sound rude or too cliche. He was experienced in a lot of things, but ladies were still a mystery for him. Through Kaan's examples, he learned some get insulted way to easily. Sure tiger was a bit hasty, but it wasn't all THAT bad in Tate's opinion. He chuckled. "Yes, this should do just fine."
    He reached into the inner pocket of his vest, and took out small balm box and a small bandage roll. He looked at Kaan fooling around for a moment before he got back to the work. "Having that walking mess in a shape of huge cat along, requires the entire first aid kit, not just bandages." He laughed lightly as he put the handmade balm on the girl's palm and bandaged it tidily. He thought to himself how he could hurt her even by moving the wrong way. Of course, it was probably exaggerated, but he was still careful not taking any chances. "There we go. Should be better really soon. And there will be no marks after it. As good as new." After he finished, Tate straightened up and smiled. "Forgive my rudeness, miss. I am Tate."

    Kaan was still jumping around when Paul sighed and replied to Kina. "Well, he is pretty carefree as you can tell." He nodded. "Carefree and reckless. But he is ok." Paul then turned to Kina taking off his hat respectfully, a bit more relaxed now that Kina started the conversation. That was the hardest part for him. "I assume he never bothered to introduce us." He cleared his throat. "That Snoppy not true. My name is Paul, Paul Snooper" Stressing the "-per" part of his last name just to make sure, he pointed at the tiger, and then at the wolf. "And those two big guys are Kaan and Tate." He looked back at Kina. "And you are?"

    "Kina, huh?" Interrupted Kaan, standing back on his feet once he made sure the boy was satisfied. He approached and patted little boy's head gently, barely touching it. He didn't want to do any more damage. "So adorable." Smiling with somewhat dumb smile, he spoke to Kina. "Aye, I heard it from your boy before. It's charming. And so nice to meet you, pretty lady." Paul nodded, smiling insecurely. He was over the top glad to have a help in that conversation. "Indeed. I agree." He met little boy's curious look and he raised his hand insecurely and hesitating. "Uh, hey there...kiddo..." Grinning with confused grin Paul scratched his head. He never got that much of the attention, unless it was a trouble, before. "So, Kina." Proceeded Kaan. "You don't want coins and you don't want robes... Must be something I can do to repay to you?"
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  11. Ruby eyes watch the wolf carefully as he cares for Mya's hand with the gentleness not typically found wit his kind. Her faces is the picture of serenity, even as her floppy ears are pulled back slightly and a blush makes her usually pale cheeks a beautiful rosy pink. "I do suppose that makes sense. My friend, Kina, just uses her magic. She's very good with all sorts of magic, so it's much easier than having to spend our money on first aid kits." The balm is cooling, and almost instantly, the burning feeling in her palm disappears, even as he gently wraps the bandages around it. He is gentle, overestimating the fragility of her nature...but perhaps all people do that. After all, Mya looks as though anything could break her, even if that's not really true. When he finishes, she gives him a genuine smile. "Thank you very much." Watching him straighten, her smile only grows with his introduction. "Ah, a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Tate. I am Akamya, but you could just call me Mya." She gives a small bow in respect before rising to truly look him over. "What brings you to the festival tonight? Or do you live here in Yula?" Realizing that it probably sounds rude, her face twists in surprise as she bows again. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked that. That was quite rude of me."

    "Carefree is fun, though." Kina tilts her head to the side, pondering over it. "But reckless ends with injury very often, as we can already tell." She looks over to the dog boy with a gentle smile, blue eyes shimmering. She giggles over the Snoopy thing before bowing, Nosy grinning in her arms. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Paul Snooper." As he had, Kina emphasizes the "-per" part of the boy's last name. She listens to his introduction of the other two males, rising back up to straighten herself properly, ignoring the aching protests of her bruised body. Opening her mouth to introduce herself, Kina's face shows surprise as the tiger, Kaan, interrupts. "Uh...yes...I am Xatikina Cornyria, but Kina is what I go by. This little guy is Aardanos -" The use of his real name is received by a glare from the child. "- but we all just call him Nosy. After all, he is a nosy child. My friend over there is Mya."

    Nosy grins at Kaan as he pats his head. "Thank you," he replies to the adorable comment. Kina looks to the tiger again, smiling. "A pleasure to meet you as well, Kaan. I thank you." Nosy once again, uninterested in the conversation, turns to look Paul over, his curiosity getting the better of him. Tilting his head to the side as Paul says hello, the child gives a grin, showing off some of his pointed teeth. "Hi there! You look smart. Are you smart?" Well, he can't always have an adult mentality...after all, he's only three...with the intelligence of a teenager...Kina's brow furrows at the thought of that before shaking her head at herself, smiling apologetically to Paul. "I'm sorry...Nosy is much more intelligent than your average three-year-old...and Mya and I don't really know how to teach him. So he's always wanted to meet someone with more intelligence than us." we sound stupid...

    Kina sighs to herself at the thought. Well, we are women that just managed to tear ourselves up on the pavement. I guess that's what we get. Returning her attention to Kaan at the mention of her name, she raises a brow, listening to what he has to say. With a smile, she shakes her head. "Honestly, there's nothing that we need. After all, the accident was more our fault than anyone else's, so you owe us nothing. However, if you like, you can buy me one of those special festival drinks. We can call it even there...maybe later, I'll take you up on the offer of Jitha robes, but right now, I'm sure I can settle on a drink." A happy smile with a slight hint of flirtation. Hey, the woman's 23 years old and she sees a handsome male cat in front of her. What would you do? Nosy just rolls his eyes.​
  12. Tate smiled and nodded. "Mya it is then." He chuckled when she bowed. "There is no need for that, Mya." There was just something special in that light build of hers. Thinking about how charming she was, he almost missed out her question. "What brings you to the festival tonight? Or do you live here in Yula?" Tate jerked, realising he might as well be staring rudely without noticing it, but he never let it show with anything as he maintained his gentle smile. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked that. That was quite rude of me." He couldn't help but to laugh lightly. "Not at all. Why would it be rude?" He thought for a bit.

    "Well, we live on a small ranch just outside of Yula. I really prefer peaceful places, and my partners got used to it I guess." The word "small" was more of a humble nature, than it was true. Then he answered the second part of her question. "And what brings us here tonight? Well, after a long-term job we finally finished, we just wanted to relax." He chuckled. "And you can really ask me anything, miss Mya. I am honestly not so interesting to hide anything." Hesitating, he decided to return the favour. "But I would wish to know where do you ladies and little gentleman come form? Just because I haven't seen you around here before. Or is it just me." He scratched his head in confusion.

    "A pleasure to meet you as well, Kaan. I thank you." Kaan sighed and chuckled, rubbing his forehead, after he bowed down as a "you're very welcome" gesture. "Man, your names are hard heh... Kina, Nosy and Mya it is then." He turned around briefly to check on Tate. He wondered what the hell is he doing for so long there, pretty much assuming the girl impressed him. He knew that Tate just loves gentle things, and Kaan had no idea why.

    "Hi there! You look smart. Are you smart?" Paul looked at Nosy, tilting his head a bit. "Huh? I-I guess?" Kina spoke. "I'm sorry...Nosy is much more intelligent than your average three-year-old...and Mya and I don't really know how to teach him. So he's always wanted to meet someone with more intelligence than us." Paul smirked interested and got closer to the boy. "Well why didn't you say so?" Paul grinned happily at the boy. "Finally someone I can work with." He joked. "Well then, I will be glad to have a talk with this young gentleman."

    Kaan laughed lightly at Kina's answer. He would usually go from one girl to another, just like that. But there was something to Kina that was different. She was different alright...mainly because she suffered through all his clowning without slapping him, or calling up someone to slap him instead. He began to appreciate her, more than he usually did with other "ladies". By his standards, this was the first actual lady he met. "Well then, I shall grant you at least that humble wish madam." He straightened up, staring at her bright blue eyes with his sapphire coloured ones, and set his arm for her to hold on to. "Shall we?" Paul rolled his eyes the same way Nosy did and at the same time. He laughed realising it. "I know, right? So cheesy." He nodded to kid. "You know, you're pretty awesome for a toddler. I am impressed."
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  13. "No, it is of no trouble..." The wolf began as he slowly approaching the two. He had instantly noticed the two's uniqueness... Could they perhaps be the answer to his prayers? Arrik noticed the male standing his ground. This was understandable, he did appear to be a guard after all. The girl however seemed the opposite, leaning on the "flight" portion of the "fight-or-flight" instinct. Making a mental note of this, Arrik eased his approach. An unyielding desire took hold of him. Who were they? What were they...? He needed to know more. It was a split-second decision, for now he would feign ignorance.

    "With all honesty, we were on the verge of finishing for the night." His tone was gentile, it wouldn't do very well to frighten them off would it? Arrik's ears bent down meekly. He wanted to cover all the bases here, if the male were a guard then that must make the girl a criminal of some sorts. If there was one guard, then there were likely more en-route. That simply wouldn't do, more people would only complicate things. A smile came across his lips as he puzzled out his next move. "The reason for your interruption is inconsequential." He stated plainly. "Tonight is a night celebrating peace is it not? This temple is a place for peace, while I do not know what this girl has done... But perhaps we can tal-"

    Another voice cut in. "Step back, Brother Arrik! Can you not see their ears and tails?!" From behind Arrik stood another wolf. The wolf was larger than Arrik and a thick gray mat of fur covered his forearms. The man held a knife in his right hand poised to strike should he get the chance.

    Oh no. This wasn't good. Blood of any could not be spilled in the temple lest the whole place be cursed. Arrik quickly stepped between the man and the twins. "B-Brother Samwell... Why would you bring such a thing to prayer?" His heart was pounding, if the two took flight that may be the last he'd ever see of them... He couldn't let such a thing happen.

    "You should be glad I did! Look at them, coming here on a sacred day, interrupt our pray, mock us and our gods!?! And by a guard no less!"

    "Brother, I fear you overreact. The girl is clearly not from here, Mayhaps it is just part of an act?"

    "And what of him?!" The other wolf growled in response. "Or of this...?" Angry filled his voice and he took several paces forward. He lifted up his left hand, presenting the charm that had fallen from the guard's wrist.

    "This is a place for worship! Not war!" Arrik commanded. He instantly recognized the charm for what it was. It was a little bangle that likely hid or added some animalistic feature. With this charm, Arrik knew at least the guard was genuine.

    "I wasn't aware DEMONS were granted sanctuary! Step aside. NOW." A fury echoed in his voice as he advanced closer. There was no question in Arrik's mind that he would kill these two odd beings if he was given half the chance. Arrik seemed to freeze in place, he needed to know what these twins would do before he would take any action.

  14. Mya gives a nervous giggle, raising her uninjured hand to scratch her head. "Well...I just...I guess it just seemed rude." The blush that had already formed on her pale cheeks deepens as her ruby eyes look up at the wolf nervously. He seems a gentler soul than most of his kind...and he's so strong. By this point, her entire face has flushed, and by the time he continues on, she's doing everything she can to recover her dignity. Looking up at him, she listens to where he's from, and suddenly, Mya's filled with excitement. "A ranch? Really?!" A genuine smile pulls at the corners of her fair lips, and she claps her glee. She relaxes when he offers himself to any question she might have, knowing now that she doesn't have to be quite so uptight. "No, you haven't seen us before. I'm from a farm over in Halok, while Kina is from Jitha." She gives a small, gentle smile. "Though I'm pretty sure you could already guess that from her fancy clothing. The child, Nosy...well, we found him Kitchuda...his parents died a year ago, and we found him wandering we decided to take him in and take care of him." A happy smile is presented as she looks up at Tate. "We came to Yula in hopes of starting a life with Nosy...we just happened to be here in time for the festival, which works out for all of us, actually."

    Kina takes a moment to ponder over how hard their names could be, finally deciding to just shrug it off. Nosy grins, giving a thumbs up at Paul, his dark eyes sparkling. "Hey, I'm pretty easy to work with, if I don't say so myself." Kina looks down at the child, shaking her head. She looks to Kaan again, listening to his answer with a soft smile. Sure, the guy's a bit of a brute, but he has a lighthearted spirit, and that's just the guy for her. Turning to Mya, she taps the goat girl on the shoulder, stealing her attention away, if only briefly. "Hey, will you take Nosy?" Nosy seems to huff at Kina, crossing his little arms. "Do I always have to be carried?" Kina looks down at the child, surprised. Almost always does Nosy want to be carried. But, after a brief moment, she nods, putting him down. "Fine, you can stand, but you have to stay by Mya!" Mya looks at her friend with a little bit of confusion.

    "I'm going to go get a drink with Kaan." Kina points to the tiger, smiling. "We'll be back in a few moments. Can you keep an eye on Nosy?" Smiling, Mya nods, happy that her friend has found someone actually willing to stick through her somewhat dull ways of speaking. Perhaps Kina and that tiger will get through more than just a drink, and for that, Mya is always happy to watch Nosy.

    Nosy, however, doesn't much like the treatment. However, in order to be put down, he had to agree. So, standing near Mya, he looks up at Paul happily. "Thanks. I'm pretty good at figuring things out for myself." He looks up at Kina as she smiles at Kaan, taking his arm, once again rolling his eyes before leaning slightly on Mya's leg. does anyone manage? Besides, don't they have cooties, or something?​
  15. Tate smiled at Mya and nodded, hearing her out. He would never tell, but she was simply one adorable and charming creature. "My, what an interesting little party you three are. Reminds me of my brothers and me." He briefly looked at Paul and Kaan. Indeed they were really similar. Paul was an orphan and they took him in. Kaan was of free spirit and just wanting to have fun and he; he was all about nature, just like that tiny ram girl. So different, yet so similar. "Well it seems to me that differences always attract people." He thought a bit. "I do hope that new life will await for you here. You all came a long way through your quest. That is to be admired." He raised his head when he noticed Kina and Kaan approaching. He chuckled gently, realising Kaan never acted that way. He thought that he maybe, just MAYBE has to offer more than just recklessness.

    "I'm going to go get a drink with Kaan." Paul stared, not believing his ears. But instead of saying anything, he scratched his head and looked down at Nosy, smiling. "Sweet. Then we shall get along just fine." He looked around confused. "Uh, say..." He then crouched in front of Nosy to be able to whisper. "What would you like to do first? I might be able to convince Mya to let us." As if he heard him, Tate spoke to Mya. "I apologise if it will sound strange to you but..." Tate hesitated, scratching his head nervously. He really didn't want to do anything to insult the girl. "Is there something you would like to do, or somewhere to go?" He laughed at himself. "I am really not got at deciding what ladies like, you know." He noticed blush shades on girls cheeks and he felt like he would get completely confused.

    Kaan was leading Kina skilfully through the crowd, making sure she doesn't get stomped on. He still wasn't sure weather she really liked him, but sure he did his best. At that point, he wished he was more of a gentleman. Maybe all that wasn't enough? She was a lady in her finest and he was just...well, him. A stray. He dropped dark thoughts, thinking how it is too early to worry about those things. Nothing was certain with girls.
    "I am honestly very happy that you let me buy you a drink." He finally spoke after he got a grip on himself. "I promise you that it will be the best drink you ever had." He smiled charmingly. Realising how stupid that sentence was, he face palmed mentally and ran into the mental wall. He couldn't possibly affect the quality of her drink. From the outside, he still had the same smiled expression.

    Soon, they had their drinks. Kaan was drinking his, discretely looking at Kina. He asked the lady that made them to add some extras she thought would go well for Kina, and he truly hoped that it was a good decision. He affected it at least a little bit. He thought she was worth it. Noticing an empty table for two in the corner, he asked.
    "Would you like us to sit for a while?" Kaan did his best for it to sound serious and nice. "I would really like to know you better. At least over this drink." He laughed lightly.
  16. Mya giggles. "Really? We just kind of...happened. How did you and your brothers find each other?" She seems to really open up now, happy to be having the conversation with the wolf. Her shoulders aren't so tense, and her stance becomes more laide back, less defensive. And though she pays close attention to Nosy, she listens to every word from Tate's mouth. "W-well, we're only doing what we can for Nosy. We kind of cheated and bought a carriage for all of us to travel with. Kina is very good at making money...I guess it runs in her blood. Her parents are some of the highest ranking people in Jitha, and they even help run one of the many pristine academies in the city. Kina's a very free spirit, so when she got bored, she just kind of...left...and I wanted to help my family...and we ended up going to the same town and learning the same thing together. After that, we were very close friends." Her face softens at the thought of Kina before she realizes her rambling on and on about someone else. With that, her blush deepens, and she scratches her head nervously. "Well, look at me...I'm rambling again."

    Nosy grins at Paul before looking around. "Really? I wanna know more about that big, glowing tree. I actually wanna see if touching it would make me glow, too. Wouldn't that be cool? I know the smaller versions of those trees don't do that, but this one lights the whole city! It would be cool if it could light us up, too." He points to the Star Blossom tree with a particular interest, grinning mischievously, his little tail standing outward with excitement.

    Mya looks to Tate with a confused gaze when he asks her. Her eyes snap to Nosy briefly, and suddenly, walls shoot up. "Um...well...that would be nice...but...I really don't want our entire group to be separated..." She bows slightly, closing her eyes nervously. "I'm really protective of Nosy, and where I know Kina can take care of herself, Nosy can't. It's not that I don't like you or anything...but...uhm...well, I just met you....and...I don't want Nosy to get hurt." Man, I should have asked Kina to put a spell on Nosy to keep him safe...why didn't I think of that before? Mya seems put out by this, and she gives a small whine at herself. Were it not for the fact that she doesn't yet know whether or not these men are fully trustworthy, she'd be whisked away to happiness...but not yet. This is something that must be done over time.

    For a moment, Kina doesn't speak, smiling happily to herself at the fact that she's actually on the arm of a grown man...and a handsome one, too. Her eyes seem to twinkle like stars, and her tail sways gently side to side from beneath her torn robes. It's Kaan's voice that breaks the silence. "I am honestly very happy that you let me buy you a drink." She looks up at him, her smile growing into a drink. "Well, I couldn't let you go completely unpunished." She winks at him before giggling. "I promise you that it will be the best drink you ever had." Now, that is what sends her into a fierce fit of giggles, and she actually pauses a moment to gather herself again. "Well, that is a bold statement, Mr. Kaan. I'll try to hold you up to it." Leaning on him slightly, she grins before allowing herself to be lead to the stand where the festival drinks are served.

    The lady had taken a brief look at Kina upon Kaan's request, knowing immediately what needed to be added. Sweet plumrose herbs are added to the drink, adding a small flare of Jitha to the already wonderful flavor, and upon taking a sip, Kina is surprised, smiling brightly. "Wow, this really is the best drink I've ever had." She smiles at Kaan happily. "I'm glad you came through with your promise!" She nods at his request for seating, agreeing with his statement. "Well, the same goes for you. After all, what's a handsome man like yourself doing without a woman on his arm?"​
  17. At first, the twins both managed to calm themselves when Arrik made his friendly display. Sylyett, especially, was intrigued, and managed to straighten herself and step forward. But the confidence didn't last long, as a large wolf stepped forawrd.

    For both Kaleb and Sylyett, they'd been taught to be wary of two kinds of people - wolves and foxes. While the rest of Nurine, and perhaps even other types of people, could learn to accept Sylyett and Kaleb for what they were, it was almost guaranteed that wolves and foxes would not. So when this Samwell fellow drew a knife, the fact that he wished to attack them was no surprise. Immediately Kaleb pulled his sword, tucked and hidden away beneath the cover of his cloak, taking a defensive stance. In the same motion, Sylyett crouched, keeping her center of balance low in the event they'd be attacked, and mentally made note of where her daggers were hidden.

    "As a guard of Yula, sir, I ask that you put away your weapon at once," Kaleb demanded, his voice echoing across the temple. "Think of myself and this woman as you will, but I'll not have you spill blood in this city, nor upon this sacred ground whilst I'm still breathing."

    "You call us demons," Sylyett chimed in, startled by her own voice. She hadn't intended to back Kaleb up - she'd never done so for anyone outside of her troupe before. But with felt right. Different, but right. "Yet here you stand, drawing weapons in front of the eyes of our gods, on the very day we're asked to celebrate unity amongst all. It's people like you that gives life to war." Sylyett growled towards the end in emphasis, ears flat against her head, tail bristled. It brought a bit of a smile to Kaleb's face, and he couldn't help but feel more empowered than before.

    "Couldn't have said it better myself," Kaleb noted, before turning attention back to Samwell. "I'll let you off with warning this day, if you sheath your knife. Now is a time for peace, and I intend to keep it that way."
  18. "Really? We just kind of...happened. How did you and your brothers find each other?" Asked Mya. "Well, we pretty much ran randomly on each other as well." Tate replied chuckling. "To be precise, I stumbled over Kaan since his feet were sticking dangerously out of the bush." He laughed remembering tiger's "all yours" position and loud snoring. "As you can tell, he likes to have fun and...he had too much at that time." He smiled assuringly, realising that maybe Mya could be worried about him having interest in Kina and being so reckless. "But the boy came a long way from that." He proceeded. "And as for Paul. He gave us a really hard time by abusing his brains, if I may say that. Kaan and I had to...defend him from guards since he was caught stealing from wealthy people." Only "defending" was not exactly accurate. They really got those lions good. But there was no need for girl to know that. Not because he was hiding it, but because he refused to make her feel uncomfortable.
    He listened to her story carefully and with a smile, genuinely finding all events that she talked about, quite interesting. It was amazing how they all got together by accident and yet they were getting along just fine.
    "Well, look at me...I'm rambling again." Tate laughed once more with his catch laughter. "Don't worry about that, miss Mya. I always enjoy a good story, and yours is quite interesting." Just by listening to it, he realised how much his perception of the girl was wrong. If she was really that fragile, she would have rather stayed home and settle down sooner or later. But adventure was too good for her to refuse. He knew how it was.

    Paul laughed as he shared Nosy's excitement.
    "I know, right? That would be so awesome!" He shrugged. "Yes, I had a chance to study smaller ones and I wasn't able to figure why they don't shine. Maybe they're too short? Maybe to thin and fragile to take it?" Paul looked towards the tree. "I don't even know if it is natural thing, or some kind of magic." He crossed his arms, grinning down to Nosy, with a though in mind. "So, what do you say, partner? Shall we investigate? Two brains are better than one in any case." He turned to Mya, when she answered to Tate. "Um...well...that would be nice...but...I really don't want our entire group to be separated... I'm really protective of Nosy, and where I know Kina can take care of herself, Nosy can't. It's not that I don't like you or anything...but...uhm...well, I just met you....and...I don't want Nosy to get hurt. "

    "Hey, I can take care of the little guy. It will be my honour, miss." Paul smiler respectfully, but Tate shook his head. "Not this time, Paul." Paul stared at him confused by his answer. He was the one to propose it in the first place. Tate smirked and looked at Mya, understanding her. They were just strangers that jumped out from nowhere. It was too much to expect for a tiny female and a kid to put all their trust in them. It would be stupid and not appreciated by Tate. He indeed hoped for that kind of reaction. "That is quite alright, Mya. I am glad you're thinking that way. No wonder you three managed to come around with no major problems."

    "But, Nosy really wants to see the tree from up close." Paul insisted. Wolf nodded and spoked to Mya. "Well, I can only offer one more compromise. If you would like, we could follow youngsters to the tree." He nodded. "And if you feel uncomfortable with me being around, I will just wait for you all somewhere." As a wolf that spent a lot of time alone, but understanding animals that couldn't speak, he noticed her insecurity. Because of that he smiled gently. "It is no problem at all. I understand your concern."

    "Wow, this really is the best drink I've ever had." Kaan sighed in relief, but in a comical, a bit of exaggerated, manner. "Phew! Thank goodness. I thought you would beat me up with the cup." He laughed happily and acknowledged her question about him being single. Glad that she accepted the request, he land his hand gently on her back, leading her to the table. "Let us sit down first, before I have to make a fuss because of the taken seat. I don't know how that goes." He thought he might seem a bit too hasty to her, so he pulled his hand from her back along the way. He once again bashed his head against the mental wall, trying to remember what is he supposed to do once they get to the table. He remembered when he saw another couple. Once they got to the table, he pulled the chair out, spinning it as he would do in a performance. "Allow me." He smiled charmingly, before stopping the chair and pulling it out for her. He almost knocked down the candle that was put in the middle of the table, but he managed to keep it standing with a dumb grin.

    Once he sat down, he cleared his throat, replying Kina's previous question. He was more than thriller to hear her opinion of him being handsome, but he didn't let it show.
    "Well, I guess I just never found the right one." He chuckled. "I can be a bit...different than what they expect. At least those that think they're above." He thought about how being broke and drunk earned him so many slaps, and now that he had money, most of them fell for that. As much as he enjoyed the attention short termed, he would sooner or later get annoyed by paying for things and get no love back. "I suppose I just like to be myself and most of them don't appreciate that." He scratched his head and laughed lightly. "Well I really can be a mess so... I can't really blame them. Although, all those slaps were quite over the top."
    Taking a sip of his drink, he nodded to Kina. "And speaking of a Hot chair, what about you? Why don't you have a gigantic male following you and kicking my ass at this point? I mean look at you, you're amazing." He felt a bit embarrassed, but he couldn't help it. He used to say what he really meant, even thought that usually got him nothing but trouble. "Don't get me wrong though. I believe you're pretty capable of taking care of yourself but... honestly, are all men blind around here?" Kaan returned to his drink now that his ears bent down a bit, and now were in that "Don't get crazy on me" position. He wasn't prepared for this at all, or her possible negative reaction. Yes, he was hitting on her, but he didn't want to look desperate or insisting. Kina was his first actual interest in a long time.
  19. Mya giggles over the "stumble" comment from Tate, nodding at the thought of Kaan being a free spirit. "Well, I suppose it makes sense...I think that's just in the nature of a cat. They don't like being cooped up. Kina's the same way, though she tries to be more mature about it. Even after we picked up Nosy, she's still wanting to go out and just have fun. I think it's just in her nature." She gives a shrug, listening to Tate as he explains Paul. She smiles, thinking about Nosy. "Well, at least you guys take care of him now...he seems to be a really good kid...I just hope Nosy doesn't get us into any trouble like that in the future." This is received by a quick glare from Nosy before he goes back to his own conversation. A gentle smile is passed back to the child before ruby eyes look back up at the wolf.

    She smiles sheepishly at his reply after her breif ramble. "Don't worry about that, miss Mya. I always enjoy a good story, and yours is quite interesting." A blush reappears on her cheeks, once more coloring them a rosy pink. "Well...I wouldn't say too terribly interesting..." Perhaps if I had told him the secret trick we learned, then it would be...but other than that, our life is kind of boring...She scratches the back of her head again, her floppy white ears twitching nervously. Sure, adventure was more Kina's thing, but Mya also enjoyed it. After all, that was the reason she agreed to it in the first place. That's why she left home, even under the excuse of finding a way to better help her father's orchard of star blossom trees grow. So...maybe she really was a little like Kina in the fact that she was a free spirit...

    Nosy grins at Paul, glad that he agrees to his theory of the big Star Blossom tree making him glow. That would be so cool! "Mya said they're much more fragile and harder to care for than most realize. Her father grows them." Looking over at the big tree, he ponders. "I wouldn't doubt the magic part. It would make sense." Looking up at Paul, grinning back, he gives a thumbs up. "Yeah! Always." But as usual, Mya's answer deflates the child, and he gives a sigh. "I don't need a babysitter! I can take care of myself." My looks down at Nosy then, her eyes shimmering with frustration. "Nosy, whether you can accept it or not, even I as a passing stranger could hurt you. You are still small and growing, and you could easily get hurt. So my answer is no." He pouts, crossing his arms at her. "You're not fair. I never get to do what I want to do." At this Mya just rolls her eyes. Yes, well...he is spoiled.

    Straightening, she looks at Tate with a gentle smile. "Thank you for understanding." She gives a slight bow. When Paul protests, more frustration builds, but once again, Tate saves the day. "Well, I can only offer one more compromise. If you would like, we could follow the youngsters to the tree." At this, Mya grins, nodding happily. "Actually, that sounds wonderful!" But then he continues. "And if you feel uncomfortable with me being around, I will just wait for you all somewhere." A look of confusion passes over Mya's face. Why would she feel uncomfortable. They'd already been here chatting for a good little while now. ", why would we feel uncomfortable at your presence?" Shaking her head with a gentle smile, she grabs Tate's hand as well as Nosy's and starts pulling them towards the big tree. "Come on, let's go see about that tree!"

    Kina once again looks at the big cat with confused blue eyes. "Why on earth would I beat you with a cup? Trust me, Mr. Kaan, had I wanted to beat you, you would already be hurting, and I wouldn't have had to lay a finger on you." With a joking smile, she nods, accepting his hand at her back and heads with him towards the table, taking another sip of the wonderful drink. The removal of his hand somewhat surprised her, but then she realizes that he's a bit nervous, and a small chuckle rises into her throat. He's so cute floudering like that. Holding tight to the glass in her hands, she watches his small performance with a happy smile before giggling at his almost-knocked-over-candle and seating herself in the chair. Once he seats himself, she places the glass on the table, taking a moment to look into the candle and soothe herself. His cleared throat brings her out of it, and she listens to his reply to her previous question with a smile.

    "Well, I guess I just never found the right one. I can be a bit...different than what they expect. At least those that think they're above." She takes a moment to think about that. "Snobby brats, I always call them. I hate the thought of anyone feeling they're higher than another. We're all the same, even if we look a little different." A small growl catches in her throat, but with a sip of the amazing drink, she manages to swallow it down, listening to the rest of what he has to say. Giving a smile at his last comment, blue eyes twinkling like stars, she speaks again. "Well, if it's any difference to you, I appreciate long as you're acting like yourself now." She narrows her eyes playfully, her tail rising up behind her to sway back and forth as her ears perk up. But only seconds after, she giggles, smiling kindly at him. "Well, I'm sure you're no more of a mess than I can clean." A wink.

    Then, the same question is turned on her, and she gives a slight smile. " Jitha, I was expected to...act like all the other high-class women...I was supposed to be pretty, and quiet, and never speak my mind. That was key to getting someone in my family. So I left...and I haven't really been looking. After Mya and I found Nosy, I felt as though I wouldn't ever find someone." Realizing that she might have said too much, her spotted face begins to flush a rosy pink. "Sorry, I guess you really didn't need to hear my whole life's story." Looking down at her hands for a few moments, she thinks to herself. Why is it that no one ever tried to go after her? Why is it that she was never hit on as a beautiful young lass. "I think...the reason no one falls over me is because I keep myself guarded. I keep a shield around me that blocks out what I really look like so I get no extra attention. But perhaps tonight, I forgot about it...I was having so much fun with Nosy and Mya that I guess it just...slipped." Her blush deepens, and she looks up at him with a shrug. "Besides, my parents always said the spots on my skin were horrifying, so that's always stuck with me."
  20. Tate nodded smiling back at Mya. "Very well then, it's settled, and everyone is happy with it I hope." He looked at Paul, and Paul nodded raising a thumb up, before looking down at Nosy. "Sorry buddy, it's the best we can do. Tate is usually right about things." He shrugged off and chuckled. "But hey, at least we will still manage to get you to see that tree from up close. Sounds good enough to me." He chuckled putting hat back on his head. ", why would we feel uncomfortable at your presence?" Mya asked and Tate laughed lightly. "Well, how should I know? It was merely an assumption of some sort." However, he obediently moved forward when Mya grabbed his hand. He smiled at the though how she would never be able to move him if he didn't move himself. "Come on, let's go see about that tree!" Tate chuckled and let her lead the way through the crowd.

    Paul hurried along.
    "Hey! Wait for me!" He managed to catch up with them, and he bent mysteriously towards Nosy, whispering. "Honestly I think they won't bother us a lot. This big bad wolf here has a thing for a girl, I can bet. I don't know what got into them." He straightened up chuckling, and passed to Tate's side putting hands in pockets and quoting something from his wide brain library. "And the wolf also shall dwell with the lamb..." Or at least he tried...until he saw nothing any more. Tate smirked after he dragged Paul's hat over his eyes before he would annoy everyone with his cute provocations. "H-hey, I can't see!" The next one would be "k-i-s-s-i-n-g" and Tate for sure wouldn't allow that. He already felt uncomfortable enough. Paul struggled with his misbehaving hat that finally got in it's place after he bumped in a small decorative tree. "That...hurts..." He pouted after Tate laughed, and hurried up to catch up again. "So not funny." Tate nodded, messing up his hair. "Exactly." Yes, Paul was a good kid.

    "Well, if it's any difference to you, I appreciate long as you're acting like yourself now." Kaan grinned, hitting his chest. "Much appreciated that you appreciate it, beautiful." He chuckled at her stare and her reaction, feeling somehow glad when she giggled sweetly. "Well, I'm sure you're no more of a mess than I can clean." He couldn't help but smirk as she winked. "Beautiful AND daring. That is just a perfect combination." He leaned on the table, playing with his cup, now relaxed. She for sure accepted him the way he was. Now he was sure that she was worth of shot as he previously assumed. " Jitha, I was expected to...act like all the other high-class women...I was supposed to be pretty, and quiet, and never speak my mind. That was key to getting someone in my family. So I left...and I haven't really been looking. After Mya and I found Nosy, I felt as though I wouldn't ever find someone." He listened to her story, shaking his head.

    "Nonsence, Xatikina." He called her by her full name, showing he was dead serious which was unusual, and that he actually memorised it. He had no idea how, but he did. "Supposed to be pretty?" Kaan laughed mockingly to that statement. "You being pretty would be such a sin. You're beautiful, and they just couldn't handle that." Indeed, he was fully relaxed at this point. "Quiet and never speak your isn't that stupid or what? You're a living being for the sake of sanity." He scratched his head. "Though I am the proof how it can lead to trouble for a big guy as myself." Even though Kina believe he was bored, he didn't even feel an urge to do anything else but listen.

    "I think...the reason no one falls over me is because I keep myself guarded. I keep a shield around me that blocks out what I really look like so I get no extra attention. But perhaps tonight, I forgot about it...I was having so much fun with Nosy and Mya that I guess it just...slipped." He nodded understandingly, chuckling at her blushing. However, he caught himself frowning disapprovingly at her next statement. "Besides, my parents always said the spots on my skin were horrifying, so that's always stuck with me." He clenched his fist briefly. To criticize behaviour and opinion was one thing, but to criticize the thing that made her the prettiest cat he ever met, was just evil and unforgivable. He breathed in and relaxed, thinking. "Hold on, I'll be the judge of that." It was pretty obvious he was striped enough to be able to judge her. He stuck his tail discreetly in the flower pot behind him and picked fiery-red and spotted wood lily flower he noticed as he was sitting down. "Hm..."

    Kaan held flower next to her, as his eyes were going left and right, to the flower, then to Kina, then back to flower, until he smirked. "You know what? Your spots are too special to be compared even with these. And honestly I don't know the flower that is more beautiful than this one. Not even those perfect snobby roses." He reached to her and put the flower behind her ear, before he leaned back and looked at her for a few moments. "Well, I am afraid it'll have to do. You still win the beauty pageant as far as this cat is concerned." Winking back the same way she did before, he added. "But on the bright side, you have no competition." He stretched and put arms behind his head casually, teasing her. "Well! I do hope you find your dream boy soon. It's a shame for you not to have one."

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