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  1. I like eating cereal, I do. But not as much as this guy.

    How do you feel about cereal?​
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  2. "How it feels to find a BOGO on your favorite cereal."

    My tastes change depending on what looks good.

    I add ovaltine to almost every single bowl.

    Rice Krispies with Marshmallows and Ovaltine = Godlike.
  3. I've never had Ovaltine before. I remember all of the commercials and such, but my parents never got it for me when I was a kid. What does it taste like? @Windsong
  4. It's not like chocolate milk, but it makes amazing chocolate milk. Grandmother used to always have a thing of it when I went to her house. Pretty good for you too.

    While Hershey's™ Chocolate Syrup is really strong and rich when you add too much, ovaltine is far milder while getting rid of that unpleasant twang that plenty don't like. My wife had only ever drank Hershey's™ Chocolate Syrup in her milk, couldn't drink milk otherwise. Tried this and loves it.
  5. Oh okay. I might have to get myself a bit to give it a try. I've only ever had the Hershey's chocolate syrup or this spanish chocolate bar that I used to help my grandma stir into the hot milk while it was still in the pot. It's like a big block of chocolate and she had to either chop up a tiny piece of it or grate it with a grater into the milk and she only ever used a little bit for four mugs worth of cocoa. That was really good, but they only sell it in Puerto Rico, so I only ever get to have it when I go visit family.

    I think you and your wife would like it, since it is very mild in taste but it tastes like a some what sweeter version of dark chocolate, but not as intense with the bitterness.
  6. What's it called? C'mon now. Don't leave me hangin'.
  7. Cereal's not really my thing. Breakfast is quite possibly my least favorite meal of the day, but if I had to eat something in the morning, cereal is probably the last thing I'd choose to eat. Something like bacon is more my style.

    Because bacon, man, freakin' bacon.
  8. Breakfast!?

    More like-ANYFAST.

    Cereal is a meal meant for any time you want some cold, wet, and crunchy. I've got a huge thing for foods with different textures, like marshmallows in cereal.
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  9. @Windsong I swear I'm trying to remember.... the brand is Nestle..... It's called "Abuelita"!

    Looks like this!
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  10. @Hatsune Candy I don't like eating in the morning either. I prefer a protein shake if I have to eat something (which I've been trying to do to be more healthy) but bacon is delicious.

    Cereal is more a like a snack then it is a breakfast for me.
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  11. That's essentially how I often treat it. Why, I was grabbing handfuls of Fruit Loops straight out of the box just the other night.
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  12. I see that all the time at Wal-Mart here in Florida. Might have to grab some to try.
  13. Really?! I'm gonna have to go to the super market here in Jersey. I didn't even know it was being sold in the states.
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  14. Yup, its yummy as a snack :)
  15. As a man of Hispanic origin, I HEAVILY IMPLORE you to buy some. That's the REAL good shit. Big-ass giant chocolate circle for you to chuck in your pot of milk.
  16. I like hot breakfast foods more than cereal, but cinnamon toast crunch is pretty good by itself for a snack!
  17. I agree wholeheartedly, 1000%. Jesus that stuff is so addictive. Especially if you use it in combination with vanilla ice cream *drools* now that is amazing.
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  18. I could live off of Cinnamon Life....just saying. I feel like an addict when I go to the grocery store and they're buy one, get one free. I literally toss every single box on the shelf in my cart and glare menacingly at anyone who eyes up my cart.
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  19. Cinnamon anything is amazing... except those hard candies... those suck.

    Edit: Pun intended :D
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  20. Cereal is pretty great, but not as a breakfast in my opinion. Cold things are the opposite of what I want when I'm waking up and preparing to go deal with doing things and interacting with people instead of just hunkering down in front of my computer. There's a reason why eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, waffles, and toast are core blocks of what makes for a good breakfast: apart from being delicious, they're all served hot.

    But for lunch or snacks or even dinner for times of extreme laziness? Fuck yeah cereal. My favorites are Golden Grahams, Honey Nut Cheerios, and varieties of Captain Crunch (even though all those sharp edges on the yellow bits make it sometimes feel more like weaponized corn and oats than something you should be eating), but I'll eat pretty much any kind of cereal and probably enjoy it.
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