Celebrity Crush

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  1. Yo who be yur celeb crush?

    Elisha Cuthbert is mine

    Would do things to this woman that should not be listed in a police report 8|
  2. Elisha is definitely pretty ^^

    Hmm... My celebrity crush....... I honestly don't have one.....


    I have an old man crush on Mark Harmon. Still sexy as a grandpa!

  3. Dear god, I don't know why but...

    It's got to be
    Don Foglor.

  4. hmmm...BEYONCE!! =D
  5. This has been done, but I shall tell you all again!
    Amaury Vassili. Sexy AND an incredible pair of pipes on him.

    Nick Baxter. He's the one on the right. Cute and a super talented tattoo artist.
  6. My old crush is Christopher Lambert! Something about those intense eyes and his gravely grave voice. 8D


    But in the past year or so I have developed a new obsession. The sexy Gerard Butler! I like the way he smiles!

  7. As a teenager I had a crush on Orlando Bloom, though I denied it back then:) And who can resist him with either brown or blonde hair;)


    Now a days though Ben Barnes and Jared Padalecki has taken over his spot as the sexiest celebrities with amazing smiles!

    barnes1.jpg jared_padalecki_06_134957173.jpg
  8. Mila Kunis. Totes.
  9. Kelsey Grammar, baby. It's been that way since I started watching cheers as a kid. What a fox!
  10. I used to have a bunch of celebrity crushes, but since B2ST debuted in 2009, I've been obsessed in love with..

    [Korean Pop Idol, Cube Entertainment, BEAST/B2ST]

    He's so cute & he has a wonderful personality!
    And he's the rare type of idol that actually cares about his fans and is "real" with them.
    I love him! I missed their concert in October because I was sick D: but I'll definitely go to their 2012 tour!
    ;_____; it's such a painful and difficult love when a celebrity is like a real person!





    His smile makes me MELT.
  11. Oh man I have like fifty it's insane

    But I guess the main ones at the moment are Jesse Eisenberg and Josh Gad.

  12. Tom Hiddleston. Have an album.
    I went through my tumblr tag and smiled a lot. :3
  13. What if I don't have one?
  14. You don't post in here then!





    That's all I can think of for now.
  15. I'd say for women Scarlett johansson and for men I'd have to say Shiloh Fernandez
  16. Emily Deschanel and Zooey Deschanel. Both are really beautiful.
  17. Seth Green. I'm sure I'll get some weird looks for saying it, but I am so not ashamed for even a second. I've an on-off crush on Sean Connery. May or may not be helping the weirdness factory o_o.
  18. Seth Green is cute, so you get a thumbs up from me. :P