Cedar Home for Unwanted Children

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  1. I just want to say that the title "Cedar Home for Unwanted Children" is not meant to be offensive. I just suck at coming up with titles.

    Mr. and Mrs. Cedar came into a large sum of money about ten years ago, but they've always been the kind of people who want to give back. That being said, they invested all of their new found fortunes into building a very large house on a lake front in Michigan. It has everything a normal house would have, but they built it with the intention of filling it with foster children who just couldn't seem to catch a break in the system. They took in any child who just couldn't seem to get adopted due to their attitude, criminal record, or whatever other reason. There were two beds in each room and although there were a lot of children, the house is spacious enough that it doesn't feel over crowded. Although Mr. and Mrs. Cedar are around some of the time, they're often busy volunteering at their church. The children are trusted to follow the rules even when they aren't around those. Those rules being:
    1) No guests are allowed to visit except on family day. (Which is every other Saturday)
    2) No leaving the property except for school. (Although now it's summer so leaving is prohibited except on group outings)
    3) Chores must be done before anything else.
    4) No pets.
    5) Lights out at 11.

    My idea is that all of the children are troubled in some way or another, and all of them being basically trapped together in the house can lead to a lot of mischief. Just let your imaginations go, but please keep it realistic.

    You can do a short character sheet like me so people can get a brief overview, but it's not required.

    Name: Grey Atkins
    Age: 17
    Personality: Feisty, hot tempered, curious, and a feminist to say the least. She also loves to read and has a large collection of books in her room. She might just rip your throat out if you even think about touching them.
    Why she's here: She has been in foster care since she can remember, and although her struggle with depression was enough of a discouragement for some families, she didn't really have much trouble until her feisty and defensive attitude got her into several fights at school. After that she didn't last in a foster home for more than a month at a time. Luckily Mr. and Mrs. Cedar took her in when she was 15 and she's come to love them dearly.


    Grey sat in the living room, tapping her foot rhythmically as she read yet another book. Being one of the oldest kids here she was often expected to take care of the younger ones, but she just found them annoying and often ignored them.
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  2. Charlie Carli
    Usually pretty nice but sticks to himself. Hes smart but doesnt put it to use around people. He isnt very social.

    Hes here because he has a record and none wants him since he looks like a freak to them. Hes new here so he doesnt know many people.


    Charlie walked into the living room and flipped his hair . He batted his eyes at the tv. "Am i aloud to watch TV?"
  3. Name: Kacey Willow
    Age: 17
    Personality: easy going but has a hard time trusting people. Can be stubborn. But is talkative , bubbly and outgoing. Loves the outdoors and reading. Keeps to herself , unless she knows you more . can be very opinionated and isn't afraid to speak her mind.

    Why she's here: she's ran away bad girl type,pity theft. and had heard hushed rumors about the place. People often underestimate her due to her size. But she's quite stealthy, and manipulative.

    Kacey tugged her luggage behind her ,huffing heavily as she finally made it to the doors. With a sigh of relief she banged on the door. She wasn't sure what to expect here, but anything has to beat sleeping in grungy motels.
  4. "Ill get it." He said kinda quietly as he arose and opened the door. "Hello this is the Cedar residence , new girl i assume?" He asked shyly with a small smile.
  5. Kacey's eyes widened in surprise as she grinned at the stranger. Her gaze on his hair ,as she dropped her bag and stuck her hand out awkwardly. ' Yes' she smiled, ' Kacey.
  6. He nervously shook her hand "Ch-Charlie..." he said as he went back to sitting.(lets wait for lethal_fever.)
  7. Grey didn't answer the boy's question because she was reading and would really rather him not turn on the TV, but she figured saying no would be considered "rude" so she just pretended like she couldn't hear him.
    However, the knock on the door caught her attention and she put her book down. Mr. and Mrs. Cedar weren't here at the moment, so she got up and walked over to the door and looked at the girl skeptically. "Have you talked to Mr. and Mrs. Cedar yet?" she asked kind of coldly, but it was because she wasn't exactly sure what to do with the girl.
  8. Name: Hanna just Hanna
    Age: 16
    Personality: shy, not very trusting. She tends to day dream a lot. She's pretty nice and friendly if you talk to her. She loves animals, likes to read sometimes, and she loves doing her hair as a way to express herself. She loves little kids and is often left to take care of them.
    Why she's here: Hanna's real parents died in a car crash when she was only a month old. So she was sent to her uncle and aunt who didn't want her. Her uncle would abuse her and when she was 8, she kicked him in the shin. He sent her to foster care where the rumors of her "bad attitude", "depression" and "drug use" got her sent to around 15 different foster families. She ended up here when she was 15 and has been here for almost a year.
    Looks: she has longish hair that she dyed purple. Her ears have been pierced many times, leaving her with 10 of them. (Industrial, cartilage. Single, double, triple, double cartilage, rook) she's pretty skinny but she eats well. She's around 5'7 last time she checked and she's pretty fair skinned with brown eyes.

    Hanna was walking downstairs and saw the two at the door. She should get her chores done.. But after she figured out what was going on. She walked over to the door and looked at Kasey. "We're not suppose to have visitors.." She said quietly. Her eyes scanning the girl and then her luggage. "Oh.. You're a kid" she said before looking at Charlie and joining him on the couch. Glancing over at what grey had been reading. She hand't meant to sound as harsh as she did to the new girl. She was just unsure what to do or say.
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  9. Name: Kaleb Hornby
    Age: 11 (if he's too young I can up his age)
    Personality: Kaleb generally keeps to himself. He likes to be quiet and watch what's going on, and when he does speak, he makes observations more than he makes conversation. He likes to think of himself as a ghost, just watching the living world while he himself remains apart. He's rather attached to his hat and wears it most days and nights.
    Why he's here: Kaleb is disturbed. That's what the grown-ups say. He's often found with small animals on his person, and dead things turn up when he's around. No one's actually seen him kill anything, and for sure there have never been any corpses found that are bigger than a large rat or bird, but it's unsettling, to say the least. Several families have tried taking him in and getting him help, but none would consider themselves successful. He's been at Cedar for nearly seven months now.


    Kaleb sat at the kitchen table, a plump white mouse before him, sniffing at a Cheerio he had offered it. He'd at the mouse for several days--pets weren't allowed, but mice were easy enough to hide, and Kaleb wasn't sure he'd call it a pet. Dogs were pets. Cats were pets. Mice weren't pets.

    At the sound of the opening door, Kaleb turned in his chair and peeked into the living room, watching the new arrival. The older children invited his curiosity, and he scooped up the mouse and placed her in a special pocket sewn into the inside of his flannel shirt. She squirmed against his ribs, and there was a small bulge, but with the loose fabric and plaid pattern, he didn't think she would be too conspicuous.

    The boy ghosted into the living room and stood beside the couch, one bare foot raking at the other with dirty nails. He watched quietly, with soft, calm eyes.
  10. Hanna watched Kaleb walk over to the couch and by her. She gave the boy a smile. Hanna took on a mothering stance around the younger children, keeping up with all of their lives. "Hey Kaleb, did you get your chores done?" She asked innocently enough, before returning her attention to the new girl, watching her surroundings.

    Noticing that Kaleb's shirt moved slightly, she almost asked out of curiosity but decided even the littlest ones deserved privacy and secrets. Living in a home with children of all ages and backgrounds could sometimes get annoying, but hey everyone deserved love.. well everyone except for the kids in this home apparently. Hanna gave a sigh. She knew Mr. and Mrs. Cedar cared deeply for all the children, they took in every kid they could, and Hanna should be grateful. Hanna WAS grateful, she just wished they trusted the older ones more. Hanna had a few friends but couldn't ever hang out with them, and she wasn't to close to her "Foster siblings" either. So summers left her extremely bored and drained.
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  11. Kaleb nodded at Hanna. "There was a big spider in the dryer," he reported, having done his own laundry earlier that day. The spider had been dead and roughed up by the drying cycle, but he thought it was nice to look at, anyway. He'd put the little brown body on the laundry room windowsill, thinking it might enjoy the warmth of the sun.
  12. Name: Aaron Hammond
    Age: 12
    Personality; Aaron was abused by his mother and father ever since he was 5. The police found out of the abuse though and they were sent to prison. Despite the abuse though, Aaron soon turned into an obnoxious, irritating boy. He's sensitive deep down inside and no-one knows about his past. He can be funny but mostly in a cruel way towards someone and he tends to have a habit of constantly getting into trouble. Once you get to know him, he's a nice person but likes to be the leader and in charge.

    Aaron bounded down the stairs, an overly innocent look on his face. He enjoyed using Kaleb as a target as he was a similar age to him and was weird. Whipped cream dripped in his cupped hand behind his back as he made his way behind the couch and directly behind Kaleb, ready to smear the whipped cream over his face.
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  13. Kacey stepped in her eyes quickly scanning the room . she felt the rooms attention turning to her so she shut the door behind her and stood there shiftting uncomfortably.
    'No I haven't had a chance yet' she murmured ,her tone becoming defensive as she watched every ones cold stares.
    She cleared her throat ,placing her bag by her feet. ' well this is a warm welcoming ' she stated dryly . ' where can I find them?' she asked looking from person to person.
  14. Kaleb was aware of movement behind him, but the mouse was squirming in his pocket, perhaps frightened or annoyed by all the people around, and his attention was focused on that. He placed a gentle hand over the moving bulge in his pocket, pressing it against him in an effort to help it calm down, not paying much attention to what the older kids were talking about; he rarely took interest in new arrivals.
  15. When Aaron saw Kaleb focused on some weird bulge, he grasped the moment. The whipped cream came down onto his nose with a satisfying sound as he smeared all over the eyes, cheeks and mouth. He couldn't help but laugh at Kaleb at how stupid he looked as he looked at everyone around the room, a proud grin plastered onto his face.
  16. "Aaron, knock it off" Hanna told the other little boy who was always picking on someone in one way or another. She could see the trail of dripping whipped cream and gave the little boy a look. She watched Kaleb press his hand against his shirt and gave him a firm "What is that" look. Hanna looked at the mess and screamed "AARON! Clean it up NOW!" She sighed, she loved Aaron and thought he was just the cutest little boy but she swore he got himself into more trouble..

    Turning her attention to Kasey, she shrugged "Mr. and Mrs. Cedar are out doing volunteer work today. You'll have to wait until they assign you a room before you unpack" her gaze softening slightly. "Welcome to the home for misfits" She flipped her purple hair out of her eyes and gave her a slight smile.
  17. Name: Anna-Lynn (Anna) Azarov
    Age: 6
    Personality: Anna is considered a mute. She does not talk, she does not behave like children her age. She hovers in corners and watches the others because she doesn't like being alone, but she does enjoy seeing how they interact with each other and often mimics their actions in a mirror to see what 'fits' best.
    Why she's here: Anna-Lynn is of Russian descent. Her parents moved to the country and gave birth to her here, naming her something that would work well in their new homeland. When she was four, both parents perished in a fatal accident, forcing the silent child into foster care where Mr. and Mrs. Cedar soon claimed her.

    Anna was sitting against a wall, watching Grey tap her foot on the ground. She found herself silently counting in time to the rhythm, but she could only get up to fifteen before starting over again. Her eyes didn't budge from the moving foot when Charlie entered the room, not even the knock at the door could make her lose her focus until the tapping stopped and Grey stood. Finally she decided to look at the what had caused the commotion. Her gaze drifted to Hanna since she wasn't able to see the newcomer at the door, but she could hear them. She pulled her knees up and placed her chin against them as Aaron smashed a handful of whipped cream onto poor Kaleb's face. He always messed around with the younger boy. Hanna's loud tone made her want to cover her ears, instead she turned her head so a cheek was pressed to her knees and rubbed her itchy nose.
  18. Aaron continued to giggle as he grabbed a cloth and started cleaning up the mess. He liked Hanna alot because she was nice and it always made him laugh when she got angry. Just as he finished up the mess, he felt a rumble. An all too familiar rumble as the trademark grin reappeared on his face. He couldn't do it to poor Kaleb again. Someone who found things like this disgusting. Someone who would go absolutely mental hopefully. His eyes fixed onto Grey. Slowly walking up to her, he invaded her personal space and let out a huge fart. Surprised but satisfied by the noise it made, he fell over, tears of laughter in his eyes.
  19. Kaleb flailed and sputtered, clawing at his own face as it was suddenly covered in something wet and gross. By the time he'd wiped his face clear and settled angry eyes on Aaron, he realized the mouse had skittered from his pocket and was now on the ground, running wildly around the room and over people's feet, looking for a way out. Kaleb ignored it, instead glowered at Aaron. "You're gross." He said, eyes squinting as he left the living room to go wash his face. Aaron was probably the most annoying kid in the home, Kaleb thought, and the sound of passing gas only backed up his claim. He'd have to find the mouse later, or another one. Maybe he'd put it in Aaron's bed. Better make it a rat.
  20. Hanna wiped a spot of Kaleb's face clean of the whipped cream.. "Real mature Aaron, stop you'll scare the new girl." She glanced down at the mouse and sighed. "Kaleb how many times do you need to be reminded no pets, that means no animals, that means NO MICE" Hanna always seemed to have to enforce the Cedar's rules. "You two.." She glanced over at Anna "You okay Anna? I promise i won't yell anymore" She said apolglic to the little girl. Anna didn't talk much and Hanna always had to remember to look for her, because she seemed to disappear and you could hardly ever notice if she was in the room or not. Looking at Kasey she simply replied. "Again Welcome to the home of misfits"
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