CBS' First Look at SUPERGIRL!

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  1. Thoughts? Complaints? Likes? Dislikes? Let's hear them!!
  2. For some reason watching that trailer reminded me of Glee.

    I don't mean that in a good way either.
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  3. I get a teen romance drama vibe from this trailer...I don't like that vibe. I have no strong feelings about the trailer though, only wish that it becomes a bit more dark and gritty than the trailer shows off. But that's based upon personal tastes.
  4. they should rename the show "Super Girl Sex in The City"

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  5. Superman's already suffered from the "dark and gritty" craze. Let this one be shiny.

    As long as they stick to the principles of hope and optimism, the Baby you're a firework! elements can be tolerated.
  6. Yea... I'm getting a very 'girl drama' vibe from this too.

    From one perspective I don't want to complain, because it's bringing super heroes to a new audience, which can do wonders for helping Geeks be more accepted.
    But at the same time, it's not something I would bother watching myself.
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  7. I could have sworn I saw this trailer before somewhere...
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  8. *Isn't available in my country*

    Oi! What does the video owner have against Canadians!? >:C
  9. Dat awful CGI. Like, absolutely, terribly awful. I hope that gets cleaned up before it hits the small screens. That aside though? It won't be my thing. I'm not likely the target demographic though, so I can't really say anything to the quality of the show when it's not released yet. Maybe it'll be good, maybe it'll be terrible, maybe it'll be in that tolerably mediocre zone that Smallville was in.

    Kind of wish they gave her pants under the mini-skirt or... Something, though. Then again, I've never particularly liked her aesthetic, so, again, not really my thing. I guess she gets stockings and stripper boots though. Yee?

    "It's not an S. It's my family's code of arms."

    Pls stahp.
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  10. Are we sure this isn't a fake trailer?

    Like the fake Ultron post-credits scene? (which really should have been the real post-credits scene...because holy shit, it was waaaaay more awesome than seeing Thanos again)
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  11. You could say that their coat of arms

    *put on shades*

    is really super.

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  12. Kinda makes me think of Ugly Betty mixed with Smallville.

    I stopped being interested in most of the DC stuff already, mostly because of their inconsistent feel to their movies and shows. It almost seems as though they are trying very hard to scramble for something people will like.

    Also blah blah blah Jimmy Olsen is black how dare they blah blah.
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  14. This is a genderswap :(

    I'm disappoint they didn't do more creative things with her character, like choosing different colours or not having a glasses-wearing, awkward-as-fuck alter ego, so much of this is just 'superman but a girl' and it's such a waste of creative room to tell a NEW story :(
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  15. I kind of hate what DC has done with their entire television campaign.

    Arrow was pretty good when it first launched, and now it's riding a line of decent and CW Teen Dramedy. DC should have taken a hint from Marvel and, in lieu of making a massive Cinematic Universe, they should have made a huge Television Universe. Batman is owned by one group (WB? What channel is Gotham on, Fox?), Superman another. We have Arrow, Arsenal, Atom, Flash and Canary between two CW shows, but now Supergirl in another, unconnected one on CBS. Where's Hawkgirl going? Does NBC own Wonder Woman rights? Where's Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter headed?

    It's frustrating. Their films are falling terribly short. They have the chance to seize TV away from Marvel, but they're dragging ass, and now Marvel's going to steal the initiative back with shows like Daredevil.
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  16. Could not get through that whole thing. That actress induces depression on my brain the more she talks. Also, cannot take her seriously. A shame, because Kara is pretty badass.

    I say again that DC needs to stick to cartoon movies and shows:

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  17. Hopefully she becomes that badass through development in the show. For some reason I'm doubting it though. But I agree with Fluffy, DC animations are much better than their live actions.
  18. I LOVE it! I am sooo going to watch it--D: Does cbs come on Hulu? Cause if not then I guess I won't be watching it. T.T At the end I honestly thought Superman had given her a puppy and not a cape. xD
  19. [​IMG]

    This woman used to (and still does) dominate my fappin' dreams.
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  20. She taught that Loch Ness Monster a thing or two.
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