"Cat-Like Typing Detected" Needs Some Love

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  1. Can I safely say that the "Cat-like typing detected" rating button is the most unused rating on Iwaku... ever? :( Why is this? :cat:

    My number one theory is that people don't type like cats often enough. This must be remedied!

    "Meow meow, meow?" :cat:

    "Purrr~ Meow meow, meoooow... moooou, meow!" :cat:

    "Meow, meow! Meow meow meow?" :cat:

    "MEOW MEOW! *HISS* MEOOOOW!!" :cat:

    My number two theory is that there are very few cats who browse the forums, cats also have rights to browse the internet! Bring ALL the cats! Meow meow! :cat:

    Last but not least, there are not enough cat contents outside the "Show off your pet pics"-ish threads, or cat girls thread. To remedy that, here have some cat girls, Meow~ Big image, I'm not even sorry! :cat: girls are :heart:, :cat: girls are life.


    Remember, guys and gals. No :cat:, no :heart:
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Maybe the gif should be changed to a cat?
  4. It's supposed to be a negative rating - i.e. Your typing is so bad, you must be a cat. But seriously, what kind of person wins an argument by saying "Oh yeah? Well you're a fucking cat!"?
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  5. I win every argument with Well, YOU MAKE DINOSAURS.

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  7. This :cat:

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  8. I think I know why Cat-like has a negative connotation here on Iwaku... Behold, Izurich's Theory Corner!

    1. Diana's full username is Diana Notacat, which is a suspiciously specific denial. Diana is actually a cat, not an owl, she tries desperately to cover this by making cats have a bad reputation! Source.

    2. Iwaku's mascot is a bunny with Arnold Schwarzenegger's bodybuilder body and majestic bouncing ass. Rabbits are afraid of cats. Source.

    3. @Brovo is a Ferret, cats and ferrets don't get along!

    How do I know this? Well... Let's just say, I am quite purr-fect in my awesome theories.


    P.S: 3 Theories, Half-life 3 is CONFIRMED!!!
  9. I am not nearly this important, truly. It's probably just Diana. :ferret:
  10. Why don't we just agree that everyone here (especially Diana) is a cat.
  11. Well, cats suck... So it's a good thing that's the most unused rating on here. :thumbsup:
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