Careers of Evil

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  1. So, this is my first attempt at a roleplay on here, so please feel free to give me a beating if I've made a glaring error. Ask questions if anything isn't clear, and PLEASE OH GOD PLEASE JUST JOIN!!!!

    The demon hunters are a subset of the human race, a mutant race if you like. Their quest in life is to eliminate demons, thereby securing the dominance of the human race. They are generally rich, and use their money to persuade the other humans that nothing weird is going on. Hunters have some abilities and technologies that give them the edge when facing demons.

    • Powers run in families, eg. telepaths in one, seers in others.
    • All abilities are passive. The aim is to find the demons.
    • Base powers include basic 'sensing' abilities. If a demon is near, they know.
    • Technology that allows weapons to be infused with a substance known as cronosite.
    • Cronosite effectively speeds up the atoms that make up the demon, ripping him to shreds at a molecular level.

    Hunter Society

    • Hunters go where they are sent. Particularly powerful families govern given areas known as Wards. The Alpha Patriach is in ultimate control
    • In the wards a maximum of five subordinate noble families will work under the Alpha family.
    • The elder patriarch of the Alpha issues orders and is in absolute control of his ward, unless a more powerful Alpha puts in a special request.
    • Women rarely fight as they are in short supply. Their role is more on the medical side.
    • The Matriarch is the equivalent of the Elder, she governs the medicinal and research elements of the operations.
    • In 80% of pregnancies, females are aborted or born as a normal child, in which case they are put up for adoption.
    • On rare occassions, hunter babies can be born into mundane human families.
    • Marriages are arranged, usually in the quest for advantagous familial unions. Think medieval politics.
    • Every 10 years all the families gather in the ancestral home of the hunters (An Estate in England.) This is where plans for any large scale missions are discussed, and most betrothals are formalised.


    • In terms of goals, demons are the opposite of hunters. They want the supernatural (in this world this includes goblins, trolls, halflings and pixies) to be dominant. So far they're losing.
    • There are three classes of demon. The elemental, the illusionist and the necromancers.
    • Elementals do what they say on the tin. They have mainly offensive abilities based around a single element. The warriors.
    • Illusionists are masters of stealth and control of the mind. They are infiltrators.
    • Necromancers are the real badasses of the group, a fusion of the two other classes. They can use normal necromancy, but can also implant seeds of madness, as well as a couple of other unique talents that players can choose.
    • Necromancers are rare. They're too powerful to be used terribly widely.
    • Just as with hunters, there is the odd wildcard demon that is just a bit on the weird side.
    • The demon world is relatively structured. Goblins etc. answer to all demons, elementals and illusionists answer to necromancers.


    • Everyone has their part to play, including your bog standard human.
    • Those on the highest tiers of government and relevant armed forces do know about the demon situation.
    • Occassionally the two sides collaborate.

    Signing Up and Rules

    It's easy to sign up, just express your interest. Fill in a character sheet with your desired position, and bobs your uncle. We have a limited number of the senior figures, so sign up quick! Of course, before you decide you want to play, have a flick through the rules.


    1. Swearing is allowed.
    2. Basically anything is allowed, unless someone asks you to tone it down a bit.
    3. On that note, be considerate to your fellow players.
    4. You may have as many active characters as you like.
    5. If essential to the plot, two posts per day.
    6. If not essential to the plot, post away!
    7. Please do contribute to the plot. Run it by me if you're not sure.
    8. No one is perfect. If you're in a battle, take damage.
    9. And by the same token, don't force anyone to take it.
    10. This is a nice round number.

    Available Positions
    (subject to change depending on applications)

    Male Hunters

    Elder Patriarch x1
    Alpha Patriarch x2
    Alpha x3
    Noble x7

    Female Hunters

    Matriarch x1
    Alpha x1
    Noble x4


    Necromancer x2 - FULL

    Everything else is UNLIMITED!

    This includes any common hunters, humans, elementals and illusionists. And, especially for Nikk....Exiles! Technically available for hunters or demons, if you're imaginitive enough.

    Confirmed Players


    minty546 - Canterbury
    ilovevampzero - Shadow
    Equinoxsol - Zack
    the8bitMoon - Vladimir


    Rufia - Malice
    Psychedelic - Kamari


    Doctor Who? - Altair
    Dorian Gray - Kraven

    Male Alphas

    Rufia - Claude

    Male Nobles

    the8bitMoon - Alistaire

    Female Alphas

    Psychedelic - Mena

    Female Nobles

    ilovevampzero - Maria

    Female Commoners

    Charming Charlie - Lavinia


    Nikk - Caleb
    Oxram - Anya


    LovableChaos - Aofei

    Character Sheet

    Position: (not guaranteed)
  2. Name: Canterbury Dawson
    Age: Appears 22
    Gender: Male
    Species: Demon
    Position: I'll let you decide if I'm accepted.
    Appearance: Short red hair that grows extremely fast. With a fresh cut, he can almost pass for a gentleman. After three weeks, it tends to grow shaggy and long and uncooperative. Thin, strong facial features. High cheekbones and deep-set eyes. Eye color can vary in the right light from dark green to a tint of yellow. Height reaches an easy six feet with a few inches to spare. He doesn't have a particularly muscular body, nor is he any sort of weakling. Strong in the legs and broad in the chest, but his arms are thin and he sports a prominent collarbone. Pale skin. Do I need images?
    Weapons: He doesn't like to fight, but can manipulate shadows to threaten others if he feels the need. If harm is inevitable, he prefers the small knife he keeps on his person.
    Abilities: Minor telepathy, travels and draws his energy through all types of shadows,
    Personality: A sarcastic, sadistic, asshole through and through. He enjoys playing with emotions almost as much as he enjoys sex. Almost. A major flirt and gender and personal preference holds no issue for him. Fairly easygoing as long as things are easily going his way. Rarely angry, but can turn on the flip of a switch if the right (or wrong) buttons are pushed. If he's ever sad, he doesn't show it. He's the type of person to make a joke out of any sorts of situations. Doesn't enjoy sitting in one place too long. If threatened, he likes to run. If cornered, he likes to kill. Ironically, he can be pretty easy to get along with unless you just don't want to get along with him. Note: just don't try to tie him down.
    History: I'd like to not give much of it away unless it's through the rp if possible?
    Other: He prefers a low profile and doesn't flaunt his inhuman nature. Works as an informant to whoever would pay the highest price for anything he has on someone. Feeds on souls, but he only needs about three a year to survive. When he is low on food/energy and the shadows can't sustain him, he goes into 'contract' with a human with the equivalent exchange policy he has created: granting their wish in exchange for their soul.
  3. Name: Shadow
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Species: Vampire (Demon)
    Position: Illusionist
    Appearance: Attractive to most human males. Very tall and skinny, about 6 ft., with pure white hair. Her eyes glow a deep blood red and her skin is pale. Shadow also has a narow, oval face.
    Weapons: Small blades, sometimes poison, a bit longer than daggers. Also nails and teeth.
    Abilities: Basic vampiric abilities, (Dashing, slight telekinesis, stronger and faster than the average human, etc.), can read minds and make people see horrific nightmares.
    Personality: Shadow is usually quiet, but is also confident in what she's doing. She is loyal to the end to her friends, and will do anything to see the death of her enemies. She can also be very loving towards anyone she trusts.
    History: Shadow was born to two vampires, in a large village of her own species. When she was 8 (In vampire years), the hunters came upon her village and killed everyone, including her parents. They sacrificed themselves to save her, telling her to run when the hunters came into their home. She lived on her own ever since, swaring to eliminate every last hunter.
    (Sorry I couldn't do better, I'm short on time! -_-).
    Other: Needs blood to survive.
  4. Omg there are so many possibilities. >.> I'll have to wait to see what other decide before I put up a bio.
  5. //Yay. You went through with this~ I'll make my Charrie when I can get the final concept working in my head. c:

    EDIT: Okaay here it is. >.<

    Name: Malice Ructor
    Age: Appears 23
    Gender: Female
    Species: Demon
    Position: She's a fallen angel, but the official position is up to you. c:
    Show Spoiler

    Weapons: Cursed Axe, Skadi. (Was once a weapon of an angel, became corrupt as the angel did.)
    Abilities: Her Corrupt Diviner; Skadi and Ice Magic.
    Personality: Malice is a cold calculated and ruthless to her fellow demons, not afraid to kill the weaker ones. Around humans and demon-hunters her personality is somewhat different. She becomes slightly deranged when in battle, especially when the Hunter is putting up a fight.
    History: Malice was once a holy angel who fought as a warrior for God. During her many victorious battles she developed a lust for warfare, blood, fights. Her insane thirst for death and gore caused her to defy God and end up being sent to the earth as a Fallen Angel. To this date she still searches for the strongest of the strongest demon hunters to test her Corrupted holy weapon on.
    Other: N/A
  6. Character Sheet

    Name: Clyde "Cid" Jamith Liddel
    Age: 180 - looks about 23
    Gender: Male
    Species: Demon
    Position: Elemental
    Appearance: Cid has dull grey eyes and disheveled chocolate brown hair that curls at the end. He is of lanky build, but still has enough muscles to look normal. His skin is a light toffee color and it works perfectly with his pale rose lips that balance out his strong jaw and medium sized nose. Standing six foot two inches and weighing one-hundred and fifty pounds, Cid also bares a large scar that travels down his left eye.
    Show Spoiler

    Clothes: He wears casual clothes.
    Show Spoiler
    tumblr_mdz1jmVP9r1qkakhwo3_250_large.png and tumblr_lpyrpiZqsn1qjkjfoo1_500_large.jpg

    Weapons: Three daggers - vials of sand - and two revolvers
    Abilities: Stealth, Hand-to-Hand Combat, and Earth Magic
    Personality: Cid is very rebellious and loves a good challenge. He enjoys the little things in life along with the smallest concepts that people just can't seem to see. When ticked off he isn't afraid to show his more sadistic and brutal side. Mercy will never be a thing he gives for free which means if you ask for it don't get your hopes up. In dangerous situations he will become eerily calm, usually thinking up an easy route out of a difficult predicament. If cornered he becomes very sarcastic and humorous. To become sad he must really be having a hard time since water has never shed from his eyes before. You can count on him through anything since loyalty and courtesy are the two main things he tries to keep a grip on. Sometimes he may become very bubbly or even a deranged lunatic, but alas he will always remain a rebel at heart. He is a big flirt and believes that everyone has a special ability inside of them. If you are his friend be happy. If you are his enemy be warned: Always look behind you.
    History: At the age of eight his family abandoned him on the side of the road in a small village. After years of wandering around searching for them he finally gave up and let his more sadistic side take over. He then became the villages Superhero Assassin at the age of twelve, taking out measly thieves or criminals. The folks who lived in the village would repay him with food or money, but none had ever taken him in for fear he may turn on them. When he turned sixteen a larger criminal had walked into the village whom Cid had seen in the local papers a few days before. He had murdered a family of six which included two newborn twins. Since he was all about justice, loyalty, and courtesy, he made it a mission to kill the criminal before the weeks end. For that week he had followed him and thought out a plan for his death, but on the last day of the week the man had caught Cid and burned the village down so he could frame him and escape. Although he had taken out measly thieves at a younger age he was no match for this criminal and he had knocked him out with a slap of his hand. When he awoke, his home village was burnt to a crisp and he fled. Later on he figured out what he really was: a Demon who had walked this Earth for many years. He began to practice his powers everyday in hopes to catch that man in the future. He also wonders why he doesn't remember the other 180 years he has spent on this planet.
    Other: Not a fan of crowds or musicals. He hates making deals with the Devil.

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  7. All accepted. Check you're happy with your positions.

    Now for my first character. A demon is to come :D

    Name: Mena Blake
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Species: Hunter
    Position: Alpha
    Weapons: Two handguns with cronosite bullets, bowie knife
    Abilities: None in particular.
    Personality: Mena is angry. She doesn't see why women should sit at home sewing people back together when they could be contributing to the fight. As a result, she's like a rebellious teenager with training. She is stubborn, boisterous and generally belligerent. Not known for her charm, Mena is just another trigger happy borderline psychotic. She hates authority, and so does things her own way, only occassionally allowing herself to be walked all over - and even then it takes a bit of a fight with her cool daddio. Mena also resents the idea of being sold off to some bloke in order to strengthen the family, and so far has managed to scare off potential suitors.
    History: Born in England, her family started off as nobles of the hunters, and were recently upgraded to Alpha status when they moved to protect the ward based in New York. Since moving, Mena has found many opportunities to sneak out of the house and hunt, mostly without getting caught. As a child she was ruthlessly trained for what her father thought would be self defence. Of course, that was before he knew what she'd turn out like.
    Other: She likes her leather jacket...blood doesn't show up so much.
  8. Looks cool Ill join as soon as I can :P
  9. Excellent. I'm enjoying the interest :)

    Now for character number two...

    Name: Kamari
    Age: 166
    Gender: Male
    Species: Demon
    Position: Elemental
    Weapons: The occassional dagger
    Abilities: Affinity for wind. Usually production of mini hurricanes.
    Personality: He's one of those 'live fast, die young' types. He lives to taunt hunters, less interested in killing them, more concerned with annoying the living shit out of them. He's also a fan of the ladies, although again he's more of a teaser in that respect too. He's extremely energetic, and happens to love motorbikes. All in all, as long as he gets to have lots and lots of fun before he dies, he'll be happy.
    History: There's really not much to tell. Kamari was born, fought with his brother throughout his childhood, until he eventually killed him. (That was an accident, by the way). He came to enjoy drinking far too much, and so began his life of frivolity.
  10. My second character. c:

    Name: Claude Devon
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Species: Demon Hunter
    Position: Alpha
    Show Spoiler

    Weapons: Katana made out of hardened cronosite , Gas Can and Lighter
    Abilities: Swordplay, Fire via his lighter and gas-can.
    Personality: Claude is a very lax person, he'd rather just lie down and smoke one then go and hunt demons but in the end he always does his job. His laziness extends to the point where he turned down an Alpha Patriarch spot just because he thought his work was already time consuming enough.
    History: Claude was born into a noble family like any other his blood is English but his family was stationed in Australia where demons were up to villages. Claude gained his swordplay from training with his father who was also a renown bladesman and even though he often skipped out on his practice he became quite skilled. He began using fire when his father had burned down a whole village of Demons effectively killing them. Claude soon rose up the ranks to the point where he was appointed an alpha. His skills even earned him a Patriarch Alpha status but due to his lax personality he declined, perfectly happy with his position in the present.
    Other:I'm not sure if fire can kill demons but we can always say that conosite was infused into the lighter.
  11. Claude is accepted.

    I think once we've got a couple more hunters we can start. Either that, or the end of the week...I'm way too impatient for this xD
  12. Ill be making a hunter soon ;)
  13. If you need me to, I can make a hunter, unless you want more different people. Just let me know and I will!
  14. Only do what you want to. There's no point having a hunter if you're not enjoying it. But of course, if it takes your fancy, be my guest.
  15. When is this going up?
  16. Probably by the end of the week. I'm thinking launching at the beginning of the weekend.
  17. That would easier on everyone I assume...
  18. Name: Maria Creetson
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Species: Hunter
    Position: Noble
    Appearance: Sorry for the random link! Computer's being mean... :( Link:[term]=anime%20female%20hunter&filters[primary]=images#/user/SuccubusofDeath/media/Decorated%20images/Bounty_Hunter_Coloured_by_Psycho_Fi.jpg.html?filters%5Bterm%5D=anime%20female%20hunter&filters%5Bprimary%5D=images&_suid=135890473786807831241573788591
    Weapons: Scythe
    Abilities: No powers, only excellent in combat with her scythe.
    Personality: Maria is pretty much a badass. It's true, she likes to get the job done, and get it done quick, gaining her a spot in the Nobles. She has quite a bit of confidence, likes to intimidate, and goes for the kill. Can easily seduce mortals, a nice trick of hers. Maria also is EXTREMELY sarcastic to say the least. It can be hard to be around her sometimes.
    History: Maria was born to a family of hunters, and raised as a little fighter, getting training from both parents in combat. When she was about 15, the demons killed her family. She barely escaped with her life, later joing the hunters herself.
    Other: Hates being seperated from her scythe, and loves animals.
  19. The link didn't work! PANIC!! Anyway, she's accepted. Just remember that the girlies aren't meant to do too much fighting, so she'll have to do some rebelling xD