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  1. I play Duel Monsters (Yugioh), with a burn/stall deck and a Macro/Beatdown deck; anyone else play card games? Magic? Pokemon?
  2. I play Rummy! 8D

    I love those collection card games, but I never bother to collect any cause I dun have any local friends that do. D: and for me, that feels like a social hobby. I wouldn't have any fun collecting them if I didn't have friends to trade and hang out with while we played with them!

    Otherwise I would toooootally be collecting Magic cards, those things are awesome. O_O
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  3. That's exactly how I feel about trading card games. While I have friends who do, I don't have the time, money, and passion they have for it. For me, it's just a hobby.

    I do love the classic French 52-card 4-suit pack games. I play a lot of games with those. One of my favorites is the Japanese game "Daifugo" which is like "The Big Two" or "Head Honcho" or something. Simple game, lot of strategy. I play also Cuajo, a Filipino card game similar to Mahjong (like the real mahjong played like Rummy, not like the matching games on the computer.) It's played with a Spanish style deck. I also have a Spanish 40-card 4-suit deck that I use to play Briscola. And then I really really really really wanna play French Tarot or Italian Tarocchi.

    I like card games in general. =P Especially if a small amount of money is at stake. It makes me more competitive, but I don't have to fear risking large amounts of money.

    I never found the appeal in Yu-Gi-Oh. It's kinda...too straightforward? Too simplistic? Pokemon Cards were pretty cool, until I found Magic which is like the cooler version of Pokemon Cards. >.>
  4. I actually play all three of those. I was into Pokemon as a kid, then YuGiOh, then Magic. Then anime club people got me back into YGO, and then a few of my close friends randomly decided to pool $50 to buy several boxes full of Pokemon cards from this one guy we knew. For Pokemon, we have our card pool that we just take whatever from when we want to do a tournament. For YGO, I have a deck I picked up for $15 that I've modified with cards donated to me by other friends and a deck a friend just gave me when he graduated. Magic, I've had the same deck for six or seven years now and it's been getting slight modifications over time. At this point there are eight cards left that I need - for now I proxy them - to make it complete. I mean, if I felt like dropping a grand on lands I could add in Bayou and shit but fuck that.

    I also have a Cardfight Vanguard deck (somewhere) that I've never learned to play, and a deck of cards for Weiss Schwartz... which are all in Japanese so I don't even know what to do with them yet. :v
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  5. MTG elitist here. I usually play control/burn. Right now I'm trying out this new EDH deck I found/tweaked. Also physics is dumb.
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  6. I also play magic casually, though I occasionally go to tourneys and prereleases. I dislike EDH and I prefer cubing or standard (sometimes vintage). I usually play grixis or esper, control and burn :D hexproof is my best friend <3
  7. I did Magic: The Gathering for a while between ten and fifteen years ago. Games like those just weren't enough to keep me entertained for very long.

    Other than that, there's timeless classics like Rummy and Poker. All you need is one $4 pack of cards and a few good friends to hang out with -- no boosters required.
  8. Players like you are the reason I run 4 Damnation and 4 Thoughtsieze. :P
  9. But those 2 costing counterspells bro. Counter all of the things. Then burn your face.
  10. Those are great if my Duress and Thoughtsieze can't snag them turn 1. There's not much I can do about Force of Will though.
  12. I like Magic, although I haven't played much lately. I keep a stable of three Commander decks, the last of which is usually shifting. I also have a few casual decks around. Ninjas, self-mill, Spikes, and soon a Restore Balance deck.

    I have two Pokemon decks, and I enjoyed playing the Pokemon TCG. It tickled a slightly different part of my brain than Magic.

    I also play Deckbuilding games. I have two sets each if Ascension and the Resident Evil deckbuilding game. If you like the experience of collectible card games but don't have the money to invest, I strongly recommend deckbuilding games. It's like having an entire set of CCG cards to play with.
  13. i play on dueling network, i think i'm good against non serious players but those I play in real life people are some barbarous player. It Yugioh is life for them. If anyone wants to get there butt dominated hit me up.
  14. I've been looking for a way to play Duel monsters online; what site do you use?
  15. There ya go. If we ever face off, I do XYZ, I have hate for them so great that consumes me to the point if i had a chance to stop the XYZ or ending world hunger. I might choose the XYZ.
  16. I used to play MtG, but it just got too costly to keep up with. I also played a bit of L5R (Legend of the Five Rings) Actually love that series a lot, but again it is costly to keep up with v_v
  17. Magic the Gathering, yessss.
    I used to collect Pokemon cards when I was a kid, but I never knew how to play, hah.
  18. nobody did, lol. (I never had them, Yugioh was my game.)
  19. 1

  20. Ahhhh I love YGO. I even did a tournament at a Con last summer. My deck is so vintage though, based with the Kaiba Starter deck Evolution cards :P
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