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  1. Fantasy Survival • Post Apocalypse • OOC
    With a flash, all you'd ever known was gone.
    The portal closed behind you, billowing smoke and fire, the calls of cackling demons and screaming witches, wounded werewolves, crying dryads and dying fae filling the air for but a moment. You fell to the floor, the explosion abovehead barely missing you.


    The Supernatural Realm was gone from you. Your home had fallen.

    You were trapped in the human realm, with no hope of return.


    Esper lay on the ground, staring up at the closing portal with blurry vision. Her back ached more then the gash on her calf hurt, and yet all she could think of was her familliar Vermillion. Had her familliar made it through? Was he nearby? The pain dulled her Witch cognition. She would find out soon enough. Rolling onto her side, Esper winced. The silohuettes of other survivors cast stark contrast against the dying flames.

    The jungle the portal had spit you out at might, long ago, have been a human civilisation. It was no secret the horde had ravaged this place, many thousands of years ago. Now, these once urban landscapes have been overrun by creeping vines and large carnivourous plants. Hellish abominations stalk the jungles and wastelands, looking for prey. Perhaps even a human descendent had survived, out there in the wilderness. Who knows.

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  2. Jack's blue eyes fluttered open and he sat up in his makeshift home. Something wasn't right.... The young man had a foreboding feeling that had washed over his being. Something big had just happened. His eyes fell on the girl who was sleeping next to him. She hadn't heard anything which made him frown slightly. His sister, Willow, had always been a heavy sleeper. He made sure she was covered by her blanket and peered out between the thick vines that currently shielded the window of the little.... 'place' they called home. He saw nothing but a horrible screeching sound was ringing out. Like the screams of some horrible beast. Not unlike some of the beasts that already walked the landscape.

    Jack and his sister were a new type of human, evolved in time to have sharper senses in order to survive what was happening around them. They could hear for miles and notice things most of the old race couldn't. They even had night vision, sight cutting through the dark nights. They had tougher skin and both were built a bit taller, a bit more muscular to move about the jungle with ease. Jack and Willow knew of other humans but they lived far away many choosing to live sparsely thinking that it would help maintain the race. It wasn't an easy way to live but they were managing.

    But what was that noise? That terrible noise?
  3. Esper pushed herself up to sitting, her head bowed, her gloved hands in clenched fists. Everything was gone. All gone. They'd known it was coming, for far longer then she had lived. But for things to end like this... well, this was how it ended for her, anyway. On the other side of the veil it was a massacre. She was lucky, right? Being cast into this wilderness with all but a few survivors was lucky, right? She was alive. And this was the one place the Horde had no interest in... for now.

    She turned her head, her expression unreadable. A familliar black shape slinked across the landscape, strutting around like he owned the place.
    Vermillion. she thought, reaching out to him.

    you look terrible. he replied, purring softly as she collected the sleek creature up in her arms. She pressed her forehead to his. A faint mark, a cresent moon sitting on it's side like a boat, glowed softly from under his fur.

    "Ah," Esper sighed, feeling the magical energy coursing through her veins. The ache of her back ebbed away, but her gash would need a tincture remedy.
    "It was good you packed lunch." Vermillion spoke in a deep voice with the command of a noble. What else would you expect from a cat? He jumped down gracefully, decided it was the perfect time for a bath, and began to lick away at his paw.

    Esper looked on, unimpressed. What, he thought, that exit was messy.

    The Witch pulled herself up to standing, looking out through the trees. "We should see what we have to work with, then. My leg isn't going to heal itself."
  4. [​IMG]
    Hadriel groaned, opening her eyes and lifting up her head to assess her surroundings. A distinct throb of pain in her head was there, maybe she hit her head on something? She spotted a few other figures in the distance, her eyes moving to the closest one; a witch who seemed to be in bad shape, and her familiar didn't seem to be around... It puzzled her, then again the situation itself was puzzling, trying to push herself up with both of her arms, she realized too late it was a big mistake as pain shot up her right arm, causing her to wince and collapse to the ground again from the sudden feeling of intense pain...​
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  5. Esper, we got a live one here. Vermillion nodded towards the wounded angel, and Esper hobbled to her side, being careful to step around her large, feathery wings. She knelt down beside her, her discening eyes looking for any damage.

    "You are gravely wounded." Esper warned her as she collapsed back to the ground. She reached a hand across as if to discourage her from attempting to move too suddenly. "Change of plan. Vermillion, I need you to find the herbs for me." and hurry. Esper added silently.

    Pah! I have all the work. he replied, indignant, but Esper knew it was out of dramatics. Quick as a flash he was out of their sight, a shadow among shadows, stalking through the trees.
  6. Hearing two voices, one presumably coming from the witch, Hadriel carefully lifted her head this time, taking care to avoid moving her right arm. The witch was standing over her this time "What... Happened?" she asked, her words sounded a little slurred as she still felt a little dizzy, she used her left and to prop her head up so she wouldn't fall again.
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  7. Zaroll opened his eyes and jolted up, he looked around, his hand went to... nothing. Crap.. My weapon is gone. He tried to remember what had happened, Oh that's right. Slaughter, he vaguely remember. He brushed the dirt off and looked at his clothing, it was all torn and not a piece of his weaponry or armor was to be seen on him. His eyes become dark, and the cuts on his body began to seal shut, he gasped in he could feel pain as they stitched back together. He saw the.. witch? And the woman with wings. Angel. He looked around and squinted trying to get better vision of his surrounding and them, Where am I? He held his head, it was throbbing more and more as he tried to sit up. "Great..." He spoke gasping, he got up and puked from the head trauma. He got his bearings and started approaching the two women. Might as well figure out where I am.
  8. Payne hit the ground hard. Her tail now crooked as she had landed on it. Cat like ears twitched as she heard voices around her.


    She struggled up to stand and yelped as she grabbed her tail. She rubbed the kink out and saw with her cat like eyes that several others were standing before her

    "What is this place?"
  9. Esper shuffled back, giving the angel some space. Around them, the calls of survivors melded into the sounds of the jungle. The clouds parted for a brief moment, allowing a full moon to cast it's light across the clearing. Half destroyed trees lay smouldering, wounded bodies scatterered across the floor. The survivors were starting to get their bearings, but they were fewer in number then Esper would of liked.

    The question hit her like a punch to the gut. "We survived." she said breathelssly, slumping a little. The words felt like a betrayal, it barely felt real. Esper spoke slowly, trying to form the events of the night in her mind into logical order. The memories were still frazzled, everything had happened so quickly...but... "I had a good view of the Capital from my cottage. It was all in flames. I heard one of the Portal personnel say the horde had wiped out the other evac sites when I got there. Then... the attack... There's no way everyone made it through."

    Esper tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, staring at the ground. It took her a moment to realise that there were more survivors coming to around them.

    "If I'm correct... We're in the human world. Or what's left of it. It's the safest dimension they'd known of. Well, it used to be... Now it's...." she looked out into the wilds of the jungle, trailing off.
  10. A sigh of relief, tainted by anguish escaped Hadriel's throat "At some of us... Made it..." she said, looking around at other survivors coming to. "And to think we thought things were better here..." She had a sad look on her face, which was dotted with abrasions here and there. Hadriel's eyes closed for a moment as she waited for the pounding in her head to subside before she tried to recall what she had been doing before this point in time, and began to talk after a while "My team was tasked to defend the portal, but, everything fell apart when the horde hit... Even as guardian angels, we weren't close to enough to stop them..." She glanced at the Witch's leg, spotting a gash on her calf; she wished she had the strength to use one of her healing spells, but she was weak, and the world around her was unfamiliar to her.
  11. Jack could hear... voices? He narrowed his eyes and slipped out the makeshift window into the darkness. He walked towards the voices and made sure that his home was covered up. He continued to follow the voices and hid behind a tree, his bright eyes now noticing the clearing with the people in it. One of them had wings? He gasped and his eyes widened. These things were not human, he could tell that. But they weren't like the creatures that roamed the earth... They looked almost friendly but he couldn't be sure so he stayed hidden for the time being.
  12. Vermillion paused. Two bright eyes peared out into the darkness. Something was moving out there in the shadows. He couldn't tell what it was, but whatever it is, it was close to the clearing. The familliar crouched low to the ground, stalking along the jungle floor.

    Esper nodded solemnly, her gaze drifting between each of the survivors. An unusual mix of characters, just like it had been at home.

    "You did everything you could." Esper said gently, recalling the memory of how she had been hit on her broomstick while flying to the evac zone and a guardian angel had saved her from the fall. It didn't look like he was here, and her broomstick was gone. Almost everything was. They'd have to start afresh.

    Meanwhile, Vermillion was on high alert. He thought it best not to message Esper yet, though she could sense his emotions anyway under other circumstances. No doubt she was still recovering from the shock and her instincts were hazy. All Vermilion knew was someone, or something, was out here.

    Esper looked over to the other two survivors. "Are you guys doing ok?" one of them had no visible wounds, but the catgirl seemed a little frazzled.
  13. He took the witches words in, "So what you are saying is we are in the human world, everything is destroyed, everyone died, and we are the few survivors left?" His face was in a blank stare at the both of them as his head kept ringing, he looked to the angel morely and sighed. He chuckled and outstretched a hand to the witch and angel. "Are we going to sit moping around or are we going to find some food, water and supplies. Plus other people need help. Eh?" He put the best smile he could on his face, he hated being nice, but they were all in a tough spot. He realized as he outstretched his hand though that he was extremely weak, but he didn't have any major scaring like them, even though he could still feel the major amount of pain that is caused through the healing he does to himself.
  14. Payne's ears twitched she rubbed her mixed matched grey and blue hair and sighed at the pounding in her head. Where wete they? Hearing the others she looked up and flicked her tail, which still caused her pain.

    "Capital? Portal? Wait that swirling thing brought us here? How? I was in the forest when i saw it!"

    She stretched and looked up at the woman nodding her head. She looked like a scrawny teenager compared to the others

    "Yes ma'am im fine. just fell on my tail!"

    She said whimpering
  15. Jack noticed the dark figure slinking towards the trees and his body tensed up, hand reaching for the knife that was in his pocket. Their eyes met for a few moments and Jack just stared into the feline eyes. His hand twitched away from the knife and he sent a small nod at the small creature. Maybe they had an understanding? Jack wasn't sure and his mind whirred as he watched and listened.
  16. "I... I think so." Esper replied breathelessly. It was hard to admit it, but he was right. Their home was gone. And no one was going to come save them. They had to survive themselves.

    Still, thought Esper, standing up and dusting off her skirt. They were supernatural beings. They would find away to survive. " You're right, we cant' stay here like this forever. Name's Esper. Sorry we couldn't meet in better circumstances." Following the man's lead, she offered another hand to help the angel up.

    "Do you think you can stand? If you can't, someone should stay with you." she asked, wondering why Vermillion was being so quiet.

    "Perhaps we should split into groups. I'm going to look for some herbs, but the man's right-"she said, nodding to the gentleman who'd brought them back to the task at hands. "We'll need alot of things to survive. And... a shelter. Who knows what's out there." Esper trailed off.

    Vermillion leaned back on his hind quarters, staring at the ...human?... unblinking. They looked onwards at each other, neither making a move, and then the man nodded.

    Vermillion relaxed, running his paw along his cheek and behind his ear. I don't mean to startle you, Vermillion's voice cut through Esper's train if thought, their telepathic link between familliar and witch being a valuable tool. We've got company. Looks friendly. He looked back up at the human, this time curious.
  17. Catching Jacks eyes she gave a nod.An understanding? A kinsmenship perhaps? She wasnt sure but she moved to his side as the other spoke of splitting up

    "We can gather wood to build a shelter,'"

    she wasnt sure about the others but she wanted to find out exactly why she had been brought here.

    "I can climb as well. ill look for food. "
  18. Zaroll smiled, at the witch. They always know who to listen too, don't they? "I'll take the angel, she'll be safer with me then anyone, plus I have some words to ask her. We'll go find water as well." He looked to the Angel, and gave a smile. "That's if she allows it." He gave off a dark aura to the angel only, and possibly to the witch if she could sense it as well. To the humans, they wouldn't see it unless they were extremely special in noticing what they were. He was a reaper, a fallen angel. He knew it but didn't quite know how to use his abilities yet, the side effects caused from the reaper form was throwing him off mixed with the feeling from the head trauma everyone was having. He gave an innocent smile, not knowing.
  19. "I can try." Hadriel sais a little uncertainly, and grabbed Espers hand with her left arm pulling herself up with some help. Standing now, she felt a little unstead, but she figured she could walk a fair distance to scavenge for usefull items. She looked at Esper and the others, one seemed to give off a dark aura... She turned to Esper first "Thanks for the help... My name's Hadriel." She told her, smiling a little before looking towards the man near her curiously, he suggested he'd be accompanying her, which she considered for a moment before answering. "I guess I see no problem with that." She answered, despite the aura surrounding him, he seemed relatively nice...
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  20. Esper nodded slowly, casting one final glance at the wounded angel.
    "I appreciate what you did at the Portal, Hadriel. It was because of you angels we survived at all."

    She wasn't sure why, but she agreed with the man's suggestion. This woman would be far safer with him. There was something similar between them, something she couldn't quite place. Her intuition was still muddied, and her mind was still reeling from what had happened, but for now, she was happy not knowing.

    The cat girl and her set off into the woods. It seemed she sensed something out there, just as Vermillion told her of the "company". It seemed the felines knew something she didn't about their new neighbours. Well, so long as they were friendly, she didn't mind. Right now she just wanted to survive the night.

    Esper let out a long, slow breath, stepping out of the clearing and into the jungle. She could sense Vermillion nearby, and followed the feeling.

    She looked out into the trees, not seeing what he was seeing. Whoever it was had hidden themselves well. She didn't have night vision like her familliar.

    "Hello out there!" she called, though not too loudly. The last thing she wanted was to attract unwanted attention. "We're Refugees! We have no qualms with you." her eyes searched the treeline, worried. She was even slightly annoyed that Vermillion seemed so relaxed about the matter.
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