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  1. The following is a place for me to plan the classes and concept for an RP idea I've dreamed up. It is going to be kind of blank at first. If you see something you like or have an idea of your own, feel free to post or PM me about it.

    To Do Before Interest Check Checklist (open)

    1. Complete Overall Concept
    2. Create 25 starter classes
    3. Find/Create an aid for helping players create terrain to explore
    4. Create explanation of the state of the world.
    5. Create explanation of the goals of the RP
    6. Reformat class sheets into something easily readable by scanning over.
    7. Create an explaination of which types of RPers will like this RP
    8. Create the rules the RP will operate under.
    9. Format an Interest Check which efficiently informs people if this RP is for them

    Overall Concept

    In the year 2110, the earth was destroyed by a great and terrible war when an untested weapon neutralized the binding forces of gravity on the planet. With oxygen fading, and the planet falling apart beneath our feet, all life on earth would have perished, if not for the goddess Anolia. Anolia wanted to spare the planet, but simultaneously did not want it to continue as it had. For even before the great war, the world was not a beautiful place. While the world was fragmented as it was, it would be easy to reform it in any way she desired. Anolia however was not an all-knowing, nor even a wise goddess, so her plans for reformation were questionable at best.

    Anolia made the following changes to the world:
    1. Everyone has been reborn as a female, but can still have children through a special magic ritual. (first generation retains memories of their old life)
    2. Most projectiles have been slowed down significantly, making firearms, ballistics, and bows much less viable as weapons.
    3. Writing has become impossible, and people can only know a specific number of people (which varies by class, level, and individual).
    4. Electricity and fire are much less controllable. Electricity no longer flows reliably through wires. Fire now has a fixed lifespan of 3 hours, spreads across almost any solid, and cannot be created except by lightning or summoning.
    5. Monsters roam the Earth.
    6. The earth is now a living structure which is able to change its composition to resist adverse effects to that which inhabits it. Geography is often unstable for this reason.
    7. Humans were made to be significantly stronger. They are born into classes which have special abilities. These abilities can grow stronger over time by leveling up.
    8. Magic can be used by most classes to slowly create many raw materials. This includes, but is not limited to non-magical: fruits, vegetables, cloth, rubber, steel, air, oil, meat, plastic, wood, dyes, water, spices, and furs.
    9. It is possible to communicate with Anolia by obtaining a special item that can be found in monster dungeons.
    10. Everyone speaks the same language.

    Class Index
    Class Sheet (open)
    Class Name:
    Class Description: Small explanation of the traits of this class
    Minor Skills
    (Actions which a character can use effortlessly)
    Medium Skills
    (Actions with costs or conditions for use)
    Major Skills
    (Extremely potent skills with significant conditions for use)

    1. Assassin
    2. Favored
    3. Fallen
    4. Rogue
    5. Magic Girl
    6. Ronin
    7. Martyr
    8. Grenadier
    9. Warrior
    10. Beastmistress
    11. Elemental Mage
    12. DJ
    13. Conjurer
    14. Freelancer
    15. Brawler
    16. Hex Mage
    17. Cleric
    18. Modus
    19. Lancer
    20. Gunner
    21. Mondai
    22. Berserker
    23. Spellblade
    24. Astrologist
    25. Pirate
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  2. Class Name: Assassin
    Class Description: The assassin class supports a hit and run fighting style which rewards patiently waiting for the correct time to strike.
    Minor Skills
    Flash Step- An assassin is able to teleport short distances. The only catch is that each flash step can only teleport you the distance you can sprint in two seconds, and each flash step leaves you vulnerable for half a second.
    Darkness- Assassins can camouflage into the darkness regardless of what they are wearing. Darkness also masks the sound of the assassin's breathing.
    Medium Skills
    Venom Strike- The assassin's blade becomes coated with poison for 7-8 seconds. If the assassin fails to land a hit in this time frame, then she is poisoned.
    Weak Point Execution- Passive ability. If an assassin strikes an opponent who does not guard, even if they have armor, the attack does bonus damage.
    Major Skills
    Assassinate- Usable once per day while using darkness. The assassin can flash step next to any target that is unaware of her position without suffering the half second vulnerability.
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  3. Class Name: Favored
    Class Description: Favored have no offensive skills, and prefer to use their strong intuition and likeability to get what they need.
    Minor Skills
    Lucky Charm: Passive skill. Favored are more likely to succeed in anything which is controlled by random chance.
    People Person: Passive skill. Favored are charismatic, and people tend find them likeable unless they have a specific reason to dislike them.
    Medium Skills
    Strong Intuition: Favored can gain meta-knowledge in order to better handle whatever situation they are in.
    Irresistible: When a Favored makes a request, it is extremely compelling to do as they ask, even if it is slightly unreasonable.
    Major Skills
    Lovely Redemption: Favored are able to offer their love to one person. If that person dies, they can be resurrected with a kiss. If the person is not faithful or the favored offers their love to another person, the resurrected person dies.
  4. Class Name: Fallen
    Class Description: Fallen are powerful debilitators with a demon living inside of them. Beware, while powerful, they could turn on those they mean to protect.
    Minor Skills
    Blight Touch: Passive skill. Anything which the fallen touch with their hands are afflicted with temporary debilitation, or extreme pain. Using this ability feels extremely pleasurable, and using it for too long can lead to temporary addiction.
    Sadistic Lust: Passive skill. Fallen must use their blight touch on either a monster or human for at least five minutes every day. If they do not, then they are ripped apart by the demon inside them.
    Medium Skills
    Shadowy Grasp: Increases the range, but decreases the potency of blight touch by extending a shadowy aura from their hands.
    Mind Rape: If a target is under the effects of blight touch, the Fallen can gain access to the target's mind. While in this state, Fallen can speak to the target through telepathy, and create images in their mind.
    Major Skills
    Immortal Vengeance: Passive skill. If a Fallen would die, instead resurrect them for a day. If they fail to kill the one who killed them within this 24 hours, they die forever and cannot be resurrected. (this can stack)
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  5. Class Name: Rogue
    Class Description: The rogue class encourages sneaky behavior, and allows for getting out of sticky situations.
    Minor Skills
    Keen Sight: Passive ability. Rogues have excellent vision, making them able to see fine details.
    Dexterous: Passive ability. Rogues have excellent control over their hands, allowing them to maneuver them swiftly and efficiently.
    Medium Skills
    Perfect Crime: Passive ability. While a Rogue does not have a weapon drawn (which includes attacking with a martial arts technique), she is unable to be detected without direct eye contact.
    Kinetic Counter: Rogues can counter close-range attacks by reading the muscle movements of the target. This only works if the target is within range of their weapon and the Rogue is focusing on that target.
    Major Skills
    Blade Flurry: Once per day, a Rogue may overclock their skills for 30 seconds, allowing them to move as if the rest of the world is moving in slow motion.
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  6. Class Name: Magic Girl
    Class Description: The Magic Girl class involves using transforming to gain access to a wide variety of long range magical attacks. Be careful however, as you will be helpless once the transformation ends.
    Minor Skills
    Transform!: Enter your magic girl form by going through an elaborate transformation sequence that takes around 15 seconds. You are completely vulnerable to attack during this time, and remaining transformed consumes magic.
    Young Heart: Passive skill. No matter how old a magic girl grows, she will never appear older than 16.
    Medium Skills
    Magic: While in transformation, a magic girl can use ranged magic skills by consuming magic power. This skill has a homing, strong, shield, heal, sniper, and burst variation.
    Homing- Weaker, but can follow opponents. Strong- Slower, but with more power
    Shield- Great for blocking attacks Sniper- Faster, and with more range, but less power at close range
    Normal- A typical vanilla magic attack Burst- Much weaker, but spammable Heal- Magic healing
    Flight: While in transformation, a magic girl can fly by consuming magic power.
    Major Skills
    Finisher Attack: By using all her remaining magic power, a magic girl can use her unique ultimate attack.
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  7. Class Name: Ronin
    Class Description: The Ronin fights by striking swiftly through enemies while they have their guard down. She excels at taking down crowds of unskilled fighters.
    Minor Skills
    Sword Mastery: Passive skill. The Ronin has exceptional sword skill, allowing her to best unskilled opponents.
    Swift Strike: Passive skill. The Ronin does not lose speed while striking through an opponent with a slash.
    Medium Skills
    Honed Reflexes: Passive skill. The Ronin can sense when she is being attacked, and from which direction, though this sense can be overwhelmed.
    Opportune Strike: Passive skill. A Ronin who sees an enemy turn their back to her can immediately warp up to 5 feet to land an attack of opportunity.
    Major Skills
    Strike Horizon: Usable once per day. Creates a powerful, wide, far-reaching, mook-annihilating, energy slash.
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  8. Class Name: Martyr
    Class Description: The Martyr is extremely durable. She turns the pain she receives into her strength, and shields those she wishes to protect.
    Minor Skills
    Body Blocker: Passive skill. The Martyr's bones are are strong as steel, and no matter how much she bleeds, she will never run out of blood.
    Masochist: Passive skill. The Martyr can move her body with holy energy, which refills when she is struck with an attack.
    Medium Skills
    Eye for an Eye: Passive skill. The Martyr can make those who strike her feel the pain she is in, though they don't actually become injured.
    Human Shield: The Martyr can teleport to intercept any attack within 10 feet of her location.
    Major Skills
    Divine Intervention: Passive skill. Martyrs revive next to someone they know at the end of each day, but lose this ability if they witness someone they know die.
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  9. Class Name: Grenadier
    Class Description: The grenadier fights with magical AoE explosive attacks.
    Minor Skills
    Sharpshooter: Passive skill. The grenadier is excellent at throwing objects with razor accuracy, whatever they may be.
    Fire Starter: The grenadier can summon and unsummon fire. (she can only unsummon fire which she summoned)
    Medium Skills
    Mine: The grenadier can leave a remote detonated explosive on the ground.
    Grenade: Summons a live grenade in her hand that detonates in 3 seconds.
    Major Skills
    Grenade Launcher: Usable once per day. Automates the grenade throwing process for more explosive power.
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  10. Class Name: Warrior
    Class Description: The warrior is a basic fighting class which features both tanking and damage pushing options.
    Minor Skills
    Fighting Spirit: Passive skill. Gives bonus strength to allies fighting the same target(s).
    Shield Mastery: Passive skill. Increases defensive power of shield, and increases shield block rate.
    Medium Skills
    Mighty Strike: A more powerful sword slash that is likely to break through weapons and armor.
    Shield Bash: A more powerful shield block, likely to knock the opponent off balance.
    Major Skills
    Excalibur: Usable once per day. Summon excalibur for a single devastating swing.
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  11. Posted on behalf of Flames-kun, for his internet is tragically slow.

    Class name: Beastmistress
    Class Description: The Beastmistress can call the beasts and blades of fury and serenity to her side; however, each summon takes time to learn. Additionally, she may only have one blade and summon out at a time.
    x Serene Wand: Summons a wand that heals and buffs allies.
    x Fury Blade: Summons a blade that burns until it consumes a certain amount of blood.
    x Tension: A Beast Mistress can only have one blade and one beast active at a time. A Beast Mistress can only keep a blade and beast active for a limited time. Summoning a blade or beast puts that summon on cooldown. If a different blade or beast is summoned while a different one is active, the cooldown for that blade and/or beast is extended.
    x Serene Summon: Summons a Beast of Serenity to heal, defend or accompany a Beast Mistress.
    x Fury Summon: Summons a Beast of Fury to attack an enemy. Has little care or regard to the summoner usually.
    x Burden Summon: Passive Ability. Summons a Beast of Burden to carry the summoner and her belongings.
    x Stampede: Usable once per day. Opens a portal that pours dozens of different Beasts into the world. The Beast Mistress does not control any of the beasts summoned by Stampede.
  12. Class Name: Elemental Mage
    Class Description: Elemental Mages charge spells to unleash devastating elemental attacks.
    Minor Skills
    Magic Mastery: Passive skill. Increases magic recharge rate, and allows user to trump unskilled opponents.
    Strong Mind: Passive skill. Resistant against attacks on the mind, and higher pain tolerance.
    Medium Skills
    Fire Magic: Charge a fire spell. The longer you charge, the more expensive and powerful it is.
    Ice Magic: Charge an ice spell. The longer you charge, the more expensive and powerful it is.
    Lightning Magic: Charge a lightning spell. The longer you charge, the more expensive and powerful it is.
    Major Skills
    Arcane Maelstrom: Usable once per day. Combine all three elements for a single devastating attack.
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  13. Class Name: DJ
    Class Description: Like a bard, just more happening. Uses magic to create music.
    Minor Skills
    Beat Mastery: Passive skill. The DJ is a master of rhythm and sound, allowing her to create and modify music with magic.
    Heartbeat Detective: The DJ can understand someone's mood and if they are lying from the beat of their heart.
    Medium Skills
    D-D-Drop the Beat: The DJ can cause opponents to miss the timing on their moves by changing the tempo of her music.
    Pump Up the Party: The DJ can speed up the attack rate of the party with her signature song.
    Major Skills
    Fire The Dub-cannon: Usable once per day. The DJ equips her dub-cannon, which can do a number on the balance and coordination of the opponent due to damage to the inner ear.
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  14. Class Name: Conjurer
    Class Description: The Conjurer uses summoning magic to properly equip and nourish friends, and punish foes.
    Minor Skills
    Craftsmanship Mastery: Passive skill. Conjurers are masters of craftsmanship, giving them the ability to expertly manipulate raw materials.
    Summoning Mastery: Passive skill. Conjurers are masters of summoning magic, enabling them to summon raw materials more quickly, and enabling magic item summoning.
    Medium Skills
    Recall: A conjurer can summon someone she knows to her location.
    Call Pet: Summon a familiar.
    Major Skills
    Junkalanche: Usable once per day. Summon a large pile of random stuff over the enemy's head.
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  15. Class Name: Freelancer
    Class Description: The freelancer is not particularly good at anything, but has many tools and adapts quickly.
    Minor Skills
    Jack of All Trades: Passive skill. The freelancer learns any discipline quickly, allowing them to trump anyone without mastery.
    Mental Mapmaker: A freelancer instinctively remembers the paths they've traveled due to excellent spacial reasoning.
    Medium Skills
    Mimicry: The freelancer can copy any non-passive, non-major skill that is currently in use by an ally by paying the appropriate costs.
    Astral Weapons: If a freelancer is skilled in a discipline, she can summon the appropriate tool/weapon for that disciple. The tool/weapon is glass(breaks on use), and its power is variant on the freelancer's level.
    Major Skills
    Astral Storm: Usable once per day. The freelancer summons an astral copy of themselves holding an astral copy of every tool/weapon they know, preforming a single attack/technique with each copy. The freelancer suffers knockout after use.
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  16. Class Name: Brawler
    Class Description: The brawler is a ruthless all out attacker class which uses claws to tear through opponents.
    Minor Skills
    Claw Mastery: Passive skill. The brawler is an expert with claws, allowing her to trump unskilled opponents.
    Tiger Strike: At any moment which the brawler has both feet on the ground(even while attacking), the brawler can move from standing position to a lunge or sprint in any direction.
    Medium Skills
    Ferocity: Passive skill. The brawler becomes more and more terrifying with each opponent they slay, increasing their chance to incite fear in their opponent. This can cause foes to flinch or run away.
    Relentless Strike: Passive skill. If the brawler is struck with a close range attack, even if it would be lethal, counterattack.
    Major Skills
    Demon Blood Party: Usable once per day, while grabbing an enemy. Your ruthless spirit manifests to deal 64 claw attacks on their body within 3 seconds.
  17. Class Name: Hex Mage
    Class Description: A mage that trades flexibility for mobility by fighting with spell circles instead of incantations. Spell circles are flat glowing circles that can follow the mage through the air until placed on a surface.
    Minor Skills
    Magic Mastery: Passive skill. Increases magic recharge rate, and allows user to trump unskilled opponents.
    Hex Bounce: The hex mage can reverse her momentum by pushing against a spell circle she has created. She can even use them as stepping stones.
    Medium Skills
    Hex Magic- Blast: Creates a spell circle that creates a small, concentrated, forceful blast. It is more useful for pushing than it is for damaging.
    Hex Magic- Spike: Causes a sharp spire to erupt from the circle. Difficult to land a hit, but rewarding on impact.
    Major Skills
    Hex Magic- Deadly Dungeon: Usable once per day. Surrounds an opponent with a wall of Spike spell circles for one minute.
  18. Class Name: Cleric
    Class Description: The Cleric doesn't like to fight, and instead focuses on their power to heal the wounded.
    Minor Skills
    Healing Mastery: Passive skill. The Cleric is a master of magic staffs, allowing her to heal the sick.
    Trained Medic: Passive skill. Clerics are effective at evaluating many injuries and illnesses, allowing them to gauge vitality at a glance.
    Medium Skills
    Healing Presence: Passive skill. While a Cleric is using healing magic, the effectiveness of healing is increased for everyone she knows.
    Overload: The Cleric can place strain on her staff to intensify its effect; however, doing so shortens the staff's life.
    Major Skills
    Resurrection: Usable once per day. The Cleric raises one dead ally, then suffers knockout. Requires 5 minutes of unbroken concentration.
  19. Class Name: Modus
    Class Description: The Modus manipulates time to attack foes and gain tactical advantages.
    Minor Skills
    Slow Time: Modus can create pockets of slowness at their current location, slowing them, and other future occupants of that space down.
    Melee Mastery: The Modus is a master of martial arts, allowing them to trump unskilled opponents.
    Medium Skills
    Clockwork: Summons the dial. A dial generates a clock image around it that is 20 feet in diameter, with nodes surrounding the hour marks. The Modus may teleport between these nodes at will, and gets bonus damage if attacking from the current hour of the day. If the dial is destroyed, the Modus must wait one minute before it can be summoned again. The dial can be unsummoned if the Modus touches it.
    Wait For It: Modus can freeze their unarmed attacks in time so that their temporal copy finishes the move from the same position at a later point in time.
    Major Skills
    Full Stop: Usable once per day. Time stops for everyone the Modus does not know. All allies and Modus become intangible, and all their skills are unable to be used except for Clockwork. This move's duration is a function of level.
  20. Class Name: Lancer
    Class Description: Fighting class concerned with spacing and penetrating power.
    Minor Skills
    Lancer Mastery: Passive skill. The Lancer is a master of lances, allowing them to trump unskilled opponents.
    Mirrored Step: Any time the Lancer has both feet on the ground, even while attacking, he can match the speed and direction of any opponent moving towards him.
    Medium Skills
    Piercing Thrust: An extra powerful thrust that has extra armor penetration.
    Wayward Slash: A slash that loses neither speed nor power when it collides with physical objects. All targets may block this attack as if it were a regular slash.
    Major Skills
    Lightning Strike: Your Lance is wrapped in a vortex of lightning, then flung with all your might.
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