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  1. [​IMG]
    A member of the Swiss Army, circa WWII
    TL;DR Summary:
    • Alternate Universe, not Earth, setting.
    • Equivalent to the WWII-era and WWII-tech.
    • The Augstberg Principality is based on Switzerland and Finland; it is mountain terrain and forests and other terrain that favors a prepared defender, and it is a country with a strong militia/reserve force.
    • Female characters welcome. That's part of why I chose to do an alternate Earth.
    • The players will be the members of an individual squad in the Principality Armed Citizenry, a militia formation that all citizens join after serving their minimum two years of active duty in the Regular Army. However, these characters are reservists in the elite 3rd Jäger Battalion, probably serving in the same infantry platoon, if not squad. It helps explain why the PC's are perhaps a cut above the usual; they are alpine troops, though alpine troops that just got pulled out of college and their families and put back into uniform.
    • At the same time, the characters have lives; University, careers, family and god knows what else. This is being disrupted by the callup of the strategic reserves.
    • For centuries, the Principality has maintained neutrality through inhospitable terrain and its citizen soldiery, but the discovery of mineral wealth, especially in this technological age, make the Principality a riper fruit for the picking.
    • The characters are citizens of the Principality of varying ages and backgrounds that have been called up (by lottery, or by volunteering) for active duty in the face of this danger. - Players are encouraged to help develop the setting, including the weaponry.
    In Character Info:

    For centuries, the Augstberg principality maintained its independent rule and neutrality through the ferocity of its legions of citizen-soldiers, notable as loyal to their nation before other nations developed nationalism. The constitutional rule of law and the limitation of the Prince's authority in the realm and the parliamentarian/referendum veto system of governing ensured that Augstbergers were eager to repel the invasion of would-be rulers from neighboring nations. The fervor of its militia forces, harsh terrain and adverse climate, as well as a lack of treasure to make the invasion a worthwhile conquest meant that after a while, the neighbors stopped trying to invade.

    These neighbors went to war and consolidated power among themselves, sometimes with Austberger mercenaries being hired out, and they gained a historical reputation for prowess before one of the reigning Princes convinced the parliament to suspend the practice of allowing Augstberger soldiers to hire out to foreign powers, convincingly arguing that such a practice may well draw the Principality itself into the fighting. And yet an exception was made for a few to serve as the honor guard for a specific few, owing to tradition, a practice that reminded the world that there were no easy fruits picked in the Principality.

    Regrettably, the discovery of fissible materials and petroleum reserves in the nation have created a different situation, as now Augstberg's natural resources in conjunction with its healthy and self-sufficient industrial development and strong financial sector mean that it has become, ironically, a victim of its own success. As neighbors start annexing their smaller neighbors to gain strategic advantage against each other, Augstbergers know that one side or the other will decide that the road to victory lies through their small country.

    Out of Character Info:

    The characters will be called up members of a platoon of the 3rd Jäger Battalion. The 3rd Battalion is one of the reserve units where citizens serve out their reserve service (10 years of reserve service after two years active duty conscription) after having served in the 1st and 2nd Jäger Battalions. That means that the characters would be in better than usual physical shape and well trained, even if they are reservists. I don't think that a country like this would have an airborne formation due to a variety of strategic and budgetary factors, but alpine troops were the elite of several European armies prior to the introduction of airborne troops in WWII; of course, the Principality's armed forces might not have airborne troops...but the enemy probably will. In any case, they have a special hat and all that jazz.

    The initial equipment of the unit will not be the top tech of the era, because they are switching over from a peacetime configuration (and production) to wartime footing.

    There is little more to say, except that my only real standard in regardings to length/quality is I don't worry about how long a post is, but I do care about being able to read it. That's not because I am a grammar Nazi, but because I feel like it is the basics and it makes it easier for everyone to read what is written.

    I'd like to make this a long term RP, so I'd like to hear people's ideas and work with people to brainstorm in a collaborative fashion. And yes, if you are asking, I did play Valkyria Chronicles a time or two, but I also was a history major in college (University to those of you outside of the You-Ess-Ay) and I decided to strip out the anime elements in favor of something a little closer to the history without being tied to real world events. Also a bit of a what-if, since the Swiss sat out this war...though the Finns were similarly a called up militia and performed well in the war.

    Also, a piece on character development; I am willing to entertain multiple languages and ethnicities within the Principality and the development of politics in conjunction with people that want to work on that in brainstorming -- that's the fun of doing RP's, so let's hook up on Skype or whatever and work together on that!
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  2. You had me at World war 2, hell I'll even CO-GM this for ya if it gets off the ground so count me in for this little foray into the second great war.
  3. Well, alternative version. I am going to work up the particulars, but I think that we're definitely looking at a parallel situation to the post-WWI era and thinking of Finland's experience most of all.
  4. What and when is your divergent point, the end of the first world war or during the twenty years between wars? Also you say Finland's experience most of all, how closely are you going with?
  5. I'd say there is no divergence point since it's not earth nations or any of that. We're talking about a parallel sort of world with similar conditions and a roughly similar history. I think what is important was that the 1920's involved civil wars on the continent among the neighbors, in some cases anyway, and political tumult otherwise along with authoritarian stability in the 1930's. I imagine the nation, Augstberg, felt some of this pain in terms of labor disputes and political arguments that sometimes got forceful.

    I'd also say that their military is not equipped for mechanized warfare, the air force is just getting started and they are having to mobilize quickly and switch over to wartime manufacturing in short order.
  6. Alright, makes more sense now. Now my next question, you said that weapons and tech would be this world's equivalent of our ww2 tech so do you have any ideas yet? I know this is just the interest check but my mind is already going on about weapons, vehicles and other such things based on this time era of arms development. (Weapons and their design and function are kinda my thing when Rps allow for firearms and the such.)
  7. Odds are, there will be very limited armor to start with, lighter models consistent with what was deployed in 1939 or so. Heavy machineguns with water cooling, some lighter automatic rifle models, bolt action rifles, either something like the Swiss K-31 or more like a Mauser G98, perhaps a cut down derivative of such (or even an SMLE style weapon with a cock-on-open bolt and rapid fire rate, since I happen to like Lee-Enfields so much that I own two.)

    Essentially, as a relatively small, peaceful nation, I doubt the Principality is entirely up to date on weaponry, though I also envision a very strong manufacturing sector for consumer goods that can convert over, though the mass production of aircraft and vehicles might be a huge issue. The stuff that requires truly heavy industry may well be foreign-purchased and therefore older.
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  8. I would figure that a small nation like this would have licensed models of foreign designs like what happened with the Mauser rifles but with hoe you are setting up this nation as a Swiss/Finland hybrid the K-31 may also work though I feel that nations fighting our invaders would be underwriting out little nation with their own weapons so we get a variety. (Got a G98 myself, had a mosin-nagant but traded it for the G-98.)
  9. Yeah, but the nations fighting them will already have their own production difficulties. The US managed to do a lot with Lend-Lease because production got started for wartime before they even got in the war. Augstberg, by virtue of being in the earlier part, will be without the benefit of lavish support, except perhaps in the form of technical assistance. I have to work up a map and it may well be that they control a slice of strategic sea lane which gives them a potential line of supply from the sea, but defending that would be a huge thing.
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  10. I may have an interest, given my knowladge of the time period. But I had a couple of questions, not in regards to weapons, I'm picturing these guys being like Finland in the Winter War, but with a industrial base that supports more than standing in snow trenches in the long run. Bolt-action weapons early tanks based on realistic fantasy designs, or irl based variants of the Pz-II or Matilda. Personally I love the Valk Series of games, and once attempted an RP on that setting.

    Regardless my questions are two fold.

    One what style of battle dress do these guys use, or character types do you have. For example I have a number of Soviet and German based WW2 character images. Also in that regards, anime allowed, only if detailed, or irl images only? I noticed thats a funny rulling here among some rpers.

    Two. What is the government like? If you don't want to detail it, and one of the three main factions of VC fits, just say which, or add in any minor details.
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  11. Sounds good; I think we will generally look at IRL vehicles for the inspiration and use that as a baseline to ensure familiarity for all players who get into it.

    Similarly, the weaponry will start off as having IRL equivalents as well to assist people in getting situated. Once that happens, we can move off into more speculative territory, I think.

    I was tempted to have rocketry be discovered in Augstberg, in the form of early rocket weapons, in order to help balance what I see as the huge lack of armor and other equipment due to a lack of the large scale manufacturing infrastructure to do armored vehicles and mechanization.
    Honestly, period battledress was of two variations (until the later types were introduced); the types of color and the types of collar. I know that's crazy, but do a quick look, and you see that the real difference between uniforms is essentially color and whether they have a standing collar or roll collar. Oh, and the Brits and Americans had lighter khaki types. Odds are, Augstberg does not -- wool uniform, not sure about the color yet (which is to say, we can negotiate on this.)

    Also thinking that they have, as indicated, a special type of beret in the Jagers or some other form of distinctive headwear and a special type of boot.

    Also, I don't have any particular bugaboos about what sort of character pic gets used.
  12. Okay I see, also aware on the uniforms. I meant more of the "looks". As in the helmets, webbing etc. While the differences mostly came down to collar and rank styles, the Germans tended to with kits and helmets differe from the Soviets, who differed from the Americans. But nearly everyone else followed those three and differed in coloring....though all the long coats looked the same..meh I won't worry about it..anyways I'll join.

    I'll see if any others are interested.
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  13. I think we can go with Swiss Army helmets and uniforms as a baseline.
  14. So Germanic basic theme, I can run with that. Not much art of the Swiss themselves, then again the Swiss aren't known for Military might so much as banks.
  15. The Swiss have had a militia tradition dating back to the middle ages. Fiercely independent, mercenaries until the Treaty of Vienna, when the practice was banned after the Napoleonic wars. They had quite the reputation; thus the Papal Guard.

    But no, they did more banking than fighting in WWII, because the terrain and the fortifications made Hitler and Mussolini think twice about tying down their troops invading Switzerland. They probably got the sense that they'd get bogged down in Switzerland the way the USSR did in Finland.
  16. I meant the World Wars to Modern day. Pre-World Wars they had some reputation alongside the other German States for Mercenaries, something you noted in both regards, which makes this reply pointless. Regardless no one (Aside from historians) in the modern age remembers them for that, anymore than most of the general population remember the Gothic tribes, or that at one point a good amount of Europe was under Turkish control..

    Then again most people barely know more than the generalities of WW2.
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  17. I've been doing source research to cover the specifics of the Winter War of 1939-1940 between the Finns and USSR, but the honest truth is that I don't think there is sufficient interest in this RP to carry on.
  18. That upsets me, but it is how it is. If you try this again or something like this please do tag me, I enjoy a good RP based on history rather then fantasy.
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