Call of Cthulhu: The Black Elixir

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    1. Accept that you may be killed in this roleplay.
    2. Accept that you may have to act insane in this roleplay.
    3. Choose a Name, Appearance and Occupation
    4. Choose a Starting Plotline. DO NOT put any background in your bio.
    a) The Storm in Penkos
    b) The Rise of the Nazis
    c) The Murder of William Harvey
    d) The Call of Capone
    5. Choose Starting Equipment (the roleplay is set in February 1925)
    6. Choose a starting SANITY of between 40 and 60.
    7. Divide 120 points between the following 3 stats:
    i) IDEA (your ability to deduce things and get clues from the GM)
    ii) KNOWLEDGE (your education and training to deal with situations)
    iii) LUCK (your chance of getting a lucky break)​
    8. Leave a final entry in your bio for Case Notes.
  2. Oh Asmo, you and your high-concept RPs.

    But seriously, count me the fuck in.

    Name: Arthur Watney
    Occupation: Journalist, working for 'The Daily Telegraph'
    Starting Plotline:
    The Murder of William Harvey
    SANITY: 50

    Idea: 40
    Knowledge: 45
    Luck: 35

    EQUIPMENT: - Notebook and Pencil
    - Fountain Pen
    - Briefcase, holding most of his equipment
    - Flashlight
    - Cigarettes and Lighter
    - Revolver, .38 (loaded)
    - 18 rounds of ammunition

  3. *Puts a lengthy back story where her stats should be.*
  4. *hands Tegan a Troll-Face mask*

    You'll be wanting one of these, no?
  5. *tentacle-slaps Tegan*

    You will comply.

  6. Name:
    Ariadne Rosdew
    Occupation: Local Artist
    Starting Plotline: The Storm in Penkos
    Sanity: 40

    Knowledge: 45
    Luck: 45


    Bicycle (open)

    Watch (open)

    Satchel (open)

    Satchel Contents (open)



    Newspaper clipping




    Used as bookmark





    Case Notes:
  7. Name: Richter Von Horth
    Occupation: Military Officer of the Wiemar Republic

    Story Thread: Rise of the Nazis


    Idea: 35
    Knowledge: 60
    Luck: 25

    Mauser C-96 (Loaded and with two spare magazines)
    Bergmann/Schmeisser MP -18/I (loaded with a twenty round box magazine and with stock cut off, no spare magazines.)
    box of matches

    Attached Files:

  8. Name: Joshua Harcourt

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Story thread: The Call of Capone

    Sanity: 60

    Idea: 50
    Knowledge: 30
    Luck: 40


    1x Handcuffs

    1x Smith & Wesson 1917

    1x Box of ammunition

    1x Truncheon

    1x leatherbound book, thick

    1x Bible

    1x Flashlight

    1x box of matches

    1x lighter

    2x pack of cigarettes

    1x flask (whiskey)

    1x gold ring (Right hand ring finger)

    1x gold pocket watch

    1x whistle

    Case notes:

  9. Name: Henry Prefect
    Occupation: Small time crook.
    Starting Plotline: The Murder of William Harvey
    SANITY: 50

    Idea: 30
    Knowledge: 40
    Luck: 50

    Flat Cap
    Lockpicks (hidden in lining of cap)

  10. Name: James McElroy
    Occupation: Drifter
    Starting Plotline: The Storm in Penkos
    SANITY: 45-5=40

    Show Spoiler

    Idea: 20
    Knowledge: 20
    Luck: 80

    - Satchel
    - Knife

  11. *gets dragged in by Tegan*

    ASMO: I don't want to!

    TEGAN: Do it!

    ASMO: It's stupid!


    *sighs and stands in front of everyone*

    ASMO: The IC has been posted and you may now all make your entrances to the Eagle Arms pub. It's 6pm and the storm is just coming in.

    *gets nudged by Tegan*

    ASMO: The NPCs inside the pub are talking in a Cornish accent. If anyone does not understand, please ask me for a translation.

    *gets glared at by Tegan*

    ASMO: The Eagle Arms has rooms for the night and food and drink available. The only other people in there are the 6 Portugeuse sailors, the two strange people in longcoats, the barmaid and George.

    *gets hit by Tegan*

    ASMO: You have all been sent letters (except TC's character, who probably can't read), so each of you have your leads to get started with. If you need visuals for a 1920s Cornish village, you can look here.

    TEGAN: I'm proud of you.

    ASMO: I'm still not explaining what teak is. >:[
  12. *applauds sarcatically at the back of the room*
  13. *Emerges from her stack of research papers and portfolio revisions.*

    Must. . . remember. . . reference. x_x

  14. *steps on Tegan*

    I should also add that... unlike most of my roleplays where I actively encourage players to develop side-stories and subplots (and then get bitterly disappointed when you flail like hijack-hungry infants)... I do NOT require players to add any more intrigue or conspiracy to this story.

    I have a fully formed mystery here for you all to uncover, and there's enough content for you all to sink your teeth into. So just relax and enjoy the story.

    *steps on Tegan as he leaves*

    *thinks of something*

    *steps on her again*

    Also, the stats can be used as follows:

    KNOWLEDGE: If you want a technical detail, such as "What is this artefact made of?", "How do I make fire from a cockroach and a handkerchief?", "Can I fire this Commie gun?" or "Does my character know the constellations?", then roll a Knowledge check and if successful, I'll give you the answers or confirm that you have that skill.

    IDEA: If you want a clue from the GM, such as "Was the killer a female?" or "Am I right to go to the Antique's Shop?" or "Should I trust this guy?", then roll an Idea Check and if successful I'll point you in the right direction.

    LUCK: If you want to pull a crazy stunt, or if I throw something dangerous at you, then roll a Luck Check and I'll tell you what you achieve.

    SANITY: I'll ask you all to make Sanity Checks and then deduct accordingly depending on what horrors you witness.

    *steps on Tegan and leaves*
  15. He picks on you, Tegan, because he likes you.
  16. I know, Jack. I know. >_>;

    *Piles her complicated side story onto Asmo's porch and sets it on fire.*

    *Giggles from her hiding place in the bushes with Jack and Grumpy.*
  17. Arthur's awful lonely in the Eagle Arms, guys. All he's got for company is a grumpy old fisherman who doesn't like non-locals.

    By this, I mean POST ALL OF YOU, DAMMIT.
  18. Someone told me there are Mexican Paladins here. I want to join.
  19. Yes.

    Come on in.
  20. Tie a yellow ribbon 'round the keg, Grumpy. I'll be in there tomorrow with the longest most mysterious side plot provoking post I've ever done.

    Friend. =)