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    Today was the day that students would arrive. Lady Violetta was quite excited and could barely contian herself. She hoped that many would touch the picture but yet not too many. After all this was her first teaching job. She had her lessons plans made for the first few days and had made arrangements for a trip into town for the students. So much was up to students to come and touch the Paint of Caldwell's Academy of Magical Talents. Lady Violetta stood on the front steps to wait for the students to fall into the springy moss grass.

    The small sign on the picture says "Caldwell's Academy of Magical Talents. Please touch to enter."
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  2. Louise thanked the coachman as she got out of the carriage with her luggage. As the carriage drove away, Louise walked up to the picture and touched it, falling down onto the soft ground. She stood, dusting herself off, somewhat surprised at the change of clothes and that her hair was down. She wasnt surprised at a Picture Portal. Her elder sisters had used one to sneak out of the house at times. She stood and waited.
  3. Lady Violetta walked to the new arrival.
    "Welcome to Caldwell's Academy of Magical Talents. My name is Lady Violetta and I will be your teacher and Headmistress while you are here. I hope that the Picture worked well for you. No bumps or bruises to be healed while we wait for others to arrive?
  4. "I'm Louise. Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière. Pleased to meet you Headmistress. " she curtsied then straightened. "I'm fine, nothing hurt. The Picture worked fine, we have one at home."
  5. "I am glad that you arrived safely. You do? I didn't even know of magic when I resided on Earth. Then I came here and learned much. Come with me and stand on the steps so we won't get hit by anyone else falling into the Academy." Lady Violetta spoke as she lead the way.
  6. Louise nodded, not saying anything about how magic had been in her family for generations. She moved and sat on the steps, her luggage beside her.
  7. "What a strange sight," Zack mused as he saw the carriage draw away leaving in its wake a pink haired girl. She seemed fairly young and had quite the baggage for her size. He watched as she approached the painting he himself was making his way to, wondering if she was a magic user as well or just an curious person. Silly of him really considering the aforementioned luggage. A blink of the eyes and she disappeared. Zack lifted his eyebrows in surprise, having expecting something more. Perhaps a brilliant flash or a loud crack.

    "Oh well," he shrugged, straightening his blue attire and picking up his staff from where it leaned against a wall. He knew most people probably thought it a strange getup as he thought the carriage was strange, but told himself if he had been asked he'd say it was some character from a show he dressed up as. For a party perhaps. He made his way towards the painting of a gray building, standing where the girl had been a moment ago.

    With a deep breath and a little self encouragement he reached out and suddenly, for an instant, felt warped and stretched before finding himself on soft, green moss.
  8. Louise jumped a little as a guy in blue clothes fell down. She looked at the headmistress. "Another student has arrived."
  9. Lady Violetta smiled and spoke.
    "So I see. Let me go greet him, Louise."
    She walked down the steps and to the young man.
    "Welcome to Caldwell's Academy of Magical Talents. My name is Lady Violetta and I will be your teacher and Headmistress while you are here. I see that the picture worked for you a well as for Louise who is sitting on the steps. If you are fine then let us go to the steps to wait for more students to arrive."
  10. Zack looked around astonished, his eyes coming to rest on the girl that had disappeared as well as someone else. A dark haired woman of average height he gauged. As she made her way to him, he could see she held herself with some bearing. A teacher most likely. He stood and patted his clothes, fetching his staff that had fallen out of his grip when he was transported to this place.

    "Welcome to Caldwell's Academy of Magical Talents. My name is Lady Violetta and I will be your teacher and Headmistress while you are here. I see that the picture worked for you as well as Louise who is sitting on the steps. If you are fine then let us go to the steps to wait for more students to arrive."

    He quickly glanced at Louise at the mention of her name before returning his attentions back to his future teacher. "Lady?" he asked skeptically, looking the woman with long hair over. "I thought teachers were referred to as professors," nonetheless he made a over dramatic bow, taking the Violetta's hand and giving it a quick peck, before raising again. "Zack. Zack Calder."
  11. Lady Violetta smiled at the young man.
    "Yes most prefer to be referred to as a Professor but since I am also the head of Caldwell's Academy OF Magical Talents, I prefer to be called a Lady. No bumps or bruises I assume.... Louise please meet Zack. Zack, this is Louise. I wonder how many more students will fall today...... I would like to start the Introductory Lectures as soon as possible." She spoke as she she looked towards the sky.
  12. Zack kept aside Violetta as they made their way to the steps of the School. Having introduced him to the pink-hair named Louise, he sat next to her, planting his backside on the cold stone. He hadn't seen the necessity to greet the little girl the same way. She hadn't been introduced with a title, even if it was a self appointed one. He glanced at the Lady and then leaned forward on his upright staff, waiting.
  13. After a long wait, Lady Rosewoode began to tire of waiting.
    "Let's begin the lectures. Maybe there will be more coming after we go inside." she spoke as she headed inside the Academy.

    "This is the main Entrance Area. It is divided with doors to the Class Room Area and into the Student Area where we are going. We will be in the Lecture Hall. I have a couple items to give to you and a short lecture."

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    Louise looked at Zack. "My name is Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière. " That was all she said as she followed Lady Violetta into the school.
  15. "We are here, madam," the chauffeur stated as he angled the limo off the side of the road. Adella opened her eyes and stretched with a yawn from the back seat. "Where?" she asked sleepily. A dainty fist rose to rub sleep from her eyes. "The academy, madam," came the patient reply. The academy! Adella bolted upright, all thought of drifting back into her daydreams vanishing in an instant. "Oh, very well, Jasper. Get the door."

    She slipped her fingers around the handle of her embroidered carpetbag while straightening her tower of roses that graced her waves of charcoal blue hair with the other hand. In moments she was adjusting her bluish-black silk gown in front of a picture. "A magical entrance, I take it. How appropriate," she murmured to herself. Reaching out hesitantly, she pressed her fingers into the painting. What happened next caught her completely off guard. With a whoosh, she was sucked inside a vortex and plummeting down to a mossy green lawn. She barely had time to scream before her feet landed securely on solid ground once more. Glancing down at her ensemble, she giggled. Not a ruffle of lace out of place! She tucked a lock of hair behind her shapely ear and straightened her posture as she looked around for any sign of life besides the flora. Was no one here to escort her?

    "Hello?" she called out.
  16. Lady VIoletta noticed that she was a bit premature in entering the Academy.
    "We have another student so let's go greet her or him."
    She turned around and went back to the great door.
    "Welcome to Caldwell's Academy of Magical Talents. My name is Lady Violetta and I will be your teacher and Headmistress while you are here. I see that the picture worked for you a well for you. If you are fine then let us go inside where the other students are waiting."
  17. 'Ah, finally a servant to greet me,' Adella thought, relieved that things were going their proper course---until the stern looking woman introduced herself as the headmistress. Her pale cheeks pinked ever so slightly. Although, who else should greet her but a Lady? Setting her carpetbag down, she bobbed in a quick curtsey to her. "Thank you, Lady Violetta. I am eager to begin my lessons." Adella motioned to her bag, "Please have a servant take this to my room."
  18. Zack had scarcely set foot inside the grey building when the Lady sped back out, saying something about another student. In mid step he thus spun on his heel and crossed through the large front doors once more. He stood on the steps as Violetta made her way to the new arrival, leaning on his staff in a slightly bored manner, swaying to and throe.

    The new arrival was another female, Zack had to admit he felt a bit threatened by now at the prospect of being the only man. She was short compared to him, even if her precarious headdress added a bit of height. He couldn't make out much else though, except that she seemed to have luggage. It was something he only thought of now, recalling that Louise had baggage as well.

    'A girl thing,' he supposed, watching the women converse on the green landing area.
  19. Louise sat on a bench inside the entryway. She had a clear view through the door and saw the newest arrival. She was a noble, like Louise, that much she was able to tell from the way she held herself. Louise opened a book she had brought, a self study for intro magic.
  20. Lady Violetta raised an eye brow then spoke.
    "Miss, you have not properly introduced yourself. That is your first mistake. Ypur second mistake is assuming that the servants here are to serve you. My servants serve the Academy in its daily functions. You will be responsible for your own room and for carrying your own things about. However on the plus side, I am glad that you have arrived safely, unharmed and eager to begin your lessons. You will be given your new PLTs at the orientation and will have much to learn but it will be learned my way.
    After you properly introduce yourself, we shall meet your classmates and begin the orientation lecture." Lady Violetta spoke very sternly.
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