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  1. t's just an average dayfor you. Maybe you just got off of work and decided to ride the bus home, or even your visiting a sick relative on the other side of town. An average day. At least not until the bus crashes into a car that was in the middle of the street. Everyone becomes unconsious.

    You wake up an hour later, your confused, why did the bus crash? Is anyone else alive? You get up and look out the window. There are creatures, creatures that seem once to be human! People are killing eachother! Eating eachother! It's everywhere! What do you do? You immediately start to see if the others are alive, then you see if the bus is still able to move. If so, you try to get away from everything before you become one of them.

    The Basics:

    You wake up and see that everything has change. And you have to survive. You are an average person with other average people.
    In some area's a green gas or mist can be seen. This is whats causing everyone to either mutate or become insane.
    Being bit or scratched by a mutant can give you the infection as well.

    This is how this will work:

    It depends on your blood type if you are infected;

    AB Positive or negative- You will mutate into a creature. Your body will slowly change when you first become affected. It is extremely painful.

    O Positive or Negative- You will be hungry. Very hungry. You will find anything to eat, but once you find that it doesn't help, you will have to start chomping on human!

    A Positive or Negative- You will slowly become mad. Looney, insane. You will start to have vivid hallucinations right after being infected. It could result in you turning on the others and trying to kill them.

    B Positive or Negative- You are immune. But you have to survive the others.

    Everyone cannot be B Positive or Negative. It would be unfair.

    Be nice to eachother and the GM.

    If you read this put something about cookie dough in your character skeleton.

    No smut in the IC. Go immediately to private messages.

    Please at least have a paragraph for each post you make.

    You may have as many character

    Have fun!

    If you need any extra information you may ask me!

    Characters on Greyhound bus 19:
    Elia Madison Gatton
    Elliot Davis Gatton
    Kelkov Aerio
    Sani Yung
    James Savage

    Character Skeleton-
    Appearance (real only)
    Blood type
    Mutation (if AB. I have to approve)

    Attention: If you choose to have a mutant. It cannot be over powered. Meaning, humans are able to kill it or able to get away, and it has to have a weakness.
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  2. This looks interesting. Hope you don't mind I make a set of twins.

    Name: Elia Madison Gatton

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Elia is more book smart than her brother. She tends to think more logically and has a higher knowledge about the world around them (nature wise that is). She prefers to read a good book rather than finding the best moves to knock an opponent out. Having been within her old school's Academic teams, she is skilled when it comes to regular school subjects and a few other remedial topics. She is a kind and caring individual who loves her twin brother to death, even though they tend to have their usual arguments. She is never shy around new faces but does tend to be childish, blunt, naive, and tends to wander off aimlessly if something catches her interest.

    Appearance: (Dang it girls, stop with the duck faces >:L It's because of them that I can't find a nice picture so easily.)


    Blood type: A+

    Other: Cookie Dough *Om nom nom*


    This looks like it'll be fun~

    Name: Elliot Davis Gatton

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Unlike his sister, Elliot is more street smart than his naive little sister (older by an hour). While Elia sees the world as a happy and fascinating place, Elliot can see the world's true nature of how ugly and f**ked up it is. He is the person who would much rather find the human body's natural weaknesses over learning about 'pretty pink flowers'. Elliot has a habit of looking after his sister, since she tends to wander off aimlessly. He is blunt, fierce, callous around new faces (which is why he has less friends than his sister), and reckless. However, he does love his sister dearly despite their arguments, and will be damned if he lets anyone take advantage of her naive nature.

    Appearance: (Dang it boys, stop with the ab shots or flipping the camera off >:L Would've been a happy bundle if he had different hair, but beggars can't be choosers.)


    Blood type: A+

    Other: Cookie Dough *Om nom nom*

    Hope this is okay. If not, I'll change whatever is needed.
  3. Accepted! I appreciate your joining! And no, I dont mind that you made twins.
  4. Is it okay if I just write a description? .3.
  5. It's fine.
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  6. Don't worry, I'm working on it. o3o
  7. It's fine. I was just booping the thread.

    Though I have no idea why it was in the center of my post.
  8. Man I'm so cruel to my characters. >w> If we have a blood type imbalance, I'd be happy to offer a counterweight with another character. I love psychological horror like this. o 3 o

    Name: Kelkov Aerio

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Personality: In a nutshell, Kelkov can be kind of a dick sometimes. He grew up manipulating people, seeking out their weaknesses and using the information to get what he wanted, and his old habits still haven't died. He's mostly been driven by revenge lately, though; his best-friend-slash-subject-of-deep-unrequited-affection (who also happened to be a wanted criminal) was killed by a couple of vigilantes looking to take the law into their own hands. Kelkov knows exactly who they are, but hasn't been able to track them down, and the thought haunts him every day. He uses meditation and martial arts to calm his nerves to the point of being able to function halfway normally.

    When he's lucid, Kelkov likes to act pretty suave. First impressions are everything, and boy does Kelkov make some interesting ones. If people find him creepy, he's good at dialing it back to a more natural, friendly tone until he regains their trust (if he does at all, anyway). He also has a habit of assigning people nicknames, with "kiddo" being his go-to if he can't think of anything at the moment.

    Appearance: Kelkov is quite tall, with broad shoulders and visible muscles, evidence of semi-recent careful exercise. He does all he can to maintain his body, as it keeps him at peace, or at least his version of it. His jaw is very angular, with a long, pointed chin. Neatly-combed dark brown hair frames his smooth face, barely reaching his ears. His almond-shaped eyes are colored green.

    He dresses immaculately when he's not performing his daily meditation/exercise routine, wearing suits that he always keeps neatly pressed and meticulously free of lint. He isn't a fan of ties, however. His lucky suit, the one he's wearing right now, has green accents and a small red spade on the lapel. It doesn't look nearly as nice after the accident, though. Terrible shame. (Seriously. He's very conscious of all the dust and rips.)

    Blood type: A-

    Other: Kelkov, like many other people, enjoys cookie dough.
  9. This is cool, can I join?
  10. Name: Sani Il Yung
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Sani is a very loud and outgoing. She is not smart, nor under-average. She always thinks out-loud, often saying things that are irrelevant or just plain dumb. She doesn't particularly enjoy sport, but she is a very good jumper. Although her mother pressed her to become a lawyer, Sani pursued her passion for animals, and has a job at the city zoo in the bird aviary. Her single mother had a fear of germs, and when the two of them immigrated to the country, Sami was constantly made to wear gloves a face masks. Although she is not as hygienic as her mother, Sami is always seen wearing face mask. She claims that it is because she hates traffic fumes, and believes they cause internal damage in the long run. She always has plenty of spares in her bag, as well as a pair of gloves and sanitary wipes, just in case.
    Sami enjoys being around people, and is always good at starting up conversations.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Sami is always wearing a coat, as she is sensitive to the cold. She prefers to wear slim jeans and sneakers, and they take up half her wardrobe. She only ever puts up her hair while she's working, and leaves it down the rest of the time. She doesn't believe in wearing makeup and jewellery, and often finds it a strange concept, as nobody owned anything like that in the Chinese town she grew up in.
    Blood type: AB-
    Other: She fails to understand why people eat cookie dough, when its purpose is to be made into cookies.
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  11. Thought I should add the worst blood type to the party:awesome:
  12. Name: James "Knifepen" Savage



    James usually gets along well with others, but there are a some people he just can't seem to get along with. Mostly people who hate Irishmen or Scotts, as he is of both Irish and Scottish decent and quite proud of it. He is almost never caught without a pen in his breast pocket, which is rumored around the office to secretly be a pen knife, hence the nickname. James is very fond of black teas. He can be a really lighthearted and fun guy, but knows the difference between time to play and time to work.

    Appearance (real only):
    Guy in a suit.jpg

    Blood type:
    O+ he'll eat people and wash them down with an Earl Grey or a nice Chai

    Other: The pen James is always carrying, although functions perfectly as a pen, is a pen knife, with a hidden blade he can use if the need arises. He also rides a and motorcycle armor that can double as light combat armor... if he can get to it, that is. He is also trained in small firearms and keeps several at his home. He rides a motorcycle normally, but that day he took the bus.

    Helmet and Armor (open)
    Helmet with built-in Bluetooth:
    Helmet with bluetooth.jpg

    Biker Motorcycle armor.jpg
  13. Would he be wearing all that when he is riding the bus? I understand having the knife on him. But I don't understand why he would have armor on the bus.
  14. No, he's in his suit on the bus. His armor and helm are at home. Hence the "if he can get to it". But he does have the pen knife in his breast pocket.
  15. Alright. Accepted. No power gaming though.
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  17. I can't accept your CS. Irrelevant? You have to put something. And a picture. Change the mutant form, unless you can swear not to be OP.

    He has to be on the bus, but he can be one of the first. Not technically the first, but one of.
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