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Bug Checking Style (TAKE TWO)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, May 25, 2010.

  1. I had to reset a lot of the templates in trying to find fixes for things. So now we have to go down the list again to re-fix stuff. D:< This post has a list of stuff I already know, and you can report things you have noticed!

    Bonus points if you can screencap it. Cause without that info, it's really hard for me to find and fix things.

    Cause sometimes I fix things fast and you end up reporting something I already fixed. t__t

    Spoiler tags weren't working right/They were the wrong color
    Fixed and fixed.

    First post of every thread is squished.

    The title bar and top ad not looking right.

    Unable to see the text in the Styles menu and in the LOGIN text box again.

    The postbit template looks all messy again.

    That nice neat border around the forums is missing.

    Forum not being centered.
    Fixed! All styles are now fluid, also.

    Font colors not always saving right in the cbox.

    Scrollbar page jumping issue.
    Cannot reproduce.
  2. Okay...firefox, windows 7 (PC), 1600x900 resolution...
    The entire forum (every page) is now shoved to the left side of my screen instead of centered like it was, say...yesterday.
  3. 1600x900 Internet Explorer latest version. (PC)

    Same problem as Xindaris. It is pushed over to the left making it look off center.
  4. Both of you try refreshing your browser cache now!
  5. Refreshed, tried closing, even restarting and nothing Di. Still pushed over to the left.
  6. Ah, you mean slightly off-center and not like... ALL the way over stuck on the left?
  7. Yeah I mean slightly off center. It isn't left aligned...it's off center XD.
  8. Okay. That I can deal with. If it was smashed all the way to the left, I was about to start killing babies. c______c
  9. I keep getting kicked off my profile. I'll log in, go to one page, then it won't show me being logged on again. I'll still be logged on, but I can't do anything because it thinks I'm a guest.

    Running on PC, using firefox.
  10. Firefox. Windows Vista *SOB!*. 1280x800.

    CBox related; my text colors aren't working.
  11. Firefox 3.6.3 (mac) 1280 x 800

    White box above scrollbar in cbox

    I even got Diana a pretty picture

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  12. It's still shoved all the way over for me. Like, as far to the left as it could possibly go.
    (And I did try clearing cache, twice)

    An image to clarify what I mean.
  13. I can't see what I am typing in the cbox, which makes it hard for me to so anything. o.o; I can see it HERE, but not there. MAJOR suckage.
  14. John

    "Agreed. Then I'm glad we are the welcome wagon rather than Joe."
  15. On your browser add space-kitten.org to your whitelist for accepting cookies. Then when you're logging in, make sure you click the checkbox that says "Remember Me". Sometimes browsers aren't accepting the cookies right.

    If you're using white as the default it will do that. For some reason the cbox page isn't taking my custom css fix, so I'll be finding a fix for that (and the black searchbar etc) soon.

    ..as for the people getting the forum shoved ALL the way over to the left, I am currently pulling my hair out and screaming. Cause I'm using the except same browsers and Windows 7, etc and I can't reproduce it. x___X So if it's now your cache not clearing out proper, I am going to hang the forums on barbed wire. t___t
  16. Oh, wait!
    I forgot...I'm running firefox 3.5.9 because version 3.6 doesn't work with a plugin I really like. I don't know if that really makes a difference but...yeah.

    And I've tried clearing the cache with CCleaner, an external program, to no avail.
  17. Alright this may not be a graphic concern but this is really starting to get on my nerves. When I go to edit and I want to scroll down the post it keeps pushing my cursor back up for some reason. Makes it really really really difficult to edit longer entries with the appropriate changes.
  18. Cbox won't let me change my colours, It will listen if I tell it I want black, all other colours show up as white. It displays the correct colour in the text field but white in the chat history. It also defaults to black when i refresh the page (strangely with white text in the history). Tested with Firefox, Safari, and Chrome and It always the same. I have cleared my cache on all three to no use. suspected it to be a connectivity issue until someone else (Marius) had the same problem. I'll still test this again at home to make sure.

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    Colour set:

    Black Set:


    EDIT: Same at home.
  19. Dunno if its been said before but I opened a link from the Cbox and got logged out.

    EDIT: Just happened again but without me opening a link. For the record I am on a PC running vista ( as always ) and I have no idea what the resoultion is... looks like 800xwhatever
  20. If you're getting logged out randomly, do what I suggested to Riku. Make sure you have space-kitten.org on your browser's whitelist for receiving cookies. And when you log in, make sure the "remember me" checkbox is checked.

    I can't seem to re-create the forum to the left problem. >< Something somewhere isn't refreshing, either browser or server side.

    I'm checking on the weird cbox color problem.

    And Piro's scrollbar jump thing is very strange. o___o See if your mouse settings are interfering with something?