Broken Peace, Shattered Core

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  1. As the ashes began to rain down upon the city and the remnants of bodies littered the streets. The few that still survived began in vain to escape the horror that ripped apart the sky. A large cloud stood at the center of the city dominating what once used to be a metropolis below. Any form of water from the once flowing river to the fountains that decorated the center had vanished in a bright light of heat. Any person visible of the blast had only left a shadow of themselves where they once stood.

    The city had been wiped of any form of life and had ended an era of discord and enlightenment. It had now caused a new age where the war would continue but in the shells of what once used to be.


    The faction that nuked Elysium and was started from numerous countries which did not wish to join the United Nations. It still remains an industrial power with numerous workers and cheap labor that focuses on the good of the people. Although many of the poor do appreciate the conditions it is unfortunate that the government is still a form of dictatorship with numerous generals controlling the military of each country and the head of state controlling all matters. The generals run districts from commerce to education and most have been fighting ever since before the end of the first act of aggression*(which their people have referred the incident as.) The state is a well oiled machine and although it started as a few rebellious terrorist groups against the U.N. it was eventually united to create a powerful force which eventually overthrew any occupation rule in their countries. Although most people are happy within CORE. It is still violent against those that speak out against it and is known for discrimination against the fur like species known as the Kin. Often using them in slave labor and being the center of slave trade throughout the continent.

    The United Nations

    After trying to globalize the world and failing to secure regions which uprooted against it. The United Nations has shrank significantly in size. It is now the smallest of the four groups that exist on the continent and also has the fewest population. Despite this it still has the leading edge in technology and has freedoms of speech and religion. It also still has quite a large military force with the states that still support it using any bit of resources they have in securing their safety. Although, they are advanced, they lack resources similar to CORE and require frequent trades with their neighbors. The Borderlands which lie East to them and the Federation which lies North to them. Unfortunately, they are still seen as enemies and because of this fact they often have trouble securing anything and with constant attacks on their borders. The U.N. has been prepping for war. Despite signing a treaty with the other large two to not attack the Borderlands. It has been edging slowly towards a full assault on the region. It has already began slowly encroaching on its neighbors borders.

    The Federation

    The states which suffered the worst of the war and have the highest population among all the other bodies. They have refused to ally themselves with either CORE or the U.N. providing proof of acts of horror by either region. They are unfortunately the least advanced and while their government is much more loosely organized and focused on city states and small dictatorships. They have all agreed to attack any aggressor in a massive scale war. This threat alone with the high population has deterred the other two especially after the incident with the U.N. claiming a northern island only to fight a ridiculous number of enemies which forced it to retreat. The Federation does not necessarily have any set goals and each place governs itself independently but this gigantic pact assures none will be threatened by larger parties.


    After the war this place was left in ruins. It was abandoned by most people but years later began to flourish but as it did so numerous battle began to erupt and the Federation, United Nations and Core began to try and seize the land that separated the three. Rich in resources and home to many strategic points. It is viewed as a highly sought area. The battles nearly erupted into a new war which caused the three to pull back and review the situation. After much debating with the three. They decided to leave the are on its own and that it would remain a border between each of the three. That they could create trade in the region but if any one of the others attacked and tried to claim the region the other two would retaliate. This benefited CORE and the Federation greatly since most who lived were either sympathizers with CORE or simply loved the Federation since it simply resembled the Federation and how friendly they were to trade. The United Nations was the ones most cheated by this solution since most despised them and refused to help them. Only the Alundra and Kin helped them in any regard.

    The Kin

    A race of fur like anthropomorphic animals that ranged from foxes to tigers live mostly on the islands south of the continent and in the Southern part of CORE, the Borderlands region and The United Nations. They have been at civil war for ages because of the leaderships that have been trying to take over the country. Before it was a form of monarchy with a bloodline that was established but as humans began to reveal a more modern form of government(especially taught by the U.N.) Some began to try to overthrow the power. Thus resulting in a conflict which has waged for ages and sometimes has spilled over to the mainland. Because of this many have left the region for more stable lives in the human controlled governments. In CORE regions they are often mistreated and imprisoned due to crimes. Many dislike the creatures but it is the fastest and safest way to reach the continent. The luckier ones live within the Borderlands and have established their own cities or places while even more have found comfort in the U.N. zones. These powerful creatures have a ferocity to them that no human possesses while also being kind and gentle. Their history with humans is varied just like their opinions on the opposing species.


    An elf like species nearly wiped out from nuclear war. They have sheltered themselves within mountains and forest in the center of the borderlands. Often left alone and rarely talked of they have been very strict against humans and have considered them enemies. After trying countless times to be peaceful they viewed humans as a collective group and as they tried to help one human cause they were often betrayed by another to leave their species on the brink of collapse. After rebuilding their society and retreating into the wilderness they have used technology with their own force of nature which has allowed them to wield powerful weapons. Often having elementalists who use fire and ice. They have use technology to increase the rate of those who are born with these powers to create an effective fighting force. They are kind to Alundra but stay away and rarely speak of humans anymore. Some are sometimes seen wandering and collecting things or trading with the U.N. but normally they are with solitude and no one knows how much they number in. Some believe in the millions while others suggest in the thousands. Another problem is with nuclear radiation causing an extreme loss of males in the society resulting in fewer births and marriages within the region. Something the Alundra are fighting tirelessly to fix.


    The ones who have caused numerous wars, plagues, and devastation. The humans history has never had an era of peace. Whether that be with the Alundra, the Kin or themselves. It has left them in shambles. After nuking the city of Elysium which once stood for peace. They have spun into a never ending series of battles which only erupts into more conflict. The humans vary from place to place and differing religions are spread across every region. The U.N. is known for their lack of faith and trust in each other while the Federation is decorated with thousands of forms of Gods and Goddesses. CORE never really had a faith but if one existed it would be one for the state. With political issues also igniting problems it is these differences which have caused humanity to spread itself so far apart to the brink of insanity.


    Will be elaborated on later. As of now not many know these exists and only rumors are beginning to spread from the northernmost part of the Federation region.


    Humans, Kin or Alundra which have been tested and altered to be like elementalists. They can use powers from controlling bones and blood to water and wind. Mostly deadly they always have a major flaw which led to the U.N. ceasing to produce them but they still exist and offsring from them usually retain the powers.


    A very small elite group of warriors that have vowed to try and prevent the world from destroying itself. It is very secret and sacred and the leader is only barely known. (Ask to be a part of this group since it is limited.)

    Where you will begin...

    This world is very complex and has experienced drastic changes in a couple decades but this isn't all the history I have explained here. History books barely record all which has happened throughout the years and if your character has experienced something that isn't recorded then share it! This world will breathe the more detail you give it! And even the slightest things can help!

    Where we will start is with a group of bandits. Your character can be from any country or species. This group is planning on poisoning the water supply of the U.N. to hurt the people that live in the region and hopefully cause it to collapse with unrest. If you are of the U.N. you may be a spy or a traitor. Alliances mean little in this day or age unless your goals are aligned with a certain countries side.

    The leaders of this world are Lee who is the dictator of CORE followed by his generals which you may create one. The U.N. has a group of leaders which are ever changing and the Federation is thousands of leaders united by a pact agreement.

    The Borderlands is where most of this will take place. You can also talk and build relationships but be careful since you may be against each other in due time.

    I hope people like this and wish to join. Took me a while and would love to see it live. I will make an OOC soon but no one ever seems to use it :/ if you got any questions you can PM me but I hope this takes off and feel free to hijack it and create your own stories in this universe. I will try to post as often as I can and hope I can create some twists you can all enjoy.

    All I ask is No Mary Sue's and Gary Stu's. Some literacy(Nobody's perfect!) and it is completely fine to have more then one character! I encourage multiple characters!

    Hope you have fun!
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  2. Carsonagan Haphaetus was a Kin Experimental, a Wolf. Everyone called him Carson the Ghoul Caller, because the experiments he unwillingly took part in gave him the ability to re-animate corpses, regardless of if they have a brain. Or a heart. Or body parts. Or a body. Basically, he could call the dead, beckoning them to escape the cold grasp of death and come to his aid. He was especially good at creating what were known as Ghouls. Lifeless creatures raised from the dead. Without a mind, they do not fear death, without a soul, they do not mind killing. And armies of them were at this Kin's call.

    He was sitting at the group's campsite, toying with the heart of a Borderland Boar he had killed and brought back for the group to eat that night. He made it start beating and stop repeatedly, before forcing a sharp stick through it and roasting it over the fire. He was constantly in a half-form phase, looking like a giant wolf with the figure of a man. He took a bite of the heart and spat it out, deciding it wasn't quite done, and began roasting it again. He looked up at the rest of the group to see if they were pleased with his catch.
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  3. He sat there looking at the meat and began pecking at it with his long talons, He was in his human form...but when in human form he kept a few attributes like talons. He put it in his mouth and chewed smiling " Delicious as always " He began devouring the meat and wouldn't slow down. He was a peregrine falcon but on a much larger scale he was partly Experimental, he was able to control bones. He used that to expand his body and make his Natural form much larger, His amber eyes looking around at the people and then the fire. His head cocked to the side and then returned to normal smiling.

    He finished off his food and his body moved slowly, and he stood up he stretched and looked around the dark area. He walked off to a little distance and took in the night air, still hearing the crackle of the fire in the background. He would never go to far alone, Even though he was the fastest animal in the air he wasn't to sure about it on the ground.
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  4. Carson wagged his tail as the falcon ate. "Glad you like it." He saw his tail move from out of the corner of his eye, and stood up, spinning around, trying to see it. He got down on all fours and began chasing it, barking and growling, before getting dizzy and falling on his back. "Oy, That get's annoying." He got back up and continued to roast bits of meat, waiting for the others to decide what to do. If they were going to poison the water supply, they had to di it while the patrolmen were switching guard, and that only provided them with a window of about ten minutes to get in, get the job done, get out, and not get caught.
  5. Echo, the Alundra, looked at the two animalistic kin with her clear blue eyes, unamused at Carson's antics. The crackling fire made her want to freeze it, like a fire within a capsule of ice. As she thought about it her eyes became a much lighter and clearer blue, her fingers tingling with the sense of excitement.

    But she controlled herself. The tingling died down and her eyes went back to the original colour. Feeling unsatisfied, she got up and found a lone stick. She picked it up and instantaneously, it was covered in ice-spiked shape. She aimed at the middle of the fire where the meat was and three the stick neatly, poking the meat.
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  6. "The Federation has recently began construction on a great wall at its borders. They have been repeatedly saying this is to defend from the other two great nations but rumors have began to spread that entire sections and cities have simply disappeared only to have remnants of what once was. Some are saying this is to keep its citizens within its borders as this unknown force continues to spread..."

    Daemon looked at the group as he turned off the radio and watch the fire cackle. "Surprised we have Kin... Would believe you would be against us especially since we have at times enslaved your people." Daemon replied. His hair was dark and he wore a mark that covered the right side of his face. It was clearly a CORE symbol that represented his alliance to his nation. He held a bow on his back and a scarf covering his shoulders and neck. He was easily geared for stealth and hugged his hood over his head.

    "They are great hunters and you should thank them for giving us food." Another man replied as he stood from the group and began to cover the fire with some form of darkness. It kept the fire's heat but turned the flames into a deep dark color, efficiently hiding it from view.

    "We should remain careful. We are on the borders and it has been known for the U.N. to simply bomb the area when they see any form of activity here." The other man had sharped features and was slightly rugged. He carried gloves with him and an owl seemed to manifest itself on his shoulder as the darkness returned to his body. "You can call me Owl and I hope we have sufficiently paid you enough. The rest of your payment will be received once this mission is over." He walked over to Carson before watching the other take off into the night air. "Let us hope we don't attract anything negative here. We should still be safe but we shouldn't get to comfortable and be wary of others. We are a team currently but this doesn't mean we are necessarily friends." He looked at the Alundra curiously. "Have an odd group here... Looks like we have plenty of people willing to sacrifice a lot. Especially if their entire species are on the verge of extinction. Killing an Alundra is like killing a large percentage of their population." He replied as he began to grab some of the bags which held the potion. "Let us get ready immediately once you are done eating."

    Harpuia sat next to Echo as her eyes changed. His eyes mirroring hers softly as he softly touched her hand holding the stick. "As the man said... Be careful. He isn't joking about them firing even this far into this territory." Hapruia wore clothing similar to the U.N. Elite soldiers but it was worn and especially out of date. The clothes were torn but still a light white which surrounded his body. He held dark gloves which carried numerous weapons for easy access. As he began to prepare himself he looked at the others. "Remember, we are doing this to prevent them from waging war. They have been mobilizing a massive army which they claim for defense. We should believe otherwise. I know plenty of you may be here only for the funds but if you do not want to be enemies of the Federation or Core I would highly advise to do what you are told. If someone dies set their body on fire. We cannot afford to leave evidence that we are there. They can't attack us simply on presumption and they fear the other two nations to simply start a war." He replied as he stood.

    "Owl is our leader for this mission." Daemon replied quietly. "Simply listen to him." He placed a thing cloth around his mouth as he looked at the night sky. He tried to locate the person that disappeared into it but was shocked by the sound of an ear splintering shot.

    A bullet spun rapidly towards the bird like creature as it whizzed through the air. The sounds of bombs and explosions began to erupt not far from and suddenly a large cannonball swept through the camp and crushed any foliage and being in it's wake. Owl cursed as he got behind a fallen tree.

    Daemon rapidly ran into the forest as Harpuia began to quench the fires.

    "Fire back!" Someone yelled as some of the beings began to cast powers blindly back into the direction of where the assault was coming from.

    Another cannonball slammed violently against the ground as it ripped a person in half and slammed against Harpuia's shoulder. Causing him to fall limp.

    "We only have eight people in this group! Stay alive and focus on killing them all!" Owl shouted as a dark shroud began to cover them and block all sight.
  7. He was spooked by the sound and then leap out of the way of bullets and debree, His bird like body falling to the floor. He didn't know what to do at the time, he had to get into his animal form he had to it was the only way. Standing up through a very fast burst of speed he lept into the air, His body changing quickly into the animalistic for of the peregrine falcon. He flew up into the air at incredible speeds, being the fastest Air animal had its attributes. His body soaring past bullets and other items, he flew above the tree line and then flew up high into the air. He was flying as fast as he could into the air, which then when he reached high enough spun in a circle and began nose diving towards the ground. The peregrine falcons reach there top speeds at this level, He was soaring down almost at 150 mph. He opened his wings and bones began to fly out of them. He was ejecting small fragments from his body outwards, He flew over the area which he thought were they were hiding. He let the bullet like bones fly out at them like machine gun bullets. They hit something because he heard oofts and shouts of pain as he flew over, landing in a tree he searches the woods. Nobody noticing him for the minute, He was searching for more troops now.
  8. Echo didn't bother to look at harpuia. She continued to look at the crackling fire. Then the gunshots were heard. She saw Harpuia getting hurt by a bullet. "Oh god...." She muttered. How she hated saving human skin, the skin of people who left her kind in shambles.

    She rushed to Harpuia and created a thick wall of ice around them. She tried to find the source of pain, finally locating where it was. She fashioned a ice cast on his shoulder with much reluctance. "Can you run?" She asked, her voice soft but edgy.
  9. Carson Perked up as soon as the first shot was heard, and immediately became aggressive. He groweled and barked, raising a small, scattered group of Ghouls from the earth. He barked again pointing at the direction of the shot, sending his undead minions to fight the unseen men. He then began to sprint at the hostiles, leaping into battle with his undead warriors and began to shred them apart. He managed to use one of them as a human shield as the Falcon sprayed the group with bone shards. He then tore through another of the attackers before looking back to check on the rest of the group.
  10. (What is the name of your character, Akuma?)

    Plenty of the bones pierced and caused some explosions within the forest. Fire breathing greatly as it began to spread throughout the foliage. More shots and cannonballs began to erupt in more directions now seeming radically uncontrolled as a cannonball flew crazily into a nearby tree. Some wood splintering towards the falcon and causing the tree to collapse below. As the destruction continued on a voice spoke from behind him.

    "Do no harm and you shall live." The voice replied. It was light and that of a young woman. Something metallic pressed against the falcon beings head. It felt like the edge of a barrel and as the explosions continued to erupt around them the person began to speak slowly and carefully. "We are freedom fighters... We rescue your kind from Core... Why you here and murdered our troop?" The questions were harsh and to the point with short pauses in between. Small breaths were taken and the person tried to remain calm as they spoke.


    "Why did you even bother? A few seconds ago it appeared you would abandon him in a firefight. Your kind of all people owe the humans nothing."

    Daemon held his bow as they saw some of the soldiers escaping from the fires that began to spread behind them. He pulled the string of his bow quickly and fired a few shots resulting in a few bodies falling to the ground while others screamed and yelled and tried to avoid the fight that began to result in the middle.

    A large cannonball smashed into the ice of the shield Echo had created and held itself within it as Harpuia didn't move. His shoulder seemed broken and his body seemed lifeless.

    Throughout the chaos was a cage which was clearly seen within the fire. Within it was a fox like being which was crumbled upon the floor. Blood seemed to cover the entire side of it as the fires began to start consuming the cage.

    "If you are that much of a hero I can cover you if you choose to save that creature but if you do not care for such things I will put it out of its misery." Daemon replied as he raised one of his arrows and aimed at the cage. "I can take care of this injured man here but you need to hurry on your decision or I will decide it for you." He replied as he glanced at the Alundra. His eyes were a deep red and he seemed to show no sympathy for the man fallen beside her or the creature which would soon be devoured by the fire.

    It was her simple choice but it could be at a cost.


    Some of the attackers were clearly shocked and unprepared as they were torn apart. Some didn't even seem that experienced as they retreated from his view. As the undead began to surround them and other experimentals, soldiers, Alundra and Kin moved forward. Some of the people they had attacked seemed to be younger and others were ill experienced as the cannonballs continued to shred anything in wake. As the combat ensued, a small woman ran in front of Carson. She looked terrified as she held what appeared to be a young Kin within her arms. She stood before him clearly frozen in fear as she looked into his eyes for the moment. It seemed frozen for that moment as they looked at each other but as time began to move on. The instant was suddenly rapidly taken away. A cannonball shred the pair before him into pieces as they collapsed quietly on the floor. Fire seemed to arise from everywhere and Owl began to immediately to try and stop the attack.

    "This... Is a catastrophe..."Owl replied as he began to use his powers to stop the onslaught. As he did so some shots of fire and bone entered his skin as he used his powers to protect the innocents that came running from the woods. His body beginning to get crippled as he stood before his own group.
  11. Carson stood staring at the smattering of blood and shattered bone that used to be the woman and the Kinling. He was absolutely devastated by the death of one of his kind, and as just a child. He barked, and the undead soldiers stopped fighting, mid-combat, and walked over to the place the woman and child died. They gathered in a circle and stood their in grief. Carson waved his hand and the Ghouls fell dead. He got down on one knee, and swiped some of the blood up with two fingers. He dropped his head before raising it up again in a blood-curdling howl, filled with grief and pain. The fire raged on in the background, but he didn't care at that moment. He looked up, and saw the fox in the cage about to be consumed by the fire. "Daemon, NO!" he roared, sprinting toward the cage, hoping he would make it in time to save the creature.
  12. He laughed a bit as he was pressed to the floor, Razeleth was his name and he hadn't cared for much. He spoke slowly and said " Ive been a slave to the core my whole life..... and so were my just trying to get to the borderlands....freedom... " He was breathing heavy as the pushing of his head was increased more. " Do you not see? " He said with a slow and sad tone to his voice. " These people here...have something to fight for...i do not....a slave....a slave who wishes to be free " He laughed a little and pointed to the back of his neck. " And for your soldiers.... they spooked me... sorry for your ive answered your questions may i go free " Another explosion going off he shook a little as dirt and debree splattered in his face.
  13. Corvo didn't exactly know which way to turn. They were caving in. The vague shadows of his family. The family that he was taken away from, but they didn't want to save him. They wanted to kill him. After running for what seemed weeks he woke up. Sweat was rolling silently down his face. Just another nightmare. He thought to himself. He pulled out a cigarette from the nearest carton he could reach. He blew a little fire on the tip of it and it lit. Corvo inhaled, then took a look at his broken leg before exhaling. Whenever he has nightmares he tends to let his abilities out uncontrollably. The last place he lived burned down due to yet another nightmare about his family. When you're taken away from them at the age of ten, it's more that just traumatizing.

    Corvo looked at the leg he must've broken for the second time this month. He took a deep breath then extended his arm and faced his palm towards it. Cracking and configuring sounds emitted from it, and he cringed at each crack. Once it was fixed he got up and looked out of his shanty house he had to make himself. He salvaged some scraps to make this house, but it took what seemed like forever. He looked out a small hole that was located towards the right side of his bed. "Something tells me that I'm going to have to leave soon..." he said to himself. He continued to smoke his cigarette.
  14. Owl held his pose as he watched as the rest of the soldiers stood down and some even began to help the injured and those they had recently began fighting. One of the men grabbed an uninjured soldier that held a firearm. "Why in the fucking hell did you shoot?? Why did you do this!? Why!" It didn't seem to even be a question anymore as the person stared down into the man's eyes. His features were aggressive and blood seemed to drip off him like sweat as he turned and looked at Owl with a hopeless expression upon his face.

    Dace couldn't believe what had happened and simply could not come to terms with the situation as some of their group began to try and control the fires. Another woman using her ability to wrap the fire around her and blow it out softly. It seemed devastating to even looked at the battlefield which was filled with both sides wounded and dead. Just scattered across the ground like garbage. He growled again before he tossed the man away and began to attend to the wounded.

    Owl collapsed as he began to cough up blood. His vision began to blur as his body began to sway. He growled and used his darkness to try and seal any wounds but some of seemed to drip towards the ground as if losing life as well.

    As Daemon held his bow the arrow disappeared from his hand. The darkness used earlier upon the fire removed his weapon and he settled his weapon at his side as he looked at Carson run towards the being. He then looked down at Echo with his eyes beginning to turn dark from the red they once were. "Looks like you didn't have to choose between lives. You should be grateful." He replied as he moved towards some of the dead bodies and began to harvest his arrows.

    As the fire still continued to rage from the forest the cage began to grow increasingly hot. The Kin within the cage moved slowly as she could feel her flesh begin to slowly cook her alive. Her body felt crushed and as she tried to reach out with her good hand for the bars she could feel the intense heat begin to devour her. She couldn't even scream but watched as a figure began to slowly reached the cage. She was hoping to be at least put out of her misery quickly instead of being burnt to death but if the rumors of the Raiders and Hunters against the underground railroad and slave salvation unit. They probably would leave her to die. She began to close her eyes as she began to surrender to the heat as she tried to eye the figure. Hoping to see at least a reaction of what slaves were willing to do to seek freedom.


    "You do not understand the atrocity you just caused." The woman's voice was sharp and steady. She now could see the scene presented before the two that the fire revealed. Bodies everywhere and most of them small and fragile. "You don't even understand how much faith all those people placed into me!" She yelled as she dropped her weapon and let it fall to his side. She looked at Razeleth as she trembled with frustration, anger and sadness. "I try to save your people and you cause this... The Borderlands are no satisfaction of freedom with constant fear of attack." She let him go as she began to head towards the bodies of all those who died. She pulled out a small dagger and began to trace it along her arms. "I fought for these people... And now they are all gone..." She whispered as she let her hood fall off her face and let her armaments and cloak sweep softly to the ground. "My name is Dea and I just killed these people..." Her eyes shown softly as she fell to her knees in the middle of the expanse of bodies.


    (Also, welcome Corvo! I probably should have said this but it is kind of a mature RP so be wary that things might be crazed sadistic and simply insane. Things will definitely not be black or white in any situation. As you probably have seen. It is just gray and grey. You can be a good character just as much as an evil one but remember this world is full of grey. Also, what nation are you in Corvo and thank you all for joining!)
  15. Echo looked at Daemon coldly, but inside she was full of relief that she didn't need to make a choice. She put up the wall of ice just in case and turned to Harpuia. She checked his pulse, and it was still alright, he seems to be breathing shallowly.

    Then she bitch-slapped his face, wondering if he'll wake up to that slap.
  16. Daemon glared back. Not daring to let her gaze drop. For some reason he felt like an Alundra but did not resemble one in the slightest. He coughed as he watched her slap his face and walked over slowly as he pulled a fresh arrow from his pouch and aimed it at Harpuia. "If you wanted to kill him you could have simply asked me." He mumbled as Harpuia began to come to his senses. He looked at her for a moment before freezing at the arrow against his face.
  17. Carson finally reached the cage and, pushing the searing pain of the hot metal bars aside, bent an opening in the cage he grabbed the poor creature, and carried it out of the flame in his back. He laid it down in a soft patch of grass and looked it over before summoning a Ghoul to help him tend to the wounds. "My name is Carsonagan Haphaetus, I'm here to help you, brother. Lie still."
  18. He slowly got up from the floor, his body shaking as he looked at the dead bodies which he had contributed to. Looking to his left he saw a man slumped against a tree Razeleth frowned knowing what the women said was correct. But Razeleth had no self control...he couldn't rely on himself to make choices, His parents always did that. But his parents only gave him one mission and that one mission was to get to the borderlands. He managed to choke out " Im sorry... " He turned around and began running and lept into the air, His body changing and he began to fly into the sky. Were was he going? he had no clue he had to leave..if he stayed any longer he might be captured again. " Im sorry sorry father ive failed you..." He flew as fast as he could headed the general direction that the crew before was on there way to. He had only one thought in his head, Civilization, Get there safely.
  19. "I didn't say I wanted to kill him," Echo hissed, her eyes turning to a pale, clear blue and stretched her arm, turning the arrowhead into ice, before crushing it. She glared at Daemon irritatingly, before turning back to Harpuia, noticing he's alive and awake.

    "Get up," she told him as she stood up, crushing the ice shield she made, and walked away.
  20. She had a soft look, but had cold, shadowy eyes that were noticably darker than her chestnut colored hair. Barely touching her shoulders, her hair layed in a lazy mess down her head. A jacket with buttons layered over her light grey shirt and a leather strap crossed over her chest; It held, on her back, a long knife, nearly the size of her forearm. A smaller covert knife is strapped to her left wrist.

    This was her first time actually killing somebody. The feeling wasn't so bad for her, but she restrained from thinking about it further. Forcing herself to look at him, Nydia kneeled down next to a soldier gazing lifelessly at the sky and jerked out the throwing knife lodge deeply into his throat. After wiping the soldier's blood onto the sleeve of her black jacket, she placed it back along with the three other throwing knives in the holster that is strapped onto her left thigh.

    Her knees trembled as she pushed herself up. Everything was just suddenly exploding and bodies dropped as violence erupted. Caught up in avoiding her own death, she did not notice how many had lost their lives in this event until she scanned the area. Flesh and blood-the dead and wounded were littered around the camp.

    She wandered towards the people in her group and found Owl on the ground, coughing. Kneeling down beside him she touched his shoulder. "Are you okay?" She asked him in more concern over getting the rest of the payment for this job than his health.
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  21. The Kin simply lay there before him. Breathing slowly as it looked at him with only one eye. The other was covered by her hair and blood that seemed to leak from the entirety of her right side. Her face didn't even reveal pain as she was moved and placed gently on the grass. She simply just looked up at him as if to thank him for what he was doing and just watched as his ghoul came over her. Her face lacked emotion though and her bodied seemed to move minimally, if at all.


    As Razeleth tried to take towards the sky a body tackled him back down to earth. A man with blue markings across his body looked over him as he dusted himself off and lent Razeleth a hand. "Do not take flight unless you want to eliminate the lives of all the others." The man replied as he looked sternly. "They will simply track you and bombard us with shells. Currently I guarantee they are sending troops to see what is going on. These are simple freedom fighters and they noticed you. Professional soldiers would have no issue on hunting any of us." The man replied as he patter Razeleth on the shoulder.


    Harpuia watched as Echo left. Daemon just murmured as he tossed the broken arrow from his grip and moved away to scout the area.

    A woman reached out and touched Echo's shoulder. She had two wolves beside her which were chained to her arms. She didn't seem happy with the situation but looked at the Alundra with calm eyes. "Why are you here?" Was her simple question as she kept her voice to a minimum.


    Owl watched as Echo left the humans and was surprised by her action. He looked up the woman beside him and grimaced. "I'm fine." Owl replied as he forced himself to his feet. "Just old..." He assured as he could feel his chest aching. "We need to start moving immediately. Gather everyone you can and we will make our way carefully to the U.N. We can use this as a distraction but I fear we might lose more people then we needed. I will double everyone's paycheck once this is done." He replied as he began to look at some of the others. "Hurry, they will kill what is left of these people. If you wish to help them then do so but you will not get payment but I can offer you places to stay in Estern and Craid if you find your way to those cities." He replied loudly for the people to hear.