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    The maintenance crew didn't keep up well on anything. Or, well, that's what Owen Lewis though. The walls in the padded cell, to him, had cracks in them. He also saw cockroaches and other creepy-crawlies, which he tended to stay away from, backed into the corner. Otherwise, it was quite peaceful. The people outside the door didn't bother him often, unless it was for food and the nasty 'talking sessions' he had with Dr. Martin. And that? That was about it. He stayed in here, and then they stayed out there. Everyone was happy.

    Or, was. Now the door, which was once electronically locked without anyway to get out, creaked open a bit. No one was outside, either. Curious, Owen got up, going away from his corner and toward the open door. He peaked out with a frown, confused as he glanced around the hall. Empty; from what he could tell, his hall usually was. He was the only one down here. He crept out and down the hall, ignoring the whispering that was right next to him, which was getting noisier by the second. The tall man wasn't really happy today, was he? That was a shame; Owen got distracted when he talked loudly. Dr. Martin hand to flick him to get him back into the conversation.

    His eyes flickered around the hall, and he made his way towards what he assumed to be the main hall. The doctors went this way a lot, so he assumed he was correct.​
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  2. Addison was sitting with her older sister. They were only allowed to speak through a thick pain of bullet proof glass for an hour a day. Marcel, her older sister, had suffered a terrible mental break down after watching their parents burn to death in a house fire. Addison had been at a sleep over and Marcel was home. She was fifteen at the time and had never been the same since. Just a month after the fire, Marcel began having symptoms of paranoia and hallucinations. She often talked about hearing voices and that 'the man in the dark' had set the fire on purpose, that it was a murder and not an accident as the police had said. When their Aunt Carol had told Marcel that was wrong, that she was just hearing things, Marcel lost it. She grabbed scissor and attacked their aunt. Lucky for them, their Uncle Todd had grabbed her before inflicting any serious harm. She had been here, at Mayview, ever since. Addison visited her every day.

    At first it was bad, she raved on and on about 'the man in the dark.' It terrified her then, ten year old sister. As time went on and her medication got sorted out properly, Marcel mentioned the man less and less. On her more lucid days, Marcel would cry and apologize over and over to her sister for what she'd done to their aunt. Addison would do her best to console her, which was hard through a thick pane of glass. On her bad days, Marcel was convinced that the man had put her here, that the staff was working for him and trying to kill her. Of course, being as best a sister as she could, Addison would console her and tell her that there was no man in the dark, that these nurses and doctors were here to help. Sometimes it worked, other times it would set Marcel off. She would scream and bang on the glass. Her eyes would be large and wild and quite terrifying. Guards would come in and sedate her, a sight that always made Addison's heart ache.

    Luckily, today was one of the good days. Addison was listening intently as Marcel told her about arts and crafts time. It was Marcel's favorite activity of the day and she always got excited to share. In the middle of her story however, the power cut out. The whole asylum was thrust into pitch blackness. Addison felt fear rise as her vision was taken from her. She calmed slightly as her eyes adjusted. She tapped the glass to get her sister's attention. "Marcy? You there?" She whispered, afraid to be too loud in the dark. "He's here, Addy," Marcel giggled. Addison frowned, barely making out the far too large grin on her sisters face. "Whose here Marcy?" She asked, fear mounting. "The man in the dark, Addy. He's here....and he's gonna get you!" Marcel broke out into chilling laughter. It bounced off the walls, ricocheting all around. Addison tumbled out of her seat, scurrying towards the door. A guard just on the other side reached for the door when a blade suddenly appeared from his throat. Addison gasped as the officer coughed, blood splattering allow over the glass as it poured from his mouth.

    "He's here! He's here! He's here!" Marcel raved from her cell. Her laughter was haunting as Addison quickly hid from the line of sight the window provided. Her heart pounded in her chest as she covered her mouth to stifle the sound of her whimpers of fear. Addison flinched as she heard the heavy thump of the officers dead body crashing to the ground. She waited for the creaking of the door but it never came. "Oh, little sister, he almost had you! Run! Run Addy! Go before he comes back!" Marcel screeched. Her voice was filled with madness before she plunged into another round of sickening laughter. Addison, for once, listened to her sister. She stumbled towards the door and fled down the hallway, in the opposite direction of whoever had just killed that guard, careening down the pitch black halls of Mayview.
  3. Owen almost instantly collided with a girl who had been running down a hall, and stumbled back. Oh, people weren't allowed to run in the halls. What was going on? If people were breaking rules, then obviously it there was something happen. He also didn't see any doctors. The brown haired boy stared at the girl in front of him for a moment, before steering around her. He was still curious, and this girl was running around wild, so he doubted she had any information. Well, that's what the man told him, anyway. So, he kept walking, moving to go past her.
  4. Casey stumbled back after colliding with...something. She'd been too busy looking behind herself to pay too much attention to what was in front of her. In all honesty she hadn't really thought she'd find someone in the hall. She looked up and saw a brown haired boy. She couldn't see that he was in the patients uniform, but at the moment she didn't care. She'd found another person that could help her.

    Before she could think, Casey reached out for him. "No wait! Don't go that way!" She gasped, pulling him away from the direction he was going.
  5. He turned to look at her for a moment, blinking owlishly and looking rather confused. His eyebrows furrowed, as if he were tying to comprehend what she meant by that. And, he was confused. Wasn't that the only way to go? He sure thought so. After all, if he didn't go that way, which way could he go other then back where he started? That seemed wrong.

    "But.....that's the way....." he began slowly, using his free hand to point down the hall "You know, the way you go." He went on lamely, before giving up and simply going with "It's the hall?"
  6. Casey gave the man in front of her a confused look. He wasn't making any sense. He didn't even sound like he knew what he was talking about. Regardless, she didn't have time for this. There was a crazy man or woman loose in here with them and they already killed a guard right in front of her. Casey was not trying to spend more time out in the open than she had to. She tugged on the man's arm, urging him the opposite way he wanted to go. "Will you just come on! You don't want to go that way just trust me!" Casey urged. She could still hear the faint echo of her sister's laughter, or was that her imagination? Casey didn't know and didn't care. The fear pumped through her veins, willing her feet to move until she was free of this place...and that maniac. "Come on!"
  7. Owen stumbled after her, even more confused then he already was. Was she taking him back to his cell? He didn't really want to go back now. Later, maybe, but he was still curious about the current state of the hospital. So, after a moment, he tugged his arm back, grimacing "No. No. I want to go that way." He demanded, scowling a little.
  8. Casey groaned in frustration. Why couldn't this guy just listen! She whipped around, glaring at what she assumed was his general direction. It was terribly difficult to see in this pitch blackness. "Will you come on! Some guy died back there so I highly doubt you wanna follow it unless your fucking nuts, now let's go!" Now if Casey knew exactly WHO she was talking to, she probably would have picked a better choice of words. Sadly she didn't.

    She grabbed the mans arm again in order to pull him away from the direction of the crazy killer...thing. Just as she was about to run off a piercing ring echoed throughout the halls. Emergency lights flashed over and over, making Casey dizzy. "What the hell!" She shouted, covering her ears from the shrill screech of the alarm. Her voice was drowned out by sirens as she turned this way and that to figure out what was going on. Her heart hammered in her ears as her mind locked into over drive to find a way out of here.
  9. Owen immediately covered his ears, eyes squeezed shut. That was too much noise and too much light. Overall, too much to take in. He instantly forgot his goal of exploring, and instead just wanted to stop the sound and lights. They made him feel sick, and they were everywhere, so he could make them go away, and he couldn't go away himself. He was left standing in the middle of the hall, grimacing and hoping it would end sooner rather than later.
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    Casey latched on to the strangers arm, sacrificing her ear drums to do so. She tugged him along the hallway, trying to find sanctuary. The halls were lined with various doors. Some were ajar, their occupants fleeing at the first sign of freedom. Others were stuck, the wild screams of their occupants silenced by the piercing alarm system. Casey mentally cursed the asylum and it's vast corridors leading to gods knew where. M

    Suddenly the siren stopped. Casey froze immediately as they were thrust back into darkness. The silence rung in her ears as she panted heavily, looking around. She didn't like this. Alarms don't just cut out like that. The only thing she could hear was the breathing and the man she had clung to this entire time. Her hear thudded in her chest as she looked around unable to see. "Let's keep moving," she whispered. She didn't know why but she had the overwhelming feeling of being watched.
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    Owen slowly lowered his hands, trying to calm himself down. He didn't like panicking. It felt absolutely awful to panic. It felt like his chest was constricting, and his stomach was flipping, and all the noises and voices got louder then before. With all of this, he found it hard to concentrate, and therefore, at first, didn't realize the lady who had pulled him to this hall said anything. Eventually, though, he recognized that her mouth had moved, and, with that, decided that she probably said words.

    "W-what?" He asked, eyebrows furrowing together. He, himself, didn't have the feeling of being watched. He was just confused and panicked, and wanting to go back to his room. He didn't understand what was happening, or that there was danger in the area.
  12. "Let's go!" Casey urged. She headed down a hall. She didn't know where it led or if it was safe but it was away from where they were. More importantly it was away from where that crazy killer had gone. Casey glanced back every few seconds to make sure he was following. He seemed space and Casey really didn't want to be alone in here. She rung her hands together, trying to distract herself from the terror that was building in her chest. She wanted to scream and cry and run all at the same time. Somehow she managed to stay relatively calm and walk. "Do you know how to get out of here?" Casey whispered. The feeling of being watched had gone but she still felt the need to be as quiet as possible.
  13. He paused, staring at her for a moment silently. He didn't understand why the woman was whispering. There was no one here, so why would she need to? It made no sense to him. So, he decided he'd speak in a normal voice, because maybe she just didn't get that she could. "I live here." He said awkwardly, gesturing to the area "I don't leave?" And it was true. He rally wanted to go to his room right now, but he didn't know where that was.
  14. Casey froze mid-step and turned. If her expression could be seen properly it was one of shock mixed with fear. She took a few steps away, ready to run. She knew better than to grab strangers. She should've let him go...but then he may have died. This was terrible. " here?" Casey trailed off weakly. She was more scared how than ever. He could be the killer for all she knew!
  15. Owen nodded, not noticing her fear nor her shock. Instead, he just grasped that she understood that he lived here. As far as he was concerned, that's all he needed to grasp about her at this moment. He didn't think anything else was important. "Yes!" He said, rather cheerily "You dragged me away from my room." He added on the last bit as a little of an explanation, in hopes that she would lead him back to it.
  16. Casey continuously took small steps back. She kept them slow and small so the man before her wouldn't notice she was retreating from him. She back until she came in contact to a cold metal surface. The initial contact made her gasp softly in surprise. "O-Oh...did I?" Casey squeaked out. Her hands searched frantically behind her. Her hands wrapped around a metal handle. "S-Sorry!" She said as she opened the door.

    Casey stumbled backward into the room she hoped would be her sanctuary. Something on the floor caused her to lose her footing. Casey fell to the floor in a heap. "Ow," she groaned pushing herself up. There was something thick and wet on the floor. Casey lifted her hands. She held them in front of her face but couldn't see a damn thing. She was coated in whatever it was. Casey pushed herself to standing, wiping her hands down the front of her now dirty blouse.

    Lights flashed on, dousing the room in blinding light. Casey held her hands up, squeezing her eyes shut against the harsh light. Slowly, Casey cracked her eyes open, one at a time. As her eyes focused she saw red first. Just a sea of red. It was on her hands, the walls, and the floor. Next were the red lumps on the ground scattered everywhere...the bodies. Casey's eyes widened as she took in the scene before here. Bodies littered the ground, patients and doctors alike. Their throats were slit, stomaches sliced open, limbs missing. It was a massacre. Blood covered every surface and Casey was covered in it from her fall.

    Casey screamed. It was a blood curdling scream of pure horror. She'd never seen something so horrid in her entire life and she had watched every saw movie released.
  17. "Oh! It's Doctor Martin!" Owen, moving past her and wading in the blood over to a mauled head that laid on the ground It's glasses were shattered and the cracks ran with the red substance. Kneeling down, Owen picked it up up, and turned to Casey with a wide smile "He looks a bit disconnected, though!" The man continued, seeming pleased with his own joke. Soon after, he took off the glasses, and rubbed them on his already-stained white shirt.

    Now, a normal person would have been afraid. A normal person would've ran. Unfortunately, Owen was not considered such, and that's what landed him here. He had a rare disorder, Urbach-Wiethe. It prevented him from fearing things in general, and even made him go and interact with dangerous things. It caused him to have a hoarse voice, and little scars all over his body, while also having almost schizophrenic-like symptoms neurologically.
  18. Casey began to hyperventilate as she stood stock still. Her eyes looked over her blood stained clothes. Her mind was blank with disgust and fear as tears sprang into her eyes. Her attention was pulled by the mans voice. She watched in abject horror as he moved through the bodies and lifted a decapitated head. As he showed it to her, Casey stumbled over to a corner of the room and emptied her stomach. The acid burned her throat on the way up.

    She slumped against the wall as her tears spilled down over her cheeks. Her body shook with sobs as she leaned against the wall. The only thing that went through her mind was I don't wanna die here.
  19. He frowned, dropping the head down once more. The woman seemed unhappy, and he was a bit confused why. So, he went over, and sat down next to her avoiding the puke nearby. He sat there, staring at her for a few moments, before grinning again. Maybe he could talk to her. She wanted to talk before.

    "Didn't you want to go?" He asked, poking her shoulder lightly "I know a way! I know the halls. I know the offices and the halls AND the rooms." He sounded quite proud of himself
  20. Casey sniffled, looking at the man beside her from the corner of her eyes. "Oh yeah?" She rasped, throat sore from screaming and stomach acid. She was suspicious of him, that's for sure. He was completely unconcerned about the electricity cutting out. He didn't even bat an eye at a room full of butchered people! She supposed he was in here for good reason but did she really want to roam the halls with a maniac on the loose with this guy? Casey supposed she didn't have a choice. "Do you know how to get out?" She asked in a small voice. Her eyes were trained on him, not wanting to look at the bodies any longer than absolute necessary.
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