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    May 13th, 2020
    5:00 am

    All over the United States, at five-o'clock in the morning, every tv, radio, computer, and electronic billboard, flipped on, emitting a loud, earsplitting screech, sure to wake the dead.

    *Please stand by*
    *Please stand by*
    *Please stand by*
    A nationwide alert is being issued
    This is an emergency broadcast.
    Repeat: Emergency broadcast. Not a test
    Not a test
    Not a test
    The 84K virus has gone airborne
    Repeat: The 84k virus has gone airborne
    Quarentine bombings of select cities are being put into effect.
    All immune and uncontaminated are to report to the following city for containment and vaccines.
    Dellwood *cutting out*
    Dellwood *cutting out*

    ☢ This is the last news we've heard of the 84K virus. It is now may 20th, 2020 and the T.v's have gone dead, radios silent, internet empty. It's as if the government has disappeared, leaving the helpless citizens to fight through the mess of the apocalypse on their own. Scared. Alone. Abandoned with only one thread of hope left. Dellwood. The so-called fortress city near Miami Florida where the 84K virus doesn't exist and everyone's safe. The only remaining sign of the forces that are supposed to be protecting us lie in the quarantine bombings of cities. In an attempt to quell the virus, the air force has been destroying unknowing cities, and while millions of the infected are successfully killed, so are innocent survivors. So begins the race for survival. Will you make it? Or will you be taken by the virus? ☢


    ☤ The 84K virus is not a natural virus. It was created by a group scientists looking to cure cancer, but instead, stumbling across something far more deadly. The thing about 84K is that it seemed to work. They tested animals first and the shot appeared to be an instant cure, killing all cancerous cells and replacing them with new, healthy ones within seconds. But after a few days, things started to come apart. The test subjects began to grow ill and die. One by one, 200 hamsters kept together in a single cage fell over, hearts ceasing to beat. So the scientists though that was the end of it. They'd failed. A few hours after the deaths, the doctors were cleaning out the cage, removing the lifeless little bodies when one sat up and sniffed the air. Shocked, the scientists looked to see the rest of the creatures all waking. It was impossible. They'd tested the hamsters thoroughly. They'd been dead. But here they sat, sniffing about, alive as could be. After a few more tests, the doctors soon discovered some shocking news. The hamsters, though alive and cured of cancer, no longer had a heartbeat. Their lungs no longer needed oxygen and their hearts no longer pumped blood. Other than this though, the hamsters seemed to be in perfect health. So the doctors, wanting the fame and fortune for having discovered the cure to cancer, sold the drug, took their money, and fled to various tropical islands, leaving the hamsters behind. As the days passed though, they small creatures began to change. Their skin develops large red splotches and their hair began to fall out in patches. Just three days after the initial infection, the animals began to foam at the mouth wildly and began eating each other, having developed a sudden taste for flesh and a strong sense of cannibalism. ☤

    ☤ Meanwhile, the injection was being handed out to cancer patient after cancer patient, slowly dooming the human race as the virus adapted to the human body. It developed new immunities and new side effects, and, before long, it was unstoppable as seemingly fine people were released from the hospitals.In the first few hours, when the patient doesn't know anything is wrong, they could touch a million things and people, spreading the virus wherever they went. That was how it was spread at first, through touch only. People who'd had the initial injection would pass it on the others and they'd pass it on to others either as carriers or infected themselves, and within hours of the first injection, the virus had traveled immense distances. As it passed on, it mutated. Changing to adapt to humans. The first people began to die. Then the next group. Then the next. The injection was called off the market as it had incredibly dangerous risks. It wasn't long before the virus went airborne, making it all the more deadly, for now it could be spread through something as simple as breathing. No one was safe. The virus spread faster and faster. Eventually, doctors figured out how to contain the airborne virus, so it was no longer being spread through the air, but it was too late. More than 3/4 of the population had turned into mindless killers and the numbers were only going up. ☤


    ☠ You mission is simple. Survive, get to Dellwood, and take as many other survivors as you can with you. You have to fight through hordes of zombies. Literally millions, though thankfully not all at a time. Your mission is to make it through the multiple types of infected from Milwaukee Wisconsin to Dellwood Florida. (Dellwood is made up, and on the map, is in the place of Miami Florida.) The map below shows the distance you must travel. The top star is Milwaukee and the bottom is Dellwood. All characters must meet up into a group before they leave the city, and travel together. They will start out as loners though. If you would like for them to be a small group to start, PM a few of the other members and work something out. ☠

    Rules: Only a Few.
    1. No godmodding, autohitting or metagaming.

    2. Characters must be realistic.

    3. Please be able to post two(minimum) or more full paragraphs and be literate.

    4. Please respect one another.

    5. Also, have fun, that's what roleplaying is mainly about.

    Character Sheet:
    [FONT=Impact][SIZE=6]Basic Information-[/SIZE][/FONT]
    Full Name: (First, Middle and Last.)
    Nickname: (If they have one, then tell how they got it, please.)
    [IMG]"Insert Image here." (Please make sure that the picture is realistic.)[/IMG]
    Description of Appearance: (Describe the hair, eyes, skin complexion, tattoos, markings, etc etc.)
    [FONT=Impact][SIZE=6]Personal Information-[/SIZE][/FONT]
    Strengths: (At least three.)
    Weaknesses: (At least three.)
    Personality: (At least a full paragraph.)
    Equipment: (Whether it be personal or something to fight with.)
    Brief History: (At least a full paragraph.)
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  2. Basic Information-

    Full Name: Nemo Valor Jackson

    Nickname: ---

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Bisexual


    Show Spoiler

    Description of Appearance: Nemo was a weird girl to say the least. She had tattoos on both of her hands, her right bore a red and black ying yang, her right a red and black ying yang. Her skin was very pale which was contrast to her raven black hair and bright blue eyes. She had kept herself rather clean so far in the survival. Washing her face and skin at every chance she gets.

    Personal Information-

    Likes: Techno, food, sleep, dreams, love, holding hands, drugs ( MDMA to be specific. ), guns, knives, trees and railroads.

    Dislikes: Wide open space, alcohol, deer, fish, people freaking out and extreme danger.

    Strengths: Sly. She was quick with her hands and light on her feet. She could slip into places without causing a ruckus that others wouldn't.

    Silver-tounged. She was witty and always seemed to have retorts to anything. Not to mention being able to talk her way out of murder. Intelligent. She able to reason, use big words, figure out puzzles and do a rubix cube in under a minute and ten seconds.

    Weaknesses: Mary. Ecstasy. MDMA. Whatever you wanted to call it. Those blue and white pills kept her going. Without them, she wouldn't be able to handle this whole apocalypse thing. Glass - Jawed. She wasn't strong, tough or able to hold her own in a fight. Depression. Her whole family had died, everyone she knew had died, she was alone and sad. Least the pills helped her forget.

    Personality: Nemo was depressed to say the least. Her family dead, all the people she knew, loved, hated, were all just gone. She on the verge of killing herself before she found that huge bag of pills. She began taking them, soon enough she relied on them. If she didn't have them she would get violent, sad, angry, tired and sometimes careless.

    Equipment: Nemo always kept three things. One, her makeup kit, two her bag of pills, and three, a copy of Finding Nemo the movie, just incase.

    Brief History: Before all this dead awakening thing, she was a punk rock goth girl. She was a lovebird and carefree soul. Her parents were good most of the time but occasionally her Father would take his anger out on her in a sexual manner. Nemo had lived with it, keeping it a secret for her whole life. Every other night she would watch Finding Nemo with her best friend and sleep with each other because it made her happy. Then she would wake up, eat cereal and go to school.

    Of course all of that changed after that stuff went airborne. Her brother died, her sister died, her parents died, her teachers died. It was just her and her best friend trying to run away until Nemo's best friend died. It was now just her, this bag of pills and the dead. So much death.
  3. i would like to join.

    Edit: i will post charater sheet tommorrow maybe if my computer comes back
  4. Basic Information-

    Full Name: Michael Raiton Wraith

    Nickname: Lightning: He acquired that nickname through his fighting career in MMA in the UFC fighting arena's, His quick hands and fast wits is mainly the reason he acquired this nickname.

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Straight


    Show Spoiler


    Description of Appearance: Michael is a older looking man but is really only 19, His chiseled jaw with a a bit of a non shaved chin and upper lip. His skin a olive hue skin type, His eyes the color of the ocean but a bit fighter like a splash of white tops in them. His hair dark brown and normally slicked upward and back over his head, He has a large back tattoo of an Metal wing and a real angel with. His metal wing says his fathers name Alex and his mothers name was on the real tattoo angel wing Christie. He has a gash going down his side where he was stabbed from his upper rib to the top of his hip, He was in a street fight were he got jumped and stabbed.

    Personal Information-

    Likes: He enjoys music along the lines of Rock, Hip hop, And Techno, He enjoys fighting in the ring and working on his body to stay fit. He does daily training that he always has to do which persist's of Sit ups and push ups and running.

    Dislikes: He hates rude people, he find them belligerent and narrow headed. He hates not getting something done like a project or a mission.

    Strengths: 1. He has amazing fighting skills
    2. He has amazing stamina
    3. A good mindset

    Weaknesses: 1. Easily angered
    2. can get very violent
    3. not as smart as others
    Personality: Michael was a challenging kid when he was younger he was always fighting, He always fought for one reason though. He had split personalities which caused him to act different each time, He had his angry personality that used to show more than he wanted it to, Theres the sad depressed Personality who doesn't want to live and doesn't want anyone to be around him or with him, and the Crazy personality were he goes berserk when he fights were he cannot physically wanting to fight and he wants to make sure the creature is dead. But as he grew up he learned to control the split personalities but he can loose control at any given moment, maybe if he is aggravated it might slip and he might do something crazy. But he also can change personalities by command but it is not likley that he would do such a thing, Normally he stays quiet and only talks when someone directs a question directly to him. Some people call him shy but others call him special in his own type of way, He believes that he is normal just like anyone else but just doesn't have anything interesting to talk about. He turns out to be a great friend since he mostly listen's but when he speaks he talks in a monotone voice and normally gives good advice which he learned from his father..

    Equipment: He carries a metal baseball bat, and Knuckled dusters which he got from his Uncle.

    Brief History: His history to him is a blur, since when he was in the accident when he lost his arms it gave him a small amount of amnesia. He didn't loose to much just small certain bits of his child hood. He was a orphan when he was young, he was born into "orphancy" is what they called it. He was taken in and treated like trash but he could handle it, it built character for him and made him who he is today. He escape when he was only 16 and never returned, he escape the cops and was surviving by himself. He had killed and taken and he had been beaten and had things stolen from him, But by looking at him you couldn't tell he was the kind of person who wouldn't hesitate to hurt you if you did something wrong.
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  5. Hello everyone and thank you for showing interest.

    I'll soon have up a character. Okay? Okay.
  6. okay and me too going over to a friends houes to have an RP show down XD
  7. I'd love to join. <3
    Posting a profile soon~
  8. Basic Information-

    Full Name: Mikaru Kim Chiba (Me-KA-roo K-ym Ch-EE-bah)

    Nickname: Roo-Chan, or just Roo. Mikaru's youngest brother had first referred to her as Roo when he was young
    These turned out to be the first words to pass his lips as he had tried to get her attention calling "Rooroo!" Since then, Mikaru has felt attached to this name, and now holds it dear to her.

    Age: Seventeen-years-old, going on eighteen very soon

    Gender: Girlie

    Sexuality: Never really considers a label for herself. If she must, she goes by Pansexual.

    Description of Appearance: At 5'2'', Mikaru is quite the little shrimp for her age. Though, she makes up for it in her spunk. Her hair is clearly dyed pink and purple, evenly cut down in a half-and-half pattern. Most often than not her hair is styled with a little bun on top and the rest falling past her shoulders. Even during these times, she enjoys playing with her hair. It is one of her ways to stay calm and still have a smile about the little things.. Since she has left home, she has only packed a few plain colored tops, with her lavender blazer as her trademark item. As for bottoms, she usually sticks to skinny, black pants with ankle high black lace up boots. Usually she would wear slip ons, but.. for what has been happening, boots are a better choice.

    Personal Information-
    Likes: Pocky, any kind, any amount. Flowers. Birds. Kittens. Colorful items. Driving fast. Puzzles and games. Fire.

    Dislikes: Peanuts. Pitch darkness. Small spaces. Deer.

    Strengths: Mikaru is very flexible from frequently practicing gymnastics as well as yoga.
    She also isn't too bad at self-defense, with a black belt in Taekwondo to prove for it.. Though it's back at home..
    She strongly believes in finding the positive moments in every single situation. Thus, she will try to make people smile and lighten the social atmosphere, whenever she can. Even if it may be annoying, she is very persistent in this way.

    Weaknesses: Mikaru has absolutely no idea how to use a gun.
    She also has the tendency to scream when frightened very loudly, especially if no one is around.
    Mikaru tends to get grumpy if she doesn't get much sleep, or sugar.

    Personality: Your typical bright and bubbly chickadee, Mikaru enjoys the smile that appears upon the faces around her. A very spiritual individual, she believes in good energies being important for humans if they want to aspire to higher goals throughout life - such as surviving a virus.
    Although she can be annoying and quite hyper at moments, Roo knows when to calm down in certain situations. Graceful on her feet, she can be as quiet as a mouse or as loud as a lion if excited or startled. Even at age sixteen, she loves to play games and run around whenever she can.
    Very few things sadden Mikaru on a daily basis. However, the death of her mother, father and little brother back home upset her, and she had been silent for weeks since. Also, the fact of her not meeting anyone since she left home hasn't really given her the want to speak either. Mikaru can be the sun at one point in time, and then the biggest rain cloud in another.

    Equipment: Mikaru does have a keyring filled with all of her keys on it in her back pocket. They are very sharp, and can be useful. She has way too many packs of pocky (about 20 tall packs). A small backpack is filled with tee shirts, a skirt, underwear, a first aid kit, and an iPod in the passenger seat of her small blue buggy car (which has a little over half a tank of gas).

    Brief History: Her life has been so normal, so sweet and wonderful. Just like candy.
    Her schedule was normal for a seventeen-year-old girl. She went to school every day, hung out with her girl and guy friends at the local arcade and attended all of her extra-curricular activities. And then the virus had spread into her own city. Her family became poisoned by it. Coming home from a scholastic bowl event one afternoon, she found her mother and father sprawled out on the kitchen floor. Their limbs were bent abnormally along their body, and their mouths hung wide open, eyes rolled back to show only white shells. Screaming the entire while, she soon found her little brother, Niko in the living room, collapsed with a game controller near his limp hand. Sobbing, Mikaru had tried to save her family.. But it was too late, as white foam began to gently leave their mouths. She did not wait any longer. She watched enough horror movies to know she could not spend time freaking out, or it would end badly, very badly.
    Mikaru gathered her things, grabbed her keys and left her home. She tried to visit her friends, but each time she had come to the door, all she would hear was silence. Pure silence. It was a rare, beautiful yet disturbing thing.
    Now she just drives, on the search for others who are normal like her. The meaning of "normal" being "living" in this current condition of the world, it seemed..
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  9. Basic Information-

    Full Name: Amaia Miharu.

    Nickname: The Wild One. because she love Mikey from the teenage mutant ninja turtles and because

    she is A wild one.

    Age: 19.

    Gender: Female.

    Sexuality: Straight.



    Description of Appearance: Black eyes. blond hair.
    Personal Information-

    Likes:Chainsaws and Lollipops and Gums.

    Dislikes: Assholes and you.

    Strengths:She knows how to us a chainsaw and she tock she cheerleader so she supper flexible. she
    also tock karate.

    Weaknesses: She cant swim and she can go a little to crazy. she also hates talking about her past

    Personality: she crazy. weird and loves to have fun. she always mean and bichy when she want to but she can be kind when she wants to

    Equipment: she finds a chainsaw. and always has lollipops with her.

    Brief History: (point of view from Miharu) Hey! if you want this come kick my ass. fine I will tell you. I'm a gir of zero sisters. I rock. I go to Cold Lake High. my friends Mushi (that's what we call her)have the best parties ever Lucky and Langa was ther as well. I was like at one when this bullshit happened. now you are getting on my nerves. FINE I WILL JUST TO SHUT YOU UP. My parents died in this Apocalyptic can you back off now. there nothing real more to tell you now LEAVE ME ALONE SO I CAN FUCKING KILL SOMETHING AND SAVE YOUR ASS.

    other thing: she loves this song;
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  10. Uhmm, Chick...Isn't your character from a Video Game?

    If so, can you please re-do a bio with an Original character? I would really appreciate it.
  11. lols ya half of it anyways i was doing this when leasening toits sound trake ;^^ but i will fixs it up
  12. LOL. Thanks, Hun.
  13. i loventhe game so badly that when i heard of this i wanted use her as my charater idea ^^
  14. LMAO!!!

    I'm sure we all have been there. :D
  15. thanks and is she ok now?
  16. Okay, let me rephrase myself, please come with an ORIGINAL character, no video game character, actor, actress, singer or any of the above.

    By the way, you didn't change anything, for real.
  17. i did i changed and added things

    point out thing i have from vidoe game: chainsaw lollipops and pictuer and thats she a cheerlaedrer
    her parnts are alive there zombies hunter my charater is not

    and her bio is complatle orangenla
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  18. I hate to say this, either create a whole new character or don't even think about joining my roleplay.

    I want original characters in my Group roleplays, no Canons. Your character is a Canon.
  19. but her bio is orangenle her family is still a live in the zombie thingy and she has 2 sister plue she a zombie hunter like her family my charater is just a girl who nows who to hold a chainsaw. only things thats in the in the video game that she has is apperants lollipos chainsaw and she a cheerlaeder everything eals is pure Origina

    but i will make another character if you inset but tommorow im using my kobo now so nothing will be nice
  20. Basic Information-

    Full Name: Stephanie Kim Johnson.

    Nickname: Steph. Kimmie.

    Age: 18.

    Gender: Female.

    Sexuality: Straight.



    Description of Appearance: Steph stands at about five foot eight, her hair is black with a few specs of brown and is curly. Her eyes are brown and almond shaped. Her skin toned is caramel though many people think she is mixed but she is not.

    Personal Information-

    Likes: Candy. Combat. Reading. Writing. Singing. Dancing.

    Dislikes: Fake people. Idiots. Dumbasses.

    Strengths: 1. Closed Combat. 2. Marksmanship.

    Weaknesses: 1. Can't multitask at times. 2. When there are too many things going on, she quickly panics.

    Personality: She is very fierce with her attitude. She means what she say, when she say it. Most people say that she is brash but she doesn't think so. She is not easily approachable because of the looks she will give you. She can be very smart mouthed and sarcastic. She is very OCD and likes everything to be in line, order and she can't stand clutter.

    Equipment: She keeps an Assault Rifle strapped to her back, along with a Katana strapped to her left waist.

    Brief History: Will be revealed throughout the roleplay.