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  1. Firstly, lets start this by saying that I will be C O N S T A N T L Y updating this, so, no matter how many post counts I have you can still reply.
    I am pretty adapatable in length. I go from one paragraph to three. If I really like the RP I can go up to five.
    I play MxF, MxM, and I never done FxF. Feel free to convince me. I prefer to play female, but, I can play male just fine and I L O V E to double up on characters where I usually play both genders. Trans and NonBinary are acceptable.
    I like Romance, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, and Drama. I don't like gore, horror, or abuse (it could be in their past but not in the RP).

    Now, on to the boring part of the thread.

    R U L E S
    1. NPCs will often be in my stories, even doubling characters.
    2. No God Modding.
    3. No Mary Sue or Gary Sues.
    4. Literacy; just make sure you capitalize, punctuate, and I can read it.
    5. No text talk. Not even when they are texting each other.
    6. Libertine is allowed as long as plot is included 60% more than the sex.
    7. Be willing to have an OOC conversation.

    N O T E: I am a mother and a wife, so, I may not always be able to reply. I'll always try and you will get a reply at least once day.

    Now, to the fun part.

    P L O T S and I D E A S
    Bold indicates my cravings.
    Italizied indicates my characters that are not described as (M/C).
    Strike indicates my boredom with that RP.

    Plots are never limited to.

    For the Good Of the Kingdom: Muse A is the newly married wife to the King of their land. As Queen there are certain duties she must perform. Such as managing the castle, hosting diplomats and other royalty, and, most importantly, provide the kingdom with an heir. But try as she might, and how often, Muse A can’t seem to get pregnant at all. Desperate, and fearing the wrath of her husband if she doesn’t give him a child, she turns to her trusted knight and confidant Muse B for help. He looks enough like the King or his family for it to pass. And as long as she continued to have sex with her husband, and they were careful, no one would be the wiser. After much pleading a reluctant Muse B agrees and the pair conspirer their affair in secret to give the kingdom what it wants.
    All To Myself: Muse A has been in love with Muse B for as long as they remember but, due to certain circumstances (social class, reputation, clique drama, etc), Muse B won’t give Muse A the time of day. Muse A, however, doesn’t want to take no for an answer. How far will they go to get Muse B all to themselves?
    Accidental Marriage: Muse A is a firefighter, or a mechanic, something that isn’t too flattering to someone with high standards, and Muse B is a love guru who is about to get married. Muse A’s girl/boyfriend calls into Muse B’s radio station and asks for advice on the man (s)he’s about to marry, and Muse B is listening in. Muse B advises Muse A’s girl/boyfriend that if (s)he’s having second thoughts, then Muse A isn’t the right guy for her/him. So the newly single Muse A gets his/her hacker friend to hack some things and make it so that Muse A and B are married so that Muse A can teach Muse B a lesson on messing with people’s lives. But oops, while Muse A is running around trying to prolong the annulment process, both muses fall in love. Then Muse B finds out about Muse A’s revenge plot.
    Princess x Knight: Muse A, a princess in a kingdom that just got taken over by an evil emperor was taken by Muse B to safety. The two pretended to be married for some time until they could come up with an idea to take the land over again.
    Bad Kid x Good Kid: Muse A missed the bus one morning and had to reluctanly ask their hot neighbor with a bad reputation for a ride. Of course, being High School, rumors flew everywhere saying they where a couple. Muse B's friends don't usual mess with A but this time they do and they are angry for A ruining B's reputation.
    Popular x Skater Kid: 1. (M/C) has been secretly dating (Y/C) for a while but someone got in the middle of that. Putting (Y/C) in a situation to cheat. Once (M/C) found out it dawned on them that (Y/C) was ashamed of them anyways. (Y/C) cares so much about their reputation what will they do?
    2. Neighbors they where always close until Middle School made them split by social status. It was now Senior Year, (Y/C) was expected to date this slut who is cruel to people and (M/C) is expected to be with someone in her own social status. Fate of being a partner in a class project made them reconnect.
    Hybrid x Vampire/Werewolf: (M/C) was once an ordinary girl, until she was bitten by a werewolf. Her life seemed to get crazy until it just got worse. Before the werewolf-ness set she got bit by a vampire (ex-crush) because he couldn't tell she was a werewolf yet. Living between the pack and family got hard, being a hybrid she can't be sighted easily like the other creatures. She felt like she didn't belong. When she finally came out to the Vampire or Werewolf family with (Y/C) help she decided to combine the family. Your character can be whatever creature of those two you want and they can be for or against the families merging. We will play side characters too. ...This can also lead to different directions.
    Salem Witch x Human: (Y/C) met (M/C), a witch but not at evil one like everyone thinks. She did have to use a love potion on (Y/C) to be protected from the Trials by becoming your wife so no one knows she is a witch. The love potion wears off eventually, after the wedding.
    Witch x Vampire: In a world where there are two kingdoms, one for magical humans and the other with non-magical humans, Vampires control the line. The Witch stumbled upon to a castle in the forest due to a vision. She stumbled upon the castle being controlled by Vampires. With her magical blood she has ten days to find the secret rose garden and drink the due or she'll be a Vampire forever.
    King of the Dead x Maiden: There was a story about a fair Maiden burried for a thousand years. The King of the Dead was looking for a wife. He awoken the Maiden that is to be his wife (as said the prophecy) and brought to the realm of the dead. He was a harsh king and so they have to work on falling in love or she'll be forced to just deal with Marriage
    Personality Disorder'd Person x Butler/Maid: This idea is actually based on a story within a story. Muse A has a personality disorder. Three very different personalities; cold and harsh, over the top intellectual, then there is the sweet and loving one. Muse B is their (Maid/Butler) and is the only one left to care for them (except for the cook that doesn't have to deal with A). Of course working for three different bosses in one isn't always easy.
    The Bet: (Y/C) had been bet to get with mine. They had a month. (M/C) found out at something important to them. How to fix it?

    Plotless Ideas. Also, a mixture of any of this is okay.

    Peasant x Royal
    Steam Punk
    Single Parent x Single Person
    Best Friends
    Arranged Marriage
    Band Mates
    Popular x Nerd
    Skater Kids
    Angel x Demon

    Plots never limited to.

    H A R R Y P O T T E R
    George Weasley x Female OC: Its after Fred's death. The Trio went back to school so Lilac helped George with the store. They got close and helped each other grieve.
    Male x Dominique Weasley: As long as the male isn't family and in Third Generation use who you want. OCs allowed. Dominique is this corrupted soul, always drinking too much, getting too high, She can barely function, so tired of being compared to her sister. Male is basically her saving grace. Always coming through in the middle of the night after a drunken phone call asking for a ride home. The male is a good guy and does it because he cares for her and he is her best friend. But, her actions disgust him to no end. He just promised never to let her down, because they know they’re the only thing that’s STABLE in their life. It becomes a routine. After an accident/or a night he carries her to bed she confesses her love. She's toxic, he knows that. He can't deny his own feelings so this time she has to get some real help. Its a long road to recovery.
    Scorpius x Lily Luna: Instead of the rebel corupting the sweet nerd what if its the nerd that goes to them? This girl generally wants to know him and at first he is taken aback. He practically thinks his best friend Albus is playing a trick on him, but, Lily truly likes him and he learns to like her. He doesn't want to corrput her and not to mention he has Rose chasing him too.

    D I S N E Y and D R E A M W O R K S
    Hiccup x Jack: Hiccup went back one winter to a village he saw a long time ago. He was told of Jack's death and he couldn't believe he was dead which is why he believed in him once he seen him back at Burke making winter.
    Lion King: Okay, in the Disney Lion King books Kopa was Simba's son, there was no Kiara and Kion. So, I think Kopa's father was scar (fan theory that Scar raped Nala) and ran off as a cub. Which is why Simba is protective of Nala. Kovu's sister, who use to be best friends with Kopa found him wounded and brought him back to the pride. Many characters and many NPCs.

    A V A T A R
    Zuko x Katara: A year after the war, Sokka and Katara got the tribe up and running again. Katara and Aang split up, he went missing in his attempt to bring the Airbenders back on their feet... Or at least the temple. Zuko and Mai also split up. Part of the Fire Nation started to cause trouble once again, so, Zuko and Katara decided to bring peace to the two nations for good was a wedding.
    Zuko's Son x Katara's Daughter: As if Korra never happened. Aang got stuck in the Spirit Realm, only way to do that is to get ancestors of Avatars in each element to open the Spirit Realm. So far they had (Y/C), (M/C), and (M/C's brother). Now they needed someone from the Earth ancestory. It will be a lot of adventure and we'll play the side characters. It won't be straight romance but will build to it.

    T I M B U R T O N
    Victor's kid x Jack/Sally's kid: He/She died but instead of going to where most dead people go, his/her dead protectors take her to Halloween Town where he/she meets a child of the famous Jack that even he heard stories about growing up.

    G R E E K M Y T H O L O G Y
    Demi-Gods: Children of the Gods that grew up on earth found each other. Almost like Percy Jackson.
    Hades x Persephone: Hades did see the beautiful girl in the meadow much like the myth, only, its not how they think. A Centaur (they are known for rape) caught sight of the Goddess and Hades merely rescued her. For once he was being the hero. He brought her home in attempt to help her from what nasty injury she endured. He doesn't care people no longer believe him, he probably deserved it. He was a cold man and at times cold to his own wife but he did not take her like the others and she believes.

    OCs are welcome.

    H A R R Y P O T T E R
    [Young] Sirius Black x [Young] Remus Lupin
    [Young] Sirius/Remus x OC
    Teddy Lupin x Victore Weasley
    Scorpius Malfoy x Rose Weasley
    Scorpius Malfoy x OC
    Scorpius Malfoy x Albus Potter
    Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter
    Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger
    Draco Malfoy x Luna Lovegood
    Harry Potter x Hermione Granger
    James S. Potter x Male OC
    James S. Potter x Teddy Lupin

    D C and M A R V E L
    Raven x Beast Boy
    Raven x Robin/Nightwing
    Artemis x Kid Flash
    Miss Martian x Superboy
    Superboy x Female OC
    Kevin x Gwen
    Kevin x Ben
    Rouge x Gambit
    Rouge x OC
    Mutant OC x Mutant OC
    Shadowcat x Ice Man
    Spiderman x Mary Jane
    Spiderman x OC
    [Teenage]Ben Parker II x OC -For those who don't know... Spiderman had a daughter and son and his son is named after Ben and became Deaf as a kid.
    Spidergirl x Deadpool

    D I S N E Y and D R E A M W O R K S
    [No Frozen...]
    Disney High School
    Disney Characters at Hogwarts
    Honey Melon x Fred
    GoGo x Wasabi
    GoGo x Tadashi
    Merida x Hiccup
    Hiro x OC
    Hiccup x Heather
    Heather x Astrid
    Wilbur x Violet
    TJ x Spinelli
    Vince x Spinelli
    Vince x Gretchen
    Gus x Gretchen
    Mikey x Male OC
    Bad Boy OC x Spinelli
    Ron Stoppable x Kim Possible
    Tino x Lor
    Carver x Tish
    Tino x Tish

    O U A T
    [Teenage]Henry x OC
    Emma x Neal
    Emma x Hook
    Felix x Peter Pan
    Felix x OC
    Peter Pan x OC
    Peter Pan x Wendy
    Henry x Wendy
    Emma x August

    A V A T A R
    Katara x Aang
    Zuko x Mai
    Zuko x Sokka
    Zuko x Aang
    Zuko x Jet

    T V D / T O
    Stefan x Caroline
    Stefan x Bonnie
    Damon x Bonnie
    Jeremy x Anna
    Jeremy x Bonnie
    Klaus x Caroline
    Klaus x OC
    Elijah x Hayley
    Elijah x OC
    Rebeckah x Marcel
    Josh x Davena

    T E E N W O L F
    Stiles x Derek
    Stiles x Lydia
    Scott x Allison
    Stiles x OC
    Scott x OC
    Derek x OC
    Isaac x OC
    Theo x OC
    Liam x Theo

    T I M B U R T O N
    Jack x Sally
    Jack/Sally's daughter x Boogie Man's son
    Emily x Victor
    Jack x Emily
    Emily x Sally
    Carolyn Stoddard x OC
    David Collins x OC

    G R E E K M Y T H O L O G Y
    Hades x Aphrodite
    God x Nymph
    Goddess x Human OC
    Hades x Irene (Goddess of Peace)
    Human OC x Nymph

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  2. Would you be against having a Draco x OC rp?? Also, i would love to double up if you want. c:
  3. Still Looking.
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