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  1. Ari sighed, flopping down over the wooden bar she had been polishing. She'd had the Breeze Away Inn open for over a week, and not a soul had popped in, not even for a moment. The young elfin adult, age of merely 25 (those of her lineage were not immortal, but remained youthful in looks with incredibly long lifespans to boot) closed her eyes behind her tortoise-shell glasses. She was dressed plainly, and warmly, and in a very human fashion. A long woolen scarf was wrapped around her neck, the tail hanging down her back. She wore a plain black button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, white snug-fit jeans, and black ballet flats.

    Glancing up with sky blue eyes, Ari watched the door in desperation.
  2. Itzal was walking around a city he barely knew. As a traveler he went to many different places so he was able to get around but this...this gave him goose bumps for some reasons. It could have been due to the cold and the hunger that he felt. It could have been because he was tired but was not able to rest in any inn, as he had no money in his pockets. But the wind was too cold and Itzal was getting annoyed and grumpy. Maybe he could find a place where to stay for couple hours, some inn with a lot of people in so that he would get lost in the crowd.

    As he was walking through the street, Itzal noticed a building with a sign saying 'Breeze Away Inn'. Name itself sounded refreshing, a bit cold, but it should suffice. Hoping that there would be enough people inside, the young, well, creature, entered without the idea of listening behind the door for awhile, to make sure that this place was right. As he entered, silence hit his ears and he froze in his movements, the door closing itself. Itzal looked around and didn't see anyone but a woman bent over a wooden bar. Surprise was obvious on his face but he soon hid it, turning his face away, looking around.

    "I guess it's an early hour. You are still waiting for guests, right?" He asked, his voice somewhat melodic and sweet. The warmth inside the inn was way too convincing for Itzal to hope that he was not the only creature to enter this bar.
  3. Ari had watched the creature come in (though, for a second, passed him off as a mirage. who would come here?) and lifted her head when he spoke. "I've been waiting for a full week... You're the first." She said, her own voice soft and warm, but a little distant. "I don't know what's keeping people away." She lamented, sitting up straight and glancing at the man, who looked fairly humanoid in her own eyes. "If it's me, if it's the place... I dunno..."

    The young woman scolded herself internally. Why was she being such a downer?! Ari brushed some of her light brown hair out of her face and behind her ears, and cleared her throat. "Anyway, I'm Ari. And, well, feel free to stay as long as you wish." She greeted the man, sounding a little less cheery than she had hoped.
  4. The first? Did no one come to this place? At first it made Itzal feel uneasy. How unlucky was he in the past few days? A gush of air was let out from his lungs and Itzal slightly frowned. He couldn't stay that was for sure. He had no money and this woman needed business. His eyes moved around the inn until they stopped on the woman that introduced herself as Ari. The young elf lady didn't sound cheerful either and Itzal wonder what she would do when she finds out that this traveler had nothing he would be able to pay her with for a nice meal.

    "The name of your inn sounds cold and it is not that noticeable," he said, placing his hands in his pockets. "I am sorry that you are unlucky for guests, but it would be better if I go. I have no money to pay you with for a nice meal and staying here just for the warmth... I am sorry but that would not be fair," Itzal said, getting himself ready for the cold wind outside and another night he would need to spend somewhere in the street. Though, he should be grateful for the few moments he was allowed to spend here, in the warmth of the place.

    "Have yourself a good night, Ari. I hope for your good that someone wealthier than me finds your nice place," the young man said as he turned around, reaching for the door knob.
  5. Cul Imura slipped the white mask from her face, inspecting it for bloodstains. There was a small splatter near the left eye slit, and she used the snow to wipe it away before nestling it in between two cases of cash in the satchel by her hip. She was not afraid anyone would spot her, the snow made it impossible to see five feet. That's why, when she came upon the Breeze Away Inn, she nearly walked into the wall. Cul did need somewhere to stay and duck her head for the night... And the lights coming from the windows welcomed her in, with the possible suggestion of something hot to warm her icy insides.

    The door swished silently from her entrance, and she caught the last sentence of the man and the pretty woman's conversation.

    Her voice was soft. "I'll pay. Everything's on me." It wasn't that impressive an offer, given the deserted nature of the place save for the two people, but she was genuine. Honestly, the money by her side made her slightly sick when she thought about how she'd gotten it. Cul began to brush the snow from her traditional Japanese clothing, more meant for men than women, but she was doing a man's work these days. She smiled at the man, slightly blocking his exit. She just wanted to do something nice after a day of killing.
  6. Ari frowned a little bit when he mentioned that the name of the inn sounded cold, but figured that it was a valid complaint. "W-wait!" She cried out when the man began to head for the door, but before she could plead or wallow or beg him to stay, even if he couldn't pay, a woman dressed in what looked to be hakama (though she wasn't sure--- she hadn't really had the time to keep up with the fashions of the day) offered to pay.

    The young elf could have weeped with joy. Not only was there a (paying!) customer, but now she wasn't so alone. Owning an inn was nothing but boring when no one came. "Ma'am, are-- are you sure?" Ari asked, a little skeptical that someone would make such an offer. It wasn't that Breeze Away was expensive-- on the contrary, it was dirt cheap compared to a lot of places-- it was just the fact that no one seemed to be kind like that anymore.
  7. Itzal looked at the newcomer. On his travels he saw many types of people but everyone surprised him every now and again. Everything on her? Frowning, Itzal couldn't complain, could he? After all, he was hungry, cold and tired. "Thank you, madam. You can be sure I am very grateful," he said and turned his back to the door feeling better with the knowledge that for tonight he might be able to sleep in warm, dry place. Fixing his gaze on the inn owner, Itzal said: "If you have a warm soup, I would like one." His voice was friendly and showing his gratefulness. Soon after, he found himself a table by the wall and as his eyes were moving around the place, he stopped on the other woman that came in.

    "I don't know why you are so generous madam, but I hope you won't regret your decision if more people come in."
  8. Cul bowed to the man, and then the woman. A suggestion of a smile hinted across her lips, pale from the cold. Her dark hair spilled over her shoulders, and left her face completely in shadow from heavy bangs over her forehead. She offered no response but to reach into her satchel with one hand, careful to keep the mask, her secret, hidden from view, and pull out a hundred dollar bill from one of the cases. She placed it discreetly on the counter. She didn't want to embarrass the man. Women were supposed to protect a man's pride. At least, that's how Cul understood it.

    "Regret is a meaningless emotion." Cullan's eyes were in shadow as she said this, however she didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable so she offered a smile quickly after. Turning towards the woman, she first admired her glasses, and then said quietly, "I will need a room, can you show me where they are?" She made sure to keep the twin katanas on her back slightly angled away from the woman. There was no real way to hide them, but she tried to make herself as nonthreatening as possible.
  9. The white hair whipped back and forth he was somewhat of an outcast. he was tall and lanky but his skin was pale white making him almost appear like an apparition traveling through the night on a snowflake. He wore a light blue cloak at the bottom of the cloak small sharp teeth were sewn into the bottom by golden thread. pressing open the door he stepped inside. he carried no visible weapons though he walked with the fluid movements of a serpent ready to strike.The ice blue eyes scanned the interior of the inn. he had never been here nor did he even know where here was. Drawing the cowl of the hood back his ears poked just above his head through the white strands.While his gaze shifted from patron to patron a blue dragon tat would appear to move around his neck shimmering what light was available into a myriad of colors on his flesh.he made his way towards the bar and sat quietly dropping a few gold coins on the counter-top.
  10. Ari had zoned out for a moment, daydreaming, and when she returned her attention to her patrons, she realized that the woman had asked her where the rooms were. "Oh, yes, come this way~" She replied, sounding much more chipper than she had in her conversations with the man. Just as Ari was slipping her shoes back on (she often went barefoot behind the desk, finding it more comfortable,) a man with a striking dragon tattoo came to the counter, dropping gold coins on the counter. "I-- uh..." Ari blinked. These were either antiques or fakes, and a good case could be made for both. This part of the continent had shifted over to paper money (with small denomination coins) centuries ago, and these coins were too heavy, made of pure gold. "I'm not sure if I can take these, sir, I'm sorry..." Ari bowed in apology, a habit bred into natives of the town through years of East Asian influence.
  11. -he cocked his head slightly,she was refusing fair payment. though he knew that most people did take cash any other place was more than happy to take the gold coins without hesitation.leaving the coins on the Counter he shook his head and pushed the coins towards her,yes they were real gold, valuable by any standards more so than the paper they used,.He figured gold at least has value whereas the paper could only start a fire. "I insist" his voice was barely audible like a forgotten echo that traveled forever til it found ears to hear it. She was elven like him except well she was normal he was of an older bloodline forgotten in the pages of history. Drawing the hair back into a tight pony tail his features were sharp as if etched out of stone by some artist.though his eyes were soul piercing there was sadness behind them,old wisdom.he had hoped she didn forget where she came from."I would like some berry wine" his voice melodic and calming.though he was quiet his ears twitched slightly his head not moving but he was aware of his surroundings.A skill acquired over years of practice. he knew where those were just by the sound of their feet shuffling no matter how graceful they may have been. he relaxed at the counter even relaxed he appeared like a predator ready to react.after all said he reached into his cloak and withdrew a flute of balsa wood four foot in length and started to play"the enchantresses daughter" a tune old as time.
  12. Ari felt a tinge of sadness as the man pulled back his hair and revealed his ears. One of her own (well, not of her exact kin, but she knew they had a common ancestor somewhere in the history of time,) she was afraid he would judge her for her human ways. Her eyes cast down the coins, she tried to think of the law that prohibited business owners in these parts from taking them. No jail time, no earth shattering fine, but it was heavily looked down upon. With a shuddering breath, Ari took the coins and put them into her safe built into her side of the bar. "Berry wine? I have some, somewhere at least." She wasn't much of a drinker herself (and when she did, it was stuff such as vodka, another human trait of her's sure to put her to shame if this other elf found out) and hardly anyone asked for it, so it was in few supply and in a long forgotten place. Down on the other end of the bar, Ari stood on her tiptoes and wrestled a bottle down. The girl took a crystal glass out from under the bar, and filled the elf's glass, setting it down in front of him with two hands and a little bow.
  13. -the melody carried through the tavern finding all ears in the place, so moving was the music all stopped what they were doing and just listened. though he only played one song every one that heard the music thought that song was just for them . it told a story of lost loves and triumphant victories. lifting his head he scanned the patrons of the place hues first falling on the girl with the kitanas, then to the gentleman that had been half starved the muse went in the ears and warmed the frigid depths of the soul. then the tune carried outside seeming to tame the wild winds of this run down city.they were all "touched" in some small way.
    Glancing towards the bar his goblet had been looked just the way it should ,the liquid was thick and when it settled in the goblet it warmed itself some kind of chemical reaction to the crystal.. he played on as the drink warmed . it was rare to find real elven wine oh sure there were knock offs never exactly right a closely guarded secret, but he wondered how much for the bottle she had poured from. The cloak was moving along the ground from a light breeze that manifested from within the wooden floors.The blue dragon tat had stopped its strange movement and closed its eyes.
  14. MCP thought she had heard music up ahead of her and wanted to discover its source. She walked silently, as if stalking someone, and soon saw an Inn. She noticed the sign that declared its name as 'Breeze Away' and could sense several creatures inside. The cold didn't bother her, but she was always eager to meet new people, so she decided to enter. She smiled slightly as she slowly opened the door and stepped inside....

    David had been following MCP for several days now, determinded to destroy his enemy while she was away from her loved ones.
    He knew better than to go rushing in right after her.... Instead, he would wait until she felt safe and then he would strike when she least expected it....
  15. Vivida keeps walking until she bumps into a wall and looks up seeing Breeze Away Inn. "Finally a place to relax."
  16. MCP spun around to face Vivida, still smiling.
    "Hi there. Are you a traveller as well?" She asked, looking perfectly innocent.
  17. Vivida ascythe appears in her hand and points the blade at her neck. "Quit the act. I'm not stupid." Spits in het face. "Make a move and I'll cut your head off."
  18. "Take it easy.... I have no idea what you are talking about, but there's no need for weapons." MCP responded, pretending to be afraid. She was careful to keep her lips sealed, since her fangs had just grown a little from being excited about a fight. Her dark brown eyes gazed deep into Vivida's, but she wasn't going to try and entrance the woman unless she had to.... It just wasn't her style....
  19. Vivida smile and hugs MCP super tight. "I can smell your blood sisterian but I can see right through you."
  20. MCP let out a small surprised gasp as Vivida hugged her.
    "Are you saying you're....?" She was reluctant to say the word 'vampire' while others were nearby because they might hear her.... Especially the elves in the room, who no doubt had excellent hearing. Still.... A soft smile appeared on her lips at the thought of having met another of her species.