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  1. Alex growled as she paced back and forth, trying to figure out if he should go hunting alone.​
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  2. Alice decided was gonna go for a fly she spread her wings took her two sword in hand and took off.
  3. Isis walked out if her den, letting out a yawn and stretching her legs. She turns her gaze around the packs camp as if to make sure everyone and everything is alright. She spots her Alpha and flicks her ear to her. "I'll hunt with you, Alpha. Just allow me to check on Asher to see if he wants any herbs while we are out." She turns and trots towards a den built into the ground below a pine tree.

    Asher was already awake, looking around his den. The floor was padded with thick wool blankets, the walls had little shelves built in that he used to keep herbs and other assorted things. His den, all together, had four other rooms in it. There was the main room, where he kept his barbs, then there was a small hallway to the side that lead to his room, next to that was the shrine for the forest spirits, and the other two were used as dens to keep sick or injured wolves that needed caring for. he was currently sitting in his shrine, sending a ththankful prayer to the wolf ancestors that there were no wolves that needed his care this month.

    Isis walks in, looking around the main room before walking through a tunnel that lead to Asher. She patiently waited for him to finish praying.
    "Asher, I am leaving to hunt with Alpha. Any herbs you want me to get?"

    Asher walked into his room and smiles. He walked to a shelf, pulling herbs off it and nudges them towards Isis who sniffed the herbs. "I'm running low on these, and since winter is coming I need to stock up. Especially since last years flu seemed to be everywhere I want to be prepared in case it happens again.".Asher said . Isis nodded, saying her goodbye and walks out the room.
  4. (Alice is now "Alex" and is the Alpha Male)

    Alex nodded and waited for Isis. Once she got back, Alex led the way to the best hunting spot in the forest.
  5. Isis followed behind her Alpha, looking around the area. She was making sure the place was safe for both the pack and the Alpha since it was her duty to protect both. She flicks her ears, sniffing the air for nearby food.
  6. Aice flew above the pack that was running she landed in a near by tree.
  7. Zachery watched the Alpha and Beta as they wandered off to hunt, idly wandering if he should tag along to help. He eventually decided it would be best not to, seeing as he hadn't been invited, and instead walked over to the Healer's den for someone to talk to. He usually spent a good bit of time in the Healer's den, anyway, as he somehow always ended up with fresh wounds... Though he did whatever he could to protect the Alpha and pack, he wasn't exactly the most powerful, as an omega. His strength was limited. Usually the most he could do was use himself as a living shield when necessary.

    Of course, the wounds weren't always from hunting or protecting... There were always a few members in a pack that looked down on an omega. Saw them as something to kick around. A stress reliever. After a few years, Zachery was used to it.

  8. Isis twitched her ear. She wandered to the side a little, sniffing a set of tracks that belonged to a deer. She lifted her head in the direction the tracks went. They were at least a day old, so she walked back to her Alpha.

    Asher walked out of his room and smiled at the Omega. He had cared for him many times, so frankly he liked the wolf when he visited. In fact, he had similar problems to him. The wolves picking on him weren't nearly as bad, but it was still unpleasent. And he had Isis watching his back. He sat down. "Hello Zachary. Do you need something or just visiting?" He asked in a gentle voice.
  9. Rain slowly came to as she felt the crisp air tangling her snowy white fur. She cracked an eye and ear open, still sleepy and not yet ready to actually get up. Though after she heard footsteps and a few voices conversing, she huffed with a heavy breath before standing onto her four paws, and shook herself awake. Her ears flickered forward, alert, trying to see if anyone else was awake as of yet.

    With no one close to her, so turned her head here and there, finding silence from the Spirits as well, Rain huffed once more before she turned her snot upwards, sniffling the air. With a extra skip in her steps, she made her way towards Isis and Alex.

    When she was but a few meters away from them, she called out to them both, "Good morning you two, did you guys catch anything so far?"

    * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
    A soft caress on the cheek from the wind ... Ah, sunrise already was it?

    With a silent yawn, Aalto raised her arms, stretching while her wings unfurled and spread as far as possible. Holding that position for a few seconds, Aalto released the tension, lowering her arms and wings once more as she slowly watched the sun climb its way up the horizon.

    Far away, she heard snipits of conversations ... Construction process of a new village, a mother giving birth, the last of the harsh winters thawing away ...

    At that moment, Aalto lifted her head, looking up, she caught a glimpse of a winged figure. "A bird? Or perhaps a demon flying overhead?" She debated with herself, "Either way, looks like there's company around here, I'll have to find somewhere quiet for now." She decided, as her wings closed in, making them as small as they could be, while Aalto travelled barefooted in the forest. ​
  10. Alex watched her wander off and waited patiently for her to return. "Find anything, worth catching?" he asked in a deep, masculine voice.

    He shook his head slightly at Rain.
  11. Isis shook her head, then padded ahead of the Alpha. She sniffed the air again, her head changing directions. She soon smelled another deer, older this time. It passed by earlier this morning. Her ears flicked in the direction the scent went. "There." She said before taking off in the direction the deer went .
  12. Alex ran after her, catching up to her eventually.
  13. "Just visiting." Zachery replied, finding a place to sit. "Or, are you busy..?" He only then thought to ask, looking back towards the other. "I don't want to interrupt anything, or..." He continued, frowning some.

    ((It's kind of hard to tell, so is Asher in wolf or human form? :I))
  14. Hearing the deer, rather than smelling it the first time, Rain only nodded as Isis took off towards the direction, and after Alex went, Rain took the rear. "Deer, huh? Hopefully this one leads us to the rest of the herd," She thought as she trailed behind the two of them.

    * ~ * ~ * ~ *
    Again, Aalto stopped in her tracks. Something else was near, looking above she let out a breath she had been holding. Nothing overhead, and whatever she saw earlier flying over wasn't going to come after her.

    Hearing the smallest of 'clops' she turned her head to the side, finding a small deer, head lowered to the ground and consuming the grass around it. Aalto smiled, such innocence in life, rather ironic really, when she felt as if something was about to change. ​
  15. Alice looked at the wolfs turned human after landing and sat beneath a tree and napped hoping nothing would hurt her as she napped. she hoped wolfs got along with angels if not she hoped these wolfs were nice.
  16. Isis slowed as she neared the elder deer in a clearing. Lowering her body slightly, she waited in the trees for her Alpha and for Rain to catch up to her, her front paws pawing at the ground slightly.

    ((Asher is in his human form.))

    Asher sat down, reaching over and grabbing a water bottle, opening it and sipping its liquids. "I'm not busy. I just finished my daily prayer so the rest of my day is free. Unless, you know, work comes up. How have you been Zachary?" He asked with a friendly smile, offering the water bottle to his Pack Member.
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  17. "I'm fine." Zachery automatically replied, accepting the water bottle for a sip, and nodding his thanks. "Most of my wounds have actually had a chance to heal, so there's that." He added, shrugging some as he took a sip from the bottle and handed it back. "And you? How have you been? ...Anything I can help with?"
  18. Rain's right ear flickered as Isis slowed down. The thought of getting an early breakfast certainly motivated her, slouching, Rain padded slowly to the right side, still hidden in the trees. If Isis and her Alpha were going to strike out from the front or from the back, Rain would take the sides, in case it was frightened to run in another direction.

    As she found a good place, Rain lowered herself even further, and let both her ears fall flat. She let out a silent breath as she watched the deer, waiting for the Alpha's signal.

    * ~ * ~ * ~ *
    "Oh, my." Aalto crooned quietly as she watched the deer. The poor thing ate away, oblivious to the danger that lurked close within the shadows of the trees. "So early, too." She added, quietly to herself as she tilted her head slightly, watching the rising sun for a moment longer. ​
  19. Isis slowly made her way, situating herself downwind behind the deer. She wouldn't attack, not yet. She had to await for Alphas orders. Her gaze stayed trained on the large beast while she stayed observant for signs with her peripheral vision for any signs from the Alpha, allowing her to attack the deer.

    Asher took another sip before putting the cap back on the bottle and began thinking. "Well, I was thinking about going into town and buying some bandages and thermometers. I've been running low on those items. You're welcome to join me, if you want. I always enjoy company with me, even for boring jobs."
  20. Zachery nodded. "Alright, I'll join you. I'm probably one of the main wolves responsible for the lack of bandages, anyway." He joked lightly, moving to stand, and taking a moment to stretch out. "Plus, I've been feeling a bit stir-crazy, hanging around the camp... The exercise would be welcome, that's for sure."
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