Breathing Life Back Into a RP

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  1. So we've all been there. We've spent countless hours planning, developing, and cultivating our role play which started out as possibly a passing thought. We found role players who appear to be interested in it as well, great! It's off to a great start, everyone is enthusiastic and replying quickly. This is it. You've got a winner role play.

    And then suddenly, the response time between posts gets longer and longer. Suddenly, some players drop off completely. Maybe they don't have the time anymore, but you see them posting in other RPs.

    It's time for.... a prompt!


    Prompts can be used sometimes to divert the story when it is going downhill.

    I am going to give a scenario in a hypothetical role play where it has gone stale. I want you to write a post either as a character, or as a narrator, that successfully diverts the roleplay and brings life back into it. You can build off ideas that are already present, or ypu can throw in a curveball. Anything goes since the role play is about to crash and burn anyway!

    If this challenge does well I will post another next week.


    This is a high fantasy role play. There are Angels and Demons who are cleary opposing. The general idea of the role play is that the demons are rising up from the underworld and are bestowing the plagues upon earth to eliminate the human race. The Angels, naturally, cone to earth to defend the humans.

    Unfortunately, the roleplay begins to turn cold when the demons are confronted by the angels which ultimately results in a stand off. There are four angel players and five demon well as a couple human players. A couple of the angels and demons have engaged in battle while the others are either waiting for a post to respond to, or just aren't posting. It's been a week since the last post and it's starting to die.

    What do you do? Let's see your prompt.
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