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  1. Normal day, normal life. Normal everything. Stretching arms up to the sky, we find a very lazy and hung over Emerald shifting herself out of bed. Covers in a tizzy as usual, she wasn't exactly known for her dainty sleeping, or dainty anything. She stretched her shoulders. She had been out with the guys last night and she wasn't entirely sure if she had come home alone or not. Looking over, she released a sigh of relief. If she had come home with someone, they were long gone. Great. Yawning, Em just rolled her muscles and went out to her kitchen for a nice cup of water. Maybe today would be better.
  2. Mark woke up soon after and his bright sky blue eyes opened slowly, his irises needed to adjust to the light before he could even think about doing anything. He moved the blankets away from himself and yawned. He looked around, but Emerald was nowhere in sight. In fact, he was at his mansion by himself. "How..How did I get home?" Mark ran his hands through his hair and shook his head. "Who cares, I'm hungry." He got up and walked into the kitchen. Emerald was over at his home yesterday, because Mark found her jacket on the floor. "Better go run this over to her." He took the jacket up from the hardwood floor and walked two miles to Emerald's home. As he approached the door, he tried to smooth down his hair that was sticking up in the back. He sighed and knocked on the door, hoping that she was home.
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    Em was just, exhausted. Things about last night were still pretty muddled. She yawned loudly again, tossing back some pain killers. She was just, too exhausted to think about it. She reached a hand up. No new piercings, that was a good sign. Yawning, Em looked around for a bagel, or anything really. Maybe some cereal. Yawning, Em reached for the generic and probably half eaten cereal in her cupboard. Her place was a mess honestly, and she didn't feel like cleaning up at the moment. Grabbing her lame box of breakfast, she poured about a cup's worth into her maw before there was a knock at her door. "Inconvenient." She grumbled to herself, pulling open the door quickly. She blinked at the sudden flood of light. Finally letting her vision clear up, Em looked the man in front of her up and down. "Oh, it's you. What's up? Little early." She mumbled, scratching at her ears.
  4. "Hey sweetheart. You left your jacket at my place." He handed it to her and laughed softly. "I like your home! A little messy, but who cares?" He kissed her cheek and took out his wallet and handed her two hundred dollars. "Here. Just in case you need anything, let me know." He put the money in her hand and smiled. His eyes seemed even bluer then they were before. He hugged her tightly and buried his face into her neck. "I wish I didn't have to leave." He kissed her again, this time on the lips as he turned around and walked down her driveway. "Oh! Forgot to give you this last night, Em!" He tossed a small black box at her and winked before walking back to his home.
  5. Em kind of just stood there, taking all the things in at once. It was bright enough that her eyeballs hurt, and Mark was running a million miles a minute. She had been very drunk last night, so the fact that she just left her coat was a miracle. She stood there stiffly, jacket in hand as Mark nuzzled to her, before pressing a prompt kiss to her lips. She barely had time to catch the box before he had left. Shutting the door, Em took a minute to process what had happened. Mark and her had been a sort of on and off thing, and it was probably a bad thing that she got used to shutting the door confused, flustered, and a little bit richer. She glanced at the money in her palm and put it in her safe place, where lots of other cash he had previously giver her was stored. Some was less clean than others. She hung up her coat, took another mouthful of cereal and started to pull out the coffee. "It's gonna be another long day." She mumbled, knowing Mark would probably be over later. She was curious about the black box, but considering how small it was she decided it was better to just leave it on the counter and not touch for now.
  6. Mark shook his head and punched a mailbox, sending it flying across the road. "God..What the hell is wrong with me?" He sighed and shook his head again. "I doubt she loves me. She didn't even say anything back. Just looked at me like I was a fucking psychopath." Mark strayed from the sidewalk a bit, and walked in the road, unknowing there was a car speeding behind him. Just as Mark heard the sound of the person's horn, it was too late. The car had smashed into him, sending him across the ground. The loud sound of tires screeching filled the air, and it was not far from Em's home. Mark laid in the street, bleeding horribly from his head and chest. His breathing was ragged and blood was staining his pure white fur.
  7. Em was busy just drinking her coffee and chugging cereal. She was starting to feel a bit better, the little box still sitting on the corner of the counter. She wandered over to it, her dainty hands fiddling with it for a second. And then a crash, bang, skidding of tires. Grabbing her phone, Em raced to the door. Mark hadn't been far outside it. Pushing it open, she spotted across the way a person getting out of there car, and a familiar figure lying on the ground. Red was beginning to seep onto the street. Reaching for her phone, she quickly dialed 911, and started racing over towards the figure on the ground. The driver looked petrified. Em wasn't about to let the person in front of her die.
  8. Mark's eyes were wide open, but they were slowly closing. And the fact that Em had come to his rescue made him feel happy and upset. Happy that she was there, but upset that she was not weeping over his body. He put his bloody hand on hers and smiled weakly before closing his eyes. Mark had stopped breathing. Blood was still dripping from his head as it began to pool around him. As 911 put Mark in the ambulance, he couldn't feel anything. His body was stiff and cold.
  9. Em had pushed herself not to feel anything. She could feel tears, but she could not weep over his body and hope to the sky that he would live. She could cry all she wanted, crying wouldn't save his life. She had held pressure over his wounds till the ambulance arrived, yelling at the driver to help her. As much as she did like Mark, she couldn't exactly bring herself to be in another relationship. It was too much stress, too hard. Too, blagh.
  10. Mark was on life support and had many tubes and wires hooked up to him. But he had a faint pulse. Just enough to keep him alive. He had broken ribs, bones, and his head was fractured. He lay in the hospital bed, bleeding and hoping that Em would come and hold him. But last night, when Mark had told her that he loved her, and she told him why she couldn't be in another relationship, that shattered his heart. Worse then the pain of that car. He laid in bed, eyes closed and a slow pulse. He wasn't sure if he wanted to keep fighting anymore. He wished he could be Em's boyfriend, but he knew that he would never have the chance to make her happy.
  11. Em soon found herself in the hospital, sitting outside his room. She wasn't allowed in. She didn't really want to. She felt a little bad for not remembering all that had happened last night. She had wasted her brains out and all she remembered were a lot of indecent things. Crossing her legs, she fiddled with her shirt, which still hung loosely over her body. She was barely dressed, in her pajamas. She just had to wait, and hope.
  12. The doctors came in and checked out Mark's wounds. They would heal, but Mark's heart wouldn't. He was filled with happiness when he saw her, but the fact that she hadn't loved him back was killing him inside. A tear fell from his eye as his pulse slowed even more to the point where the machine read that he had no pulse. The doctors believed Mark was dead, and because Em was outside of his room, they got down on one knee and told her the news. "We're sorry..But Mark didn't make it.." In the room, you could hear the doctors shouting, "Clear!" Over and over. It was Mark's choice. Live, or die.
  13. Em looked up at the doctor, and she looked at the man. Standing up, she glared down at him. "No he's not. Give me a second." She mumbled, before shoving her way into the procedure room of the doctors. People were yelling at her, screaming her name, she kind of just brushed past them. Walking over to him, Em leaned down and pressed a firm kiss to his lips, pulling him up by his bandages. He began to come back. Dropping him, she breathed. "There, done."
  14. The doctors were absolutely stunned. Not at what she did, but at the fact that she brought his heart rate up again. Mark still was asleep, but he was alive again. He didn't know how he felt about Em. He loved her so much it hurt, but he wish she would feel the same. He can hardly stand it when they are away, but it's like it doesn't even bother her. Mark wanted to tell her how he really felt, but he decided not too. He didn't want to rush things. Getting better was his top priority.
  15. Em waited outside, considering how the doctors had looked at her she had no desire to stay in there with them for any longer. She was surprised about how much it stung to see him in such a condition. The kiss had been a rush of pure adrenaline straight to her brain. She could still taste the sting of iron from his blood on her lips. Every time she did that her heart pounded, as it did with most men. But with Mark it was just, up and down, left and right. She felt like a little doll being tossed around. When things had calmed down, Em knocked on Mark's door before pushing it open. She smiled gently back at him. "Hey you. Now what you do that for. Ya scared me."
  16. "Not my intention to get hit by a car, love.." He laughed weakly before coughing up blood. "I'm sorry for putting you through this. You shouldn't see me like this..I hate making you worry." He tried to get up, but a nurse rushed into the room and gently laid him back down in the bed. "Ugh..I hate being here. It smells like death.." Mark wiped a tear from his eye as he put his weak arms around her. "Thanks for being here for me."
  17. Em rolled her eyes slightly and sat down in the chair next to him. "Yeah yeah. Like for a second I would let you die. You should be the one thanking me, I did save your life." She mumbled, leaning into his embrace. She pulled herself up onto his bed. "It smells like death because you smell like death."
  18. "Rude." He smiled and laughed gently. "I do smell awful. I keep trying to leave. And thank you. I'd be dead if it wasn't for you." He made more room for her on the bed and sighed and wiped away a little blood. "I really am glad your here with me. But..You should go home sweetheart. It's getting late, and I don't want to keep you here."
  19. Em nodded and she sat down gently, hands folded across her lap. "Well I should but it's not like I have anything to do. And stop calling me sweetheart or I might have to shove your tail down your throat." She said jokingly, though her face tried to be serious.
  20. "Alright cupcake." He smiled and the same blue tint returned to his eyes. He put an arm around her, but it soon fell off from her and landed on the bed. He shook his head and rubbed his eyes. The nurse bought in food and handed it to him, but he didn't eat. "Here, you can have my pudding, because your sweet." He laughed and played with the mashed potatoes.
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