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  1. For all of the Star Wars fans here, I'm pretty sure you know what this hashtag is (unless you've been living under a rock these past few days).

    Ever since the cast was announced, this hashtag popped up on Twitter and spread like wildfire due to the main character being portrayed by a black man.

    Someone actually even committed suicide over this and left a note saying something along the lines of, "Make America white again." This is the same mentality Dylan Roof had so good riddance to that jackass.

    I find it funny how this racist hashtag is actually being supported when Star Wars has been diverse since the very beginning. Who's best known for being Darth Vader? James Earl Jones. Who is George Lucas married to? A black woman. And let's not forget Samuel L. Jackson and Billy Dee Williams have also been a part of Star Wars.

    This is coming from someone who doesn't even like Star Wars! Diversity is something that's gonna happen in the media sooner or later and the racist jackasses will have to get over it or better yet, kill themselves! I'm so done with the world right now.
  2. Was this actually true? All the sources I saw were sketchy. Either way. Blacktrooper the Jedi is gonna be great aslong as he isn't as whiney as Anakin or Luke.
  3. I heard about this late. Thought it was ridiculous. It sounds to me like someone saw a black guy and remembered that they liked the part in the first movie where the ship goes on forever and thought, "There wasn't any black people then, why now?!". I ignored it soon after.
  4. Yes it was true.
  5. Even when I hear his name in the movie, I will only hear Blacktrooper the Jedi.
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  6. It was literally only three people using this hashtag until dumbasses on internet started spewing outrage about it and then some media idiots started presenting it like a huge racist movement. Two of those people were self-professed trolls and the other is a troll that hasn't blatantly come out and admitted it yet. They were talking about how they want it to trend and how people will be super mad about it, and sure enough they were right. 4chan then got in on the game and people from the /pol/ board there also started trolling it up.

    Seriously, this was the product of trolls meeting up with outrage mongers meeting up with hack bloggers from sites like The Mary Sue turning a blatant pile of bullshit into a controversy.

    Here, have some news stories about it:
    How Trolls Fooled the Media with #BoycottStarWars
    #BoycottStarWarsVII and Why the Internet Is Trolling Itself to Death

    And no, nobody killed themselves over this. That stupid rumor goes around every fucking time 4chan has a successful troll wave on social media. Please stop being so gullible, internet denizens. -_-
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  7. I'm mad we don't have an Asian Jar Jar Binx.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Ok, ok no need to shoot me! They must be some very sadistic people then.
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  9. The internet causing problems for stupid people who are fueled by sensationalist headlines instead of going 'that's stupid' and leaving it alone? Say i ain't so!
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  10. It's a trolling effort. That's it. People fell for it and the media exploded.
  11. My work here is done. I am legit excited over it though. HE is a really good actor for his age.
  12. It's ingenious, actually. The more people who boycott Star Wars, the more available seats at the theatre opening week. #Optimism
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  13. I love how viral our pop culture is these days.
  14. Well they certainly had a twisted sense of humor, but I don't think that you can claim that you are faultless. What you did is no different than what the media did. You saw a sensational example of racism, and took the words of people spreading falsehoods at face value before confirming that such an event actually took place.
    You even go as far to claim truth despite having bad evidence. So a more sincere apology would probably be appreciated, and perhaps changing the way you interpret sources of information in the future as to not rile people up over something that didn't even happen. I really don't want to seem mean for the sake of being mean, but I feel like this is a fair criticism.
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  15. I live in a whiteass racist town, It would be AWESOME if I could go see Star Wars opening week and the tiny theater isn't crowded. O_____O

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  16. Look, I just want my Asian Jar Jar...
  17. Sorry, bro-heim.
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  19. If I knew it was just idiotic trolling, I wouldn't have said anything. Besides how exactly can I tell the difference since people will literally do things like this? If the hashtag hadn't been made in the first place, then the media wouldn't have reacted the way they did. For every action, there's a reaction. They acted, I reacted. They can't choose the consequences of their actions nor can they choose the reactions.
  20. Research. Education. Ask questions. Seek sources. Find counter views.

    Just like everything in the world. Don't just accept it. Question it.

    The truth doesn't hide from scrutiny.
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