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Ryuko looked at her reflection in the mirror. She sighed as one of the many maids of the house knocked on her door. "Come in..." she muttered. The maid came in and bowed. "Miss Ryuko, the other guardians will be arriving soon. Your parents want you to get ready." Ryuko looked at the maid and nodded. "Of course..." She stood up and walked to her closet. She pulled out her favorite black and gold kimono and smiled sadly.

"Watch me finish what you started, sis..." she mumbled as she pulled on the silky kimono. She slipped on the necklace which the Phoenix sleeps in. Ryuko looked out her window to see the beautiful cherry tree losing some of its petals as the wind blew. "Let's go..." she mumbled as she opened the door and left her large, lonely room.
Jamie woke up and yawned, stretching herself out on the bed she unravelled the covers from around her and stood up, and stared at her reflection in the mirror.
Brushing her hair, she threw on her favourite red dress, and smiled, today was going to be good.
Wrapping her hand around the necklace gently she ran out of the room and quietly jumped the stairs, being careful not to wake anyone she grabbed an apple and walked out side into the sun.
"Today will be interesting huh"? she gave the necklace another gentle squeeze and continued to walk until she reached a grand house.
"Woah" Jamie bit her lip and stepped towards the door and knocked it, once.


They had rushed him outside into the cold air and somehow he wasn't even fully awake yet. With eyes half asleep, Michiyura buttoned & belted his jacket and sighed, staring at the guard beside him. "Where are we going again?" he mumbled tiredly. It was often like this, they'd wake him early in the morning and take him somewhere, but they'd always come back later in the day, disappointed. Today seemed different though. Michie could sense the difference in the air.

He put his right hand into his pocket, thumbing with the necklace that was there. Vermilion Bird of the South, what adventures are you taking me on today? He knew it had something to do with the necklace. It couldn't possibly be anything else. There wasn't anything else very special about him.

As they passed the courtyard, he saw Ella standing at the gate. She was holding a little, colorful box. He smiled and walked over, "Ella! Why you here so early?" suddenly, he was awake, nodding graciously as she handed the box over and hugged him. "They said you might be going away for a while. So I came to say good bye." She explained, smiling. Michie sighed, Ella was such a nice girl. He couldn't believe she was being so calm about the whole thing, "I'll come back, don't worry." he grinned, leaned over to kiss her on the cheek and gently shook the box by his ear. She reacted immediately, "Ah, don't shake it!" she exclaimed.

Michie laughed, opening it gingerly, "Ha! cookies! Thank you Ella, I was starving~" As he took one and munched on it, the guard pushed him towards the gate, signaling that it was time to go. Michie waved at his girlfriend and hurried along, glancing over his shoulder to wink at her as they walked away. Ella and him had only been going out for a short time, a little over a week, but she was one of the sweetest girls he'd met. He felt kinda bad leaving on her, but he couldn't argue with the family.

Michie stared ahead of them as they got into the car, drove some place, and got to someone's house. "Where are we?" he asked the driver as he stepped out, in awe of the great house in front of them.

"Important business," the driver answered stoicly.

Michie rolled her eyes. "Important business, huh? Let's check it out!" he ran over to the entrance, just behind a petite looking blond. As she knocked, he held Ella's box with one hand and ate another cookie, savoring the warmth of freshly baked chocolate chip with a big grin.

I wonder what this is about~

The sun was out and very bright, the beams shone down on Jamie warming her arms and legs as she bounced slightly on the spot, the grounds were very big and they looked wonderful, she smiled and brushed her hair from her eyes quickly.
Jamie blinked twice as she heard a door slam and turned around and saw a guy around her age she looked around to see if there were any more arrivals. There wasn't.
Smiling slightly so not to be rude she turned around again in silence waiting for the door to be opened, brushing her dress down she twisted the hem nervously, she didn't know exactly why she was here but she had a feeling she wasn't going to like it very much.


She looked friendly, Michie decided as he smiled back, holding out Ella's little box, "Cookie?" he offered to the girl. She reminded him a little of Ella when he first met her, but then, she was more shy, so she could be like Amy, ex number seven from last summer. Michie shrugged, it didn't really matter as long as she wasn't some kind of vampire who was going to bite him and take all his blood. He had to get home alive.

"My girlfriend made them. They're really good."
he stepped up beside her, still offering a cookie as he tried to take a peek into the house through the windows or the door. It was impossible, really, but Michie was getting a little impatient.

"I'm Michiyura. Do you know what we're here for?" He wasn't one for introductions, but it seemed rude to ask her questions and not tell her his name. Oh wells. Might as well converse while this door takes its time.

Jamie turned around slowly and opened her mouth slightly and a quiet sound escaped her lips.
"Uhm.. thankyou" Jamie took a cookie and smiled again taking a small bite.
"I'm Jamie, and no.. I don't but I think it's got something to do with.." she stopped and bit her lip would it be wise to mention the necklace, no.. but he seemed friendly and he did give her a cookie, and he may be here for the same reason..
She stood there silent for a few second before she spoke.
"I think it may be something to do with this" her hand went up to the necklace she wore.


Jamie, huh? Kind of shy, a little odd, pretty. Too bad she's not my type. Michie waited for her to pick a cookie and then took the box, shut it with it's little ribbon lid and shoved it into his pocket. While she talked, he watched her. She was different, but he didn't really mind. It was nice to have someone to talk to while waiting at the entrance of an enormous rich person house. He noticed that she was hesitant and sighed, looking over at the door again as she paused.

When she gestured to the necklace, his eyes lit up and he grinned, "No way! I have one, too!" he pulled the charmed maroon necklace out of his pocket and held it up. The light hit the gem and it sparkled brightly into his eyes. For a moment, he saw the Vermilion Bird he often saw in his dreams. He put it back into his pocket gingerly and looked over at Jamie again. She seemed nervous. He figured she wasn't good with people.

She was about the same age as him, Michie noted, stepping ahead a little and rapping on the door impatiently, "OYY~~ we're waiting out in the cold, you know!" he exclaimed, jumping from one foot to the other.

He didn't like waiting when there was nothing to do.

Jamie giggled a bit.
"Cold?" She smiled and cleared her throat.
"Wow.. I haven't met anyone else with one.."she stared at the necklace in slight awe then shook her head and looked at the floor.
She figured he was pretty bored, and she wasn't all that interesting to speak to.
She smiled and exhaled with relief that she hadn't just made a mistake and looked back up.
"So...not meaning to be how old are you exactly"?

She wasn't sure what to make of him, she didn't usually socialise and speaking to someone for once was nice.
Still fiddling with the hem of her dress she took another bite out of the cookie.


"Yes, COLD! I'm freezing, aren't you?" Michie stuffed his hands into his pockets, turning around to look at Jamie with a silly grin. She's laughing & she's talking, that's a plus, Michiyura! She's not so shy, after all... that's interesting. He saw the way she was surprised to see his necklace and pulled it out again, carefully fastening it around his neck. He didn't wear it because he thought it was feminine, but hey, if it meant he was going to fit in around here, he didn't mind a little extra accessorizing. Not to mention Jamie was wearing her's, and whenever this door would open, at least they'd look like they had this one thing in common. Michie liked having things in common almost as much as he liked being different. It made no sense, but to him it did, so that's all that matters.

"It's not rude. Conversation is good! I was thinking you were shy!" Michie grinned, "I'm fifteen years old, you?" He could see was really nervous about talking to him and shrugged it off. He wasn't really the type to care that much about someone who was going out of their way. He liked talking to people. And he knew he wasn't making them cautious, so as long as he was doing his part, they should do whatever they liked.

He wasn't going to force her to talk or anything.

"Ah, I can't believe it's Spring and I'm up this early!" Michie mumbled, looking over at the yard where a cherry blossom tree was in bloom. He wondered if the people in this house were all traditional and stuff. Cherry Blossom trees were so traditional nowadays.

Jamie shook her head and rubbed her neck with her free hand.
"Nope, I rarely get cold..hence the dress I suppose" She smiled and looked down at it then back to Michie.
" Fifteen..I'm sixteen was my birthday on the 21st .." She was talking, she could see it surprised him and smile smiled again when she saw the necklace.
Oh well perhaps she'd be better at socialising the more she did it, but she doubted it, she'd never be able to fully approach someone yet, at least she hadn't blushed or said something stupid, the type of thing that would usually happen any time she spoke.
She let her arms hang loosely in front of her her hands clasped.

It was a wonderful day, she too looked at the cherry blossom and smiled inhaling the air.
"I'm usually up about now anyway, I work on a farm with my god parents.."
Dosetsu stepped solemly out of another black vehicle. he looked downward with stillness and sad serenity on his face holding a ragged piece of slothing in his arms. his Cloak. He wore a black sweater with the words "BITE ME'' in bright red on it and tight slacks with steel-toed boots. He had a new bruise on his right cheek. It would surely be misunderstood by others. He walked down teh path looking at the grasses and shrubbery.

"How pretty." he said simply with his pure alto voice without emotion on his face. though the place really did seem pretty to him.

The last night had been interesting. his eye was blackened from a door slamming in his face. minutes later, men in black suites came out of the night and snatched him up... one of them smelled like his dad's cologne. Leavign with only his Bokken sword and his raggedy cloak, now he had no bokken and a slightly more ripped cloak.
Jamie spun around as yet another vehicle drove off, she gasped slightly as she saw someone else, but this guys didn't seem as friendly as Michie.
She opened her mouth to say something but closed it again, she didn't know what to say to him, he was interesting however, maybe he too had a necklace.
She beckoned to him slightly and inhaled deeply.
" you know why you're here, or.. are you just as clueless as us"? she began to fiddle with the hem of her dress again looked just beyond the entrance of the estate.
I wonder if he's all right.
Jamie noticed his ripped cloak and bit her lip.
She didn't like seeing people like this, injured or else unhappy, she frowned and stepped down from the step she was on fiddling with the ribbon on her gloves.
Ryuko sat in the large waiting room for the other Guardians. "Wonder if they'll be nice...." she muttered playing with her necklace. She glaced at the clock on the wall and nodded to a maid. "Let them in would you?" She sighed as the maid hurryed off to open to front gates of the house. "mother and Father aren't here today..."

The maid hurryed and opened the front doors of the house. "Welcome, young ones. Please come in. Ryuko-sama will see you shortly." the maid bowed as each one of the guardians walked through the doors.
He stepped forward with careless grace. He looked at Jamie when he was addressed.

"Well, I'm hardly clueless but... thats just a generalization i'd say." He replied, not really answering the question. He looked at his cloak in his hands.

"They broke my Bokken..." He muttered.

"What a horrible thing to say. I'm only short because I'm young." Dosetsu said, more to himself than to anyone else. There was a ferocity hidden in his eyes that made people look away from him when he made eye-contact... so Dosetsu rarely made contact. why brign others harm if glancing at teh ground is all you have to do to protect them? afterall, the grass is usually so pretty a shade this time of year.
Ryuko looked bored as she traced the pattern of the wood. She looked around the large room. The door to her room was slightly opened because she thought she would be rushed for time. She walked over and pulled it shut. "I wonder where Onii-chan is..." she muttered, touching a beautiful, rare plant by the large window looking out to the gardens. She stroked the soft leaves, lost in thought. She never heard the doors to the main entrance open, revealing the maid and the other Guardians.
Tanpopo hesitated outside of the house, knowing that she was running later than she had planned. The walk had been long and tiring and partway through she had decided to stop and purchase a drink with her pocket money. It seemed like no one else was about and she nearly gave up then, in fact she decided to go home after all. It couldn't be that important, maybe someone wanting to be friends? But that wasn't likely, Tanpopo reasoned with herself. No one would go to such lengths to be friends with her, she wasn't well-liked, though she was pretty enough to have been confessed to once or twice, without any real idea of what to do or say in return. Everyone who did make the effort to try to get to know her was usually driven away by her lack of energy or motivation, taking it personally when it wasn't anything more than Tanpopo being awkward.

Tanpopo sat down on a rock, making up her mind to walk back home. One hand reached instinctively for her necklace, a birthday gift from her mother when she became a teenager, an heirloom of sorts. It always seemed cold to the touch and she gently toyed with it while she watched the imposing gates outside the house. She'd never even seen this home before, she thought absentmindedly, and wondered who might live in such a luxurious home. Surely someone lucky. Someone with friends who knew all the right things to say to make everyone like them...

Jamie rubbed her neck and looked from the door to Dosetsu.
"Um.." She frowned slightly and took a step forwards.
"Are you okay?" She said again slightly quieter than before.
"I mean not because you're looking like your sad or's just I saw the black eye and..eugh..yeah" Jamie exhaled deeply and looked down at her feet.
What a stupid thing to say, don't make everyone think you're stupid.

The creak of an opening door brought Jamie back to her attention and she smiled.
Turning her head around she smiled.
"Finally, I get to find out more about it.." still smiling she walked through the door at a gentle pace and looked around to the other two.
Dosetsu and Michie.
Then proceeded inside.
"I'm fine thanks. Had worse beatings in Bokken class." He replied, again not fully answering the question. Dosetsu picked up his pace a little and entered the hall behind the maid. He lifted his gaze to the bright hall filled with all its elaborate ornamentations and luxuries of the rich.

"This place... it's... off..." he thought aloud...well, not really too loud actually. His speech was muted and soft. The presence of all the guardians was stirring up the latent energy in the space around them all. Anyone with understanding of chi or magic would understand this instantly of course, but dosetsu was not one of those people, being only 16 and not very social or estudiate. But his instincts told him somethgin was strange about all these people, these kids like him pulled into this place( he assumed also against their will)
Ryuko turned to looked at the incoming Guardians. She thought about leaving the room and going outside. "No that will make me a bad hostess..." She sighed and sat back down at the table, waiting for the others to sit at the table. She looked at a boy who looked a bit older than her. "I wonder what happened to him... Is he alright? Ah, I'm not sure how to deal with this..." She kept her head down, the table suddenly very intresting.

"Please follow me..." the timid maid led the others to the large room where Ryuko sat.


Michie had resigned to watching the others when Dosetsu arrived. He grinned at the boy's comment about his black eye. As they followed the maid into the grand house, Michiyura wasn't the least fascinated by all the fancy ornaments and luxurious rooms.

Instead, he moved over to lean his elbow on Dosetsu's shoulder casually, "Lemon juice." he told him very seriously, "Lemon juice helps with the black eye. My brother gets them all the time with his shinai." Michie grinned, feeling self accomplished as he pulled his elbow away and kept walking.

He stared at the maid as she spoke again. Hadn't she said that already?

With a shrug, Michie followed. They were here for something, they might as well get it done.