BOREEEEEEEEED MxM only tough *shrug*

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    Seriously right now I'd take anything just to write something and get my mind off the stress aagh...

  2. Did you say...

    *dramatic turn*

  3. I DID SAY


  4. I would be interested :) do you have things you prefer to rp? Fandomes or just plain old OC? Furry, VampireXHuman, WerewolfXHuman? (Don't have much to go by, haha. Anyway...what are you interested in rping? Although I just checked your rp resume (Which has me confused) You want MXM but...not yaoi..? You mean like mature themes or something?
  5. Yeah I'm into mature but in the sense of psychological themes, things that make you think long and hard but also are very dark, however sexual issues are quite... boring.

    Still yeah I'm always up to something.
  6. ah ok, cuz I was confused, I usually call a MxM relationship yaoi and when I saw your rp resume it got me confused....
  7. ... I am ... very skeptic when it comes to that because of the real meaning behind the word Yaoi
    Which is why I never use it.

    Otherwise what do you have in mind? I have nothing, my brain got stuck somewhere in Cincinnati
  8. It takes me forever to come up with ideas.
  9. I've got all day, I'm working right now as we speak. So think free. HOWEVER I DO NOT DO FANDOM. sorry. just don't.
  10. Alrighty, I was curious on that and thats why I asked. I only do certain fanom's myself anyway. Ok, how about both our characters are friends or something? Plots don't come easy for me...
  11. I can think up entire plots and even worlds and times and eras and laws and law systems and much more in the matter of seconds, I'm just tired of doing that already for everyone else, everyone else seems to think it's best if I do it all and they just follow along and that is very tiring They never tell me what THEY want.

    Anyway yeah, I think that would be immediate.. we could make it drama somehow, I have this idea, character A (mine in any case?) has an accident, and after it he looses his memory but he also ends up an orphan, so his friend's family (in this case yours? I don't know I'm just giving ideas, and I love to always play the weaker character, or the stoic tough kind, which this one will be), takes him in... Um ... I dunno what else to add. So yah.
  12. That all sounds good so far :)
  13. ... And can you add something?
  14. right sorry, the injured character starts to have feelings for the other and lets say that character A had already had feelings for him...maybe?
  15. er ... no
    I rather for things to not run so quickly, allowing them to develop is good I guess ...
  16. Alright, sorry.
  17. ashd
    hold on a second
    did I just read your status message right
    I may or may not have another idea that could easily add to that one i said previously ... omg
    I seriously thought I was the only one with attention for mpreg ...
  18. XD actually, there are a few rp'ers on here that do mpreg.
  19. It's rare for me to see it tough.

    You'll find me odd but I have in my original story /will not share here sorry/ mpreg but it's sort of special ; 3 ;''
    Still DO WANT
  20. Ok, did you want to add mpreg into the rp?
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