Borderlands the Pre-Sequel

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  1. Just got this today. Any one playing it on 360?
  2. 60fps 1080p

    So no, sadly not.

    Wasn't too impressed. Will buy it once it hits game of the year edition for fifteen bucks.

    Biggest thing I think they did right was actually have unique dialog depending on who you played. Of course I played the obnoxious robot and he was only slightly entertaining. Also, he wasn't any different than the others.
  3. I didn't beat Borderlands 1 or 2, I could never get into them. So no :c
  4. One we get our broken 360 replaced, this will be the first game we get. So excite.
  5. Playing as Claptrap (who else :bsmile:), just started, so no spoilers!
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  6. I did. I am Jacks double and Athena!
  7. Borderlands is the type of game I get when it is like 20 bucks Game of the Year on a shelf in Gamespot. Or just in a Steam Sale.

    It is a nice game and all, but god I hate the gunplay sometimes. It feels so...artificial, I dunno, when it comes to FPS, I'm a bit picky now as the genre has been down to death (even with RPG elements thrown in)

    Plus, I really don't like the cast of the Pre-Sequel. Kinda of a cop out imo just to use reuse old assets instead of introducing a new cast like they did with 2.